tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 01a

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 01a



The following morning John awoke invigorated and fresh, he showered, dressed, had a light breakfast and climbed into his car fully intending to go to the office. As he reversed his car out of the garage he became aware of a kaleidoscope of images in his head. The ring had obviously broadened his powers their scope had increased and he had to concentrate to avoid the millions of images flashing through his mind. He realised that as he looked at a person he could see into their mind and was aware of what they were thinking.

The neighbour on the left was concerned about his daughter and her boyfriend and as he flicked to the neighbour on the right and as he looked at his wife, who was standing waving him off, he was aware that she was thinking about her meeting with her friends for coffee and lots of other trivia. With a degree of concentration John found that he could suppress the majority of visions but was aware that they were available to him at the slightest thought. Driving along John realised that he could interpret what other drivers were going to do and his reactions corresponded. He could sense and feel other drivers' moods, those who were tense and had the ability to have a road rage attack, He knew that in a trice his projected thoughts would have a calming effect and their rage would subside.

John quickly realised that this power gave him control over other people's reactions and could be used for whatever purpose he wanted. His mind raced ahead his business could grow; he could become wealthy and powerful, how powerful he had yet to realise. All these thoughts going through his head upset his train of thought and mentally scanning through his diary John realised that he had no appointments and that the day had been set aside for client reviews and administration.

He decided to find a café and sit quietly and absorb the changes that were happening in his life and the enormous possibilities which lay ahead. The phrase 'Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately' flashed through his mind. He would indeed need to tread cautiously if he did not wish to fall into the power trap.

Parking his car in the city centre Shopping Mall and walking to a small coffee house café John decided to call Miriam on her cell phone and see what her reaction would be; the phone rang for some time and when she answered her tone indicated that she had just woken from a deep sleep. As soon as John informed her who was calling she became very quiet and was obviously embarrassed with how fast things had developed the previous evening. She started speaking somewhat hesitantly at first, "Oh dear God what must you think of me? I'm not the sort of woman who sleeps with a total stranger. I just do not understand how it happened how I let things get out of hand so quickly." John could feel her discomfort and embarrassment and he quickly focused his mind and concentrated on her to see if he could control her remotely; easing into her thoughts he gave her the reassurance that he was a good friend and that she needed to meet with him again; immediately her mood lightened. She asked where he was and as it was her day off would he come round to discuss the whole matter with her to clear things up. John readily agreed wanting to see her again and told her he would see her in about an hour.

The young waitress serving coffee was quite attractive and as she served him John could feel the ring beginning to get warmer. She smiled and asked if there was anything she could do for him; probing her mind he realised that she was sexually aroused just by being in the close proximity of the ring. He also realised that because he found her attractive the ring worked its powers over her to please its new owner. He asked, "Is there anywhere we can talk privately?" Smiling at him she replied, "We could use the staff room, its behind the curtain at the rear of the restaurant. I'll shortly be due for a few minutes rest; I'll wave when I'm going to start my break."

Shortly afterwards John saw her go to the curtain at the rear and beckon him to follow, getting up from the table he followed her into a staff rest room. It was complete with toilet facilities and a couch for staff to rest on if they were unwell or were feeling faint. Amazing, John thought to himself, in Lusaka, an employer with consideration for his staff, this was a rarity indeed. As he entered the room she turned and smiled at him and stood wide eyed as he approached her.

The nearer he got to her, the warmer the ring felt. Suddenly she put both her hands around his neck and kissed him hard on the lips, at the same time, she pressed her young body against his with an urgency John had not expected. Her lips parted and John taking advantage of the moment let his tongue enter her tender mouth. She scrabbled eagerly at the front of his shirt, opening the buttons and sliding her hands inside; she ran her fingers over his chest, before he could react, say or do anything she had undone the waist band of his trousers and pulled down the zip. The trousers dropped to the floor and her hand slid inside his briefs gripping his penis which was rapidly coming to attention.

Recovering from the shock of her boldness John slid his hands under her loose top and pushed upwards. Her young breasts were not large but the nipples were erect and pushing through the thin fabric of her bra; sliding his hand under the cups he eased them upwards. The bra slipped up over her nipples and her breasts sprang free, John pushed his face down to her young breasts, he encapsulated one of her nipples and the effect was instantaneous, it hardened almost immediately and she let out a soft sigh. She let go of his now fully aroused penis and pushed her skirt and panties down over her hips, they fell to the floor revealing her young and wet sex. She stepped out of the material gathered at her feet. John responded quickly by pushing his own underwear over his hips and stepped out of his clothing; she once more gripped his turgid member with both hands. John scanned her mind and realised she was a virgin, but her hormones had been aroused by the ring's powers and her sexual cravings were running away with her; he saw the chance to take this young woman's virginity always a thrill to any man's ego.

John eased her back towards the couch which was at the right height it caught her just below her buttocks and she lay back parting her legs as she did so allowing him access between her splayed thighs. Her breasts were proud and her innocence showed in her face. Her mind reeled in horror with what was happening, she seemed powerless to stop her bodies craving, and she could not understand the strange tingling in her aroused nipples and the craving from her very moist pussy. John nuzzled and sucked the young woman's breasts, running his tongue over the fully aroused and surprisingly large nipples.

Kneeling before her and running his tongue down towards her sex, quickly arousing her immature passion. Her breathing became ragged and she raised her hips up off the couch, as John's tongue touched her outer pussy lips, her body began undulating, and she pushed her now wet vulva against the probing flesh of John's tongue. It slid inside her and swirled in her soft interior. John eagerly pushed deeper into her and she began to moan and thrust her wide open sex against him, taking the swirling tongue in to its limit. Easing back John let his tongue run over her hooded nub, that was protecting her clitoris, and it opened like a flower revealing it's stamen. She moaned loader and gasped, her climax was almost upon her. John felt her muscles clench his tongue and her orgasm ripped through her young body. She moaned aloud and her legs which had now closed around his neck gripped him like a vice. She came onto his tongue and he tasted her sweetness.

The moment passed and feeling her begin to relax, John moved his face away from her vagina and up over her pubic mound, past her stomach and back onto her tender and tingling nipples, as he did so he pushed her legs upwards until her knees were almost touching her chest then with a new determination, something he would never have done with a stranger he moved his hard member towards her open and available love nest.

The tip of his penis touched her open vulva, it slid it up over her bright red and erect clitoris. She reached downwards and putting her hand around it, she was amazed at how hard it was but the skin seemed so soft and velvety to the touch, seemingly unable to stop herself she guided the hard swollen penis into her awaiting vagina. John was amazed when his penis seemed to slim as it slid inside her inner lips. The head of the swollen penis was now just inside her hot moist entrance. She held onto John's penis not letting it slide in any further, she pleaded with him, "Please be gentle with me, please go slowly, this is my first time." John gradually eased his now thinner penis into her until he felt himself restricted from going in further; the tightness he felt press against his intruding knob head was her hymen, still intact. John looked into her eyes which were wide and staring at him with anticipation as he asked her, "Are you ready for this, you may feel some pain." She nodded. John began pushing his thoughts into her mind, the power of the ring allowed him to numb her pain receptors around her vaginal membrane so that she would not feel any pain as her hymen was broken. John then pushed forwards firmly feeling the membrane stretch and then it tore; suddenly he was through and his penis slid into her deepest recesses. Her legs closed around his back and she pulled him into her until he could feel her cervix hard against the tip of his erection. To John's amazement his penis shortened allowing him to safely fill her vagina until their pubic bones were pressed together and it then slowly began to thicken until it was a very tight fit. John realised that his penis had once more adjusted itself to be a perfect match for her size and they could now enjoy their sexual encounter, giving both partners maximum satisfaction without causing injury or undue pain.

John began to ride her and she responded, stroke for stroke, as her inexperienced body adjusted to her newly aroused sexual awakening. She was tight, John's penis was being gripped by her stretched muscles, their movements slowly grew in urgency and realising that her second climax was very near; John pushed his thoughts into her mind and held her at the starting point of her climax, preventing it from gaining its peak, until he was near his own. Their movements became more and more frenzied, as her body vainly attempted to bring her orgasm to a close, John felt the first signs that his own climax was fast approaching, the pressure was growing, as he felt the seminal fluids begin to churn in his scrotum, John released her from the control of the ring allowing her orgasm to peak.

John knew the correct and normal thing to do at this stage was to withdraw, to avoid the risk of the young girl under him getting pregnant, the ring put the urge in his mind to push and suddenly John felt the sperm begin to rise, then rush through his swelling penis to deliver it into the young and vibrant awaiting womb. The release of her climax and sudden release of tension caused her body to shudder, her orgasm rushed through her very core; her vagina clamped tightly around the surging flesh, she moaned aloud thrashing and jerking with each inward thrust, as John's sperm pumped out hitting her cervix and flooding her young body, their joint climax seemed to go on for ever. John poured shot after shot into her until as he was thrusting upwards John became aware that he could feel sperm which was mixing with her sexual fluids pooling beneath them on the couch. Her virginal muscles griped his manhood and held him tightly until they both slowly began returning to normality.

John allowed his erection to subside not wishing to cause any harm to this young virgin on her first sexual experience; then reluctantly John let his shrinking penis finally slip out of her.

When she spoke, she had recovered her breath, trying to recover some of her dignity; as she admitted to John, "I don't know what came over me, Sir, but that was incredible. I had wanted to become a woman since I left school but I never thought it would be like that. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I'll never forget you Sir." She quickly went to the tiny bathroom facility to clean herself up, and dressed, as her break was over and she had to get back to work. As she tried to walk to the door she was obviously sore from the hard sexual encounter and was wincing with each step she took.

John quickly projected his thoughts and eased the pain receptors around the entrance to her vagina, which in turn took away the soreness. She straightened up and once more had liveliness to her young step. She reached the door, turned the lock, and as she went out she smiled back at him. John began to have some misgivings, he had had unprotected sex with a young virgin and wondered if she was on the pill or if she could be pregnant from her first sexual encounter. He would have to follow up in the near future. Dressing and making himself presentable John slipped out from behind the curtain; returning to his table he paid the bill leaving her a generous tip. Then he left the restaurant still not knowing the young waitresses name.

John's sex life was looking up; the ring was making him attractive to women and giving him a healthy sexual appetite. Driving to Miriam's house he parked on the drive and approached the door. Miriam opened it, she was dressed in a silky, lace trimmed, house coat, which did its best but could not hide the fact that she had little or nothing on underneath. She ushered him inside and gave him a kiss as he passed her. They sat down in the lounge where she had already prepared coffee and tea; and they talked as though they were long standing friends. Once more taking advantage of the rings power John read her thoughts and saw that she since he had projected his thought to her mind earlier, she was now perfectly at ease with him and she was expecting the relationship to build on their previous encounter. Although John had only a short time before deflowered a young innocent virgin and deposited a flood of sperm inside her; he realised that his own need was great, he needed sex again so, projecting the desire for sex into Miriam's mind, he quickly raised her level of arousal and watched as her legs parted causing the lace gown to part exposing her thighs giving him a glimpse of the matching thong panties she wore under her silky house coat. Finishing their drinks Miriam stood and began moving towards John, without a word being spoken, she took his hand and led him, unresisting, upstairs to the bedroom where he had put her to bed not many hours earlier.

She closed the door and took off his jacket, tie and shirt gently kissing his nipples as she did so. Then she released the waist band of his trousers, undid the zip and pushed them and his underwear over his hips and gently pushed him back onto the bed where he sat down. She removed his shoes and socks, pulled off his trousers and went down between his legs. John watched open mouthed as she gripped his penis with both hands and her tongue ran up the shaft and onto the bulbous crown. She either did not notice that he had only had sex a short time before, or she may have thought that any lingering taste of sex was from their encounter the night before. She started to get more adventurous and her lips caressed the tip and as she parted her lips John slid into her readily awaiting mouth. It was warm and wet, her tongue ran around and she began to suck, bobbing her head up and down as she did so. The feeling was wonderful and John slid his hands down, until they were covering her breasts, feeling the nipples harden through the silky lace trimmed material. She was taking about half of the length into her mouth and already it was pressing against the back of her throat. Miriam tried in vain to take more but her gag reflex was too strong.

John once more reached into her mind suppressing the gag reflex at the same time, he willed her to take more of him between her hot caressing lips. Suddenly she was giving him a deep-throat action and he slid down the back of her throat, at the same time he became aware that his penis was growing longer and increasing in girth. She continued her ministrations and the feeling was intense, John felt his climax approach and began thrusting into her as she sucked. He erupted shooting time after time into her and she took as much as she could but the shear volume was too much for her and it began to dribble from between her lips, she was going purple and her eyes bulged. Pulling his still hard penis out of her mouth and taking a deep breath she began to lick it and caress it. Seeing the length of his still rock hard penis John realised just how much of him she had taken, it was huge.

When Miriam had sucked and licked John's penis clean he was aware that he was so hard it was almost painful; he pushed her back onto the bed and removed her now open house coat and soft silken bra, releasing her heaving breasts, allowing him to look at her large nipples which seemed still rosy from the previous evening. Reading her mind and influencing her sensitivity John ensured that she would not feel too much pain from her tender nipples and began to suck and lick with a vengeance. Her breathing became heavy and deep he reached down and with her assistance removed her thong panties which were very wet.

John ran his fingers around her outer lips and across her clitoris. Miriam moaned aloud and pushed upwards with an urgency he had not expected. He slid two fingers into her eager opening and began to move them in and out, curling them at the same time, she became wildly excited and her body displayed the fact and her urgent movements were increasing as her demands grew. Miriam was approaching her climax when he ran his thumb across her very aroused and hard clitoris. She arched her back and screamed as her climax hit. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his thrusting fingers and her fluids flowed around the palm of his hand. John reached into her mind and increased the intensity of her orgasm she thrashed and moaned until he finally released her and let her come down. As Miriam relaxed her vagina; his fingers were released; John moved forwards rubbing the head of his penis between her wet folds and thrust his hips easing his erection into her. In two pushes the crown of his penis was at the mouth of Miriam's womb. As he expected his erection thickened as it fully filled her cavity and John started to move in and out of her. She followed his very thrust, their pelvic bones meeting as she continued to push herself up against him. Their passions mounted and reaching into her thoughts he held her climax at a point just before its peak, he was going to enjoy every moment.

John's own orgasm was building and keeping up the pace he began increasing the force with each thrust, knowing that his penis would adjust to prevent it causing any pain or damage to Miriam's cervix. Their combined thrusts became more and more urgent as the demands of their bodies grew more desperate until John felt the familiar twitch as his penis got ready to release his fertile life conceiving sperm. The moment was near; John released her orgasm, as he prepared to deposit his sperm inside her, the power of the ring ensuring that he kept her at the pinnacle of her excitement. Miriam screamed, her passion peaking as she climaxed again and again in one continuous stream of orgasmic pleasure. John exploded forcing his sperm into her receptive womb as he ejaculated load after load of creamy fluid deep inside of her, as the flow diminished and realising that he was as still as hard as ever he continued to thrust into her.

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