tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 02

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 02



The following day was Saturday and John awoke refreshed and ready for another day. Thinking about his exploits of the previous day he could not believe that he had enjoyed so many women and had produced so much sperm in one day. The ring was having wonderful effects on his sexual prowess, not only on his almost instantaneous recovery time but the ability to keep producing load after load of fertile sperm. John showered dressed and drove towards the city centre. He was aware that many attractive women were on the streets, but Lusaka being the capital of a developing African country was limited in its supply of beautiful and attractive women and the risks of AIDS was always uppermost in any sensible sexually active male. As he scanned the minds of passing women he could see ones that had been unfortunate enough to be infected by that and other sexually transmitted diseases. The ring would allow him to immediately detect the awful disease and thereby avoid any infection and if he were unfortunate enough to be infected by using the rings healing powers could cure himself and his partner. John pulled his Range Rover into the town centre car park and as he walked toward the shops a tall attractive woman, her hair up in a French pleat, very well dressed, crossed his path and he realised immediately from his mind scan that she was not only fabulously wealthy but also married to an extremely influential business man.

The ring glowed as John continued to scan her mind and he could see she was a very sensual and highly sexually frustrated woman. The ring's effect caused her to turn towards him and seeing the smile appear on her lips; he implanted the thought that she found him remarkably attractive and she should ask him to have coffee with her. The stranger looked John up and down and with a quizzical expression on her face an asked,

"Excuse me; Do I know you? I'm sure we have met before. Would you join me for coffee there are some things I wish to discuss with you."

John readily accepted. She walked him to her limousine and requested the driver to take them to the most expensive hotel in the city. They walked through the foyer and John could see how the staff bowed and nodded in her direction as she walked through the public area even though it was fairly crowded; the staff rushed to serve her as they sat in the busy restaurant to have coffee. During the time they sat, she talked about herself and her husband and their local and international business connections. John scanned her mind and could see that she was not in any way exaggerating the facts; he mentally reached out and casually raised her arousal. He could see she was getting a little flushed and she remarked that it was a little crowded and they should adjourn to the private suite, she and her husband permanently rented at the hotel for business purposes.

They arrived at the luxury penthouse suite and she opened it with her card. The inside was huge like a luxury flat, it had a large reception area, with an African theme, she explained to him, quite unnecessarily.

"This suite of rooms is always available for us on any occasion, company or private business. The company retains it for business; it's so very useful the suite contains a Board room, Meeting rooms and Bedrooms." She removed her suit jacket and sat down.

"Please join me." she said.

John mentally further stimulated her sexual desire as he sat down.

"Oh relax, take off your jacket and make yourself comfortable, If you would like a drink I'll ask the barman to send one up."

John removed his jacket and placed it over the back of the seat; he turned to find she was undoing her blouse and pushing her hands up over her breasts. Looking into her mind he realised she was trying to resist the temptation to stretch across and remove his shirt and feel his body. She was, after all, not used to having these feelings about total strangers. John used the rings power, projecting his thoughts towards her to remove any inhibitions that she still retained, as if by magic she reached out and unbuttoned his shirt kissing his nipples and running her tongue over his chest. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. She was wearing a front fastening bra which John quickly unclipped, spilling her wonderfully pliable breasts into the open. They were almost perfect, in fact statuesque. John scooped them into his hands and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, they responded immediately engorging themselves to a magnificent fullness, the areola growing darker with desire. She was franticly grabbing at John's zip in order to get at his rapidly enlarging manhood. John eased himself up off the seat to allow her better access.

She reached into his underwear and pulled his penis into the open and gasped at the size. She quickly moved between his legs, her mouth enveloped him and she ran her tongue under the head and began to suck. Moving her head up and down grazing up at Johns face her smile displaying her perfect white teeth as John lent forward kissing the top of her head and continued to massage her breasts and nipples. He stood up and her lips never left off their work, she was now kneeling before him giving him the best head he had ever experienced.

John relaxed her gag reflex and began to push into her full pouting mouth she swallowed him down the back of her throat and his strokes became longer and deeper, until his pubic hair was against her lips. She was insatiable, saliva was dribbling from the corners of her mouth and her face was glowing. John felt his climax approaching and the sperm rushed upwards and out of his pumping penis. She kept going her throat feeling every pump and her swallow reflex was going wild trying to cope with the shear volume. She could take no more and pulled back, the sperm kept pumping out of the thick bulbous end of his purple headed monster quickly covering her lovely face, she held it downwards and soon her breasts and nipples were covered in a thick cream. John's ejaculations finally finished and she lay back smoothing the thick creamy sperm over her breasts.

She rose and beckoned him to follow her. John stepped out of his clothes and, proceeded by a huge erection, he followed her into a large bedroom off which was a luxurious bathroom. She stripped off the remainder of her clothes revealing a completely shaved pubic area. She turned on the shower and the water cascaded down; she stepped inside pulling John in with her hand, which had closed around his still thickly engorged, raging member. The water washed the creamy cum from her breasts and she was rubbing the erect penis between her thighs, as she parted her legs John could see her clitoris standing proud and erect. It was long and deep purple colour, his penis was rubbing against it and she was gasping for breath. She said,

"Just put it inside me quickly. I have not had such a magnificent specimen inside me ever."

John eased back bending at the knees to give him a better angle of attack he lined up with her opening and eased forward. She opened her legs wider and the purple crown slipped inside. Pushing her back against the shower wall, John who already had half of the length inside her, gave a final push and it was completely enveloped by the outer lips of her vagina his scrotum hard up against the firm cheeks of her ass. John felt his penis change as it grew and thickened until he could feel the end of her love canal pressing against the head of his penis. She gasped and screamed,

"Oh fuck, I have never found anyone who could reach such depths, fuck me now. Fuck me hard."

John's penis's thickness increased still further and stretched her to a maximum.This woman, who as yet had not told him her name put her hand on his shoulders pulled herself upwards and locked her ankles behind his back. John began to ease out until only the crown was inside he looked down and could not believe his eyes. The exposed piece of his manhood was wrist thick and wrist to elbow long. He thrust in and began to fuck this wonderful creature hard. She rode back like a wild thing, taking him fully at each thrust. The water began to cool but neither of them could stop the rapidly increasing tempo. John could feel her climax build and her vaginal muscles were gripping his ever thrusting length of flesh. Suddenly she screamed and John felt the muscles undulate along his thrusting shaft. His tempo was now racing, the thrusts were shorter, waves of pure orgasmic pleasure swept over him and then it was there. The surge of semen raced up his swelling and jerking penis. The sensation was overwhelming. The creamy sperm shot deep into her, coating her willing and hot love canal with shot after shot. She screamed,

"Oh fuck don't stop. It's something I thought I would never feel. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

John seemed to go on for ever; the sperm was jetting into her and spurting out around the entrance to her pleasure zone. At last he was done. Reaching the shower control John turned off the now cold water and stepped back; He was still hard and embedded inside her. Carrying her out of the shower with her still impaled on his hard length; he walked towards the bed laid her back on the covers with the full length of his penis still hard up inside her. Gazing up at him with a dazed far away look in her eyes, she pulled him close to her breasts with a long and satisfied sigh. At last she spoke and in an almost uncontrollable babbling,

"Oh my God, I have never experienced such sexual satisfaction. No man has ever before satisfied me before. I have spent time and money to find out why no man could ever satisfy me the way you have today. I was told the reason no man could satisfy me was that I have an extremely long vaginal tunnel and the specialist explained to me that I was unlikely ever to find a man long enough to satisfy my carnal desires."

She glowed with pleasure for the first time in her life; she was fully satiated. Only when John removed his aching penis from her did he realise how long it had become; he had never imagined it could get so long. Only the power of the ring could have achieved such a growth. They lay beside each other and she slept.

John woke he was both hungry and thirsty; he picked up the receiver by the bed and dialled room service to request brunch and coffee. The status of the suite was such that the manageress herself answered,

"Oh yes sir. I will personally accompany the waiting staff, your request will take a little time, but it should be with you directly."

When John heard a knock at the door he called out for the staff to enter. Going to the wardrobe John grabbed a silk dressing gown and walked through to the reception area. The manageress saw him and the ring glowed; he could immediately sense that the ring had aroused her and she looked at him with an inexplicable but wild desire in her mind. The next minute she was dismissing the waiting staff, she pointed to the brunch trolley and the table that had been wheeled in was set for two. The attractive Manageress explained that she would personally serve the food as was usual for the presidential suite, when the owner was there, and would he be seated. She was of oriental extract with thick black thick hair that shone reflecting the light from the chandeliers in the room; even in her uniform she was stunningly beautiful. John sat down and felt the warmness of the ring and glancing down he could see its brightness glow. Pushing his thoughts into her mind he relaxed all her inhibitions and implanted the desperate desire to have sexual intercourse with him there and then, raising her arousal to such a degree that she stopped serving and started to take off her black business suit with desperation.

Standing in her bra and matching French knickers she raced across to him and pulled open the silk robe and dragging him to his feet she pushed her face upwards kissing him passionately. John swept her up in his arms and walked through to the second bedroom, there he laid her on the bed, he removed her bra and French knickers. She was so aroused she grabbed his thickening penis and with no foreplay required, she, opening her legs wide, pulled him into her hot wet opening, it was, as usual for and oriental, unshaved and covered with a dense bush of thick black hair. John's still thickening penis entered her with ease, the plum shaped head forcing its way through her outer defences, aided by the slick juices her aroused pussy was seeping around the interloper, and once inside it thickened and hardened until he was fully inserted inside her hot pussy. She rolled over until she was astride him and began to raise and lower herself on the full length of his prick. Each time she drove down onto him he could feel her cervix part slightly against the swollen head of his erection. She was extremely fit, almost like an athlete, she quickly raised her rhythm rocking backwards and forwards in an undulating movement; only the oriental women seem to be able to achieve, she was heaving herself up and down the full length, at the same time, so that John's penis was entering and leaving her at a rapid rate. He could feel her approach her orgasm, it was too soon he wanted this to last so he quickly pushed into her mind causing her to wait until he was ready to climax, but he let her continue to take the lead.

She produced copious amounts of vaginal lubrication forming a thick film around the rigid penis. She was flushed and covered in beads of perspiration. At last John felt her start to tire her cervix widened by her efforts and he rolled her over and took control, he thrust up into her tightness with initially long strokes, feeling the cervical entrance give with each deep thrust of his hips; his penis moved almost an inch deeper as it grew to fill the extra space gradually speeding up shortening the length of each thrust with the onrush of his own orgasm. The creamy surge was already racing up the length of his penis when he released her climax. She was wild and began thrusting her hips up against him to ensure his penis was inserted to the maximum he could feel her cervix close behind the bulbous crown. She reached her crescendo. Her legs gripped him and her vaginal muscles worked to try and extract every drop of his spurting semen. John erupted time and time again filling her to capacity and still the eruptions continued. The sperm filled her uterine cavity flooding her fallopian tubes and then pushed down opening her cervix as the thick creamy cum was forced out; it mixed with her vaginal secretions and flooded the bed covers beneath them as they continued to climax together. John held her at climax until he had completely emptied himself and only then did he let her come down. John withdrew from her and she lay back with her legs splayed wide, the thick black bush of hair covering her pubic mound was covered in a thick creamy foam, a mixture of her feminine fluids and his sperm laden cream. The sperm was bubbling out of her and the bed linen was saturated.

John stood up and he was well aware see that his hardness had not reduced and he was still ready for more. Slipping his arm around this oriental woman he carried her to the shower at the rear of the room and turning on the water he stood her under the cascade. She revived quickly and pulled him inside grabbing his erect penis she began to suck and clean it. However John was in no mood for a blow job he lifted her up and spinning her around bent her forward placing his engorged rod between her legs he quickly thrust into her from behind. Using the power of the ring he pushed her arousal back up to maximum and his tempo increased until the thrusts became almost a blur. He drove in and out of her clutching flesh over and over again; the ring had her at a pitch she had never dreamed possible. John's climax was almost upon him when he once more mentally released her orgasm; her mentally stimulated movements became frantic as she climaxed several times until they blurred into almost one continuous orgasm. John erupted again filling her with his hot sperm as he once more emptied myself deep inside her; before he stepped back withdrawing the thick phallus, he allowed her to recover and wash off the copious amounts of sperm oozing and dribbling from her overfilled orifice.

John pulled on a fresh robe from the wardrobe and went through to eat from the heated brunch trolley. Shortly afterwards the manageress appeared in her bra and French knickers looking fresh but flushed. She dressed and once again looked like a Manageress instead of a hot oriental sexual toy. John using the power of the ring mentally reached out and relaxed her into believing that what had happened was perfectly normal with him and if he ever came to the hotel again a repeat performance would be quite in order. She poured the coffee bowed in an oriental fashion and departed; as she left she smiled and wished John,

"Bon appetite."

John heard sounds of stirring coming from the bedroom and carried a cup of coffee in hand he said to the awaking stranger, who as yet had not introduced herself to him, but had enjoyed the wild sex

"So you are awake, would you like brunch? it's served next door."

The reply was "As soon as I have showered I'll join you."

John returned to finish his meal. When she arrived she was fresh and clad in a gown similar to the one John was wearing. It was obvious to John that the wearer of the robe had little or nothing on underneath, as her nipples could be seen against the silky soft material. She sat down and ate toast and croissants. She talked and asked John,

"I know it's a little late for introductions but may I ask what you do for a living."

John began by explaining

"Well if you must know, I have a relatively small but highly lucrative accountancy practice catering for wealthy clients."

She continued,

"So you work for yourself. Have you ever considered joining a large corporate?"

John replied "Good heavens no, the routine would drive me mad."

The woman replied saying,

"I could guarantee you a job with our corporation that would stimulate your mind just as much as you have stimulated my hormones."

When "Amanda", as John's scan discovered was her name, had finished eating, well nibbling would have been a better description, she asked looking at his lap expectantly,

"Are you exhausted or is there any chance that you may be ready to entertain sex again?"

John's reaction was to reach across and slide his hand under her robe and up between her legs his fingers touched her moist opening, confirming his opinion that she was not wearing anything underneath. Pulling her to her feet he steered her to the third bedroom, not wishing her to see the mess he and the oriental manageress had made in the second one. When she slipped off her robe John joined her on the bed. This time there was no need to rush; he gently kissed her lips, raised her arousal and moved down to her breasts. She snuggled down and let him move at his own pace parting her legs and exposing her moist pussy lips. John pushed his face between her thighs, causing her vulval lips to part revealing her slowly emerging clitoris and the inner entrance to her vagina. He began to work on her inner lips slipping his tongue into her wetness. Her moans of sensual pleasure were rousing him as he moved his mouth up covering and kissing her clitoris, he inserted two fingers inside her, easily finding the tender spot behind her clitoris, as she drew up her knees to give him easier access. John could feel her climax nearing and using the rings power to control her he held her near her peak.

By now his penis had hardened and was already oozing a clear fluid from the tip. John was amazed he never dreamed he could be so virile, he realised as he centred the bulbous purple head between her swollen pussy lips that it was all to do with the power of the ring. John moved up and entered her, feeling his penis lengthen and thicken stretching her to the full. They made love slowly; John was pushing into her with long slow stokes reaching into her depths and rubbing against the entrance to her womb, letting the passion and rhythm develop, steadily increasing in tempo until he could feel his own orgasm approach once again. Amanda became aware of the change in his movements, John's stokes had become shorter and he was driving into her with short strokes. She screamed that she was near; John used the power of the ring as he released the hold over her. As her climax burst upon her, she shouted,

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