The Ring of Cronus Pt. 11


"It looks as though you are pleased to see me. Let's see what it can do with this."

So saying she bent down as if she was going to touch her toes, and parting her legs pulled her labia apart showing John her inviting entrance. John walked towards her and pushed her sexual arousal so that her honey drops were soon dripping from her pink cleft. He rubbed the turgid erection along her open sex and her juices coated it as he pushed the crown against her opening and felt it slide inside. He held her hips and thrust forward. Her gasp told him he had bumped against the entrance of her, as yet unconfirmed, pregnant womb. She said,

"Oh John I have wanted this all day. I can't think of anything else since I met you. You are so ready to fill me any time I need you. How am I going to manage whilst you're away?"

John was silent and she went on pushing back at him.

"Well you're here now so fuck me and fuck me hard. I want to feel you cumming inside me as I climax." She said.

John thrust into her and she started to push her ass back against him as hard as she could. John reached around her and lifted her up, turning of the water with his elbow he carried her to the bed pulled out, put her on her back and lifted her legs high and wide and re-entered her hard. She grunted as he hit base and she yelped,

"Oh yes!"

John plundered her sexuality hard and deep thrusting into her; as her pussy muscles gripped and fluttered along the length of his rampant prick.

"Oh John", she gasped "I'm near. Don't stop I need to feel you cum in me."

Their frantic, noisy and urgent copulating continued as John held her back until he was almost at bursting point. Releasing her orgasm, he let go the pressurised explosion of sperm deep inside her clenching love tunnel. Her eyes widened as she felt the sudden explosive surge of heat blast against her cervix. She felt the fertile sperm surge into her and spread, filling her every space and as he continued pouring his hot seed deep inside her. She was unable to retain it and it started spurting out from her excited pussy. Soon it was flooding out and she kept going franticly until she felt the outpourings slow down. She reached down and pulled the still rampant prick from her and allowed the last spots to plaster her mound, breasts and she finally pulled him between her lips to suck the last oozing drops. Gasping to get her breath back she uttered,

"We had better shower again our meal will be here in a few minutes."

They showered and putting on silk robes supplied by the hotel they went to the bar situated in the reception area of the luxury suite for a pre-dinner drink. The meal arrived and John opened a very good bottle of red wine from the room reserves and they were then served by a private waiter, sent up with the meal, they began to eat. The food was superb and afterwards they sat drinking coffee and sipping an excellent cognac as the waiter cleared away and removed the trolleys. They relaxed and retired to bed and lay naked holding each other and slowly and gently began their mutual arousal. The ring was warm as they were nibbling; sucking, licking and their arousal grew to wonderful heights. John's prick was long, hard and thick, as it slid between the lips of her eager sucking mouth and he in turn licked and lapped at her richly perfumed pussy drinking deeply as her first climax produce a steady flow. John held back his own climax as he withdrew from her mouth and inserted his erect throbbing prick into her drooling pussy. It slid into her rich velvet silkiness and John lay there within, his penis hard up against her cervical barrier. She sighed and said,

"John that feels so good. But I need more. Fuck me now slow and long."

John fucked her with long slow strokes gradually shortening and increasing the speed of his deep thrusts. Her climax built slowly and from her ragged breathing he could foresee it was going to be a gusher. John let her orgasm climb naturally and when she was at her peak her hips were pushing up with such force he knew he would have to release his own climax. He released it as Miriam's climax hit and her muscles sucked him in deeper quivering and milking his thickness as he pumped loads of thick sperm splattering it against the opening to her womb. The heat emanating from her recesses was heightened as she felt the hot lava of his seed flow and spread through her again and again. She gasped with the ecstatic pleasure she was receiving and cried out,

"Oh God that's wonderful. Oh it's so hot I think I can even feel it deep inside my womb."

She lay back gasping as the ring keeping him fully erect allowed him to begin again, this time for himself. John fucked her with speed and urgency, as he raced towards another climax and pushed her arousal to its peak. This time they simultaneously climaxed again with explosive force; John groaned with pleasure as he emptied himself into her hot spasming pussy. He felt her muscular contractions suck him dry and they lay together spent; his prick still firm deep inside of her and the excess pooling on the sheets below.

They slept. John woke to the sound of a telephone it was the desk to say his flight would be ready in one hour, and he was still hard inside Miriam's wet pussy with no packing done. John quickly thrust into Miriam and she woke he mentally stimulated and aroused her quickly and fucked her until she felt his balls swell from the building pressure of his sperm and John pushed her to another strong climax. The resulting climax crashed through her as John coated her inside again and again; Miriam reciprocated as she eagerly thrust upwards over and over again until exhausted she lay back in shear ecstasy. John pulled out showered, dressed and when he came back into the room Miriam had packed his case. He kissed her tenderly told her to go back to bed and she could collect his car from the airport at her leisure. He drove to the airport and as usual went through the VIP Emigration and Customs formalities, boarded the aircraft and quickly climbing out of Lusaka they turned and headed for New York.

Being the only passenger this time, the twin delightful blonde air hostesses were delighted to be servicing him in the passenger cabin. John had several drinks when they prepared the seat adjoining his own as a bed. He watched as they removed their uniforms and then their underwear stockings and shoes. They were lovely to look at their beautiful breasts crowned with rich dark nipples surrounded by large aureole. John reached out and pulled Antoinette towards him and sucked on her nipple she thrust it into his mouth and he felt it harden almost at once. She parted her legs and rubbing his hand up against her slit he could feel her open and excited wetness. John stood up and let Monique remove his clothes whist he continued sucking Antoinette's nipples until she was tender and he was naked. He then pushed her back onto the bed they had prepared for him she eagerly spread her legs and raised them heavenwards John pushed widening them as she moved. She was primed and ready. He got between her and eased his thick prick against her opening. She pushed towards him and he entered her. With the head of his thick penis inside her vagina there was no stopping, he thrust forward and was instantly up to the hilt.

"Oh fuck" she said "I've died and gone to heaven. Fuck me deep and fuck me hard."

John felt Monique's lips start to suck his scrotum; she licked and sucked each large ball into her mouth paying individual attention to each. John eagerly thrust forward as Antoinette sucked in air, saying,

"Oh fuck that's deep. Oh fuck that nice."

He started to plunge in and out speeding up until it was a blur. Antoinette fucked back as hard as she could, keeping pace with him; her honey pot was spouting fluid from the entrance from her wet and lively pussy. John powered on, not hesitating for a second, He felt her climax hit, her vaginal caress became a vice and driving his length fully home John released thick gouts of sperm into her spasming core; jet after jet splashing and coating her cervix. She opened her eyes wider as she felt the hot creamy sperm heat her core.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Don't stop. Oh the fire in me is so hot. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I can't take any more Oh fuck", and she passed out.

John reached under his scrotum for Monique who was sucking his still jerking balls feeling each release of fertile sperm. He pulled her up and standing in the aisle he lower her onto the still steaming wet prick. Feeling it enter her open pussy as she enveloped the head he thrust upwards and lowered her onto its length. Monique gripped John round the waist with her legs and urged him to fuck her saying,

"I need to feel you cum inside me. Oh God make me cum on your lovely prick."

With no more ado he pushed her against the back of a seat and rammed in hard and fast. Her pussy was spasming and clutching at the rapidly pumping prick as she tried in vain to keep up. John sucked her ripe tits hard, arousing her even more. After some considerable time he felt her orgasm begin and he released his load of thick sperm high inside he wet silky vaginal sleeve. Her pussy sucked frantically milking every drop of sperm he could muster into her welcoming cervical entrance. She rolled her eyes as she was bounced up and down like a marionette on John's raging erection. Finally his jerking stopped and she slid off his prick and lay her down onto a seat. There she lay wide eyed and legs splayed, oozing thick sperm from her open pussy. John went to the back of the plane to clean up and returned to his seat carrying a large glass of his favourite scotch to find both of them dressed and tidying up their combined mess. They spayed the aircraft to rid it once again of the overpowering smell of sex.

John watched a movie whilst having a couple of drinks, when the Pilot walked into the cabin, John looked at her unable to believe his eyes it was the co-pilot of the 747 which had been chartered to bring him to Lusaka a few days before. She looked as surprised as he did and she explained that when the offer of a flight as captain on a, one off, flight had arisen on the charter company's board she had jumped at it. It gave her more hours as a captain. The reason for the unexpected vacancy was that it was a turn around flight with no stop over and the plane had to have a double crew. John had never been in the cockpit to see that a small section to the rear of the pilot's cabin had a two bunk space for such an event; she had slept coming over and the normal crew were sleeping on the way back. He could see from the flush in her cheeks that she was excited and he mentally pushed her arousal a little more. He casually asked who was in charge up front and she said we were on autopilot but her number two was in control.

John mentally instructed her to take off her uniform which she did and her bra and pants were as you would expect from a recently delivered mother, sexy but not skimpy. John reached up and unclipped her front opening bra which fell away revealing her more than adequate breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and the areolas were dark and raised. He pulled the nearest one into his mouth and sucked she moaned as he was once again rewarded with a tell tale taste of her milk, She said,

"I do not understand it my milk had almost dried up, but after my recent charter flight they seem to have filled again, it's not as if I've been feeding my baby or stimulating them in any way."

John continued sucking rewarded each time with a rich mouthful of her creamy milk. He put his hands under the elastic and pulled down her panties revealing her already moist vagina. He slid in two finger quickly followed by a third. She arched her back towards him and cried out in a startled voice, as if just realising that she was almost naked with a strange man sucking milk from her breasts and he had three fingers up her sex into the bargain,

"Oh Jesus! what am I doing? Please stop I'm a happily married woman and I just do not do this sort of thing. Oh God please stop, Oh yes, Oh yes!"

John pushed her arousal and she stopped speaking and pushed against the intruding fingers harder, John curled his fingers and located her G spot. She took a deep breath and cried out,

"Oh yes. Oh Yes. That's the spot."

Then seeming to relax her body began to respond and she started to buck hard against the thrusting fingers. She orgasmed quickly grinding and jerking against John's hand and intruding digits, she release large amounts of thick honey from her spasming vaginal lips. John withdrew his hand and putting it up to her mouth she started to hungrily suck and lick them clean. John bent forward to lick up the excess dripping from her coital lips. As the moved forward the blankets slipped from around him, revealing that he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tee shirt. Her hands made a lunge for the shorts which were tented by his erection, pulling them down her eyes bulged as she saw its size.

"Oh God." she said "I don't know what's happening to me," repeating almost to herself, "I don't do this I'm a happily married, but I know for some reason I have to that the inside me."

She quickly straddled John and sank her open and wet labia over the thick round head, and as it squelched inside she dropped onto it as John moved his hips up to met her. It was in to the hilt, like a sword entering its scabbard, moaning with joy she exclaimed,

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck. It's right inside me. Oh fuck I can feel it right at the end, Oh fuck I'll get pregnant. Oh fuck don't cum inside me"

She had no recollection of their last fuck session as it had been wiped from her memory but John pushed her arousal to the maximum and her pleasure began. Each time she came down her lips slid down his length coating it with her lubricating honey and her clitoris rubbed up and down the exposed length. Her climax built and John let her cum she danced up and down causing her ample breasts to jiggle as she did so moaning aloud,

"Oh God. Oh God. I'm cumming again."

John let the spasming come to a gradual stop and he pushed her back, raising her legs and bending her knees as he did so. The fucking began again with deep and steady thrusts, her hips widened to give him maximum penetration, he raised her arousal again. Her slippery velvet tunnel allowing him to swell even thicker, she gasped,

"Oh my God, your stretching me wider, I never been fucked like this, Oh God I'm fertile and I'm not back on the pill. Oh fuck; don't cum inside me. Oh fuck; don't stop now. Oh fuck you'll get me pregnant. Oh God don't let it stop."

John felt her bring her knees down and place her feet flat on the bed and raise her hips upward, she then matched him thrust for thrust. John gradually increased the speed and shortened the strokes; she grunted and burst out loudly,

"Oh fuck, faster. I know the risk but I need to feel you cum inside me."

John drove into her faster and harder bumping against her uterus every time; as he did so she grunted,

"Oh fuck!"

He felt her climax build and with the rings aid he held her on the point of explosion. He rode her hard felling her frustration as she was unable to release her pent up climatic energy. John felt the pressure build until he could hold back no longer, he released their climaxes simultaneously. The effect was tremendous, her spasms gripped him as she went red in the face, she thrust up hard and John poured torrents into her. Her eyes rolled up and her pussy clamped down. The hot sperm drove into her in a massive flood, she jerked with every gush. Crying out as she felt each thick spurt pump up into her,

"Oh fuck" "Oh fuck" "Oh fuck"

She dropped down and her legs went around his back holding hard into her as the heat spread throughout her pelvic vault. They gradually came down from their high, she was covered in perspiration and our point of joining was thick with our combined juices. John gradually eased out of her red and tender pussy. She lolled back and said,

"That has got to be the best fuck I've ever had, Oh fuck I'm sure I'm pregnant again. Oh fuck I don't think I ever be able to close my legs again."

John left her whilst he went back to clean up once more, and was met by the two hostesses who dropped to their knees and said in a verbal duet,

"You're not going to waste that lovely sperm."

The two of them descended on his groin and sucked and licked him clean, when they had finished he sent them to look after the pilot. When he returned, they were still feeding on her limp form sucking all they could from her sperm filled pussy. She finally roused herself dressed and returned unsteadily to the cockpit. John hoped she would be fully recovered by the time they were due to land in New York. John lay on the newly prepared bed and slept the sleep of the just, or should that be the just after.

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