tagMind ControlThe Ring Of Power: First Test

The Ring Of Power: First Test


Note: Thanks to everyone for their feedback! It's very much welcome! Also, read the first story from this series (The Ring Of Power: Enter) before going on to this one, so you don't get too lost. It will take you only a moment.


Well, where was I now? Ah, yes! I had woken up the next morning, a little more relaxed and calm. For a minute I was worried about having to look my friend Mary in the eye, and feel as if I betrayed her trust. I mean, the previous night, I accidentally saw her masturbating in the shower, and I was turned on. I then put that debate on the back burner in my mind as I realized that my friend wasn't home. I assumed she went to the campus library to continue on with her papers and studying. As I served myself some cereal, I began to wonder about what happened, with Mary and also this new ring I have.

It was such an odd dilemma for me. I mean, my folks gave me strong morals, which I try to follow as much as I can. but, nowadays, it's hard to follow them to the letter. These ideals wouldn't have let me do what I did last night, so I tried to justify it, so I can focus on testing this ring of mine, and see if it's real or not. I mean, she did have the door open slightly, and I didn't do anything to further expose that opening. Also, she wasn't aware of my observing her at all, so she didn't know at all what happened. The big one though was that I didn't look with the intention of spying. Honestly, I was investigating a strange noise, and that's what I did do. I found out the noise was that of my roommate fingering herself fiercely in self-pleasure. I did care for her deeply and she was so beautiful, but I did respect boundaries. I never made unwanted advances to her, for fear of ruining our friendship. I decided to keep this incident quiet, so to keep our friendship intact.

This realization brought a smile to my face, as I ate the first spoon full of cereal, with a bit of a smirk. I started to browse around the apartment a little bit, like I always do when I eat, then my attention went to my figurine display case. Several original Star Wars toys, an unopened Skelator from Masters Of The Universe, a couple of Transformers and Thundercats, opened and unopened, and my favorite one, the unopened first edition He-man doll still in it's box. These were my oldest figures that were unopened, and the rest of the opened ones were encased in individual glass cases, like you would find a collectable baseball encased in. having those things custom made were among the best investments I ever made I felt, at the time. Then, I drew my attention to another investment, the ring.

When I finished my breakfast, I went to get the little booklet that came with the ring. Instructions for using it indeed. I already knew it was waterproof, could be removed from my finger whenever I needed, it wouldn't go bad, occasionally cleanings would do nicely, and no need for recharge of any kind. After further reading, it said that it worked in either of two ways desired. In either the cliche' style of placing someone in a trance, "you are getting sleepy" , and placing commands in the person when they fall into that sleep-like trance. The other way, was that you point the ring at an intended target and state your command directly, and they follow through. This also included saying "sleep" as you point the ring at them, to put them in that trance state automatically so they could receive commands you want to give, and "awake" to return to normal awake being. "Stop" will halt anyone in a hypnotic trance or not with ease, and even erase unwanted commands depending on desire, which the ring will supposedly know. You can make people forget memories or remember false ones, but they must be specific in giving the command. It can place commands in people that are asleep, but it can't command them to wake up. the ring could also overstep language barriers, and works on any age old enough to speak. There's more it could do, but more on that later.

I showered, got dressed, and headed out to work. I did mention I worked in retail, but now the specifics about it. It's a clothing store in the mall, for men and women, called FASHION CENTRAL. It was mostly shirts and pants, but we had a few shoes, accessories, and undergarments. There were quite a few of us there at this place. An odd mix of characters have come and gone, while I have stayed in the store for almost three years. I'm now a single step away from being a full manager. This will happen after one of my managers, Sarah, goes back to school on the coast, full time. There was four of us closing that day. let's start with Sarah.

Sarah. She's in her mid 20's, long brown hair, brown eyes, wears contacts, and has a shoe shopping obsession. Every other day, she's buying more shoes, and asking how they look. She's nice, but a bit unknowingly condescending towards people at first, to ones she don't know. She's dating this big guy on and off, which I know nothing about except his name is Scott. I think she's a racial mix of some sort. I know there's some African American in her, but the other part is either White or Hispanic in my guess, but don't quote me on that. She was the secondary manager on duty today. She's very pretty, and got a hot body in a petite frame. her tits are clearly too big for her body, but despite her small frame, she still has a full enough body to match her large bust somewhat. We sometimes talk, she's OK enough of a person, but not the kind of person I'd normally hang out with in my normal social life. If her personality were tweaked slightly, then she'd be very cool, someone I'd might ask out, if Scott didn't kick my ass or if Peter doesn't beat me to it.

Peter. My best friend here at work. he's 30, short black hair, brown eyes, he's white, and also works at the CD store down the hall when he's not here. He's been here about a year, he's the easiest of the coworkers to get along with. very nice and smart guy. It's no secret to everyone that he's got a big ass crush on Sarah. The ironic thing is that he and her man Scott have become great friends since Scott came here to spend some time with Sarah. He is a big buff of comic books, video games, and jazz music. An odd mix, but to each their own. We hang out quite a bit at work, sometimes goof off, but we're a great team. He was afraid of heights big time, so much so that he never did process shipment in the stock room, which involved climbing up ladders placing stock items away. he also was trying to quite smoking, and always chewed that gum and wore those patches. he's the fastest typer on the staff, so if you get his register at Christmas time, you'll be having a short wait. he's saving to go out to Hollywood and become a writer and closer to his family in California. he's also very funny, but doesn't do jokes at other people's expense, which makes him unique nowadays. he was on register that day, as I was his back-up plan. it was cool, because we got to talk, unless we had shipment to process, or the area manager was visitng.

Myself, of course. And then there is Veronica. one of the sexiest latinas this side of J.Lo's seat. She's She has a slight tan to her skin, lower than shoulder length hair, she's about my height, and has hazel colored contacts which she always wears so I don't know her natural eye color at all. She's about She is the human chatterbox, but she doesn't annoy you with her talking. she knows when to stop, but still quite the story teller. she's got a full body and ass so nice to look at every guy at work snuck a peek whenever we got the chance. she's the main manger here, this is her store. she is quite a nice person, but was no-nonsense when it came to business. no real complaints at all from any coworkers, her personality was great. she was a flirt with some of the mall and store regular shoppers though.

I was on with these three people that day, to close the store that night. It was a slow day for sales, and we didn't have much in the way of new things to place in the stock room, so we just kind of hung out most of the day. Sarah and Veronica were in the back room, having some take-out and talking about whatever, while me and Peter were out on the sales floor. Peter was out there on register, while I was sweeping the floor. As I was done with the shoe section, I decided to play my card and see if this ring was the real deal, or just another 50 cent trinket you get at supermarket vending machines. I headed over to the register, as Peter was finishing up a purchase for a couple of preteens. As they left, I made my move, but Peter saw me, and spoke.

"Hey, Tom" said Peter.

"Hey, man" I said back.

"What's with that ring of yours? It looks a little too Liberace for you" he said back.

"This is a magic ring, my friend" i told him.

"Is that right? Does it tell your mood?" he replied with a sly attitude.

I smiled and just replied back. "no, but I need to test it out to see what I can do. If it works I can help cure your smoking problem, or even your fear of heights."

His look then changed, as he spoke. "My neighbor psychologist couldn't do either of those things for me, I doubt your class ring there can do that for me."

"Let me try at break. I may be able to help you out. I'll treat you to lunch if you want, if you let me give it a try," i told him.

He let out a big sigh, and said "yeah, Tom, sure. Give it a try. I'll lay an egg and fly if it works."

He was always so skeptical, and it got on my nerves, so I decided to just try it out and get a little bit of instant gratification of a different kind. I stepped away from the register, aimed my ring at him, and said "trance"

He just stopped still, with his arms down. His eyes were closed slightly, and he didn't look he could see me, as I moved in front of him. I snapped my fingers and he didn't reply or flinch. I then spoke to him , "can you hear me?"

"Yes," he said in a dazed but clear voice.

"OK, now when you come out of this state, you will act and talk like a chicken. Do you understand?" i told him.

"Yes," he said.

"Awake" i told him and he returned to normal. He looked a little disoriented at first, and then the moment of truth. He started clucking, and moving his arms up and down folded, and simulated pecking, just like chickens do. he then ran across to the other side of the store, in this chicken mode. It was the funniest thing I ever seen. "buck-buck-buck-cluck-cluck-buck-buck-cluck!" was all that was coming out of his mouth, like those restaurant ads with new chicken sandwiches. I was on the floor laughing, and then I realized he was in the shirt section. Luckily the store was empty, so I went after him. I intercepted him, in the corner, and then told him to "stop".

He then realized he was in an unusual pose which he swiftly stopped holding. He then looked up at me, with a bit of anger. "What did you do to me?" he asked firmly. I then replied, "I tested the ring out, and so far so good. Relax, no one saw you, and I won't do anything else like that without your sound of mind consent. You have my word."

This calmed him down, because anyone who knows me as a loyal guy of my word. I then decided to further my credibility with Peter as I said to him "At break time, I'll take care of your smoking problem, and as a will of good faith, I'll cure your fear of heights right now."

"OK, Tom. Do it."

Aiming the ring at him directly, I then issued the command "From now on, you will no longer be afraid of heights or high places at all. You will not willingly seek them out just for cocky danger, but if you ever have to face a situation where you will have to go to such a high place, it will not bother you as before. Got it?"

"Got it" he replied without even thinking. Then he realized what he just said. "Oh, my God. What did I just say?"

"You should no longer be afraid of heights now." I told him.

A skeptical look came about his face, which then became more passive as he paced his way to the back room. I was about ready to follow him, but then I realized I would be the only one there on the sales floor. I ran over to the register, and grabbed one of our walkies, just as he entered the stock room area. I then hit the button on it, and asked "hello, Veronica? Sarah? Is anyone there?"

Then, a voice came up from the walkie. In the background was Sarah laughing, while Veronica answered me "yeah, what do you need Tom?"

I asked them to do me a favor, and they of course asked me what. I told them to check and see what was Peter doing, because I had supposedly gave him a pep talk about the heights thing (I mean, I didn't want them getting curious just yet ). They agreed and went to see for me what Peter was doing, while I was waiting there wondering. A second later, Veronica replied to me. "Um...Tom? Whatever you said to Peter must have worked because he is at the top of the ladder now getting a box down, without even a single bit of hesitation. I'm so shocked! How in the hell did you get him to do that?"

"Simple mind over matter." I told them. I mean, to a certain degree it was true, and who was I to lie to my managers. Just then, a reply came over the walkie from Peter himself who had apparently climbed back down from the back room ladder. "hey, man! It worked, Tom! It works! I can now climb ladders! Thanks man!"

I smiled as it did prove to be a successful test so far. I was so happy I was able to help out a friend of mine, but I still wanted to see what else this thing could do, like the smoking thing, and whatever else.

Peter came back out, and began to explain to me how he was feeling. "It was unreal, man. I was nervous when I saw the ladder, but when I took the first step, it was like the fear had shrunk so small and quieted down so much, that I could easily ignore it. Then I wasn't afraid anymore. I wasn't too cocky, but it wasn't so bad being up there."

So, we continued talking on, until when it was my and Peter's break time. Veronica and Sarah went out onto the register, while we both went for takeout pizza. We ate, and after we ate, Peter was about to head for his after-lunch cigarette. I then reminded him about the smoking thing. Peter reluctantly agreed to try for another test, and see if he could quit with the power of the ring.

We headed back to the stock room of the store, and there we sat down. Before the matter of business, I told using the ring that he was never mention my ring ever to anyone without my consent, never attempt to take my ring, and that to tell everyone if they ask that the loss of the habits and phobias just came from his own nonexistent will power. Once I made sure I was safe, I then put him in a trance. I then ordered him to stop smoking, and that any side-effects from lack of cigarettes or cravings would be practically nonexistent, so that he wouldn't have to suffer with any unnecessary pain. I woke him up from that trance, and played the ultimate test on him, as he blinked his eyes back into normal consciousness.

"Hey, Peter, man. How about a smoke?" I told asked him, as just a normal thought, to see how he'd react.

"What?" he asked me. It was with an odd look of puzzlement on his face. "why did I ever do that, man? Seriously? No, thank you," he just said flat out, and he didn't even seem to skip a beat about it. I asked him how he felt, and he told me that the carving was still there, but it had shrunk to microscopic levels, where he could just ignore it. so, while Peter stood there outside getting fresh air, I decided to go use the little boys room.

We were right near this part of the mall, that had a public bathroom, down along an out-of-the-way hallway. Most people went to the other one, and this one is a lot more private, next to the janitor's closet. I did my business and came right on out, but as I did, I heard a noise. it was a woman moaning and panting. I stopped and listened, and found it was coming from the janitor's closet. I took a small peek, and saw some slut having hot sex with some guy. he was grabbing her ass, holding her up, and thrusting inside of her, while she had her legs open and around his waist. she had her panties down around one of her legs, while he had his pants down just slightly enough to show his buns. he was wearing a pair of jeans and T-shirt, while the girl had on a summer dress, with some buttons opened exposing her tits. The only reason I knew she was a slut was because I recognized her right away. her name was Lisa. She was the local slut, and she even had a spread in a naughty magazine a couple of months ago, so she got around. Then, to my shock, I saw the guy's face. It was Scott, the boyfriend of my friend and coworker Sarah. I was shocked to see this, and felt bad for Sarah, as she loved him to the hilt.

I then decided to do another little test, as I opened the door. Scott was about ready to drop Lisa, and pound me, but I stopped him with my ring. I put them both in trances, and had them both forget that they saw me, and that they would keep on getting their freak on until someone again opens the door to the closet. I did this so I could expose this phony Scott.

I ran back to work, and bumped into Sarah. She was happy to see me, because she wanted to ask me a favor.

I asked her what was on her mind, and she that she had seen Peter empty his pockets of that cigarette gum and extra patches, and dumped them in the trash, when he came back from break. She wanted to know what did I say to him to make him stop. I guess she asked me because I had used that excuse, to explain why he wasn't scared of heights anymore. I told her I used simple special motivational speeches and exercises to break the unwanted habits. What she said next caught me off guard slightly.

"Can you help me so that I stop biting my nails?" she asked me. This was a surprise only because I thought she had worse habits than that.

"OK, but why? Is that your worse habit?" i asked her.

"Yeah. Scott hates that, and I can't stop biting them. can you help me stop so that he can love me more?" she asked me.

This got to me, as I had to tell her what I saw. "trance," i said. "You will take a walk over the smaller bathroom in the mall, by the janitor's closet. you will open the door to the closet, and then when do, you will wake up back to normal, remembering that you took a walk suspecting something unusual as how you got there."

She then went up and left, to find out the not so nice truth for herself. Luckily, Veronica didn't see her leave, so as to not arouse her suspicions. I continued on with my normal job, as did Peter and Veronica. Veronica was under the impression that Sarah was in the back room, that was until she came in through the front door angry and in tears, with Scott right behind her pleading for her forgiveness, with his zipper and belt still open. Sarah went right to the back room, and Scott went to follow, but Veronica had cut off Scott's path. She told him to leave, and that he wasn't allowed in the back room. Scott tried to plead with Veronica to let him talk to Sarah, but Veronica is stubborn as stubborn can be. Peter had seen them come in arguing, as he was on the floor, and since it was a loud argument, he had called over his friend, Alex. He was one of the mall security guards, and a very large and buff guy, enough so to actually take down Scott. Alex had come over and went inside the store, just as Scott tried to plead with Veronica to speak to Sarah. Once Scott saw Alex, he left, and Alex then left himself. Veronica in the meantime, played the role of great buddy and went to go console her friend and coworker.

Peter then kept on shaking his head, and mumbling to himself incoherently. I assume that he was busy thinking out loud, about Sarah and why would Scott do that to her. I choose not to bring up the topic right away with him. I guess I just wanted to know what words would be the right ones to say. I let him be for about a half hour, so for the meanwhile I was refolding some shirts. Then, a second later, the two ladies emerged from the back room, Sarah apparently having to have recompose herself and stop crying in sadness and anger, and Veronica having to reassure Sarah about the situation.

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