tagBDSMThe Ringmaster Ch. 05

The Ringmaster Ch. 05


Yasmina stabbed a chunk of filet along with a thick mushroom slice and slid it into her mouth. She chewed thoughtfully as Daniel tucked into his peppercorn T-bone, his eyes respectfully turned downward as he ate and she found herself wondering about him. Franklin had been his usual asshole self and wouldn't tell her anything unless she fucked him, which she wasn't going to do even if he was the last man on earth.

"How's your steak?"

"Fine, Mistress." She sighed heavily and noticed that he looked up at her, setting his utensils down and wiping his mouth. "Mistress? Yasmina?"

Which am I? "Yes, Daniel?"

He stood and came around her side of the table, kneeling at her side. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"No, but thank you, Daniel. I think it would just be better if I left."

"Left? But why?"

"It's not your fault, Daniel."

"Then tell me what I can do to help you stay."

She looked up at him, surprised to hear the plaintive tone in his voice. "Why?"

"Because you know why, Mistress." Daniel stepped out of the bounds of his station and reached for her hand, turning the palm over and dragging his fingertips across hers. The same shot of adrenalin tightened his chest and her reaction mirrored his. "Please don't leave, Mistress."

Yasmina withdrew her hand and speared another slice of meat, dipping it into steak sauce, then chewing. "What would you do to get me to stay?"


Her dark eyes bored into his. "Are you truly sure that this is what you want, Daniel? If you agree to be my slave, there will be no turning back."

His voice trembled with excitement. "Yes, Mistress."

"Now answer me truthfully." She glared at him, her eyes dark and mysterious. "Did you open my envelope on your knees?"

Daniel fought the lump in his throat and lowered his head. "No, Mistress."

"I see. So you decided that a message from your Mistress wasn't important enough to treat with reverence?"

"No, Mistress."

"I told you that I'd allow you to choose your punishment." Yasmina slowly laid four items on the table: a stiff new riding crop with a new leather strap, a set of cold steel manacles, a hard plastic testicle cuff and a spiked collar with tiny inner spikes and a meshed chain. "Choose."

Without lifting his eyes to her, Daniel swiftly undressed and moved closer to the table. He picked up the testicle cuff and set each nut carefully into the mechanism, then twisted the screws. The twin receptacles slowly gripped his flesh, squeezing more and more tightly with each turn. When he could barely stand the pain, he twisted the screw one final time and reached for the collar.

The small spikes pricked his neck and he winced as he looped the leather tongue through the buckle and secured it tightly. Next, he reached for the manacles and clicked one around his left wrist. With his right hand, he grasped the riding crop and presented it to her, patiently waiting until she'd accepted it before putting his hands behind his back and clicking the other manacle closed. His final act of submission was to turn and offer his back and buttocks to her.

She began with slow strokes, letting the crop's unbroken leather gather oil and sweat from his skin as it descended and playfully bit him. He gasped with each sting, whimpering happily as his Mistress punished him. He couldn't imagine anything better than this.

"You want to cum, don't you?" She hissed, slapping him again with the crop, this time a little harder.

Exquisite pain shot through him, hardening his cock and making his balls ache. "Yes, Mistress."

"Convince me that you deserve it."

"Please, Mistress. Please let me show you how I can come for you. Let me paint the floor with my cum and prove that my devotion is absolute."

"You'll have to do better than that, Daniel. You'll have to do more if you want to convince me that I should allow you to have pleasure."

"Please, Mistress!" Tears began to crease his cheeks as the crop bit into his flesh, raising welts and sending deep shivers through him. "Please! I beg you! I've been waiting so long to cum, so long for this to all mean something!" Something broke inside Daniel, something that had waited a long time to be heard and he sensed that he'd found the right person, the perfect person. "Please! Let me be yours!"

She wielded the crop wickedly, concentrating on his lower back and buttocks now. His tears and the tone of his voice told her that he was close and the Ringmaster fluffed her feathers, standing close to watch the show. "Cum now."

Daniel shouted. His nuts struggled to draw up, then dropped as his prick fired. Gob after gob of thick semen spurted out of his piss hole, shaking him down the bottom of his feet. The sixth squirt left him breathless and he slumped to the floor, trembling and exhausted. Without a doubt, he knew that he'd found the right mistress.

Now, to convince her.

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