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The Rings


All the characters depicted in ths story are 18 years old or older.


Steven and Nadia Adamo were twins. When they were ten an unusual thing happened to them. Their uncle died. Now an uncle dying isn't that all that unusual. But for Steven and Nadia this death was surrounded by strange circumstances.

The twins' mother, Mirela, was from eastern Europe and had emigrated to the States in the late 60's. She had met their father at university in Chicago. Steven and Nadia had asked their mother many times to tell them about her family. But their mother had simply replied that her family had moved around a lot and beyond that she became very vague.

Some years after Mirela had moved, Uncle Luca came over from the old country with his wife Drina. They had come to Chicago because that's where Mirela lived. Mirela never said anything to Steven and Nadia about why her brother left Europe. Then, as it turned out, there wasn't much time to find out about Luca and Drina because three months after they arrived in the United States, Luca was found dead in a park not far from the apartment where he lived with Drina. The cause of his death was never revealed.

It was all very sketchy to Steven and Nadia who were still young at the time. Although they weren't allowed to go to the funeral, they were present at a wake at Luca's home the night before.

Most of the people there the children didn't know and the evening went by in a blur until at one point aunt Drina cornered them with their mother.

She had an ornate wooden box about the size of a cigar box that she handed to Steven.

"This is for you and sister..." Drina intoned gravely in her stilted English.

"It is heirlooms...Is proper word, heirlooms?...from family...for you. Has some value. Not so much. But important for you later. Keep it safe yes?..." Drina said, looking sternly at the children to impress on them the importance of her words.

Of course Steven and Nadia were spellbound and couldn't wait to see what was in the box. And they weren't disappointed.

The box was filled with coins and paper money, a few pieces of jewelry and what looked like some precious stones. It was like a treasure box and the children were awestruck to be entrusted with such a valuable gift.

Receiving that box of treasure was the one thing that Steven and Nadia both remembered about their uncle's death.

Of course it later turned out that the coins and the paper money were all from Slavic countries that had split apart or was currency from European countries that pre-dated the Euro and as such would eventually become worthless. The jewelry and the gems were all costume, pretty to look at but not really worth anything either.

Still the children regarded the box as their inheritance and kept it safe for all the years that followed. Of course it got put away in the back of various drawers but every once in a while Steven or Nadia would stumble upon it and would go through it with the same child like wonder that they had the first time they had seen it.

It was just after the twins eighteenth birthday that Steven happened to find the box again as he was reorganizing his room before he went away to college in the fall. As he idly fingered the stones and coins he noticed that there was the corner of a folded piece of paper sticking out from under the lining of the box. He worked the paper out and opened it.

There was a picture of two rings on it and just a few lines of writing. Steven recognized the rings. They were in the box and had some Cyrillic script engraved on the outside of them just like the rings pictured on the paper.

The writing in the note was in roman characters but in some foreign language that Steven didn't recognize. He went to his computer and got on 'Babel Fish', the translator. He tried a few words in Polish, in Czech, in Russian, but he got nothing.

Then he tried Romani. Bingo! He was getting a translation. He carefully typed in all the lines from the note and this is what it said.

' -The Romani Rings-' When the rightful heir of the Romani Rings comes of age, his dreams can be his reality. For the rest, their reality will be but a dream. For dreams are often more believable than the truth.'

Steven puzzled over this cryptic message for a while. 'Babel Fish' was notorious for being literal and didn't always translate the actual meaning of a word or phrase. But try as he might, he couldn't twist anything more fathomable out of the words on the note.

So Steven put the paper back in the box and figured that he might try one of the rings soon. They were kind of striking in an understated way and he was curious, if pretty skeptical, to see if wearing one was going to change his life.

The following Friday Steven fished a ring out of the box to wear. He didn't really put it on with any kind of plan in mind. He just felt like wearing it.

The only plan he did have in mind was to talk to Lindsey O'Meara. Lindsey was one of the hottest girls at school and David had a long standing crush on her. So much so that when she asked him out of the blue if she could take a look at his chemistry term paper before he handed it in, he didn't have the heart to refuse her. Being a whiz at math and sciences had branded him as pretty much a nerd and he didn't get a lot of chances to interact with the really A-list girls at school. He just asked Lindsey not to copy his work too blatantly or they'd both get in trouble. Lindsey gave him a quick peck on the cheek in thanks that made him blush mightily.

Apparently she hadn't really been paying attention to him though because not only did she turn in a nearly perfect paper, so did Danielle Spencer and Mike Monaghan, her airhead girlfriend and airhead boyfriend respectively. The likelihood of this happening was so remote that Mrs. Blain had come to question David about it, the only boy in the class who was actually capable of such excellent work.

Fortunately Steven had had a premonition that something like this might happen so he had dumbed down his own paper considerably before he turned it in. Mrs. Blain might have had her suspicions but she didn't really have any grounds to prove that there had been a conspiracy. David had gotten away with some glib remarks like "Even a broken clock is right twice a day...and...Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while, miss" but Mrs. Blain made it clear that she'd be keeping an eye on him.

So David felt that Lindsey owed him an explanation or an apology or something and he wanted to talk to her.

Oddly enough Danielle came up to him just after the lunch break with a big smile on her face. She was irrepressibly good natured and everybody loved her. She wasn't overly tall and had her dirty blonde hair swept up in a kind of a swirl on her head, presumably to look taller. She was wearing her blue and gold cheer leader outfit and her sneakers and was looking pretty cute. There was a pep rally after lunch and Danielle was on the squad. She said Lindsey wanted to talk to him. Steven looked around but didn't even see Lindsey.

"Not here..." Danielle said.

"At her place. After school. Her parents are away and we're going to hang out over there. You can come with me if you want."

"Sure. That's sounds good. I wanted to talk to her too." Steven said.

"Great. Meet me out on East Street after last period..." Danielle said turning and almost skipping away off towards the gym.

And that's what Steven did.

At 3:30 he met Danielle and they headed off to Lindsey's. It was kind of a long walk but that was O.K. It was a nice day. They chatted a little but didn't seem to have much in the way of mutual interests. Steven had heard that Danielle was going out with some guy who was making a lot of money writing video games. But no one around school had ever seen him and Danielle didn't mention him. A lot of the time they just walked along quietly.

About twenty five minutes later Danielle steered them up a long walk to an impressive Georgian greystone set well back from the street. Steven had no idea that Lindsey's parents were so well heeled.

Danielle just walked right in without ringing the bell or anything. Steven followed her. Danielle led him across a carpeted foyer towards a double doorway that looked like it probably entered a living room.

Danielle stopped suddenly in the doorway and brought her hand to her mouth like she was trying to stifle a giggle. Steven couldn't see what had caught her eye. The room looked empty to him. He stepped around Danielle and took a couple of more steps inside.

Then he realized that the room wasn't empty and in fact there were two bodies sort of sprawled on the couch. The first he recognized as Lindsey who was reclining against an oversized pillow on the end of the sofa. One of her knees was bent and resting against the back of the couch. Her other leg was stretched out straight onto the floor. She was wearing black riding boots with stacked heels and Steven's first thought, strangely, was concern for the fabric of the cushions.

Kneeling on the floor, sort of parallel to the couch was big Mike Monaghan. He was leaning forward on his knees like a bird dog, his right hand moving over the outside of Lindsey's thigh while his face was turning slowly back and forth in the crotch of her pants. Lindsey's eyes were heavily lidded. She was idly running the fingers of one hand through Mike's hair while the varsity football star moaned and groaned lustily into the apex of her loins.

"That's nice baby!.... You know I like that!...Umm Hmm!..." she murmured encouragingly. Then she glanced up and saw Steven standing there. She didn't move or say anything, just gave him a smile and a broad wink.

Lindsey looked like she might have just come back from riding. She was wearing tight white nylon stretch pants that fit her like a second skin. Above that she had on a shiny white satin shirt that was buttoned to her throat. Even stretched out as she was in her semi reclining position, those pendulous breasts of hers, that played a starring role in every senior's fantasies, still managed to thrust urgently against the taut fabric that strained to contain them. She had short black hair that was cut so that it framed her face in a spiky, euro-trash sort of way.

Steven couldn't help but feel himself getting a little stiff as he took in the lewd spectacle that was being played out in front of him. But quickly it struck him that he better get out of there before Mike realized he wasn't alone with his girl friend. He didn't think the big Irishman would be too happy to be interrupted right now.

Unfortunately, just then, Danielle stumbled against a table behind him with a noticeable thud. Mike's flush faced snapped up and he looked around, his eyes squinting like he was just coming out of a dark cave into the sunlight. Then his gaze fixed on Steven and he ponderously rose to his feet with a menacing growl.

"Hey dipshit! What are you doing here?..." the big man asked, taking half a step threateningly towards Steven.

Steven tried to keep his eyes locked on Mike's. He remembered reading somewhere that a bear won't charge you as long as you look it in the eyes. In this case he was dealing with an angry bear with a monstrous erection bulging through his khakis.

Danielle stepped up beside Steven and said..."He's with me. I asked him to come over. He wanted to talk to Lindsey."

At this point Lindsey too got off the couch and stepped over next to Mike. She put one hand calmingly on the big man's arm as she gave Steven another wink. Mike didn't look at all happy as he continued to stare at Steven with blazing eyes.

"You want to talk to me baby?..." Lindsey said. A knowing grin creased the corners of her mouth as she glanced down at the noticeable bulge in the front of Seven's pants.

"It looks like that's not all you want to do..." she quipped, aiming her smile at the nervous young man.

Lindsey was an outrageous flirt. She had a foul mouth, called all the guys 'baby' and talked to every one of them like she couldn't wait to get them into bed. The girls all thought she was rude but the guys loved it, especially Steven. He really thought he had a shot with this super sexy co-ed, as far fetched as that particular possibility might have been.

He hoped if he could spend some time with her, maybe help her with her grades, he might one day, you know, get lucky. God knows she was no rocket scientist. But first he had to get this whole 'passing around his work to her gang for them to copy' thing sorted out.

"Unnn...look Lindsey. You know I'd like to work with you on some school stuff if you want. That'd be great. But that thing where you just gave all my work to your buddies in Mrs. Blain's class, that almost got us all in a lot of trouble. I'd like to help you but I can't risk failing any courses right now."

"But they're my friends baby. My very closest friends..." Lindsey said with a cute little pout as she took a couple of steps closer to Steven. She twisted her shoulders as she moved so that her pendulous tits swung distractingly beneath her tight satin shirt.

Steven could feel the warmth of her and smell her earthy perfume when she stopped right in front of him. He faltered a little as he tried to continue..." I like Danielle too... ahh... Lindsey and... Mike...ahh... well it's none of my business who you're hooking up with but..."

"Oh Mike hasn't earned his pussy privileges yet!"

"Excuse me." Steven said, not sure that he had heard Lindsey correctly

The raven haired beauty reached out and put one hand on Seven's chest as she went on.

"No. Not yet. So far he's restricted to eating at the Y. But he can be very good at that. I love it when all I can see are his beady little eyes looking up at me while he's beavering away down there. Just the other night, he'd been going down on me forever when I heard this little voice calling...'Baby am I doing it right?' I told him just to shut the fuck up and keep licking! And of course that's what he did. What a sweetie."

"Lindsey! You bitch! The nerd doesn't have to hear all this!..." Mike squawked in embarrassment.

"I know. I'm such a cunt! I wonder why you still want to go out with me?" Lindsey purred her eyes never leaving Steven's.

"To get close to Danni! She's the one I really like." Mike blurted out.

There was a stunned silence in the room at this unexpected revelation. Lindsey turned and looked at Danielle who still had the same innocent smile on her face that she always did. Then Lindsey slowly turned to look at Mike with slitted eyes.

Everyone was pretty surprised by Mike's unexpected outburst. But the one who looked most shocked was Mike himself. He looked at Danielle with a kind of pleading expression.

"Like... I know you guys probably think that I'm just some kind of big dumb jock but I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me."

Lindsey's look changed from one of anger to one of amusement as she took a step back towards her cringing boyfriend. She too looked at Danielle and nodded at her to come closer. Danielle did so, and the two girls closely flanked the big man.

"You really are a moron aren't you lover?.. Danni's not interested in you." Lindsey said with a chuckle. She looked down at the front of Mike's pants where the shape of his boner was considerably less defined than it had been before. She looked back up at Danni and nodded towards Mike's crotch. Danni smiled in understanding. Still casually chewing her gum, she reached out with one hand, opened her palm against the outline of Mike's tool and started rubbing it in a circular motion

"Unnnn!..." the amazed young man grunted in surprise. He bent slightly at the waist as if he was going to back away from Danni's lewd fondling, but he didn't.

"She's gay you cretin. Didn't you know?" Lindsey asked incredulously.

"Whattt?..." Mike barked, looking at the blonde cheerleader in amazement.

Danni didn't say anything, just continued to smile and pressure Mike's responsive cock through the front of his trousers.

"Of course she is. "Lindsey said, pressing herself warmly against Mike's side. She put her mouth very close to his ear as she continued...

"I found out last October. Remember the game against Franklin Roosevelt where our quarterback couldn't start because of a groin injury. Well the night before the game I was out with him, Vance the Lance. Didn't I tell you about that baby?..." Lindsey said with an ingenuous moue in response to Mike's surprised glance.

Danni slipped her free hand up into Mike's crotch from behind and gave his balls a lascivious squeeze. At the same time she increased the pressure on his responsive cock. That got his wandering attention back. Steven could see him arching his hips forward against the blonde's arousing touch.

"I don't remember much about the evening but it was late and we were back on the porch of his house. His parents were out and Vance was all over me. He must have been groping me for fifteen minutes and wanted me to go inside with him in the worst way. But I didn't feel like it. I actually felt pretty spaced out. I could hardly lift my arms to fend him off even after I'd told him a couple of times that we should call it a night. But he wasn't giving up."

"Anyway, out of nowhere, who do I see coming up the walkway but our little angel, Danni. She just walks up to Vance, even though he's still all over me, and taps him on the shoulder. 'Hey Vancey. How ya' doing? You don't know me...' she said, just as friendly as anything."

"So Vance is kind of surprised to see her standing there behind him but he turns around and says 'hi'. Danni held out her hand and Vance took it, and Danni reaches out so that she's holding his hand with both of hers.

'I'm a friend of Susie Phillips...You remember Susie?...From a couple of weeks ago?..'

"I thought Vance looked a little nervous when she said that but I didn't have much time to think about it. Danni says... 'Susie asked me to give you something...'

And with that, she yanked Vance towards her with her two handed grip. At the same time she takes a little step toward him and brings her knee up into his groin hard enough to lift him a couple of inches off the ground. You could hear the crunch of her knee slamming up into his nuts when she nailed him."

And as Lindsey said that, Danni, who was still rubbing Mike's cock in the most shameless manner, gave his testicles a sharp squeeze that made him suck in an anxious breath. She held it for a few seconds while Mike looked at her with wide eyes. Then she slowly eased her forceful grip. As if to make it up to him she closed her fingers on the clearly outlined shaft of his prick, fisting him through his pants and working him up and down in a compelling 'jack-off' motion

Lindsey continued...."Of course the big lug never saw it comin'. So he lets out this huge 'Wooof!..." like all the air has been let out of him. His face goes white and he snaps forward at the waist. He would have gone down but Danni straight armed him in the chest and held him upright.

She never stopped smiling at him as she said...' Oh and Kathy Jansen wanted me to give you something too...' as she drew her heel back and then slammed her knee up into his crotch once more. This time Vance lets out a strangled scream and hits his knees like a bag of cement. He's lookin' up at Danni and tryin' to talk but he can't say anything 'cause he can't breathe."

"Danni never even bats an eye. She just steps around him and uses her foot to roll him over onto his side. Then she crouches down beside him and starts going through his jacket pockets. I don't know what the hell is going on.''

'Danni, what are you doing?..." I said. But Danni just smiles as she turns to me holding up a little plastic baggie with some capsules in it. In her other hand she's holding a two foot length of Velcro strap.

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