The River


Most of my stories are just me, myself and I. All but one or two belong in the masturbation section. I rarely write about a coupling simply because I'm not usually one to kiss and tell details. This is something that's been in fantasies for sometime, I hope you like it as much as I have.


The River

The one hundred-eighty-seven mile long Willamette River runs north in a winding and often dangerous path before it merges with the even larger Columbia and eventually finding the Pacific Ocean. It, along with its tributaries, forms the basin region named the Willamette Valley where eighty-six percent of Oregon's population resides. The largest towns in Oregon were built along its edge for easier shiping of goods and supplies; Eugene at its starting point.

There are areas where the water runs a dirty brown and areas where it runs clear as ice blue glass with icey white caps and you can see every rock, stone, fish and plant beneath it's surface. My favorite place in all the world is a slight out cropping that can only be reached by walking through some bushes from a bike path near by. The out cropping is mainly packed dirt, but there is a fallen log, and depending on the season, a six inch to four foot drop to the water.

During the day you can see the working plant across the way half hidden by trees and bushes and the over pass connecting the city of Eugene and the city of Springfield. I love this spot becauase I can sit there and see the balance of nature and humanity. The sound of the water is as calming as my own heart beat.

Another reason I like this spot is that it's protected from the bike path by bushes and I can do nearly anything I want there. I've had nude pictures taken there, I've sat and day dreamed, drawn and sketched, and even slept.

One night, my friend James called me wanting to meet up. James and I are friends under the loosest sense of the word, we only see each other when we're horny and want to fuck. He's taller then me, built well and has a southern Cajun accent. This time we couldn't be at either my place or his, so I offered my spot by the river.

We pulled into the parking lot near the entrance to the bike path. He leaned across for a kiss and I obliged him hungrily. I could already feel my body's beginning soft thud. Jamie's hand slide up my waist to cup my breast and I moaned against his lips. When we finally separated, I jumped out and walked around the back of his red pick-up. Where I caught his hand and started to pull him down the walk way.

The night sky was clear and what few stars could be seen through the city night sparkled high beyond. No clouds cluttered the view past the tops of the gently packed trees. He slid his hand down my back over my ass and danced away playfully giggling. But when he slipped his hand down the front of my pants and found my pussy already wet I could only moan and clutch his arm to me.

He pet me for a moment and pulled his hand out. I grabbed him and slowly licked his fingers clean. Running ahead I looked back at Jamie to make sure he followed. It was dark along the trail, what little light filtered through the leaves of the trees laid wild patterns across the floor and our bodies moving silently along the walkway.

I left the bike path and made my way through the light bushes on the animal trail to my spot. He found me looking out across the water at the lights of the factory and the head lights of semi trucks driving over the bridge. The trees, the small island in the middle of the river all but dark shadows in the darkness; crickets chirped from their beds and the rustle of a rabbit could be heard behind us.

He walked up behind me, slipped his hands around my waist and I sighed as I leaned back against his chest. "It's a beautiful night" he whispered into my ear and I could only nod my head as he pulled me back to the log. For a moment we sat and watched the lights dance on the flowing water.

Jamie's hand found its way to my chest. I closed my eyes and sighed softly. He reached below my shirt and pulled my bra up to free one breast and then the other. I moaned as he pulled one nipple into his mouth, rolling, tugging and biting gently before moving on to the other. I reached behind my back and unhooked the offending piece of fabric, slipping it down over my arms while leaving my shirt on. Leaning back to lie on the log, Jamie leaned forward and I closed my eyes as he licked and fed upon my nipples and breasts.

I rose and stood before him removing shirt. He grabbed my waist and hip and nuzzled his nose at my breast, sucking and nipping at my skin. I danced back a couple of steps giggling. The cool night air and the moment making me playful.

He patted the seat next to him, I sat and we kissed long and hard; all my rising passion showing.

"Do you want my cock inside of you?" he whispered. I looked down at his jeans and nodded my head.

He smiled and asked "what was that?"

I grinned up at him and said, "I do want your cock in me."

He took my hand and moved it to his crotch; I could feel the length of him beneath the fabric. "Would you be willing to help me get ready?" I smiled, licking my lips and kissed him harder. My hand slid over his fabric covered cock and pressed the heal of my hand slightly to it. He opened his pants and pulled out his hard penis. He groaned as pulled me up, helping me kneel before him. I stretched up to kiss him and then slowly moved my face down to his crotch.

I licked my lips and his cock's tip. I took his hands and moved them to back of my head where his fingers threaded through my hair, he pulled me closer to his cock and I wrapped my lips around the head pulling it in slowly. I savored the natural raw, silky, hard taste of his cock filling my mouth.

I enjoyed the taste of the man who taught me how much fun I could have with the oral fixation I'd had since I was a teenager. I licked him and messaged his cock, played on the head and the spot just below it. I moaned my pleasure from deep in my throat, my hips wiggling with my need. I pulled off and looked up at him.

"You want it inside of you, don't you" he asked.

I nodded, "yes, I want you inside of me" I whispered,

He pulled me up and asked, "How do you want it?"

I moaned and dug my fingers into his thighs, "I don't know..." I replied

He shifted in his seat slightly, "I want you to choose first," he said,

I licked from his shoulder to the sensitive spot just below his ear and whispered, "How do you want me?"

"I want you from behind bent over this log."

I shivered and watched as he got ready for me. James helped me stand, turning me and bending me over where he had sat. The feel of the log beneath my fingertips, I could smell the grass and leaves around me; the breezes off the river chilling my heated body.

I moaned out loud at his cock's touch. As it slipped in I clutched my muscles around it. He slowly began to move hard in me, going as deep as he could.

I moaned and lowered my head to the backs of my hands, allowing him to reach even deeper within me. He pressed into me over and over again, driving me crazy. To soon my body ruptured and I silently cummed over his still working cock. My legs barely shook with my spent passion but his hips kept pounding into me. I whispered his name over and over begging as my body started to build up heat again with no break. James reached around me, playing with my clit as I creamed again, this time in his hand.

He stood, slipping out of my wet and still hungry pussy, playing with my clit a little before sitting down on the log and patting his lap. I stood straddling him, my back to his chest as he pointed the way for his cock. I leaned back and moaned as he entered me again; leaning forward to grab his legs for support.

I rode him, slowly and then fast. Up and down and circled around grinding against his lap. I didn't know what to do. Not only was I unused to this position but I was too lost to think properly. I wanted to make him happy so I tried to keep a rhythm. He reached around again to finger my clit and I moaned as we came together.

My legs shook and I lost their support. Standing, I turned and sat next to him. His hand cradled his spent cock as we kissed and he cleaned up. Jamie helped me right my clothing. Watched as I put my bra back on, and then helped me through the bushes back to the bike path.

We laughed about the fact my legs were still shaking which made it hard for me to walk. We talked about an upcoming event I would have with my room mates. All the while hot little pussy still throbbing from his attentions.

The ride home was filled with more kisses and hands on thighs and other places. Laughs and shared promises of a next time...

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