tagRomanceThe River, A Night Float

The River, A Night Float


We arrived at the river around nine o'clock. The sun had been down for about an hour. As I got out of the truck, the air felt a lot cooler than it had just thirty minutes earlier when we had dropped the other truck off at the boat launch ramp down river. When I shut the door, the dome light went off and I realized it was very dark, here under the bridge. Jerry opened her door and light returned.

I eased around to the back of the truck and unloaded the two lounge type pool floats and a small rubber boat. Into the boat went a small twelve pack sized cooler of beer, a small radio, and a couple of towels. I carried a smaller six pack sized cooler up to the open door. Jerry sat on the side of the seat holding a pair of Ziploc bags and a t-shirt. I took those and put them in the cooler, along with Jerry's truck keys. We would use her truck to get back to mine. One of the bags held our cigarettes and a couple of lighters. What was in the other, I didn't know but had a fair guess. From time to time, Jerry liked a little smoke of a different type.

When I had the lid of the cooler secure, I looked up at Jerry as she rose up and turned around to kneel on the seat. She was reaching across to lock my door and roll the window all the way up. She leaned farther over to put my keys under the seat. I knew what she was doing, but I never saw any of it. The view of her ass in or rather out of her new bikini held my full attention. She had bought the bikini a few days earlier and had not let me see it, saying it was for a special occasion. It was sure making the view I got, special, that much I can say that.

As far as I knew, she had never worn a thong of any kind before. I had only seen pictures of them myself. Jerry always talks about not having an ass to go along with no boobs. Well, I've always liked both her ass and boobs, they fit her. She's short, only five foot two inches tall, but she only weights ninety-eight pounds, soaking wet. Big tits or a bigger ass would just unbalance her proportions.

Right now, with her knees spread wide for balance and her head down on the truck seat, her ass was magnificent. The narrow yellow strip of cloth running up the cleft of her ass cheeks just accented the tight tanned cheek on either side. The wider piece of cloth that barely covered her sex and mound was strained tight. I just stood and stared until she straightened up and looked over her shoulder at me.

"What are you grinning like an ape, about?" She asked. Then she remembered that I hadn't seen the new suit. "Oh, you like it do you."

I cocked my head slightly to the side and said, "Like, nothing, I've always loved it." After a very slight pause, I continued, "Oh, you mean the new bikini, it's not bad." I grinned again and then laughed. "I love the bikini too. It makes one of your best assets even more beautiful."

She smiled and turned around. "What about the other half?" She asked shaking her small, firm breasted from side to side. They rolled back and forth under the narrow strips of thin yellow material, trying to escape.

Her breasts may be small, but they are full and well rounded, having large, highly sensitive nipples. Now, as the nipples rubbed against the material, they were growing to their full size, raising small tents in the cloth. Only about the center third of each breast was covered by the cloth. The rest was delightfully and deliciously bare.

I was again staring at her. "Beautiful. That's truly the word," I said letting my eyes wander up and down her slender, trim body. "Just beautiful. That bikini on you makes any occasion totally special."

As she stepped down from the truck, I put my arms around her and hugged her tightly, kissing the hair on her head as I did.

Speaking through her hair, I said, "Now I see the need of the t-shirt. If you walked up the hill at the boat ramp wearing just that outfit, you would shock and kill half the old men that hang out at the park. Their pace makers couldn't handle the overload." I laughed softly. "There's a lot of very sexy, sensuous and beautiful woman showing through and around that bikini."

As I slowly relaxed the hug, she looked up at me and asked softly, "Do you really mean that? Or are you just saying it to make me feel good?"

I bent and kissed her hard and passionately. My hands roamed softly and slowly over her back and bare bottom. Her arms snaked up, so that her hands griped the tops of my shoulders from the back. The kiss went on and on.

When it finally ended and we slowly released each other, I said with a grin, "Does that answer your question?"

With a little breathy sigh, she replied, "What question?" Then she laughed.

Still grinning, I reached past her hip, retrieved the small cooler, and snagged a small flashlight from the dash. I handed them to her. She moved toward the rear of the truck. I took this opportunity to remove my t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. The shorts and sandals went into the floor of the truck; the tee shirt went over my shoulder. I locked and closed the truck door, plunging us into darkness again.

As I turned toward the back of the truck, the small flashlight snapped on. Jerry swung the small bright beam until it was shining on my bare feet. Slowly the circle of light climbed my legs to settle momentarily on my hips, illuminating the small bikini styled bathing suit that I was wearing. The outline of my semi-ridged manhood was clearly outlined against the stretchy material. The beam continued up across my flat stomach to my chest. Slowly it swings from one side to the other.

I heard Jerry's voice softly whisper, "My, oh, my. Damn it! Not bad for a dirty old man, working on the age."

As I walked toward her, the beam once again centered on my hips and I said, "You must like what you see, I'd guess, from your comment."

When I reached her, the light snapped off as my hands settled on her hips. My lips on hers cut off any reply she may have been going to make. Once again, I let my hands roam freely over her sparsely clad body. Hers returned the favor over mine.

When we finally came up for air, I realized that I could see fairly well by the moonlight. There was a full moon tonight. It was still fairly low in the east but quite bright. It would light the river well and make for a romantic float. That was what I had in mind anyway, when I had suggested this trip for just the two of us. It had dawned on me that Jerry and I hadn't had any time alone for quite some time.

With another short hug, I asked, "Ready to get wet?"

Jerry laughed and replied, "I'm soaked already. Oh, you mean in the river. Sure, you grab the boat and I'll get the floats."

When she bent to pick them up, I put out my hand and cupped her sex from behind. She was not kidding, the material of her bikini bottoms was sopping wet. "I think you've got you own river going there. Can I swim up stream?"

She picked up the floats and straightened up, clasping her strong thighs together, trapping my hand in a hot, wet grip. I could just barely wiggle my fingertips. A small, fast shudder raced through her body.

"If you don't behave for a little bit, you're going to have a waterfall on you hands, in more ways than one," she said softly, relaxing her thigh muscles, she stepped away from my hand.

I brought the hand up to my face and inhaled the sweet, pungent smell. The wonderful smell of my sweetheart in lust. She stood a short distance away and watched me take a long lick of the sticky fluid on my palm and middle finger.

With a hint of mischief in her voice, she said, "If you'll grab that boat and follow me, I'll let you have the bowl to lick that that was mixed and cooked in, but only when we get to the sand bar below the railroad bridge. Otherwise, I'm going to rape you right here on the tail gate of the truck and we'll forget the river."

With a laugh, I reached for the boat, saying, "Decisions, decisions, decisions. Heads we win, tails we win. Damn, the bad luck."

We were both laughing as we moved down the trail toward the river.

On the sandy bank of the river I put the boat down next to my float and squatted down to tie them together with a short piece of rope. Jerry was standing to my left front, silhouetted against the silver sheen of the calm, slow moving water. What a beautiful sight.

I voiced my thoughts, "You know, I love you as much, if not more, than I did when we were first married. Looking at you in the moonlight, against the river, you are even more beautiful than I have ever seen you be."

She turned with a smile on her face and looked down at me. "Flattery will get you everywhere and everything, but I know deep in my heart that you mean what you said. I love you, too. I also realize that we haven't had much, if any time for ourselves lately. I need to thank you, for realizing it too and thinking up this idea. Also, thank you for all your patience and help. Neither of us say we love each other often enough, but it shows in the things we do for each other." She giggled softly. "I didn't mean to make a speech. Just to say I love you, very, very much."

Now it was my turn to smile, as I moved over in front of her and leaned over to lightly kiss her sweet lips. She had other ideas though. Her arms locked around my neck, as she laid a kiss on me like she hadn't in a long, long time. A kiss from the past, a kiss from our first dates, before sex had given us another way of expressing our love and longing. I gave in to the emotions and returned what I was being given.

If there had been much more passion in that kiss, both of us would have had steam coming out of our ears. As it was, we were both a little dizzy and giddy afterwards.

Somehow, we got the boat and both floats in the water and ourselves seated without words or mishap. We slowly floated down stream, holding hands and relaxing. Our minds on inner thoughts and memories.

After a few minutes, Jerry said, "I could, sure use a beer and something to smoke. How about you?"

I had been using one hand to slowly paddle us out toward the center of the river holding Jerry's hand with the other. I pulled her over next to my float and used the rope to haul in the boat. She placed her foot over my legs to hold us together. I opened the small cooler and lit two cigarettes. When I handed one to her, she handed me a small piece of yellow cloth. It was her bikini top. I smiled and dropped it in the boat. Swapping coolers, I snagged two cold beers. I turned to hand one to her and she handed me another piece of yellow cloth. I nearly dropped my beer, seeing her sprawled out on that float totally nude. I gave her a low wolf whistle.

She turned her head toward me and smiled. "Oh, you still like this outfit too. Going to join me, in the buff?"

When I nodded, her smile became a grin. I dropped her bikini bottoms in the boat, soon to be followed by mine. I'd had a little problem getting the suit off over the hard-on my usually shy wife had caused. While I was wrestling with the problem, she gave out with a couple of wolf whistles of her own. When I finally settled back, I was grinning also.

Again floating along, we were holding hands. Our eyes would from time to time, caress each other as we sipped our beer.

The section of river we were floating was void of any house or overlooks. Other than the bridge, we had launched from, which was very high above the water. It was the main bypass around town, so traffic was fast but fairly heavy. Whether anyone could see our nudity in the moonlight was another question. The moon was still low behind the trees but bright.

Jerry was normally very cautious about her modesty around here, where we live. When we were far away from home, among strangers, she had been known to do a little flashing after three or four beers. She had a little streak of exhibitionist in her soul.

The next place we could be seen from would be the railroad bridge. There were a half dozen trains through town on any given day but neither of us had any idea about the schedule. We were planning to stop on the sand bar just past and below the bridge.


About forty-five minutes, another beer and three kisses later, we arrived at the sand bar. It's wide, but only about the middle quarter is above water and that's only a few inches. We hand paddled up into the shallows until we beached. We stood and pulled the floats and boat up onto the hard packed sand. I grabbed the two coolers, while Jerry grabbed the two big beach towels. She spread them out so they overlapped. I had opened the coolers and sat out two cold beers and both of the Ziploc bags.

Jerry walked on across the sandbar and into the water on the far side. She waded out until the water was knee deep and then squatted down. After a few moments, she returned to sit on the towels next to me. I opened the two beers while she opened the second plastic bag. She pulled a thin tightly rolled joint from the bag and lit it.

This was something else she did not do around here very often and never at home. I know that one of her single girl friends smokes, as does one or two of the couples we know. Jerry just doesn't want to give our kids the wrong idea.

We passed it back and forth several times before she pinched it out. After replacing it in the bag, she laid back on the towel, propped up on her elbows. I joined her, our hips barely touching.

The moon was just clearing the trees far down the straight stretch of river in front of us. Between it and us was the main downtown bridge. We could see cars and trucks crossing back and forth over it. With the distance and the railroad bridge behind us, we knew we couldn't be seen from up there. We know, we've checked it out.

There was a cool wind blowing up and across the river, swirling from different directions as it encountered the trestle. It felt great on our bare bodies. I dropped off my right elbow and turned toward Jerry. She turned toward me and gently kissed me. I placed my hand on her hip and caressed it and her side, occasionally letting it roam over her back and bottom. Her hand was doing the same to me.

The moonlight, the caresses, and the kisses were having an effect on both of us. The beers and smoke were too. The kisses became more passionate as did the caresses. I could feel my manhood rising to the occasion. Jerry's nipples were rock hard under my palm. Her breathing was growing more rapid.

When her hand grazed along the length of my shaft, there was a small gasp from both of us. Her hand returned to stroke and pet my hard member. I moved my hand down to the junction of her thighs. She raised her right knee giving me free access to her sex. I gently stroked my fingertips across her smooth hairless mound and outer lips. There was another small gasp from her.

After only a few seconds of this, my middle finger slipped between the spreading outer lips to feel the warm folds of her inner lips. They were slippery with her passion. Her hand was moving more urgently over my shaft and balls. As I continued to stroke her gently, I could feel her sex opening like a flower. She was also getting wetter and wetter. As my finger dipped lower, I could feel the heat and throb of her opening.

It matched the heat and throb I felt from my own organ. In one smooth swift motion, she moved back away from my hand and rolled upward to straddle my hips. My manhood was now trapped were my finger had been just second before. She sat up right and slowly rocked her hips back and forth and from side to side. I could feel the bottom side of my shaft settle farther into her hot wet slit.

Slowly she started to slide up and down along the entire length of my hard shaft. With each stroke, she seemed to get hotter and wetter, as if that was possible. It was having a terrific effect on me also. As she rubbed upward across the swollen head of my dick, I could feel my balls draw up at the exquisite pleasure. As she slid downward they would relax slightly, but the sensations along the length of my shaft kept me on the edge.

Suddenly she froze in mid stroke. A shudder ran up and down her body, as the outer and inner lips, compressed and relaxed on my shaft. Quickly she lifted up, reached down to raise my cock straight up. Centering the head against her hot opening, she slowly lowered herself until she again sat fully on my hips. I had never in fifteen years felt her so hot or wet. Her insides were rolling and squeezing me as though she was still in the middle of a major orgasm.

Her hands were squeezing and caressing her breasts. The expression on her face told me that she was still exploding. She started to bounce up and down in short, sharp movements. I felt like I was deeper inside her than I had ever been. I could feel my shaft still growing and expanding with the terrific pleasure's she was producing.

With a loud groan and a lifting of my hips, I exploded. As spurt after spurt erupted from me, her face got bright and shiny. My ears were singing. I felt as though I were about to pass out. She continued to bounce, but was slowing. Finally, she released her breasts and placed her hands on my chest for support.

She lowered herself to lay full length on top of me. She was breathing hard and fast as if she had just ran a four-minute mile. As I hugged her to me, she straightened her legs and wrapped them around mine. I was still planted deep within her.

Her vagina was still milking at my slowly softening shaft. A mixture of our juices was running down over my balls and inner thighs. It made my shaft twitch, which made her clamp down on me. We held each other for a long, long time.


Our breathing was back to normal. I was to the point that I figured Jerry was asleep. Finally, my manhood slipped out of her. When it did a deep, long sigh escaped from her lips. She lay were she was for a few minutes longer, then untangled her legs from mine and sat up. Again, there was a tickling sensation of fluid dribbling down between my legs.

Jerry chuckled softly to herself. "Now I know what a gallon jug feels like when you empty it." She started to get up off me. It took three tries. I found out why when I tried to sit up. I had to use my arms and hands. I was weak and a little dizzy. By the time I was sitting up, Jerry was kneeling next to me.

We exchange a long gentle kiss. Jerry pulled back as she sat down on her heels. We both just sat looking into each other's eyes. Slowly a grin crept across both our faces. Jerry started to giggle, which made me laugh, which made her laugh. Finally we settled back to just grinning from ear to ear.

After a few moments, I reached for the cigarettes, and lit two. As I handed her one, Jerry asked, "Do you understand what just happened? I mean we've been together for eighteen years, married for fifteen, and had two kids together. Sex is nothing new to us. But what just happened was like nothing I've ever experienced. I started to come with you outside me. I continued as you slowly slipped up inside me. You were deeper than you have ever been before. As I bounced, I kept right on coming. Then you came. I could feel you splashing against my cervices. That's when I found out there is life after death, because either I died and went to heaven or I had the grandmother of all orgasms. But why? What happened?"

I looked deep into her eyes, to see the shining happiness there. I reached up, caressed her face, and stroked her hair. She kissed my fingers as they passed her lips.

With a deep sigh, I lowered my hand to the top of her thigh. "I know what you mean. I've never felt anything that even comes close to this." I paused for a second then went on. "I think it's a combination of things. It's been a long time since we have been totally alone, and without major worries. The thrill of your new bikini that's so much more daring than anything you've ever worn in public. Its effect on me and the compliments I gave you earlier. The fact that you floated the river nude for the first time."

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