The River, A Night Float


Again, I paused. "Actually this is the most time you or I either one have been naked outside our house or a motel room. The thought of maybe someone catching a glimpse of what we were doing. The relaxed mood that we both are in. The fact that we both knew why we were coming here and were in no hurry, nor did we have any reason to hurry. All these things add up to the whole of what happened."

"And I was worried about giving a speech earlier. Thanks for the lecture professor. I'm joking! What you say makes a lot of sense. We'll definitely have to do this more often or something similar." She paused as if in thought then continued. "Do you remember the first time we made love?"

I nodded, so she continued. "It was in my bedroom after a dance. Do you remember the second time and where?"

I had to think a minute, and then the light dawned. "Oh, yeah, do I! Very similar to tonight in some ways." I chuckled to myself, seeing her grin.

I had been driving a small mini truck at the time. We were parked out in the woods near the lake. We started out kissing and petting. It slowly reached the point of no return. But because of the steering wheel, gearshift lever, and bucket seats we were getting more and more frustrated.

Finally we both threw open the doors and climbed out. Clothes had been flying in all directions. I grabbed an old sleeping bag from behind the seat and quickly spread it on the ground next to the truck. We fell into each other's arms.

We were going at it great guns and very near orgasm when there was a flash of lights through the trees as another truck went flying down the old road not fifty feet from us. We both froze but we were to close to the edge. I climaxed then she did. I moved slightly and climaxed again, so did she. We never stopped; the pleasure just kept on building. Only exhaustion finally stopped us.

The memory flooded back from our late teens. Jerry placed her hands on my chest and gently pushed me back prone, following me down for a long and passion filled kiss.

As it subsided, I rolled her over and covered her small, tight body with mine being careful as always not to apply too much weight. My manhood was again hard and hot where it pressed against her belly. She gave a little gasp of surprise and wiggled against me, as a big smile filled her face.

"That memory must have been as good for you as it was for me," she stated softly.

I moved down kissing her chin, neck, and upper chest as I went. When I licked my tongue across her left nipple, it was stiff and hard. I sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and over it, feeling it grow more. Releasing it, I ran my tongue all over and around her breast. Finally, I kissed and licked the slight crease that is under her breast. A soft sigh escaped her lips.

Switching to her right breast, I repeated the procedure only in reverse, starting at the crease and ending at her nipple. I started to kiss down across her ribs but she grabbed my face and pulled me back upward. "I don't think I could handle where you're heading right now. Anyway I want you inside me," she said in a low halting voice.

I moved so I was between her parted legs, which she lifted and wrapped, around my lower waist. Her arms were tightly wrapped around my upper back and shoulders. I slowly slid my hardness up and down the trench of her sex, marveling at the warmth and wetness. As her breathing got stronger, I moved in longer, more forceful strokes.

On one backward stroke, she wiggled and lifted herself higher with her strong legs. I entered her open, drenched vagina in one long, hard thrust. She let out a long groaning breath, wiggled her heels down around my ass, and pulled me tightly and ever more deeply into her hot wetness. She ground herself against me.

A few moments later, a shutter ran through out her body. When she relaxed slightly, I started to make long slow strokes. At the top of each thrust, she would lift and tilt her pelvis to meet me. We were spiraling higher and higher. I had increased the speed and strength of each penetration as Jerry whispered, "Harder."

I could feel Jerry nearing her peak; I was trying to hold mine back to match her. I lost control and came deep inside her, which tripped her over the edge. We held each other tightly as we trembled and shuttered through another overwhelming orgasm.

When we calmed and were once again under control, we rolled over on our sides and just held each other enjoying the afterglow of good sex. Relishing the pleasure, we had shared, luxuriating in the feel of our hearts beating against each other.

I don't know if we dozed off or not. Jerry stirred and I gave a small jerk as the train whistle broke the calm of the night. It was a little ways away, heading into town. Jerry started to roll away from me but I held her tight. "Where are you going?" I asked.

She looked into my eyes and grinned. "The other end of the sand bar so I can wave at the engineer. I'm feeling sexy and very naughty. I feel like giving all three of us a thrill."

I looked at her hard. "You'll probably cause a train wreck. That engineer will see a beautiful, sexy woman, with that well fucked look, running around on this sand bar and slam on the brakes to get a better view. Or you'll shock him into a heart attack and we'll have a run away train going through town." I laughed at her mock pouting expression.

Suddenly I released her as the whistle blew again, closer. "Go!" I said. As she got up and started to walk down the sand bar, I gave her a long wolf whistle. This made her swing her ass more. Damn, she looked sexy and sensuous.

I called out to her, "Want me to get the flashlight so you can have a spot light?"

She spun around. "You wouldn't dare!"

When I got up and walked toward the boat, she said sharply. "Chris! You wouldn't, would you? The moonlight is one thing but that light is bright. He'll be able to see everything."

When I turned with the light in my hand, she started to walk back toward me. "No, you don't," I said snapping on the light. The beam caught her fully, lighting her whole body. She froze. I snapped the light off.

"Move farther out toward the end of the bar." She cocked her head and looked at me. The whistle blew, very close. She grinned and hurried to the very end of the dry sand.

The train was close enough that the very bright, swiveling light was starting to flash through the trees. I hadn't thought about the train light and neither had Jerry. I chuckled to myself, knowing what was going to happen. I replaced the flashlight in boat and moved back to the towels to watch the show.

The trestle is about fifty yards long. The train was moving slowly, about fifteen miles an hour. There is a thick line of trees on each side of the river. When the front of the train cleared the tree line, Jerry was washed in light as bright as day. She froze for moment with a started look on her pretty face. Then with a big grin, she stood and waved at the dark cab of the train. When it was about half way across, she laid down on the sand, spread her leg wide, and rubbed her hand up and down over her sex until the train light was extinguished by the trees on the far bank.

When darkness returned I couldn't see for a few minutes. Jerry was still lying on the sand when my night vision returned. I walked toward her. As I got closer, I could see she was still rubbing herself. I hurried forward to kneel between her spread legs. I moved her hand and replaced it with my tongue. As I took that first long lick from her opening to her clit, she groaned loudly and lifted her hips. I cupped her ass cheeks, one in each hand and held her up. I continued to make long gentle sweeps with my tongue from her tight puckered anus to her clit. From time to time, I could feel her body shake and shutter. Mostly when I would very lightly flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit or when I buried it deeply in her hot, dripping hole. When I dropped lower to lightly ream her ass hole she jerked and groaned a long low moan, her hips jerking and bucking. I continued until she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my head away from her sex.

She lay there breathing hard, still holding me by my hair. My cheek was resting on her rising and falling stomach. Slowly her fingers released my hair. She absently stroked my hair with one hand and my face with the other. The one she caressed my face with was the same one she had rubbed herself with. Her smell was all over it. I kissed and licked it any time it got close enough.

When she removed her hands and stretched, I sat back on my heels and looked down at her. She had this faint, self-gratified smile on her face and a sleepy, sultry look in her eyes. She was all women and totally satisfied with herself and her sexuality. I smiled at her happiness and the part I had played in it.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. A large smile lit up her face. "You look like the pussy cat that ate the canary," I said jokingly. Although there was a lot of truth in the statement.

She grinned and replied, "You've got it backwards. I feel like the canary that had her pussy ate. Feathers and all."

We both laughed. She put out her hand for me to help her up. When we were both standing, she hugged me tightly. I hugged her and brushed at the sand on her back until she relaxed and stepped back. I leaned over for a light kiss on the lips.

As we turned to walk toward the towels, hand in hand, she said, "I think we need to take a swim and clean up. I've got sand everywhere and you taste and smell like me."

We changed directions slightly and waded into the water near the floats. The sand drops off sharply so we only went far enough to squat and get wet to my chest, her shoulders. I dipped my head under and rubbed at my face, then over the rest of my body. Jerry took care of the rinse but had problems getting the sand out of her hair. I turned her and leaned her back toward me, using my hands and fingers to work and comb her hair until most of the sand was gone.

When we got out of the water and headed for the towels, it was almost cold. The wind had drop off to near nothing, which helped. I glanced up at the moon, which was nearly overhead. I wondered what time it was and then realized I really didn't care.

I picked up one of the towels, walked a short distance away, and shook as much sand off as I could. Handing it to Jerry, I said, "Here wrap up in this. We'll go sit on the floats." She grabbed the small cooler and the cigarettes before walking back to the floats. I shook out the other towel and wrapped it around my waist.

Jerry was sitting on a float, leaning back against the backrest, with one foot on either side. I moved the other float until it faced the opposite direction and started to sit as she was.

"Hey, take that towel off. It looks like a dress and this beach is nude only tonight," she said with a laugh.

I chuckled as I removed the towel and sat down to wrap it around my shoulders. She handed me a lit cigarette. I took a long drag before opening the cooler for a pair of beers. We sat sipping and smoking in the quiet night, completely relaxed and at peace with each other's silence.

Shortly after we finished our smokes, Jerry yawned, which made me do the same. We both chuckled. "I think we're both worn out. Not as young as we used to be." I observed.

"Hey, speak for yourself," Jerry shot back. After a short pause, she said softly. "I didn't comprehend how bright that light was going to be until it was too late."

Again a pause. "After I started waving, I realized I wanted to do something I'd only fantasized about. That's when I laid down, spread my legs, and started to masturbate. I hope you don't think badly of me. I got so hot, so fast I couldn't stop. I was so happy when you joined me. The first touch of your hot tongue got me off. Then it kept me going and going, or rather coming and coming. I was to the point of continuous small orgasms until your tongue started to circle and tickle my ass hole. That blew me away. God, it was heavenly."

I was looking at her smiling. When she finished, I said, "You surprised me, that's for sure. I figured out the light just seconds before it cleared the trees. I was fairly sure you would take off running back over here under the bridge. When you started to wave I thought, all right, you're letting your little streak of exhibitionism louse." I paused to sip my beer. "When you laid down and spread your legs, you again surprised me. When you started to rub yourself, it blew me away. You are normally too shy to do that even in front of me. Maybe a little when I'm occupied behind you, doggie style, or licking your taste treat. But not just by yourself when I'm watching."

I took another long pull on my beer, finishing it. "As for thinking bad of you, no way. As I said, surprised. Defiantly, yes. Stimulated and turned on, damn, straight. Me seeing you laying out there in all your glory, doing what you were doing was a big turn on. The thought that maybe someone else was watching was also turning me on. That it was doing the same for you is not a revelation to me. I know you are a closet exhibitionist. You get a thrill out of it and it doesn't hurt anyone or anything."

Jerry looked at me for a long time not saying anything, just sipping on her beer. I lit a pair of cigarettes and hand her one. "It really turns you on when I play with myself or flash someone." She asked, shyly.

I nodded and grinned at her.

"I didn't realize that. I wished I would have known it long ago. It turns me on, really hard, down deep inside. The act excites me and the other person's reaction excites me more."

I could see her thinking. After a while, she sat up and flipped the dead cigarette away into the dark, chuckling to herself. I asked what was so funny and she replied, "If I'd known this, I would have done it more around you and not just by myself. I thought there was something wrong with me and you would be mad."

I moved over next to her and took her in my arms. I softly kissed her lips and face. Still holding her, I said, "There's nothing wrong with you, I love you, so very, very much. There's no way I could be mad at you." I paused to think about what she had said. "Just where all have you been flashing people and how much?" I asked, with a laugh, as it sank in, just what she had said.

She hugged me tight and hid her head against my chest. "Well." She paused. "Well." She paused again. "Would you believe, anytime I'm out of town and every chance I get?"

I chuckled. "You brazen little hussy, you. Give me an example."

"You're really not mad." She asked with disbelief in her voice. I shook my head and she continued. "Well, like the other day when I went to Austin to shop for this bikini. I wore a short skirt and a peasant blouse; I had on my bra and panties when I left the house. There's that rest area about ten miles out of town. I pulled over there, just off the edge of the road. I hiked up my skirt and removed my panties, putting them in the console. But I waited until there was a lone semi truck headed toward me before I lowered my blouse and removed my bra. I didn't even attempt to pull it up until he was well by. I loved it when he blew that air horn long and loud." She finished with a giggle.

I prompted her to go on.

She sat back from me and ran her hands over her breasts and nipples. Pinching first one nipple, then the other between her thumb and forefinger. "That horn made my breasts tingle and my nipples were so hard they hurt. I slipped my arms back into the sleeves of the blouse and pulled it just barely up over my nipples. I put my left foot up on the dash and slid down in the seat slightly. That, with the way I arranged my skirt brought my damp pussy into full view of anyone in a taller car than mine."

She paused a moment looking at me. I was watching her left hand caressing her right breast and her right hand rubbing across the tops of her thighs and belly. "Why don't you lean back in that seat and get more comfortable," I suggested. She smiled and then grinned back at me as she did so.

"I pulled out onto the highway and set the cruise control for about five miles an hour under the speed limit. That's a divided highway with a wide center section. I didn't worry about the traffic over there but I kept a close eye on the trucks and large cars coming up behind me. If I didn't like the looks of it or there were old people or kids, I just dropped my foot to the floor and I was covered. If there was a guy or sometimes even if there was a girl in the passenger seat, I just continued to drive, hoping they would look down. Of course, I couldn't see while they were beside me but once they were past, I could tell if they were looking. They would still be turned trying to see more. Sometimes they would slow down and match speed with me for a while. If they did I would drop my left hand down and finger myself as long as they were beside me."

"Most of the time other traffic would move them along before I came, but not always. According to how horny I was. If they came back after traffic had moved them along or I had come, I would just drop my foot, cover up, and continue to drive. They usually went on about their business after a few minutes of no show."

"If I had a nice orgasm, I'd usually just drive on all prime and proper after they left. If not, I would get back in position and wait on the next truck or car with a passenger I liked. The other day it was a late model pickup, a guy was driving with a girl on the passenger side. She was probable my age. They were moving up behind me fairly fast, and pulled out to go around. As they got along side and started to move by, I saw her staring out the window. The truck slowed and matched speed; I dropped my hand in my lap and spread my legs as wide as I could. There wasn't much traffic so I reached a quick orgasm and kept on masturbating. The thought that it was a girl watching was even more stimulating. Shortly I reached a second orgasm."

She paused as she came on her fingers. Her eyes had been shut as she remembered the events. Her eyes opened, fluttered a few times, and settled on my face. Then her eyes snapped down to my hand moving slowly up and down over my lap. She licked her lips and said, "Don't waste that. I still have plans for it." She grinned up at me and winked.

"Damn, all of a sudden I feel so free and uninhibited. We should have found this out a long time ago. But let me finish what I was telling you."

She paused and then went on. "After the second orgasm I put my foot on the floor and pulled my dress down. The truck stayed where it was for a few moments then pulled ahead and over in front of me. The girl turned around in the seat and started to lick and suck her fingers. Then she turned back around and leaned forward on the dash. She climbed up on the seat and raised her bare rear end into view. I could see her wet pussy as one of her hands reached up to finger it. She did this until another car got too close. She sat back down and looked back at me again. She raised one hand and stuffed a finger into her mouth to suck on. Then she turned and stuck two fingers into the guy driving mouth. He raised his hand and waved at me. Knowing he could see me in the rear view mirror, I reached up, uncover my breasts, and tweaked my nipples. He waved again as they drove off. I covered up and drove on into Austin."

All the time Jerry was talking, she never took her eyes off my hand and the hard shaft it was slowly stroking. Now she leaned over, licked the clear drop of fluid off the tip, and swirled her tongue around the swollen head once. I was forced to let a low moan escape my lips as she ran her warm, wet, slick tongue around and over the entire dick sticking above my fist. With a quick kiss to the very end of the head, she sat back up, grinning.

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