The River, A Night Float


"You like that, do you? Well, if you're a good boy you might get some more." She looked up at the moon and over toward the main bridge. I glanced over that way myself. "It must be pretty late, the moons high and there's no traffic on the bridge. I wonder if there's anyone at the launch ramp at this hour."

I looked around to find her again staring at my manhood. She looked up at me and smiled a big smile. "How about if we go ahead and finish the float to the launch ramp naked. I'll even take good care of that on the way. If there's any indication that there is anyone there, we'll just get off in the water and climb into our suits. What do you say?"

"Sounds great to me except for one thing. Once we get close enough to the ramp to see if anyone is there, it's too deep to touch bottom and stop long enough to get dressed. Unless we float past and stop at the sand bar below. It'll be a hard paddle back, though."

"Well, I'm game if you are," she said.


We checked the rubber boat and made sure everything was ready. I even got her t-shirt out of the cooler and tied it around the handle of the big cooler. She arranged our suits so they would be easy to find and get into.

She had me hold her float while she got on. She wanted to lie on her stomach with her feet at the chair end. I held onto her float while I launched the boat and settled in my chair. As soon as we were adrift, Jerry maneuvered her float to the end of mine and had me place one leg off each side. She pressed the end of mine down under hers. Grabbing a hold on my thighs, she worked her float until her head was above my mid thigh. Then she wiggled forward until her head was above my lap.

"Just right," she said as her left hand grasped my semi-ridged member. Her right hand slipped forward to cup and squeeze my balls gently.

She started to lick my shaft from her hand to the tip of the head as though it was an ice cream cone. I could feel myself growing and hardening in her soft hand. Only when I was completely hard did she slip the head into her warm mouth. Her tongue was working over and around the sensitive head, as her lips worked and worried at the shaft. Her fingers were alternately tickling and rolling my balls.

Slowly she began to bob her head up and down, taking a little bit more of me into her mouth on each movement. Both her hands were slowly working counterpoint to her mouth. I knew I would not last long, it just felt too good. By the time, the head of my manhood touched the back of her throat I was well past the point of no return. She had well over two thirds of me in her warm, wet, sweetly sucking mouth. I could feel my stomach tense and my balls drawing up.

So could she, so she sucked harder and faster. Taking even more of me in as her head bobbed down. I could feel my cum starting to move deep in my shaft and shoot upward. All I could do was moan a long drawn out. "Oh."

Jerry never quite moving and sucking as I came and came again. Only when the flow was over did she let up. And then she continued to suck greedily at the very head, running her tongue around and around the wide flange. That is by far the best part of a blowjob, when the lady swallows and continues to work on the head. It draws the pleasure out for a far longer time and makes it more intense.

As I finally quite jerking and twitching, Jerry released me from her lips but slowly, almost reluctantly. I lay there completely drained until I heard Jerry giggle and then laugh. My eyes snapped open to stare at a light on a pole. I quickly looked around. We were beached just off to one side of the launch ramp. Actually below it. The breakwater above had curved us around and into the backwater below.

Luckily, there was no one around. How long had Jerry been sucking me? It's a pretty fair distance from the railroad bridge, under the main street bridge, to here. Jerry was paddling us toward the ramp. I helped. The light above wasn't very bright but anyone driving or walking down the ramp could not miss seeing us. Also, we were in plan view from the main bridge above us.

When we hit the ramp, we both jumped off the floats and pulled them out of the water. I grabbed the rope and dragged the boat along behind us as we hurriedly walked under the large tree growing in the middle of the ramp. At least we were out of sight from the bridge. We were both giggling and grinning as we put on our bathing suit bottoms. Jerry grabbed her t-shirt and slipped it over her head. Once she had it on, I grabbed her and picked her up in my arms, spinning us around and around. We were both laughing.

As I started to get dizzy, I stopped and swung her back to the ground. I didn't let go of her but hugged her to me tightly. When I relaxed my grip, she leaned back so I could kiss her, and kiss her I did.

When the kiss ended, I continued to hold her gently. "Earlier you said I tasted like you, well, now you taste like me."

Jerry's voice reverberated against my chest. "Well, I should. From the way you were coming, I thought you were pumping gas. By the gallon. All I can say is. Yummy, yummy, good for the tummy." She finished with a laugh.

"Well, it's your fault. I've never had such an uninhibited blowjob in my life. You were putting your heart and soul into it. Not to mention your mouth and hands. Wow! Is all I can say, and it doesn't even come close. The only other thing I can say is I love you. I love you so very much."

We stood hugging each other for a long time. Only lights in the parking lot above separated us. Whoever it was did not drive down onto the ramp but left. I got Jerry's keys and went for her truck. We loaded the floats and boat popping the plugs so they would deflate and tying them down so they wouldn't blow out.

As we drove upward to the parking lot above, Jerry giggled and told me to stop. As I reached level ground, I did. She scooted forward on the seat and removed her bikini bottom. Sliding over next to me, she placed her right leg up on the dash. She slid the hem of the tee shirt up until her bare pussy was in view. She reached down between my legs and rubbed at my soft manhood through my brief suit.

"Now I'm ready. Let's ride around a little before we head home."

The beginning...

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