tagLoving WivesThe River Trip Ch. 2

The River Trip Ch. 2


I was just finishing up my work at the College I teach at. My last class was another of those long sessions on anatomy followed by a test. The school is small, so I grade all the tests myself by hand.

I admit some of my work is boring, and a glance out the window at the unusual summer rain storm didn't help. I looked in my appointment book, and it was empty, so I clicked on my emails like I always do before heading for home. Here was one from my wife, Lee. "Have fun!" it read. "I will see you when I get back Sunday night!" with the usual *Kisskiss* at the end.

"Now what the hell?" I thought. I didn't even know she was going anywhere, I vaguely remembered the conversation at breakfast, something about a bowling tournament with her Mother.

"Just great," I thought, all alone, no bookings, raining too. It was going to be a long weekend. I clicked up the literotica site to check out the new stories, and happened to check my own file to see if I got any new votes. As I was scrolling down the list, I spotted a new one! Lee had written one, she knows all my passwords. I had encouraged her to write her views on things, but she really doesn't do it much.

I read the story of the trip we took to the river, she made me sound like some kind of superman, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I just did what had to be done, there wasn't any time at all to consider the pros and cons of it. If I had failed and gone over the falls, my name would be in the paper in a little blurb about being stupid, I guess.

But I didn't, it worked, that was it.

Amiko showing up was a surprise, and her being in the same business as me was another. If I did have a reward coming, I must say that the one she gave me was exceptional!

I closed out the program, and deleted the history, since my boss at the College loves to snoop. I then locked up and headed for the house, a 35 mile drive that I find pleasant. This time of year everything is green and pretty, the rain just seemed to make it better.

As I drove, my mind flashed back to Amiko. She sure is a pretty little thing, not a bit over 5' 1," and she couldn't be more than 110 pounds. I though of the way her hips filled out the slacks she was wearing, and the soft almost perfect size bulge in her blouse. What I had really noticed was the muscles in her arms, I loved the way her biceps bulged, and each line of muscle in her forearms stood out well defined from years of massage sessions.

That probably sounds nutty, but I am a massage therapist, muscles and they way they work are my life.

I was just thinking of the way her chest started to heave with excitement as she reached out to grasp my erection when the car in the lane next to me made a wild maneuver my way! I hit the brakes and swerved to the right, too late! He clipped my left front fender, knocking me to the right towards a row of parked cars. I tried to miss them to the right, across the sidewalk when WHAM! Someone hit me from the rear and the airbag in the steering column smacked me in the face.

The next thing I knew I was standing outside in the pouring rain, wiping at my eyes which were burning. I heard someone say "The asshole didn't even stop!."..

Police came, we filled out reports, and I called a taxi. My brand new Van was history, hell, I hadn't even had it a month yet..I had spent some of the Reno winnings on the thing, every option known to man, I liked it, dammit!

Finally home, I jumped in the shower and washed up. My mood was not exactly exhuberant, let me tell you! I looked at my face in the mirror, all red and puffy. I had checked myself all over, other than an arm that was even more sore than it was already, I was fine. So I went downstairs to the living room and clicked on the TV. We have 270 channels coming in from a huge satellite dish in the yard, and there was 270 channels of drivel. I stopped on some silly show with a guy with an accent dragging snakes out from under things, hoping he would get bit in the process, when there came a soft knock on the door.

It was Amiko! I looked her up and down, she was standing there soaked to the skin. I opened the door and let her in.

She looked at me in a bit of shock, I must have looked a mess standing there in my T-shirt and blue jeans, with my face all puffy and red as a beet. She wasn't a hell of a lot better, wet as a dog, standing there dripping on my carpet.

I told her about the accident, she grabbed me and hugged me, now I was wet, too. Then we started to giggle, which turned into a huge joint round of laughter.

I went and got one of Lee's big fluffy robes, and as she stepped into my massage room to get out of the wet clothes, I ran upstairs and threw on a fresh shirt and pair of pants. By the time I got back downstairs, Amiko had already found the dryer and had it running, so I went in and made some coffee. She was sitting on the couch when I brought her a cup, hair pulled back from her face, wrapped in Lee's robe, which was at least two sizes too large for her.

We sat and chatted for at least an hour, comparing notes about business and everything. I asked her how her daughter was, things like that. We just clicked, and were enjoying the visit.

Amiko told me she had come over earlier, expecting us to be home, and had knocked on the door for quite awhile. Then she had given up and left, but had changed her mind and came back to try again. I would have been home but the accident held me up for over an hour..

Then she told me she should put some lotion on my face, and got some Aloe-vera out of my cabinet. She turned to me and started to gently apply the lotion. She was on her knees on the couch beside me, touching my face, working the lotion into my skin. As she did, the oversize robe gapped open, baring her chest between her breasts. I glanced at the soft swell of her left breast, partially exposed. She caught my look and got that mischievous look in her eyes.

I leaned back with a sigh, the lotion felt good, then Amiko slipped a leg over me and straddled me, so she could work with both hands. She began to rub out my shoulders, there was no doubt I was full of tension. I was leaned back and getting quite comfortable, and I glanced down at the robe, now gapped wide in the front and bunched at her waist under the tie. Her breasts were the same color of the rest of her, nicely tanned, no hint of lines. I just looked in appreciation.

"You like?" she asked me, with that same expression of lust and desire in her eyes.

"Oh, yes," I replied, "Beautiful!"

I reached out and began to work her shoulders in return, and she shrugged the robe off them to allow me access. Soon I was stroking her back and sides, then I brought my hands around and slipped them up the sides of her breasts, receiving a shudder as my reward. I reached inside the bunched robe and ran my hands over her fanny, so firm and perfect. I opened the robe the rest of the way in the process.

She was still sitting facing me, one knee on each side of my hips. This spread her legs facing me, and as the robe opened, her natural bush came into my view. I reached down and slid the palm of my hands across her, opening her lips in the process. There was no resistance, so I inserted my middle finger. Her head went back as I did so, her nipples were like rocks! I leaned forwards and took the tip of her left breast between my lips, just teasing the very end of her nipple. I was erect, and hard as a rock, I suddenly wanted to be inside this woman more than anything!

I felt her hands fumbling with the catch on my jeans, she lifted up slightly to free the zipper. Then she reached down with both hands and grasped me, and leaned forward to place her lips against mine. We must have spent a solid 30 minutes kissing and fondling in silence, there was nothing to say.

"Come with me," I finally told her. She stood up, I reached out and picked her up in my arms, robe and all, and carried her to the downstairs bedroom. I placed her on the bed, and stood back to just look at her. Not a blemish, not a mark, her tiny body was perfect in every respect.

I stretched out beside her on the bed, we lay like that just petting for the longest time.

She had one hand on my penis, just slowly teasing and feeling me as I let my right hand drift up and down her body. Then she said, "I came over to give you and Lee another massage."

"I know," I answered simply.

"I have a husband," she looked at me with those big eyes.

"I know," I answered, realizing where this was heading.

With a sigh, she got up and started for the door. I lay back and watched her, she got to the door and stopped. I could see the internal struggle in her, her whole body was flushed with excitement. I lay there on my back, still hard as a rock, when she turned and looked back at me. Our eyes met, and we just looked at each other for a long moment.

Then she turned and walked back to the bed, climbed on top of me. She reached down and lifted my penis to the edge of her opening, and then pressed down and I was in her, just like that!

Suddenly we were pounding and squirming away at each other, both of us just lost in the moment. She peaked in seconds, way ahead of me, then again as I felt the end of my penis fill her all the way to the bottom.

"So big!" she managed to groan, as another wave hit her, then I was going off, too.

I felt her body shudder, then she went still, just basking in the moment. We were still joined when she said, "Will Lee hate me?"

"No, I will tell her," I answered.

Finally we were done, we took a hot shower together, I enjoyed the process of washing her, she did the same to me..

Later, we sat in the living room, just talking again. Amiko is easy to talk with, that is for sure.

She told me her husband, Eric, would never understand this. He was even jealous of her massage practice. I understood that, and I asked her if she served her other clients with the more liberal touch that some of us do.

"Yes, but just a few, only the nice ones that are in need."

I understood that, too. We hugged, and as she prepared to leave, she asked me if this could be our secret.

"Yes," I told her. "Just between you, me, and Lee."

Her eyes got the smokey look again, then she smiled. "I will come back then, and do you and Lee both?"

"I will like that," I smiled, as I took her in my arms and kissed her. I was wondering what Lee would think.

Lee with a woman? Interesting......We shall see when Lee gets home and reads this...

And this weekend wasn't so bad, after all...

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