tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 08

The Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 08


It was loud. Ambulances, police cars, people shouting orders, all of these sounds flooded all around me. I heard none of it. I couldn't help but pay attention to the blood. So much blood. My hands and clothes were covered in it. I had never seen a dead body before, let alone seen someone die right in front of me.

"Duncan!" Someone said as they shook me. "Duncan." I focused on the voice and allowed myself to return to the present. "Duncan, are you okay?" It was Holcomb. The police had called him in after I told them who I was.

"Yeah, i'm fine." I said feeling my mouth as dry as a desert.

"What happened here?" He asked worried.

"They killed him." I finally said.

"Who did?" I looked at him and wanted to tell him everything. I still had the drive that Stevens had given me, heavy in my pocket. His' words came flooding back to me. I couldn't share the information I had with Holcomb. I couldn't trust anyone.

"I don't know." I lied. "He wanted money to escape. Said he had information. He wouldn't give me anything. He said he would call me tomorrow with a time and place for a drop. He left first and after I came out, I heard a gunshot." I told him the rest of the story doing my best to avoid any details that would lead him to believe I knew more. I didn't think Holcomb was in on whatever was happening, but if there were people in his office who were, the less he knew, the safer he would be.

"I thought I told you. Don't go in on these things alone. We could have kept both of you safe."

"He said he would know. I didn't want to risk it." His eyes bore into me. Holcomb was good at his job. I was sure that he knew I was hiding something. "I'm sorry. I messed up."

"It's okay." He said patting me on the back. "I'll get you home." He walked me over to his car. On the way, we passed a gurney with a body bag. I couldn't help but stop to look at it. "Come on. Don't look." Holcomb told me as he pulled me away from the scene. I sat in the passenger seat of his car and looked down at the bloody mess that I was. "The press is gonna have a field day with this." He said as we drove.

He continued to talk. I caught a word here and there but wasn't really listening. I lay my head against the window and closed my eyes. I continued to relive Stevens last moments. The warmth of his blood and the shudder running through him during his last breath. I felt that it would haunt me for sometime.

"We're here." He said as the car pulled into my driveway.

"Thanks." I said as I reached for the car door.

"Duncan." Holcomb said stopping me. "Are you sure you're telling me everything?" He asked leaning towards me. "I can't help you if I don't have all the information."

"I know. If I knew anything, i'd tell you." I lied again feeling the guilt rise in my chest.

"Okay." He said clearly not believing me. "Call me tomorrow, let me know how you're doing."

"Of course. Goodnight." I said as I exited the car. I walked to my door and stopped to look back as Holcomb drove back out into the night. I wondered if I had made the right decision. The sight of Stevens dead motionless body making it's way back into my thoughts. I forced it out of my mind as I stepped inside.

"Oh god finally!" I heard Kiersey say. "I've been trying to reach..." She froze the moment she saw me. I remembered the blood. It was all over my shirt. "What..happened?" She asked hesitantly.

"It's not mine." I told her as she was taking off my shirt. She ran her hands all over my torso trying to find a wound that wasn't there. "K.C it's not mine." I told her again holding her hands. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tightly against her.

"Are you okay? What happened?" She asked her eyes glazed over with worry.

"It's a long story." I answered.

"Go take these clothes off. I'm going to run you a bath. You can tell me everything." She said as she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. She ran to the bathroom as I began to undress in the bedroom. There had been a huge rush of adrenaline when I had heard the gun go off. Now I could feel it slipping away and exhaustion taking over. "Come on." Kiersey said softly appearing next to me. I quickly noticed that she was naked as well.

We walked hand in hand inside of the bathroom where the bathtub was full with steaming hot water. I had never been happier to have spent the money on such a big tub. I sank into the water until it reached my neck. Kiersey settled behind me, wrapping her arms and pulling me against her chest. I was incredibly comfortable and felt myself begin to relax. She grabbed a bar of soap and ran it across my upper back and shoulders.

"Tell me what happened." She asked gently. I hesitated at first, but soon the words began to flow almost by themselves. I told her the whole story from the moment I received the phone, to Stevens warning. Kiersey never spoke, only listened as she continued to caress my skin with the soap. "You didn't tell Holcomb?" She asked surprised.

"I couldn't. I don't think he's got anything to do with it, but I don't want to put him in danger."

"So what will you do?"

"I don't know. 48 hours isn't really much time." I sighed remembering the ultimatum. "I don't think I have much of a choice. All of our leads are running dry. Stevens death makes matters worse."

"I think you should take some time to think about it some more. Whatever you decide to do, i'll stay by your side. What you've done is the first ray of light in Hollywood in decades. We can't just allow that to die Duncan."

"Thanks for saying that." I told her as I leaned back and kissed her cheek. "There's just no easy answer."

"There aren't." She agreed. "So let's get you a good night of sleep. Maybe things will be clearer in the light of day." She drained the tub and wrapped me in my bathrobe. I lay on the bed as Kiersey held me in her arms. I didn't think I would be able to sleep, but a few moments later I had slipped into a fitful sleep.


I woke the next morning with a wonderful sensation rising through my body. I could sense a pair of lips gliding up and down my morning wood. I opened my eyes and smiled at the sight before me. Kiersey's head was bobbing up and down the length of my cock. She must have sensed that I had awoken. Her eyes met mine as she was halfway down my dick. She smiled, her mouth still full, before speeding up the tempo of her bobs.

I lay back on the bed and enjoyed the blowjob. Kiersey's tongue was driving me wild as her hand found and cupped my heavy cum filled balls. The actresse's mouth sealed even tighter around my cock. I groaned and ran my hand through her hair as she fucked my cock with her mouth. Her spit had coated every damn inch of me. I could feel her sucking the pre cum out of my cock head. Her moans were practically begging me for more as wrapped her deicate hand around the base of my cock and jerked off the part of my cock that wasn't imbedded in her mouth.

Kiersey popped my cock out of her mouth and took a few deep breaths. Her hand continued to jerk me off as she dropped those sexy soft lips onto my ballsack. She licked both, before taking them in her mouth. She was driving me insane and I swore that my cock grew another inch watching her handle me.

Soon enough, my cock had returned in between Kiersey's mouth. I moaned as I felt every inch disappear into her mouth. She hesitated for a beat once I had reached her throat. She quickly adjusted before allowing me deeper.

"Fuuuuuuuuuckkkk!" I groaned as I felt her throat wrapped so tightly around my cockhead I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. Kiersey closed her eyes and continued until all of my cock was in her mouth. Her tongue came out and licked my balls. "Dammmnnn" Was all I could say. I was left speechless by her skill and desire to please me.

Too soon for my taste, Kiersey had removed my cock from her mouth once again. This time she kissed her way up my body. Past my navel and chest, until we were face to face. I kissed her lips without thinking. Our tongues melted as one. Kiersey straddled my hips and used her hand to guide my cock into her cunt.

I thought her mouth was warm and wet, yet it couldn't compare at all to the furnace that was her pussy. Kiersey moaned against my mouth as more and more of my cock filled her sexy box. She placed her hands on my chest before she began to ride me. In this position, her beautiful body was there for me to ogle and admire. I placed my hands on her hips in order to guide her. Kiersey didn't need my guidance. She was riding my cock harder than ever. Almost as though she was on a mission.

"Hmmm. You look so damn good." I told Kiersey as she gyrated her hips all over my cock creating more friction.

"You feel even better baby!" She answered before kissing me again. I was absolutely lost in all that I was feeling. Kiersey's cunt juices were dripping all over me. Her walls were squeezing me so wonderfully that I was afraid my cock would spurt so much cum that it would overflow. Kiersey was practically pounding herself onto me.

"Oh god, oh god! I'm gonna fucken cum!" Kiersey told me. I didn't need her to. I could see it in the way her nipples had gotten harder. In the way her pussy juices had begun to spread around me even more. I reached my hands up and pinched her nipples. "OOHHH FUCKKK!! FUCKKK FUCKK!!" Kiersey shouted as her hips moved unnaturally quickly pushing her towards a crashing orgasm.

I didn't wait for it to pass. While she was in the throes of orgasm, I grabbed her and flipped us. I was now on top of her. I kissed her sweet lips before taking over and fucking her with hard deep thrust.

"HHMMM!" Kiersey moaned as she felt my cock pistoned inside of her. The sexy actress wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into her tight cunt. I closed my eyes as I kissed the beautiful woman beneath me. Our tongues intertwined once more as I felt myself nearing orgasm.

"Shit, K.C, I'm so close!" I admitted.

"Cum in me! FILL ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!" She urged me on as her hands ran up and down my back. I fucked as hard and as deep as I could, rotating my hips on occasion. I could feel the cum begin to surge through me.

"OOOOOO KIERSEY!" I screamed as I felt the first spurt leave my cock and fill her just as she had asked me to do. "Ffufuuuckckk!" I continued to say incoherently. I fucked her until there was no longer a single drop of cum left in me.

"Good morning to you, Mr Bryant." Kiersey said as she kissed me softly.

"If you keep waking me up like that, every morning will be." I answered as I held her tightly.

"Unfortunately, this will be the last one i'm here." She said reminding me.

"Oh right! You have to go shoot. I completely forgot." I said leaning up in bed.

"It's okay, you've had a lot to deal with since i've been here." Kiersey said as she pushed me back down on the bed. "I'm just glad that we got to spend some time together."

"Me too. You really kept me sane these past few days."

"Oh really? And this whole time I thought I just drove the boys crazy." She joked with a wicked smile.

"I think that we have a fair amount of evidence to prove just what effect you have on my body." I responded as we kissed again.

"I need to get packed." Kiersey said rising from the bed. I lay there staring at her fantastic body. Enjoying the view.

"Maybe I should just get packed and go with you." I said half considering it. "Just leave all of this madness behind."

"I wouldn't mind that." Kiersey said with a bright smile. "But you're needed here and you know it."

"What about what I need?" I said wrapping my arms around her from behind and kissing her neck.

"Oh no, you are not getting me going again mister." She said pulling herself away from me. "I need to get going and you need to get to work."

"I know." I said chasing after her and holding her in a hug. "Thank you, for everything. I don't know how i'll get through without you."

"You'll find a way Duncan." She told me before kissing me. "You've always been stronger than you thought."


After seeing Kiersey leave, I got ready and headed for the office. When I arrived I asked Kevin to bring everyone to the conference room. Before meeting them I headed to Gary's office.

"I got this flash drive off of Stevens' last night. Get whatever you can find."

"I'm on it boss." He said.

"Gary, please, do it fast." He nodded letting me know that he understood how important this was. I went to the conference room where Marty, Mark and Connor joined me soon after. I quickly filled them in on the events of the previous night.

"48 hours?" Mark said.

"Well, it was last night. So less." Marty corrected. Connor just looked down at the notes in front of him.

"Duncan. I think you know what you have to do." Mark said. "But we don't really have any leads and it's getting harder to just do our jobs."

"He's right." Marty chimed in. "Studios are holding off negotiations. They're waiting for our clients to find new representation. The ones that do negotiate with us, low ball us because they know we don't have much leverage."

"Kara's gone." Mark continued. "We are hemorrhaging clients and influence."

"I know, you're both right." I answered. "If we close, there's no coming back. We can't shut down until things get better and reopen. Our clients will sign new deals with new agencies. And you can bet that they will put conditions in their agreements that they can't just leave and come back to us. If we close, this is it. We're done." My friends went quiet, realizing the weight of what this meant.

"We're with you Duncan." Marty said. "You want to stay open. We'll stay open and fight like hell to survive. If you think it's better to close up shop, then we will deal with those consequences as well."

"Yeah." Mark agreed. "This whole thing began with you. We'll follow you regardless." I nodded at my friends as they left to return to their work. Connor hadn't budged.

"I think you should take the day." He finally said.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't work today. Go out. Enjoy the city, spend time with people who's company you enjoy."

"You think that'll help me make this decision?" I asked.

"I think it'll remind you why you started all this." He said before leaving the room. I got up and went to my office. I sat at my chair and closed my eyes. The image of Stevens quickly filled my mind forcing me to open my eyes.

"Hey!" I heard someone say from the door.

"DUNCAN!" A little girl shouted.

"Sarah!" I shouted back as she ran straight into my arms. "What are you doing here?" I asked the pretty little girl.

"Mommy wanted to see you." She told me finally pulling away.

"Well it's been too long." I said as I stood and hugged Danielle Panabaker. "How are you Danielle?" I asked as she held on tightly.

"Better than you I imagine." The Flash star told me placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Me? I'm doing great! You must have me confused with someone else." I joked.

"Someone else whose agency is being threatened by some psychopath? My life isn't that exciting that I would have many people like that."

"Really? Wow, I know at least three of them." I joked as we sat in my office. Sarah sitting next to me and holding my arm. Danielle and I took our time talking and catching up. She told me about her hard work on the Flash and being able to see Sarah almost every weekend.

"We should get going." Danielle said.

"Oh wow, I didn't even feel the time go by." I told her.

"Bye Duncan." Sarah said hugging me once more.

"Bye pretty girl. Come visit me soon okay?"

"I will." She said with a huge grin.

"You promise?" I asked and she nodded.

"She's amazing." I told Danielle.

"She really is. And I never would have known her if it weren't for you." She replied as she hugged me. "I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you've done."

"She had to get to know her mother. You're just as amazing as she is. She had to know where she got it from."

"Always so sweet. Take care of yourself Duncan. Don't forget, plenty of people care about you." She kissed my cheek once more before grabbing Sarah and heading for the door. For some reason, Connor's word popped into my head. I stood and left my office.

"Huh, Kevin, i'm gonna be out of the office all day."

"Okay sir." He replied. "Can we reach you if something important comes along?"

"On my cell." I told him as I headed for the elevator. On my way, Connor passed me by and smiled. I stepped into the elevator knowing damn well where my first stop would be.


"This is one of our newer models." The salesman said trying to throw mechanical jargon that although I understood, didn't care about all that much in that moment. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, but knew that I would know it the moment I laid eyes on it. I tuned out the salesman and looked around the lot. In one of the display cases I saw it.

"Oh you like that one?" The salesman nodded as he caught the awe in my eye. "It's the newest Ducati Supersport." He began with the bike specifications and I tuned him out again. All I could see at that point was me riding this beast through the streets and highways of L.A.

"I'll take it."


After the paperwork had been filed and a new helmet purchased, I was on the road. The black and red motorcycle handled beautifully in the busy streets and heavy traffic of Los Angeles. I just rode aimlessly for what felt like hours. Asking myself again, why in the hell did I ever stop doing this. The thrill that ran through me as I took sharp turns before speeding recklessly onto the highway, was almost incomparable.

I was practically flying down the highway when I realized that I was near Brentwood. A smile crept across my face and I took the next exit. I slowed the bike as I made my way through the calm streets. I hadn't been here in ages, but was glad to find that I remembered where the house was. I parked the bike out front before walking to the door, noticing the cars that were parked in the garage and driveway. I knocked on the door and a pretty blonde answered the door.

"DUNCAN!" She shouted as she jumped in my arms. "Why are you here? It's good to see you." The Russian model shouted as she dragged me inside.

"Hey Anastacia." I said to the sexy woman as we pulled away. "I'm doing fine. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to come by."

"You need to come around more." She said kissing me on the cheek.

"I'll do my best. Everything alright here?"

"Everything is amazing. You want to see Liara? She's in her room. Go ahead." I nodded and headed up the stairs. Along the way, I greeted a few of the other girls that lived here. They were all beautiful and by the time I got to Liara's room it took all of my willpower not to be carrying an hard on. I knocked on the door and waited to be invited in.

"Come in!" I opened the door and smiled brightly as I saw Liara with her back to me. She was fresh out of the shower, wearing only a bathrobe. She was sitting at her makeup table putting some on. "Duncan!" She shouted seeing me in the mirror. She ran towards me and grabbed me in a tight hug. I couldn't help but smile as I held this beautiful woman in my arms. She smelled wonderful. I kicked myself for not having more time to spend with her. "It's good to see you."

"It's good to see you as well." I answered as she pulled away. I looked at her and couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Her dark hair, pretty lips and amazing body had attracted me the moment I saw her at the club. It felt like a lifetime ago. There was something in her now that wasn't there before. Happiness. It truly made all the difference in the world. "How have you been?"

"Amazing. I just returned from Costa Rica. A photo shoot for Victoria's secret." She filled me in on her trip and all of the great things she had seen and experienced. "Let me show you." She said excitedly as she pulled an album from her bedside table. "You see?" She asked as she flipped through the album showing me picture after picture. She had done quite a bit of traveling since becoming a model for Secrets.

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