tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 16

The Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 16


I parked the car in the driveway in the same spot I had the day before. Surprisingly I found myself more nervous than I had the previous visit. After knocking on the door, I found myself shifting my weight from foot to foot, anticipation and excitement feeling like a ball inside the pit of my stomach.

Victoria opened the door. The moment she smiled, the ball exploded and felt as though adrenaline had been shot directly into my veins. I smiled back before taking in her jeans and black top that showed off her perfectly sculpted stomach.

"On time as always!" She said greeting me with her warm smile.

"I was parked up the street for the last 10 minutes." I joked. "Couldn't wait to get over here. You look beautiful." I told her.

"You think?" She asked spinning around very quickly for me to see it from all angles. "You did say casual."

"I did." I said pointing to my own jeans and polo shirt. "But your casual looks a million times better than mine."

"I don't know." Victoria said biting her lip. "I have half a mind to pull you in here."

"Well what's stopping you?"

"I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us."

"Well in that case." I said holding my arm out for her to grab. "Let's not keep you waiting. " Victoria quickly slid her arm into mine and we walked together towards my car. The sun was beginning to set and the night was lovely. Not too warm with a gently breeze that brushed her hair and brought her delicious scent to me.

"Where are you taking me?" Victoria asked once she had slid into the passenger's seat.

"We're going to have fun." I told her with a smile and I kicked the car into drive and took us towards our destination. The conversation in the car was light and fun. We didn't approach any real topics and simply enjoyed being together again. The constant smile on Victoria's face let me know she was enjoying herself just as much as I was.

"Mini golf?" Tori exclaimed when I parked the car.

"I thought it would be a good change of pace."

"You thought right!" She smiled brightly before kissing me on the cheek. The spot on my cheek tingled where her lips had been. We held hands and went to pick up the balls and the golf clubs. "I hope you're ready to get your ass kicked."

"Care to make this interesting?" I asked as I got awfully close to her.

"What did you have in mind?" She asked with her dazzling smile.

"Loser buys dinner."

"Really?" She said sounding disappointed. "I thought you were going to make this a little sexier."

"We have all of the time in the world for that." I told her as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. I couldn't help but feel utterly intoxicated by her presence.

"You don't think we've already lost so much time?" Victoria asked wrapping her arms around my neck. Her fingers gently stroking my chin and face.

"We have." I admitted staring into the wonderful brown eyes. "But we'll make up for it. One moment at a time. How about we start it off by me kicking your ass and making you pay for dinner."

"Oh just wait and see!" Victoria said heading up to take the first shot. I stood behind her and watched her ass as she bent over to put her ball in place. Victoria smiled back at me after catching me look. She took her shot and easily made a hole in one. "Beat that!" She said joyfully.

I smiled at her before lining up to take my shot. I missed badly watching my ball end up way too far away from the hole. Victoria was laughing at me with vigor.

"You obviously handle balls a whole lot better than me." I joked.

"Did you really forget that?" She said with a smile. "That's not all I handle better."

"Maybe I'll get a reminder later." I said as I lined up for my next shot.

"Not if you keep playing this badly." She shot back before I easily knocked in my next shot.

"Be ready!" I told her as I picked up my ball and moved to the next hole.

"Oh I've been ready." She said as she passed by me and prepared for her next shot. "I've been waiting and ready for some time."

"For me?"

"Who else?" She asked before sinking her next shot easily. She walked over to me as sexy as ever and bit her lips inches from my face. "No one else can make me feel the way you do. That's more than worth waiting for." I smiled softly before throwing all caution to the wind. I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her body hard against mine.

Our lips met and the world slipped away. I had forgotten how good this felt. How right. I held the beautiful brunette so close to me that I couldn't breathe. The taste of her mouth, the feel of her tongue, caused my body to shiver with a desire it hadn't known for so long. For too long.

"V!" I said as I broke to kiss to catch some air. She held me against her and smiled brighter than I knew possible.

"I missed you calling me that." She said.

"I missed it too." I admitted as I pulled her in for a softer kiss.

"No more." Victoria said pulling away from me.


"Don't think I can't see you trying to throw me off my game." She said with a smile. "Get on with it."

"Alright then!" I told her before lining up for my next shot. Right after hitting the ball perfectly into the hole on my first shot I looked over at her. "Get your wallet ready!" I announced as we headed for the next hole.

Victoria leaned over to take her next shot and I couldn't help but take in her awesome ass. She was lining up to take the next shot. I was feeling competitive and couldn't help but take a chance to throw her off her game.

"Remember that last night in Paris?" I whispered close to her ear. There was no denying the shivers that went through her body when she heard it. "I think about it all the time."

"Not fair!" She said hitting my shoulder.

"All is fair in love and mini golf."

"That's not the line." She said with a laugh.

"Tonight it is." I answered watching her shoot and miss. "Looks like someone is distracted." I bragged too soon before she hit her next shot. I was about to take the next shot when Victoria slid easily next to my shoulder.

"Remember the first time you fucked my ass." She said causing me to miss my shot and send my golf club nowhere close to where we stood. "Who's distracted now?" Victoria said as she walked to pick up my club, sliding her ass wonderfully from side to side.

And so on the game went on and on. Each of us taking turns to distract the other with a touch or a sexual innuendo. It was the most fun I've ever had playing mini golf. We finally got to the last hole and were tied. Victoria had a glow about her, letting me know that she was as turned on as I was.

"So, here we are." Tori said as she set up for her next shot. "All tied up, with one hole left."

"Last time I tied you up, there was more than one hole available." I said with a grin.

"Oh that hasn't changed." She replied. "You might find out later." She took her shot and it easily slid into the hole. "If you miss your next shot. I win."

"I know how this game works." I reminded her as I prepared to take the most important shot of the night. I held on tightly to the club and looked over at Victoria who was looking absolutely stunning. She bit her lower lip and watched me intensely. I smiled at her before hitting the ball. I completely missed the hole which caused Tori to scream in excitement.

"Oh in your face! I won! I won! In Your fa..." She wasn't able to finish her sentence. I grabbed her and pulled her to me for a kiss. This one was just as amazing as the one we shared earlier. Our lips felt like distant friends that hadn't been near each other in quite some time. We pulled away and we were both still shivering from the effects of the kiss. "...face." Tori said with a smile.

"I guess I owe you dinner."

"I guess you do." I held her hand and let her away from the mini golf course. "Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere not too far." I told her as we walked away from the parking lot. There was a food truck parked not far from the mini golf course.

"Duncan!" The cook inside the food truck shouted when he saw me. "My friend. You haven't come in so long."

"I'm sorry Tony." I said as he came out of the truck window to greet me. "Just busy with work." I admitted.

"Work! Work I understand. And who is this lovely woman?" He asked looking at Victoria.

"I'm Victoria." She said holding out her hand for him.

"Victoria, you are beautiful. What are you doing with this man? He is not good enough for you." He joked good-naturedly.

"Sometimes I think he's too good." She said looking at me lovingly.

"Ahhh Duncan, you've got a good one there. Hold on to her."

"I plan to." I said with a smile.

"What will you have?"

"You have the best Tacos in the city. It's time that Tori finally got to find out what she was missing."

"On it!" He said ducking back inside and giving instructions to his crew.

"Best tacos in L.A?" Victoria questioned. "That's quite the billing."

"Have I ever let you down?"

"Hasn't happened yet!" She admitted. A few minutes later, we were handed a bag full of tacos. "Pay the man." Tori said grabbing the bag and staring at me.

"Pay? No. No. No. No." Tony cut in. "Duncan never pays when he comes here."

"Really?" Victoria looked at me more suspicious than ever.

"A year ago, our truck broke down. We were going to have to shut down. Duncan gave us the money to buy a brand new truck. Ever since then, business has been booming. All thanks to him."

"Thanks to your tacos. Thank you brother." I told Tony as we shook hands again.

"No thank you. And Miss Victoria, you are always welcome. Hopefully we will see you again soon."

"Something tells me you will." She replied with a smile as we walked hand in hand together towards the park nearby. "You never seize to amaze me."

"Really? What did I do this time?" I asked.

"I always noticed how you treat everyone the same way. It doesn't matter if they're an actress, your doorman, or even someone who runs a boat on the circle line." She finished with a smile. "You're kind to everyone. And you care about everyone. That's amazing." She said before kissing me. "Just being around you..." She said putting her head on my chest. "I can feel it coming off of you in waves."

We held each other for a while. Feeling each other's skin, loving the pounding of each other's hearts. This is how it was always meant to be. We eventually walked hand in hand to the nearest bench and began to dig into the tacos.

"Okay! You were right!" Victoria said incredibly excited. "This taco is incredible."

"Stick with me kid!" I told her taking another bite. "I've got so much to show you." We laughed and fell into a comfortable bubble. We were together again and that's all that truly mattered. For so long I had been weighing this decision. I had forgotten about this. This feeling of joy and contentment that came with being with Victoria Justice.

We finished eating and we stared into each other's eyes once more. Her beautiful brown eyes were there, and I couldn't believe how much time I had wasted being away from them. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me. Her skin was warm to the touch. Her eyes shone brightly with passion and anticipation.

"So are you going to kiss me, or just..." Again, she wouldn't get to finish her sentence. My mouth crashed onto hers and once again my blood boiled. Victoria's arms were behind my neck pulling me deeper against her mouth. I could tell from the way she kissed me, that she was as hungry for me as I was for her. We broke away and simply stared at each other once more. In that moment everything felt right.

"I don't want to mess this up again." Victoria said lowering her face closer to me. Her cheek touched mine and we stayed in that position.

"Do you want to slow things down?" I asked her as a soft breeze blew by us. I closed my eyes and focus on the scent of her perfume and the softness of her skin. Victoria pulled back and ran her fingers gently across my cheek. I felt a wave of emotion and arousal that I couldn't comprehend.

"That's the last thing I want." The gorgeous actress said before pulling me to her for another incredible kiss. This time the heat and desire was undeniable. Our lips were hot, our tongues were dueling. Our hands were holding us together, pulling us closer and making sure that nothing came between the two of us. "Take me home." Victoria said with the slightest of smiles. I didn't bother answering her. I quickly pulled us to our feet and we made our way to my car.

The drive back to Victoria's was nothing less but a demonstration of the strength of the human will. I was able to keep up alive as my heart pounded and my blood was rushing and swirling in my inner ear. We both stayed silent. Almost as though Victoria knew that I needed every ounce of concentration in order for us to make it back safely.

The sight of Victoria's house had never been a more welcomed one. We rushed out of her car and made it to her front door in one piece. Victoria got her keys out while I waited impatiently for her to get the door open. The moment she had and we were inside, I wrapped my arms around her pressed her against the nearest wall and kissed her.

We moaned into each other's mouths knowing exactly what was to come. My arms were around her waist, pulling her mouth hard against mine. Victoria's hands were behind my neck. I could feel the softness of her fingers against my skin. I wanted more. I broke the kiss and we looked at each other. We both smiled and embraced the rekindling of this connection that had been severed for too long.

I swept Victoria off of her feet and carried her up the stairs. The two of us laughed as we got closer and closer to her bedroom. I leaned down and kissed her pouty beautiful lips. I could feel her excitement in the way that her tongue swirled around mine. I gently lay her on the bed and took a moment to simply stare at her.

She was absolutely beautiful. I smiled and felt my heart falter a little as I lay atop of her and caught her mouth with mine again. Victoria's hands were busy trying to lift my shirt over my head. I broke the kiss and kneeled to do it for her. I tossed the shirt to the side and returned my attention to Victoria's lips.

I could now feel her hands against my back. They were going up and down my spine creating an intense sensation of desire to crawl throughout my skin. It was my turn to pull her shirt over her head. I smiled when I realized there was no bra underneath to keep me from the beautiful breasts that she kept hidden underneath.

"Oh god!" I moaned before lowering my mouth towards the right one. My lips and tongue attacked it with vigor. Tori moaned above me and her hands found the back of my head. I stayed in place. Loving the feel and taste of her warm skin. I slid across her chest and caught the other nipple between my lips.

"Oh babe!" Victoria moaned loudly as I gave her other breast the same treatment. I suckled loudly on her breast, loving the idea of simply being with her again. I kissed down her stomach and found her jeans. I unbuckled them and began to push them down her smooth beautiful legs. I wasted no time, and removed the small blue thong she wore.

I could already see the wetness on her sex. The scent of her arousal was without a doubt the most intoxicating I had ever had the pleasure of discovering. I licked the soft insides of her thighs and made my way towards her pussy.

"Oh! Your tongue! Still so perfect!" She groaned as I snuck closer and closer to her wetness. When I neared, I turned away and focused on her other thigh. This caused some clear frustration from the dark haired actress, who was dying to be eaten. I caressed the inside of her thigh with my tongue once more before finally zeroing on her pussy.

"Ohhhh shit!" Tori moaned as she felt my tongue swipe from the bottom of her pussy to the top, taking a moment to press my tongue on her clit. I did this again and again, causing Tori to moan and grind her pussy all over my face. I loved it and finally used my fingers to spread her lips. I pushed my tongue against her tight hole. "Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me!" Victoria moaned as she felt the tip of it slide inside the walls of her pussy.

"Oh god yes!" She screamed as her hands found the back of my head trying to force me deeper inside of her. I did my best to push as much of my tongue as possible before I began to thrust it as though it was a little cock. "Oh my god! Baby So fucken good!" Victoria moaned as she began to grind hard against my face.

I hooked my legs under her thighs and licked and sucked at her hard and fast. She loved it. If her moans and groans weren't enough to make that clear, the amount of juices she was creating were a clear indicator.

I felt Victoria's thighs tighten around my head before she flipped us over. I was now lying flat on my back with the gorgeous ex nickelodeon star riding my face. My hands rested on her beautiful butt as she fucked my face with reckless abandon. I moved my mouth and latched my lips around her engorged clit. I sucked at it mercilessly and drove two fingers into her drenched cunt.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!" Victoria exploded in an incredible burst of cum and joy. I felt her pussy spasming all over my fingers as she rode my face harder than before. Her clit felt like it swelled in my mouth.

Victoria dismounted from my face. She brought her face to mine and soon we were kissing again. She moaned as she tasted herself within my mouth. Our tongues swirled and battled each other. Each seeking for supremacy, each trying to show which one of us loved the other more.

Victoria broke the kiss that I thought ended in a tie. Her soft lips began to make their way down my torso and towards my hard cock. I was groaning with excitement as her tongue passed swiftly across my chest and abdomen. Her fingers deftly unhooked my jeans and began to pull my pants along with my boxers.

"There he is!" Victoria moaned with glee when she finally saw my cock. She wrapped her small hand around it and smiled as she began to slowly pump my erection. I was in heaven and groaned at her ministrations. I could see pre cum already making its way out of the tip of my cock. Victoria moaned eagerly as she moved her mouth to my cock and licked the pre cum away.

"Hmmm!" I groaned at the wonderful touch. Victoria closed her eyes and began to slowly lick all of my cock. I watched as her lips moved from my cock head to the sides of my shaft. Her tongue eventually joined in on the proceedings. I pushed my head back against the pillows and brought my hand to the back of her head.

She kept her eyes locked onto mine as more and more of my cock disappeared into her hot wonderful mouth. She tightened her lips around my cock and her tongue was circling my cock head and my shaft that was so deeply embedded in her mouth. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and began to fuck her lovely little mouth. Victoria didn't mind. She only moaned around my cock and kept the pace.

She took her mouth off of my cock which made a loud pop. She stroked it a few times as she positioned her body right over my member. The gorgeous actress smiled down at me as she aimed my cock with her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto me.

"Ohhh V!!" I shouted as I felt the inside of her for the first time in what had felt like a lifetime. I watched her as she continued to lower herself onto me. Seeing my cock disappear into her once more was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever encountered.

"God! I forgot how big you were." She said when I was fully inside of her. "You fill me up so damn good!" She moaned as she placed her hands on my chest. I moved mine to her hips and guided her as we set a slow pace. Victoria would move up and down my cock, grinding her ass on my balls whenever she came on a down stroke

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