tagMind ControlThe Road to Hell... Ch. 04

The Road to Hell... Ch. 04


Sorry for the long... long... long delay. Life's gotten in the way. Hopefully I can post a little more regularly now. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and the patience. I hope you enjoy.

A couple notes: It's fantasy guys... doesn't have to be "realistic"... I mean... we're in the "mind control" section after all. Second, Jay will get his comeuppance eventually... but it's going to be a LONG time... This is mostly escapist fantasy not "revenge / karma porn". If that's not your thing, I understand.


The next morning, I was up early and Kay came walking downstairs in a very short sundress which made it pretty clear that she was naked underneath. Putting her hair back in a ponytail and slipping on some tennis shoes she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the door. "Oh... I almost forgot... You really like chokers right?" she asked already knowing the answer. She slipped on a really sexy, lacy, white choker around her neck. Then she grabbed my hand and said, "I hope that I'm not out of line, Sir, but I figured that you'd want this all to be a surprise and you wouldn't want to wait while I get my hair done. Why don't you wait here and watch some porn and I'll be back tonight."

I was dumbfounded. Three months ago my wife would have been shell shocked about ANYTHING that had happened in the last 24 hours. But here she was embracing the changes and pushing beyond them. I was in hog heaven. "Don't be gone too long."

"I won't, Sir. I promise."

When she left, I did exactly as she suggested. I watched all the videos of her and I that we'd shot. After all the action from last night I wasn't really in a mood to jerk off so I just set them to loop on my computer while I went and played with my program. My mind wandered to the inevitable and I started thinking of having a whole harem of willing, obedient slaves. Now that DID make me hard, but I powered through it. I worked on a very simple little program that would install itself onto a computer or GPhone (god bless Android). The program would go out and search a public folder I had created for an encoded name that I had set up. In the file that it downloaded would be the various commands for that subject. The program would only search once a month and the incredibly small download sizes would cause very little suspicion on all but the most technically savvy and suspicious of people.

I then went into Kay's program and added the following lines:

-You love sharing Jay-

-Jay needs variety-

-Jay deserves constant pleasure-

-Being the leader of a harem is erotic-

-Helping Jay add to his harem turns you on-

-Bending women to your will turns you on-

All of this was finished in a surprisingly short period of time and I sat back and thought about all of the people I'd like to have. I started a list (I love lists) and started to keep track of the women I wanted to at least sample. As I started to think about everything, I realized that, with the exception of my wife, I really didn't want to change these women all that much. I think I had gone a bit overboard with Debbie but that was more in line with what I wanted. I already had one insatiable sex fiend with Kay and I didn't need more of that (there's a phrase I never thought I'd type). What I really wanted was to be able to sleep with the women that turned me on and have them get turned on by that. With that in mind, I went back to my list. The easiest ones would be the ones that I either had direct access to their computer or they trusted me enough to install something I sent them. I travel a lot for work and I realized that the most convenient girl for me would be Diane. Diane is a beautiful half black, half asian girl. I'm not normally attracted to that type but something about this girl has always rung my bell. She wears the cutest outfits and always shows off just enough skin to show you how sexy she is but not so much that she comes off as the office slut. She's always been nice but distant to me and my dick was telling me it was time to change that.

I compiled a version of the program that I had used on Kay.

-Jay is cute-

-Jay is sexy-

-It would be fun to fool around with Jay-

-It would be fun to seduce Jay-

-You have a secret crush on Jay-

-You want to be alone with Jay-

-Fucking Jay isn't cheating-

-Jay turns you on a lot-

-You are bi curious-

-You're very competitive with Jay's women-

-Rejection by Jay makes you want him more-

I then created a very abbreviated program for my boss.

-Jay's a great worker-

-Jay can be trusted to work from home-

-When Jay goes on the road Diane should go with him-

-Jay's work is always top quality-

I saved both the files off to a thumb drive. By the time I finished it was getting kind of late and I was starting to get worried about my wife. She hadn't returned and hadn't called which was a bit unusual. Finally, around 7 o'clock she finally returned home, waltzing in as the visual epitome of hotness. Her normally wavy, brown hair was now styled straight and had been bleached blonde. She was wearing a short jean skirt with the waist straps of her thong showing and a sleeveless top with a keyhole cut that showed off her cleavage and made it clear that she wasn't wearing a bra. She also had on a pair of white thigh high heeled boots. She did a little pirouette and I saw the tattoo at her back. It prominently said, "Jay's Toy" in script. It was one of those "tattoos" you can get by covering up skin while tanning. I already had images of staring at it while I grabbed her hips and pounded her.

She came over and kneeled between my legs. "I hope you like the tattoo, Sir? I wanted something that you could cover up with makeup or have me change to match your... desires." She was stroking my cock and had worked a finger up her skirt. Her panties were clearly soaked and I could see juices glistening down her leg.

"You've done very well except for the part where you broke your word," her face fell as I said this. She was obviously upset and confused. "You told me you would not be gone long then stayed out very late and left me at home worrying about you. You're going to need some firm punishment." I told her this while I was pulling the belt out from my pants. I grabbed her by the hair and moved her across the back of the couch. Then I pulled up her skirt and gave her ass a swipe with my belt. I think it was more loud than painful since her response was an obvious moan of pleasure. "I guess that wasn't hard enough, slut."

I then proceeded to give her ass 5 firm strokes. I'm not a particularly sadistic person so the lashes were nowhere near full strength. She wasn't complaining a bit. In fact, when I gave her the 5th swipe she moaned even louder and seemed to have a tiny orgasm. I grabbed her wrists and tied them with the belt then dipped my fingers into her cunt. While it had been wet before, it was now gushing completely. My fingers got all juiced up and I lubed up her ass with her own juices.

"Oh, fuck yeah. Please fuck my ass Master. Fuck this slut's ass. I've been doing naughty things all day and only an ass fucking from you will remind me of my place."

This piqued my curiosity and I held my dick right at her asshole, "What have you done today?"

"uhh... " she grunted as she tried to lean back into my cock a little, "I thought that you shouldn't be spending your money on a slut like me. So I tried to get as much free stuff as I could today. I've been showing my tits and cunt all over town."

"You little slut," I said both mockingly and happily. "Did you do anything else?"

"I wanted to, Master. The man selling the boots wanted to fuck me but I got him to accept a hand job." I brought my hand down on her ass three times.

"You are not to fool around with any men unless I'm present. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir. The tanning salon guy wanted me to blow him but he settled for me eating his girlfriend's pussy. Is that alright, Sir?"

"Yes, slave. But you're going to need to have some more punishment for the hand job," I said as I jammed my cock in her ass. "You will be servicing me three times a day. Some of those may be blow jobs but most of them will be me fucking you in the ass like this. Your cunt will not be filled and you are not permitted to orgasm until I allow it," I was really pounding her fast now and knew I would come soon. "You're my anal slut! You're an ass whore!" I told her as I slapped her ass and fucked her harder.

"Yes, sir. Please fuck my ass. Use your toy. Fuck your anal bitch... Uhhh... ooohhhh" she said as we came at the same time. After we got cleaned up, we curled up on the couch to watch our shows. It was a moment of normalcy during a time when things had been, blissfully, abnormal. However, after only 15 minutes, Kay got down on the ground between my legs and started sucking me off. "I'd prefer to service you while you watch, Sir," she offered by way of explanation before returning to her ministrations.

I was in heaven as I lay back and watched TV while this beautiful sex goddess went to work on me. When I finally got ready to come, I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my dick and blasted her all over her face. She licked up what she could and sat back on the couch with the now drying cum still on her face and in her hair.

I was as good as my word with Kay. I used her ass a dozen times over the next several days. When she wasn't getting reamed she was prancing around the house, watching porn or just blowing me. There was sexual tension constantly in the house and I was banging her whenever and wherever I wanted. On Monday, I installed the program on the computers at work and started waiting for the inevitable countdown. I started a little tracking sheet to help me keep track of the days it took. I had done a little research into that but still hadn't figured out exactly why some people's subliminal clock was different then others. Kay's seemed to be almost dead perfect at 21 days. I wasn't certain about Debbie because I didn't know when she first watched the video but "17?" days for her was what I had penciled in. My boss, Karl, and Diane now had their own spot as well. I could be reasonably certain that they'd both be at their computers today so that would be the starting point.

Less than two weeks later I had one of the best 24 hours I've ever had in my life. I was getting ready to leave the office and Diane came walking up as the elevator door was closing. She was wearing a business pant suit that was very well tailored. She was also not wearing anything under the suit jacket and her cleavage was well displayed. Being the gentleman that I am, I reached my hand out to keep the door open and it banged shut on my fingers. "Fuck," I said as the door decided to open back up after mauling my hand. Diane stepped in and said thanks. Then she looked at me and realized my hand was hurt.

"Oh, I'm sorry you hurt your hand," she said and grabbed it gently. "It doesn't look that bad. Do I need to kiss it and make it better?"

I looked at her. Having never talked to me like this before, this seemed to be the program working. However, it had only been 13 days and I was skeptical so I decided to test it a bit, "No thanks. My wife will be happy to do that when I get home."

"But that's so far away. Plus, who knows if she really will make it feel better. You could be... throbbing... for some time." I'm not even sure if she realized it, but when she said 'throbbing' her eyes raked my body. I knew that I was golden.

"I don't really have much choice though. I think your husband would be pretty upset if he caught you kissing ANY part of me."

"You'd be surprised," she said and moved closer to me. "You hurt your finger because of me. What can I do to make it better?" Her voice had gotten lower and she was clearly trying to seduce me. Just then, the elevator stopped and opened. Diane took a step back from me and said, "Come to my car. I think I've got something for that finger." We walked in silence to her car which she'd parked up in the back of the third floor of the parking deck. This was the secluded section of the parking deck and there were probably only 5 people in the building that would even drive past here on their way out. We got in the car and she looked at me, "You probably need something warm to soak that finger in. Why don't you try this?" she said and she pulled her skirt up. Her cunt was freshly shaved and was already wet. I was pretty sure that she had planned this since this morning which would mean that the program probably took effect last night. I then also realized that, instead of fingering this very willing and gorgeous girl, I was doing arithmetic.

"Diane, I really don't think we should. We're both married and... " I started. I wanted her wrapped around my finger both physically and mentally.

"Jay, we both know why you came up here. We're both adults and neither of our spouses needs to know. Besides, I can do things that your wife couldn't possibly imagine... " she said as she leaned in toward me. I tried not to laugh at the last bit.

"I love my wife... and she's a pretty imaginative individual."

"Trust me, Jay. My lovers are kept very, very happy," she said. Her hand was now on my thigh and I was fully aware of the musky smell in the car. "Would your wife blow you in the parking garage at your office?" she asked and without waiting for an answer, unzipped my pants and started deep throating my cock. That was a talent Kay hadn't quite mastered as her gag reflex was strong. Diane, however, immediately sucked my dick into the back of her throat and held it there, tonguing the underside of my cock while she did it. It was an incredible sensation and I was pretty sure that she wasn't at all troubled. After about 30 seconds of this, she started bobbing up and down enthusiastically. I came quickly afterward and she sucked me completely dry.

"So, how does that compare to your wife?" she asked smugly.

"Honestly?" I asked and she nodded with a self satisfied smile, "My wife's technique is a little better, she sucks my cock because it gets HER off and it makes a world of difference. You seemed like you were doing work." I watched her carefully and she looked surprised.

"I guess I'll have to try better tomorrow," she said as I zipped up and let myself out of her car. I went to my own car and drove home.

On the way home, my wife called and told me that Debbie had called her and told her that she thought it would be best if we kept our distance. "What should I do? I don't want what happened to ruin our friendship." Kay was clearly very upset. On the other hand, I knew the calendar. Debbie was obviously consumed with guilt because the program had kicked in.

"Call her back and tell her to come over. Don't ask. Tell her."

"Jay, I don't want to drive her off. She's not as open as I am about this stuff," I chuckled at this. Kay hadn't been open at all until the last couple of months.

"Kay, trust me. Tonight she's going to be open to all of our stuff. Now call her and tell her to come over. Remember, make sure to tell her. She's clearly very submissive. She'll do it... Oh, and don't ever question me again. I know she's your friend but I'm your Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," she said demurely.

"I'll decide on a punishment on the drive home." I told her. In truth, I already had her 'punishment' in mind but I wanted to be able to see her when I told her.

She called me back two minutes later and told me that Debbie was on her way over. I arrived about ten minutes later and let myself in. Kay was standing there wearing her slave collar, high heels and garter belt with stockings. I stripped out of my clothes and grabbed her hair and brought her over to a chair. There's a partition in our house that breaks up the living room and the family room. The partition is only four feet high and you can see over it from the front door but you can't see behind it. I moved the chair so that I could see the front door but that someone coming in would only be able to see my head and nothing else. Then, I set up the camera to record the night's activities.

When everything was well set up, I sat down and pushed Kay to her knees in front of me. She obediently started sucking my cock and I turned on the TV to football while we waited for Debbie. I wanted Debbie to see as normal a picture as possible until she realized what was happening. I had to keep pulling Kay off me to keep from coming. Every time I did, she sat there, straining against my grip with her mouth open and tongue out eager to go back down on me. After about 15 minutes, the doorbell rang, "Come in!" I shouted. Debbie opened the door. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt and baggy jeans and was walking tentatively in the foyer. "We're in here," I said and gestured for her to come in. She walked into the room and looked down with shock.

"Oh god, Jay, what are you doing. Kay is going to kill you."

I laughed out loud. With the hair and the tattoo, Debbie didn't recognize Kay as the girl bobbing up and down on my dick. "I think Kay's fine with it. Aren't you honey?" I said as I pulled Kay's head up by her ponytail.

"Yes, Sir," she said with a gasp of air and went back to my cock.

"This is wrong. I can't do this," Debbie said and started to back away. Her eyes hadn't left Kay's body yet however.

"Get back here, slut!" I shouted. "You've already been a part of this. You've already fucked both of us. We know you're a carpet munching little cunt. Isn't that right?"

Debbie's response was unforgettable. She actually came while standing there and collapsed against the wall. "My little slut wife here has been disobedient tonight. I've been fucking her ass every night since the last time you were here so I'm in the mood for something new. So I'm going to fuck you while Kay watches."

Debbie moaned and her hands went into her pants. Kay started to protest but thought better of it. Instead, she sat down on the couch and started leisurely playing with herself. "Oh no slut. You're not going to be getting yourself off tonight." I reached into one of our toy bins and pulled out some restraints. I pushed her against the wall and tied her up. I forced her legs spread and bound her wrists together. Then I forced her to lean over the back of the couch. She immediately started trying to get a bit of friction on her cunt from the back of the couch but it was a pretty futile attempt. While she struggled to do that, I walked over to Debbie who was now recovered from her orgasm. She was staring at my cock in awe as I walked toward her. I was rock hard, despite the blow job from Diane only an hour before. "You are one hot little slut, Debbie. I don't know why you hide that nice body in those clothes though. My wife is really going to enjoy watching me rock some other woman's body." I was intentionally trying to hit all the hot buttons for Debbie. I knew that she was almost completely gone with lust. I watched her response and she was already involuntarily thrusting her hips.

"Please, Jay. You shouldn't do this. We shouldn't do this."

"You're free to leave whenever you want. But I think we all know that you're not going to. You can't even take your eyes off my dick. Are you thinking about being fucked right now?" I asked her.

"N... N... no... " she said in a completely unconvincing stutter.

"I think you're lying. I think that's yet another thing you've done wrong. You're such a naughty little slut. You came into my house with frumpy clothes but we all know you were going to offer up your cunt to both of us. Now tell me the truth. What have you been thinking about?"

"L... Lick... Licking Kay," she said and her face went a deep crimson.

"So are you a dyke now? You sure are staring at my cock an awful lot for some cunt licking bitch." I told her. Waves of mini-orgasms wracked her body.

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