tagAnalThe Roadtrip

The Roadtrip


We'd switched drivers about an hour ago. Jason had given up on the radio and we drove on in silence. I stared out the window every once in a while seeing the soft distant glow of some middle of nowhere town breaking up the black nothingness.

I put my feet up on the dash and reclined the seat. How many miles had it been since one of us had spoken? Too many. I glanced over at his rough unshaven face, his eyes intent on the road. He had one hand casually thrown over the steering wheel as the other drummed on his well muscled thigh. Damn, he was hot. He felt me staring at him and flashed a smile. I smiled back and tried to ignore the surge of wetness between my thighs.

I stretched, allowing my hands to drift up my stomach and over my tits. I could feel him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I drifted my right hand back between my legs and began rubbing my pussy through my jeans.

"I am going to pull off so we can stretch our legs." Jason murmured. After a few turns we were parked on a small hill overlooking the interstate. I stepped from the car and innocently stretched. He watched me over the roof of the car.

"Take off your shirt," he whispered gruffly. Smiling I slowly pulled my shirt over my head and let it fall to the ground. I once again stretched, my arms over my head, my nipples erect. I heard him walking towards me and in seconds he had his arms around me as he kissed me deeply. My hands were under his shirt, my fingers running through the hair on his chest. I felt my bra come loose and felt a pang of anticipation as my nipples scraped against the rough fabric of his shirt. Then I pulled free of him and helped him pull his shirt off. I moaned as he took a nipple in his teeth. My fingers trailed down his chest and to his zipper. I let his cock free.

He stood up again, letting the cool breeze caress my wet nipple. Smiling, he began removing my pants. His hands cupped my ass as he pulled me in for another kiss. Then Jason spun me around and forced me to lean across the hood. I moaned with pleasure as I felt the hot hood against my tits. He spread my ass apart seeking my wet cunt. His tongue flicked over my clit then explored my wet folds. I gasped in surprise as I felt his tongue caress my tight asshole. I was squirming in frustration, wanting his cock inside me. Reading my mind he forced his full length into my pussy with one thrust. He tangled one hand in my long brown hair as he fucked me from behind. The sound of the nearby passing cars somehow adding to my lust. He leaned over my body with his dick buried deep in me.

"I'm going to fuck your ass now, sweetheart." he whispered huskily. I didn't move, afraid that he would change his mind. He withdrew, and began tonguing my asshole, lubing me with his own saliva for his thick cock. I moaned in mixed pleasure and pain as he began forcing himself into my tight entrance. Slowly he entered me. I was gasping and moaning, pushing my ass against him, wanting all of him inside me. Ever so slowly he began thrusting in and out. I lifted myself a few inches off the hood and began forcefully slamming my ass back into him. He still had one hand on my hip, the other tangled in my hair once more. He roughly pulled my head back.

"Tell me you want it."

"Oh, God, Jason fuck my ass, please fuck me hard." I gasped out. In answer he began slamming into my butt with even more force, my cunt rubbing against the car. I felt the orgasm building in me.

He groaned. "Damnit woman, I'm cumming." I screamed out my own pleasure as I felt his cock spasm deep within my ass. Panting, I allowed my body to relax against the car. After a few moments he pulled me up, his cock slipping out of me. I turned around and laid my head against his sweaty chest. We stood like that for a moment more then he began putting his clothes back on.

I didn't bother. I threw them into the car and then reclined my seat. He leaned in to kiss me, his mouth tasting of me. As he started the car I smiled sleepily, wondering if we could stop here again on our way back.

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