tagRomanceThe Rodeo

The Rodeo


Chapter 1: The beginning and the end.

Before he even opened the door Ray knew what he would find once he walked into the house. Her car was gone out of the driveway, that was a sure sign something was wrong. She was always there to meet him when he came in off the road. The last time they talked on the phone, she had told him it was either her or the rodeo. He told her he couldn't quit, not yet. He was to close to finally getting the brass ring. She had slammed the phone down on his ear and he had gone to get drunk.

Sighing deeply, he turned the key in the lock and opened the door. He barely stepped into the house and sighed again. It was empty except for the furniture he had when they met. She had taken everything else. He dropped his keys on the coffee table and walked down the small hallway to the bedroom they shared. The closet door was wide open and her clothes were gone. He checked the bathroom just to make sure but wasn't surprised to see his shaving stuff and toothbrush was there but her drawer was completely empty. Sighing once more he walked back into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. "I should have come home." He said to the empty room.

She had loved it at first, traveling around the country with him, watching him ride the bulls. Even when he broke his leg that first time she had been right there in the hospital room with him telling him she would be with him through his recovery. Ray laughed sourly, hell, the rodeo was where they met. She had just turned 18 and was at the fair with some friends. She had always wanted to see a rodeo so they agreed to go. He was the third one and from what she told him later, she held her breath during his whole ride.

He remembered standing there in the middle of the ring after the 8 seconds were up. His eyes scanning the crowd looking for friends and stopping on her. She wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but there was something about her that made his blood boil with need. He knew he had to meet her somehow. She was in the second row dressed in a pair of cut off shorts and a tank top that did nothing to hide her full figured body. Her long, wheat colored hair was hanging down her back in a ponytail. He couldn't remember how many nights he would run his fingers through her hair and just hold it against his face. He loved how soft it was.

When his eyes met hers, she smiled shyly then leaned over to talk to a tall husky guy next to her. Ray later found out that was her older brother Jake. He was playing chaperone that night. Ray smiled at her then walked back inside getting ready for his second ride. By the time the rodeo was over, he was hard as a rock and knew he had to find the girl who was making his blood boil.

It took him an hour to finally find her. She was flirting with a carnie over at the dart throw. He didn't know what it was but the thought of her flirting with anybody but him just turned his blood to ice. Hell, he didn't even know her name, he just wanted her in his bed and in his life. Walking up he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Hey baby, I was looking for you."

Both the carnie and her looked at him strangely. "Um... Well I am right here." She said looking into his amber eyes.

Without a word, he kissed her softly on the lips. "Yeah, I see this."

He looked at the carnie who just stepped back and held his hands in the air. "Hey, we were just having a little bit of fun man. That's all."

Amber was dumbstruck. She had never been kissed before and now this guy she had been watching in the rodeo suddenly is acting like they were a couple. True, she thought he was hot watching him ride that bull, but she never expected him to notice her. No one ever noticed her.

Growing up in a small town in Oregon, the big thing was the yearly rodeo in Pendleton. It was only an hour drive from her home and she had always wanted to go, but her parents thought she was too young. Her father had been a bull rider until he screwed up his knee during one of his rides and that ended his career. He had met her mother in a café just outside of town when they were heading back to his home in Wisconsin and he decided to stay in Aurora. They went to Wisconsin once a year to visit his family, but that was as far as it went.

Amber looked around to see if her brother had seen this guy suddenly claiming her for his own. She relaxed when she saw him over with his girlfriend Amanda on the ferris wheel. She knew she had a few minutes at least of peace before he was hounding her again. He had been ever since they got here. She had told him she was 18 now, but he still acted like she was a little girl who needed her big brother to look after her. Amber wondered if Jake wasn't part of the reason why she never went to any school dance or ever had a boyfriend.

She was brought back to the present when the guy from the rodeo suddenly grabbed her hand and entwined his fingers with her own. Amber didn't have small fingers, but in his hand they looked small. She looked up at him and he just smiled making her want to melt right there on the spot. "Ready to go look at the other booths babe?" He asked looking pointedly at the carnie once more.

"Um... yeah, sounds great." She took the stuffed teddy bear she had won from the carnie, then followed the mystery man away from the booth.

She waited until they were a couple of booths away before she stopped and pulled her hand out of his. "I'm sorry, I tend to like to know a man's name before they kiss me." She said crossing her arms over her chest.

Ray blushed as he looked at her. "I'm sorry darling. I have been watching you through both my rides and I wanted to know if your lips tasted as good as they looked."

Now it was her turn to blush. "So do they?"

Ray reached up and brushed his fingertip against her bottom lip. "I'm not sure, didn't get much of a taste. Mind if I try again?"

Amber looked behind her once more and froze as she saw her brother and his girlfriend walking towards them. Jake didn't look happy. "Um..."

Ray looked where she was looking and quickly took her hand in his. "Come on."

She let him lead her to a darkened area between two booths. When Jake walked by she sighed in relief. "He is going to be pissed when he catches up to me." She said looking at the strange man.

He looked at her, "he your boyfriend?"

Amber laughed so hard she had to grab her stomach. Ray didn't see what was so funny and waited until she calmed down to ask. "No..." She said her eyes still twinkling. "I've never had a boyfriend. That is my brother Jake and his girlfriend Amanda."

Ray looked at her in surprise. How could this hot thing have never had a boyfriend? "So how do I fill out an application?" He asked with a smile.

She giggled again. "Can I at least know your name?"

He looked deep into her eyes and said with a straight face. "I'm Ray, Ray Marks."

She nodded. "Amber, Amber McGee."

He nodded once then cupped her face with his hand making her breath catch in her throat. "It is nice to meet you Amber."

"L...likewise." She said softly as she was caught up in his eyes.

Ray didn't say another word, instead he just lowered his head and caught her lips with his own. If his first kiss had caught her by surprise, this kiss made her cling to him like she was dying of thirst. The kiss was strong but tender. When his tongue pressed lightly against her lips, she opened them and heard as well as felt his moan as he wrapped his arms tightly around her and deepened the kiss.

Amber didn't know when her arms went up around his neck or when she started pressing herself against him, all she knew was she loved the feel of his lips on hers and she didn't want it to end. When she felt his hand cup then squeeze her ass, she felt something between her legs she had never felt before. Pure desire. She wanted him and she wanted him bad. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he continued to kiss her. When he finally pulled back they were both breathing heavily.


Ray smiled at her. "I take it no one has ever kissed you like that before."

She shook her head. "I've never been kissed before."

Again he looked at her in surprise. "You sure could fool me with the way you kissed me back darling."

She blushed deeply. "I guess you could say I had a good teacher."

That made him chuckle and pull her back into his arms. "Now that I have you, I don't think I ever want to let you go."

She wasn't sure if he was serious or not, but got the impression he was by the look in his eyes. "My brother might have a complaint with that."

He looked around then nodded. "Okay, fair enough." He loosened his grip on her but kept his arm wrapped around her waist. "So how about for now you just walk through the midway with me, when we meet up with your brother, we will see how things go."

Amber knew that as soon as they met up with Jake, her fairy tale night would come to an end. Her brother would see her with Ray and drag her to the car before she could say anything. Of course, it was a big fair, maybe she would be able to enjoy spending some time with Ray before the clock struck midnight so to speak. "Sounds good to me."

The next two hours were some of the best times Amber could ever remember having. They stopped at all the game booths and Ray won her something at every one. Before he would give it to her he would demand a kiss in payment. By the time they finally met up with Jake and Amanda outside the beer gardens, Amber's arms were full of stuffed animals and mirrors and posters and she was laughing like a little school girl. "Uh oh, he doesn't look happy." She said spotting her brother.

Ray looked over at Jake and had to agree. At 6' and 160lbs, Ray didn't consider himself small. However, her brother made him feel small. Jake had to be at least 6'4" and 200lbs of pure muscle. He had a tattoo on his arm that said live and die with a motorcycle beneath it. "Um, does your brother ride a motorcycle by chance?" He asked as they slowly walked towards the couple.

Amber nodded as she tried to smile at her brother. "Yes he does, and he lives up to the biker image."

"I was afraid you were going to say that." He said right before they met up with Jake and Amanda.

Jake didn't say a word to Amber, he just looked straight at Ray. "Give me one reason not to knock your teeth down your throat." He said in a growl.

"Because he has been helping me have fun and protecting me from the carnie's and I like him." Amber said before Ray could say a word.

Jake looked over at Amber with a look that would make a grown man cry. She just stared him down until he looked away. "Where the hell have you been? I saw you when we got off the Ferris wheel, then you just disappeared." He looked at his watch then back at his sister. "I have been looking for you for two freaken hours."

Amber didn't back down, she handed her prizes to Ray then got right up against her brother. "I am 18 years old Jake. I'm not a little girl anymore. If I want to walk around the midway with Ray, you aren't going to stop me."

At that moment Ray wanted to be anywhere but there. He looked at the blonde girl with Jake and she smiled at him. "By the way, I'm Amanda, Amber's soon to be sister in law."

Ray nodded his head at her. "Ray Marks."

Amanda nodded, she noticed Amber and Jake were glaring at each other so she tried to keep the conversation going. "I saw you ride today. Great job with that bull."

Ray smiled. "Thanks, so far there hasn't been a bull I can't ride."

"Well you're not going to ride this one." Ray looked over at Jake. He had a hold of his sister's arm and she was trying to break his grip. "We're going home."

Amber looked at him pleadingly then looked over at her brother. "I don't want to go home. I am having fun. Mom and dad said I could come home whenever I wanted to." She finally broke the grip he had on her arm and moved over to stand next to Ray. "If you and Amanda want to go home, go, I will find my own way."

Ray knew he should say something. He had a rule to never come between family members. Especially with his family. His father had walked out when he was two leaving his mother to raise him and his brother on her own. His brother had been driving truck for the past few years and he didn't know where he was at. Ray had joined the rodeo at 18 and never looked back. Now 5 years later, he was one of the best bull riders in the business. At the same time though, he wasn't ready to let Amber leave yet. He had barely tasted her, he wanted her to stick around, he wanted her in his bed and in his life. "I..."

"If you are smart, you won't say a word." Jake said not looking at him but still glaring daggers at his sister. "It is an hour back to town. How you planning on getting home?"

"I'll take her." Ray could have kicked himself as soon as the words left his mouth but he knew he wasn't ready to say goodnight yet.

Amber and Jake both looked at him in surprise, while Amanda smiled and took Jake's arm. "Sounds good to me. Come on Jake, I'm hungry." Before anyone could say a word, she pulled Jake back onto the midway and wrapped her hand in his.

Amber looked after her brother and his girlfriend then turned to Jake. "Thank you, I think."

Ray smiled and put the things back in her arms. "No reason to say thank you darling. I'm not ready to say goodnight. Are you?"

He stood there tensely for a moment, he wondered if he should have said anything at all. Her words relaxed him though. "No... I meant what I said about having fun. I like hanging out with you Ray."

He smiled and kissed her nose. "I'm glad, cause I like hanging out with you too."

They spent the rest of the evening walking around the midway, he got her on the Ferris wheel and kissed her when they were at the top. Her brother and Amanda showed up and her brother gave her one last chance to come home with them. When she said no, he made Ray promise to take care of her before they left. He did and Jake was satisfied.

They hung around the carnival until it closed then Ray took her to his trailer. His ford pickup was parked next to it. "I'll be honest, I want to take you inside and make love to you, but if you want me to take you home, I will."

She looked at him in surprise. "I... I've never."

He pressed a finger against her lips. "I know, I don't know what it is about you, but I want to be your first. I want to be your last. I want to bring you to my bed and never let you go."

He opened the door to the trailer then looked at her. "Do we go in here or do I take you home?"

Amber was scared, she wanted him to but she had always been told to save herself for marriage. She was afraid if she turned him down, she would never see him again, but at the same time, if she did let him make love to her, she was afraid he would forget her after wards. Ray didn't pressure her, he just stood there holding the door as she decided. Finally she looked at him, smiled and stepped into the trailer. With a smile, he stepped in behind her.

The trailer was small. Table, stove, small fridge. He showed her where the small bathroom was then led her into the bedroom. There was a queen size bed that took up most of the room. She barely started to look around when he gathered her in his arms once more and kissed her deeply. Amber moaned and pressed against him, then pressed even harder when he deepened the kiss and she felt his hands slide up over her back under her shirt. "God, I have wanted to feel you all night." He said with a soft sigh as he pulled his lips away but kept his hands on her back. "You feel so good darling."

She smiled at him. "So do you."

He chuckled as he released her and unbuttoned his shirt letting it slide off his shoulders. She marveled at his hairy chest and how it wove into a V down into his jeans. "Now how would you know that darling? You haven't touched me... Yet."

He took her hand and placed it against his chest. "Touch me baby, touch me like I'm touching you." He let his hands slide inside her shirt again, this time around the front. She moaned softly as his hands cupped her breasts and just held them. She let her fingers run over his stomach and chest and loved the fact that his hair was soft. "I love touching you." She said softly looking up into his eyes.

"I love touching you to." He said with a smile. He kissed her softly once more, then pulled back and gripped the bottom of her shirt. He figured she would pull away as he started to lift her shirt but when she lifted her arms so he could pull it over her head, his breath caught in his throat.

She wasn't wearing a bra but in his opinion she didn't need one. She wasn't huge, only 38C, but he thought her breasts were beautiful. They were firm and pert. They hung away from her chest just as they should without sagging. Without a word, he cupped both breasts in his hands and squeezed them together as he leaned down and gently took one of her nipples into his mouth suckling softly on it. "Oh yes, that feels so good." She purred throwing her head back and running her fingers through his hair.

He suckled on one nipple until it was hard, then moved his mouth to the other one and gave it the same treatment. Amber ran her fingers through his hair and rested her hands on his shoulders as she pressed against him. "God Ray, please don't stop. That feels so good."

Ray nibbled on the hard flesh and heard her soft gasp as she moaned in delight. When he pulled away she whimpered in need. "Why did you stop?"

He chuckled as he brushed his fingers across her face. "Relax darling. I'm just getting started."

He led her over to the bed and stopped before she sat down. With deft fingers, he undid her jeans and worked them slowly down over her hips. Amber kicked off her flip flops and stepped out of the pants until she stood there in nothing but her g-string. "You are beautiful." He said admiring her.

"No, I'm not." She said looking down at the floor.

He cupped her chin in his fingers and lifted her eyes to his. "Yes you are. I don't care what anybody else says, I think you are beautiful. Understand."

She saw the truth in his eyes and nodded in amazement. No one had ever called her beautiful before. Not even her father. She melted against him as he kissed her once more and she felt the bed come up to meet her with Ray coming down over her. She hadn't noticed he had stripped out of his own jeans and she felt his cock pressing against her leg.

Amber wasn't sure if she should touch him but she wanted to. Without warning, she reached down between them and grasped his hardening cock in her hand. She heard his sharp intake of breath and almost let go when he covered her hand with his own. "No, don't let go. Please."

She looked up at him as she felt him pulsing in her hand. "I hurt you though."

He chuckled as he tried to keep his need in check. "Only in a good way darling." Holding loosely to her hand, he guided her so she was running her hand up and down over him. "That's it baby, stroke that meat. Get me nice and hard to slide inside you."

Ray had lifted his body up a little so she could stroke him and she lowered her eyes to see what her hands felt. He was at least 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick. "That won't fit inside me." She said softly looking up into his eyes again.

"It will hurt a little at first, but I promise, I will make you feel really good." He said looking at her with a soft smile.

She nodded and continued slowly stroking him as he worked at her breasts with his mouth once more. "Oh god Ray, that feels so good." She lost her grip on his cock when he started working his way down her body until his face was above her hidden well. She held her breath as she watched him slide her thong down over her hips. No man or woman had ever looked at her down there and she was a bit ashamed at the fact that she shaved her pussy for a birthday present. Ray didn't seem to mind though, in fact, he seemed to love the fact that she was shaved. "I love a shaved pussy." He said with a soft growl as he leaned forward and spread her pussy lips open. When he leaned down and took a long taste, Amber almost jumped out of her skin.

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