tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Role Players Pt. 05

The Role Players Pt. 05


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and all characters represented here and in any additional parts of this story are all over the age of 21.

This tale involved crossdressing, bdsm & role playing. If these subjects do not interest you then I wish you well and hope you find a story on the site which you will enjoy.

The main characters in this tale are as follows:

Eric/Holly a 23 year old male who fantasizes about crossdressing, precisely as a submissive maid.

Abagail/Abby a 22 year old female who works as one of the role players.

Andrea/Abby's mother a 41 year old female who owns the company who moves in next door to Eric.

If you choose to read this tale then I thank you in advance for doing so. When you have finished I hope you will leave a comment or a suggestion and I would ask that you please vote as well.



That afternoon I was surprised to see every single player in Andrea's office, along with someone I didn't recognize. She obviously wasn't known to me but everyone else seemed thrilled to see her, warm smiles and hugs exchanged until Abby walked her over and introduced us. "Holly, this is Halle from our Las Vegas club. Halle, meet Holly, our newest member."

I thought about giving her a handshake but the brown haired woman, who seemed to be in her early thirties, wouldn't have anything of it. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before saying, "We have heard so much about you Holly. It's so nice to finally meet you in person." I wondered if she might be like Jade, simply putting on an act. But based on the way everyone treated her, it felt genuine and I gave her my brightest smile, returning the embrace.

The blue eyed blonde pulled us both over onto a couch as Andrea began to speak. "I know you're all wondering why you are here at the same time. The scenario that I have been presented with is probably going to be our largest production ever as the individual involved has requested all of you to play a role, including Halle from Las Vegas, who has been kind enough to join us as one of our two victims."

Abby grinned, Halle smiled and I couldn't help but wonder what this scene would be all about? That question was soon to be answered as she handed out the burgundy folders to all of us and we began to read.



A husband finds out his wife is cheating on him with a younger man and decides to get his revenge by contacting the gentleman's wife and providing her with proof of his adultery. The young wife becomes enraged and along with him plots a rather elaborate plan at revenge.

"Now, this tells you only a small portion of the story so I need you all to listen closely so that you understand the roles you will be playing. "First, the husband's name is Lawrence and he is going to be playing a role of his own. During our time together I found out that his wife left him for another woman and thus this play will, in his mind, give him closure from the pain she caused him."

"Playing the part of his cheating spouse will be Halle and in the role of the younger couple, it will be Abby as the wife and Holly's other half, Eric as her husband." Those words sounded simple, but I felt the conflict of emotion begin inside of me until I remembered it was simply a role to be played so I kept my silence.

"Now, both Halle and Eric will be drugged by their respective partners and brought to a facility called Compreborn. It is a new and radical company which specializes in the rehabilitation of normally felons but thanks to Lawrence's connections he has arranged for both our two victims to be brought there to have them turned into completely different individuals."

I heard murmurs amongst those present but Andrea kept going. "Antoine and I will play the couple who own and run the company. Lucas will be responsible for breaking the spirit and the mind of Halle while Jade will do the same for Eric."

Looking back that should have sent a warning flag up but instead I heard Jade say "This guy sounds like some kind of sick fuck to me."

Abby laughed, her voice scornful as she heard, "Your last client paid you an extra fifty dollars to take a piss on him Jade. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black."

I saw Jade turn her direction to the blue eyed woman and once again her features betrayed her. Before it could be escalated any further Andrea intervened saying, "That's enough from both of you. Jade, our client's desires are of no concern to you. If you do not wish to play your part then I will bring someone else in from Vegas to do so. Be aware though, with seven of us participating in this scene, I am charging a king's ransom and though your part is small, you still would forfeit your equal share. It is a rather considerable amount of money."

The dominant woman shrugged, but I could see in her eyes this wasn't over, not by a long shot.

"We will spend tomorrow going over the numerous changes in settings, props and costumes we will require so please everyone be on time tomorrow morning. It will be a short day for some but a long day for others."

By the time everyone had left Halle looked at Andrea to say, "Well, it looks like some things never change. Jade is still the warm, sweet, kind individual I remember." All of us had a good laugh but once again, I should have paid a bit more attention.

The next day was indeed a challenging one and to my surprise, the client was allowed to join us, since he would be one of the major players. The gentleman was approximately Halle's age with brown hair and eyes to match and he seemed very nice. Treating us all with dignity and kindness. If you looked in his eyes though, you could tell he was hurting, the pain of his loss still weighing him down. I hoped in the end Andrea would be right and this would provide him with what it would take to move on with his life.

Meanwhile, Halle and I had to pose for a few rather intimate photos portraying the two lovers at one of their trysts and while she was a beautiful woman I couldn't help but revert back a bit to the shy, quiet individual who even now lurked under my skin. I guess Abby had talked to her Las Vegas counterpart because in one of the shots you see Halle leaning close as she felt me tremble. Her voice was sweet as she whispered in my ear, "It's okay Eric, you're safe with me, I promise."

The next evening as the curtain rose I wasn't in my normal place. I was backstage, watching as Abby walked into a bar setting to find the gentleman waiting on her. He stood, held the chair out for her and after a bit of conversation I saw him hand her a manila envelope. She pulled out several pictures, her eyes growing wide and then her face twisting into a mask of anger. I heard her say something about "castrating the son of a bitch", but Lawrence began speaking, telling her it was his wife who was cheating with me. He finally calmed her rage and then outlined his plan. By the time he was finished, Abby's face had a much different look on it. One now of revenge.

Halle was first, the scene playing out while her husband drugged her with a drink and by the time they were finished and the curtain went down it was my turn to finally enter.

When I walked over to the next stage I waited on Abby to enter and I did the same saying, "Hey there beautiful." She gave me a smile before walking over to fix my customary drink prior to dinner and as I gave her a kiss, her eyes sparkled with merriment. She was enjoying her role and so I played along, sipping at the drink as we had a bit of conversation until suddenly I began to blink, my eyes having a bit of trouble in focusing.

The gleam in her eyes now was quite distinctive as I looked at her in confusion, stumbling towards her only to go down to one knee. Her voice turning as cold as the ice had been in my drink. "Oh isn't that sweet darling, are you going to be for my forgiveness for cheating on me with that bitch Halle? It's far too late for that. Now...you are going to pay." With her final words I slumped to the floor as the lights went down.

I got up, moving quickly over to the next set, two of them side by side where Halle had already been prepared. I was able to see everything that was happening, even though from where I stood I was in darkness.

First our resident lothario in his new role introduced himself to Lawrence and Abby saying, "Good evening, I'm Dr. Antoine, welcome to Compreborn. Normally, we do not accept requests such as we are fulfilling tonight but due to your more than generous contribution Lawrence, I believe we can make an exception. The brown haired man nodded while Abby smirked as he continued. "Many of the prisoners who are brought here require complete rehabilitation which means reconstructing them through memory loss and then giving them a new set of values to exist in society by."

It sounded fascinating but there was much more to come. "In the case of your wife and of course your husband Abagail, you require quite a bit more. Why don't we start with Halle? What precisely would you like for us to do to her Lawrence?"

At that moment the spotlight hit our visitor from Las Vegas and she was completely nude. Twisting and turning from her restraints with her feet dangling off the ground as she screamed for mercy. "Lawrence, I swear he meant nothing to me. Don't do this, please...I'm begging you. Please, stop this madness!"

The gentleman seemed oblivious to her words, turning his direction to the other man while saying, "Our entire time together my wife played the part of a frigid woman. She turned down every advance I made, stating she had married me for love and not for the physical act of sex itself. Now, I find her in the arms of another man, giving him freely that which she never would grant me. Very well Halle, now you can have your wish."

The look on his wife's face was one now of absolute terror. The voice that spoke was in dark contrast to his demeanor as he announced, "I want her to remain trapped inside her own mind while in public she desires only two things in life. Pain and pleasure, each not separately but together. One without the other is its own type of torture and whether it be by my command or Abby's she will willingly serve anyone and everyone we desire."

Halle's cries grew frantic as Lucas walked into view, a flogger in one hand as he calmly walked over and opened a case of instruments, the silver blades gleaming under the spotlight as the helpless woman's eyes grew wide. Dr. Antoine calmly saying, "I do not see where that will be an issue. Lucas here is extremely skilled in breaking the body, spirit and mind of anyone, whether they desire it or not. It will take him roughly six weeks and then we will begin the process of transforming her. Lucas, please show our two guests how you will begin to do so."

Lucas almost bowed to the two visitors. His voice deep, resounding in saying, "With great pleasure Mr. Antoine. Rarely have I had a chance lately to work with such beauty. Most of my creations are the scum of the earth. This will be a refreshing change."

The instrument he used was one of leather tentacles, its bark much worse than its bite though from the screams which escaped Halle's mouth it certainly didn't seem like it. He continued to abuse her as the lights began to dim and then rose on the other side of the set to show me kneeling. I was naked, my body chained to the ground, my mouth filled with a ball gag, still obviously struggling with the drug which had not left my system.

This time it was Andrea who introduced herself as she asked Abby the same question Antoine had of her counterpart. I felt the blonde beauty draw near, her hand finding my hair as she pulled it back harshly, my eyes struggling to focus as she spoke in a voice as cold as the concrete floor I knelt on. "I want this cheating bastard to hurt. I want his body beaten, broken and then beaten again. All the time knowing in his mind it was me that did this to him. As for the second part of the process I will share that with you in private. I don't want this son of a bitch to see it coming."

With that Jade walked out in her familiar black leather, a calm, almost nonchalant look on her face as Andrea explained she was an expert in providing pain. The brown haired dominant simply nodded at the two strangers, words seemingly beneath her. She waited patiently until the three of them walked off, allowing Abby to share the remainder of her plans for me, far away from prying eyes and ears. Meanwhile, the dominant woman pulled out her flogger and with the first lash, slashed me directly across my back.

Halle's screams may have sounded loud but if not for the gag they would have paled in comparison to my own. The moment the flogger landed I knew it was not the one that was supposed to be utilized in this scene. Instead, I felt the metal tips of the ends rip into my skin and rhythmically, she began to deliver the ten blows which I was supposed to endure before the curtain was to go down. By the time it did I was openly weeping and I felt like I had been skinned alive. When the set went dark, she didn't stop, delivering two more blows until I heard someone call out, "Get the doctor!"

By the time I had been set free the company physician was waiting. I managed to walk a bit unsteadily before laying down on one of the benches used as a prop. He took a quick look at my back, shaking his head in consternation before announcing, "Eric, I'm afraid this is going to hurt but I need to sterilize the wounds so that there is no chance of infection." My body was already on fire as I gritted my teeth, the pain endorphins in my body singing in full throat. I could only lay there and endure the torment as I saw and heard both Andrea and Jade arguing nearby.

"What the hell was that Jade?"

The dominatrix shrugged, "That idiot prop master must have put out the wrong flogger. Don't blame me Andrea if your employees are incompetent. As you said only a couple of days ago my part was small, only minor role at best. I simply played it to its fullest."

Andrea's face grew stormy as she said, "Did you not see the pain you were causing him? For god's sake, look at his back!"

She waved the comment and me off as she replied, "Abby said beat him and then beat him again. All I did was what the scene called for. Besides, knowing him, the sick little freak probably enjoyed it."

Before she could hear another word Jade turned, making her way backstage as I watched Andrea struggle to regain her composure before walking over. "I'm going to cancel the rest of this until a later time. I'll refund Lawrence's money and apologize on behalf of the company. I'm sorry Eric, this should never have happened."

The balm the physician had put on my back was already working, the pain lessening with each passing moment as I sat up, trying to put on a brave face while saying, "No, don't do that." I got a questioning look but I didn't stop. "I'm not going to be responsible for everyone not getting paid this week. We've come this far and we need to finish, please Andrea?

She looked at the doctor who said, "As long as his back isn't subject to anything more strenuous Andrea he'll be in pain but he should be alright."

I could sense the battle within her as she tried to decide what she should do. I tried to reassure her saying, "In the next scene I'm supposed to be seen as having been brutalized. We were going to do that with stage makeup but now we have the authenticity to carry it off with minimal usage. We'll warn the others my back is off limits and they'll respect that, okay?"

Finally, she simply shook her head in agreement and I slowly moved into position. I knew that Halle's part was next and that it would allow me a bit more time to recover. It was only a few minutes later as one of the makeup artists worked on me that I witnessed the next act in our play from the side of the stage. The curtain once again went up and the show went on.

Halle was kneeling, her face serene as Antonio spoke to Lawrence and Abby saying, "Your wife was easily broken Lawrence, almost eager to accept her new position in life. We've already begun the process of adding the subliminal command sequences she will require." He turned his attention to the silent woman on the floor saying, "Slut, directive one."

The beautiful figures eyes focused on the gentleman who spoke, her smile wide as she said, "Good afternoon Sir, am I to be utilized today?"

Antonio's voice remained even in saying, "If you continue to be a good girl for our guests then yes, I will arrange for you to be used later this evening Slut. You may even pick the instrument for your torture my dear."

Her face shone in gratitude, her body almost trembling in anticipation. "The cane Sir, may I have the cane?"

"If that is what you truly desire then the cane it shall be slut."

For a brief second she turned her attention to the couple standing next to her as she said proudly, "I will be beaten with the cane and then fucked tonight. I'm a good girl."

The look on Lawrence's face was one of triumph, his voice filled with it in saying, "As you should be slut. As you should be."

"Slut, rest mode, directive two."

Halle's face went slack, her body kneeling, remaining motionless just as she had been when the curtain rose. Both Lawrence and Abby walked across the stage to where I awaited, the only restraint a single shackle which was around my right ankle, my body appearing to have been turned black and blue from my constant torment. I heard Abby gasp when she saw my back and without Lawrence arms to assist her I think she might have fallen.

I could do nothing, simply starting straight ahead as the script called for as Andrea stepped forth. "I fear Abby that your husband has been far less receptive than Halle has been. He has undergone an extensive period of torture yet still was clinging to hope only a few short days ago. I fear at that time he had a serious psychotic breakdown and now the man you knew as Eric is no more. I'm sorry, there was nothing we could do."

Bless her heart but Abby remained in character, her voice coldly saying, "I fail to see where that is a problem as I never wanted Eric back. I'm sure his last thought was about me and how I was responsible for all of this. That is precisely what I wanted. None the less, will he still be able to be reprogrammed into the individual Lawrence and I require?

Andrea nodded. "Without the other personality inside of him, then he will be even more receptive to both of the processes we will utilize. I anticipate complete success beyond your wildest dreams." All three of them walked off stage as I sat there, seemingly oblivious until the curtain came down and we moved on to the next step.

When it rose again it showed that both prisoners had been put into matching chairs. Our wrists and ankles restrained and a Wire Speculum was utilized to keep our eyes open. The screens in front of both of us began to transmit images. For Halle, it was pictures of women being used by men and women along with scenes of violence. As for me it, was frantic visions of French maids featuring simple daily tasks but also being used by, as Halle's slides had shown, multiple partners. The two directors of the facility watched alongside Lawrence and Abby to witness the visual images being burned into our psyches.

At the same time our ears wore headphones, the words being spoken having been precisely chosen to alter each of our personalities. The subliminal messages being implanted to allow the directives of selective individuals to be able to control us and to use us in any way they desired. In the end it seemed like a modern day take on the Stepford wives drama but with much more serious implications.

When the curtain came down on this act, I knew it would take a considerable time before it would rise again. There was a lot to be done and as I made my way back to my dressing room I felt Abby's presence as she ran up to me, her face showing her concern. I tried to give her a smile but it felt more like a grimace as she said, "That bitch did that on purpose, I know she did."

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