tagErotic CouplingsThe Roman Tragedy Ch. 01

The Roman Tragedy Ch. 01


It was a warm morning in Rome. The cool Mediterranean air swept through the Imperial Palace of Emperor Nero. While many Romans were enjoying their time preparing to plant their crops or haggle at the markets and forums, Nero and his generals had to settle the Armenian crisis the Parthian Empire.

Hopefully, the General Corbulo would soon return with news bearing the treaty with the Parthians. Nero,waited in his throne room for the General. He rested his head on his hand, using the other to tape on the marble arm.

"I grow tired of waiting!" exclaimed Nero, his booming voice echoing throughout the chamber. The wooden doors then threw open. A figure adorned with bronze armor entered the room.

"My Emperor, I have great news. The Parthians have agreed for peace!" The audience of Nero, his wife, and two advisers. Behind Corbulo was a young woman the apparel of most of the middle-class Romans. Her dark brown hair was fashioned up into a loose bun. Her cool green eyes would tempt any man to loose his sanity and decency.

"And who is this young lady?" Nero pondered.

"It is an offering from the Parthian king. His niece." Corbulo then responded.

"I see. Has this girl known a man in bed?"

"Yes, but only twice. She was the new mistress of the Parthian general before he died."

"Disrobe." Nero demanded. The girl did so. Off with the skirt of her dress. There was a small patch of hair, much to everyone's surprise.

"So I see that the General took good care of her!" Nero joked. The girl then removed the upper part of her dress. Two round breasts appeared. The girl would have needed around a 29B bra. Nero then thought sinister thoughts.

"Well, then, General, she's your prize. Lay with her." Corbulo had a stunned look on his face.

"What, sir?"

"Fuck her, Corbulo!" On command, Corbulo disrobed. He had looked at the girl with lust before, but did not expect this.

Corbulo caressed the girl's arm and back, bringing her closer to him. He whispered "Talitha", undoubtedly the girl's name. Corbulo kissed he, trying to muster any thought that this was out of love and attraction, rather than a sexual order. Corbulo knelt down, grabbing Talitha's breasts. Corbulo extended his tongue out, flicking one of Talitha's nipples. He moved his hand gently across her breasts. Talitha clenched her fists and sighed. After awhile, Corbulo stood over Talitha as she descended.

Talitha grabbed Corbulo's almost-fully erect penis. She stroked it carefully, not missing a sight of the growing dick. She used her spit as lubricant, though each time she spat, she was tempted to open her mouth wide. Finally, she lost it. She slid the tip of his dick into her mouth, using her tongue to flick the tip, a favor in return for his action on her nipples. She then sucked on the head. Corbulo was filled with pleasure, twitching his legs. Finally, Talitha took on his whole cock. He was blanketed by the her warm tongue. Corbulo was about to burst.

Knowing that Corbulo was satisfied with her oral skills, Talitha laid on her back. She fingered herself to further lubricate her pussy. Corbulo spread her legs, knelt down, and spat on both his dick and her cunt. He then went inside her.

His first thrusts were very shallow and slow, but this soon changed. Corbulo seemed to blank out of the situation, for he believed it was now him and Talitha alone in some void. Though Talitha was familiar with sex, she had not fucked in weeks. Her whimpers and gasps were loud and high-pitched.

The combined heat in Talitha's pussy made it seem that both her pussy and Corbulo's dick was on fire. Corbulo was grunting, but now he whimpered with the girl. He could not resist the vision of Talitha's breasts beating with his now powerful and deep thrusts. Corbulo leaned over the girl, needing support from the floor to keep him up. He knew he was near, but trying to restrain.

"Corbulo!" Talitha exclaimed. "I'm cumming!" Corbulo felt her muscles tightened and head her scream. He was now over the edge.

"Me too!" And with that, he put screamed with Talitha, unleashing wave after wave of cum into her pussy. The two laid on the floor, Corbulo putting in little twitches here and there. Nero, his wife, and his advisers left. Nero wanted to re-enact what he saw with his wife in his chamber.

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