tagNonHumanThe Room

The Room


James walked into the dimly lit bar of the most upscale hotel he could find in the spaceport he had arrived at just an hour before. Only the best was good enough for a rich businessman like him. Well, soon to be rich. He had spent years perfecting his equipment, techniques and sales methods. Now he just needed to find some product.

While he ordered a drink at the bar he sized up the local talent. The bar was quiet, and there were only a few girls there. None of them stood out to him immediately. Just as the bartender handed him his drink another girl entered. James knew right away she had to be it. She was a stunning blonde, with a finely toned ass and an impressive bust. Wearing a tight dress with high heels, she turned about every guy's head.

She sat down a few stools over and ordered a drink. When the bartender handed it to her and told her how much she owed, James walked over. "Let me get that for you," he said. The girl looked at him, and smiled. She clearly liked what she saw.

"Thanks," she said. "I'm Claire."

"James," he replied, and shook her extended hand. They spent the next hour talking and laughing together, both ordering more drinks and starting to get a little buzzed. When Claire excused herself to the restroom, James ordered two more drinks. When they arrived, he slipped a little pill into hers.


Claire slowly opened her eyes. She felt groggy and had a headache. She couldn't remember where she was. Then she noticed that she couldn't move. She was finally able to look at her surroundings and found herself in a grey room with a door leading out with some kind of interactive touchpad next to it. When she looked down she gasped. She was suspended in mid-air in the middle of the room, held in a tight cross shape by four mechanical arms extending from the corners of the room.

She started panicking. What the hell is going on? she thought. How did I get here? Did that guy from the bar kidnap me? Her heart was beating faster and faster. She tried to wriggle around, but there was absolutely no slack in the arms that were holding her tightly.

Only then did she notice that she was wearing a black, skintight catsuit which covered every part of her body save her feet, hands and head. There were ringlike protrusions in the suit at her nipples and crotch. Claire couldn't make heads or tails out of what was going on. She was scared, confused and had broken out in a cold sweat as thoughts of what was going to happen to her raced through her mind.

The door opened and James walked in. He looked at Claire and smiled. "You look beautiful," he said.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Claire yelled. "Who the fuck are you? Let me down! What the fuck are you doing?!"

James ignored her and tapped a few times on the touchpad. A panel in the ceiling of the room opened and another mechanical arm came out. It's tip bore a large dildo, bigger than anything Claire had seen in her life. It was shaped like a dick, a clear liquid oozing from the tip.

"What the fuck is this?!" she yelled. "You sick fuck!"

"Now, now," said James. "That's no way for a future fuckslut to talk to her master. Now open wide." He pushed a button on the pad and the arm started moving towards Claire's mouth.

Claire instinctively closed her mouth and tried to move her head away from the device as far as her body would allow her to. The arm was persistent however, and started gently pressing the head of the dick to her lips. She felt the hot liquid making contact with her body and her lips started tingling. The arm traced its tip over her lips, cheeks and chin, patiently waiting.

Everywhere the liquid touched Claire's skin started feeling hot and tingly. She started blushing and panting. What the hell was happening to her? What was in this stuff? As more of it was spread over her face she could feel her nipples hardening and wetness spreading between her legs. All she could focus on was the feel of the tip rubbing against her face. Finally, even though her slowly diminishing rational side screamed at her no to do it, she couldn't control herself anymore and opened her mouth.

The arm pushed the dildo inside her mouth. It barely fit and she could feel the corners of her mouth stretching painfully, but at the same time pleasantly for a reason she could not quite figure out. More of the liquid oozed out into her mouth and now she started to feel the tingling sensation in her throat. She could feel the hot, viscous liquid oozing down to her belly making her body feel amazing.

As the last remnants of rationality left her mind she started sucking hungrily on the dildo, trying to swallow as much of the liquid as possible. The arm started moving in and out of her mouth, slowly gaining speed. Claire moaned. By now her nipples were hard as glass and poked through her suit. Her pussy was sopping wet and a large stain had formed at her crotch.

Claire kept sucking more and more of the liquid down from the dildo which was fucking her mouth faster and faster. The size of the dick had been painful at first but now she felt wonderfully stretched. The more liquid she sucked down the more she became aware of her painfully aching nipples and pussy, begging for release. She started wriggling her torso and hips around trying to create some sort of friction with the suit but it was so tight there was none, and she whined quietly.

James had been standing there watching her, absently stroking his rock hard dick. When he saw her wriggling and whining he smiled and pressed some buttons on the pad. Two more arms descended from the ceiling. Claire saw the arms coming towards her but she didn't feel scared anymore. She got even more excited to find out what these had in store for her.

The arms latched on to the rings in the suit on her nipples. The suit opened, allowing the arms access to her nipples. Claire felt them being pinched and shuddered. The arms had a tight hold and slowly started pulling. Claire moaned louder as her chest was deliciously stretched and her nipples tightly clamped and twisted.

She was still eagerly sucking down the liquid coming from the dildo which was roughly being forced down her throat. She felt amazing, her entire body was tense and waves of satisfaction flowed through her body from her nipples being worked by the mechanical arms. Her entire mind was blank, all she could focus on was the intense pleasure she was receiving, yet she still felt an aching need from her dripping wet, empty pussy.

James pressed on the pad and the arms holding Claire's arms and legs tightened. Her body was being stretched to its limits right now but it wasn't painful to her, it only made her more aroused as all her muscles were stretched and all her nerves pressured.

James pressed on the pad again a few times, and another arm came down from the ceiling, bearing a dildo much like the arm that was still fucking Claire's mouth, but this one was even slightly bigger. The arm connected to the ring on her crotch and Claire felt a rush of excitement in her stomach. She expected the dick to be shoved into her, but instead she felt a pinch on her labia. The pinch was quick, hard and unexpected and sent a jolt of excitement through her pussy, making her quiver. Again she was pinched, and again, and again, each pinch making her shiver and even wetter than she already was.

Then, suddenly, the clamp closed down on her clitoris and Claire's eyes rolled back in her head as she exploded in orgasm, waves of pleasure wreaking through her body. She kept orgasming continuously for minutes as the arm pulled and twisted, her mind going blank with bliss.

As the last waves of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced were dissipating, the arm started slowly pushing the dick into her pussy. It was so big it stretched her pussy wider than ever before, and Claire responded by sucking even harder on the dick wildly fucking her throat. As her pussy was being stretched to its limits by the giant dildo being pushed slowly into her pulsating cunt, the clamps on her nipples and clit pulled and twisted even harder, and Claire moaned.

When the dick bottomed out in her sopping hole and hit her womb, Claire orgasmed again. Then she felt the familiar warmth of the liquid she was still hungrily sucking from the dick in her mouth being pumped into her pussy. She desperately tried to grind her pelvis into the giant dildo but she was stretched too tightly and could not move an inch. Then, slowly, the arm started pistoning in and out of her hot, tight cunt, faster and faster, spurting more and more of the liquid inside her. Claire was in heaven, completely lost in absolute bliss. Orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body as she tried to scream but the dick in her mouth was too far down her throat.

Two more arms came down from the ceiling and wrapped themselves around her tits, squeezing them tightly, making her nipples even more sensitive. Claire moaned as she was being fucked in her throat and cunt, as her nipples and clit were pulled and twisted and as the hot liquid was being pumped into her body through both ends.

Then, as Claire started to feel light in her head, all the arms pulled her even tighter at once, especially the clamp on her clit, the dick in her cunt went deeper than ever, stretching her to the limit, and an enormous orgasm exploded throughout her entire body. Pleasure like she had never felt before took control of her as an uncountable amount of orgasms rose up and crashed down upon her. Her entire body was in harmony, resonating with the dicks pistoning in and out of her hot mouth and tight, sopping wet cunt. Then she lost consciousness.


When Claire woke up, she was still suspended in the room. The arms that gave her pleasure were gone, and all she could think about was how to get them back, how to get them to pump more of the hot, amazing liquid into her body. Her entire body ached, but she didn't care. She looked around desperately when the door opened and James walked in.

"Please," she said. "Please give me more, I need more, please!"

James grinned. "You are a good slut. And you are my slut. As long as you are a good slut and do as I say, you will get your reward. Say it."

"I am your slut," Claire repeated. "As long as I am your good slut and do as you say, I will get my reward."

"You are learning fast. Enjoy," said James as he tapped a few times on the touchpad and left the room again, knowing he had broken her.

The arms came back down, first the arm with the dildo which headed for her mouth. She gratefully accepted it as it forced its way down her throat, pumping the liquid into her. Then came the arms which wrapped themselves around her tits and pulled them tight. Next the two arms which connected to her nipples, twisting and pulling them even tighter than before.

Claire drank hungrily, already feeling the effects of the liquid spread through her body. The arm with the even bigger dildo came down and attached itself to her crotch. The clamp closed quick and hard around her clit and Claire had an orgasm. The arm didn't waste any time and forced the giant dick inside her cunt in one hard push.

It hurt this time, the liquid not yet spread through her entire body, but as soon as the dick in her pussy started oozing, the pain turned into pleasure. She was back in her blissful state in no time, being fucked in both holes and her flesh being pulled and twisted, her mind blank with pleasure, orgasming almost continuously. Her pussy and throat were stretched even wider than before, and she loved every second of it.

Then she felt another arm come up behind her and attach to a ring on her ass, which she hadn't noticed up until that point. Claire had never been fucked there, but she wasn't afraid. She was excited. Another dick, about as big as the one forcing itself further and further down her throat, softly started pushing against her asshole. Liquid oozed out of it, acting as lubricant as well as stimulant, as the dick slowly opened her rectum and pushed itself inside her.

Claire enjoyed this one even more than the dick in her pussy, and moaned as best she could while it forced its way inside. Slowly, inch by inch, it spread and stretched her until it had to stop for fear of damaging her body. Claire felt an amazing fullness in her ass and wanted it to stay in forever. Then, it just as slowly started to retreat from her, inching out until her asshole was left empty.

This process repeated itself, every time just a little bit faster, until this arm too was pistoning in and out of Claire's body at amazing speed. She was being fucked in all of her holes while her nipples and clit were being worked and pulled and her tits squeezed tight. She was in absolutely bliss once again, in a continuous state of orgasm, not knowing when one ended and another began. She felt her mind melting as the pleasure consumed her, eyes rolling back in her head. She had stopped sucking on the dick in her mouth, as she had lost control of her muscles. Her body spasmed and contracted when the orgasms coarsed through her, until she lost consciousness again.

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