The Roommate


She began a rhythmic pulsing of her pussy around my stiffening cock, and it quickly had me throbbing along with it. I couldn't lay still any more, so I pushed in time with her squeezing. Working it so I pushed in while she squeezed down. Even though I had just had an orgasm large enough to register on the Richter Scale, in no time at all I was coming again. Joyce gasped and cried out along with me as she pushed and squeezed back at me.

This time she pushed me off and sat up. I lay like a limp rag completely fucked out. She gathered her hair up on top of her head, let it tumble back to her shoulders, then stretched like a big cat.

"Oh, god. There's nothing like a good fuck to make me feel better."

She nudged me with her foot. "Hey, you're not down for the count, are you? Kara's due home before too long."

Kara! In my frenzy of lust, the fact that Kara was due back soon had sort of slipped my mind. How would I explain what had just happened with Joyce?

"Uh, Joyce? I don't suppose you are going to say anything to Kara, are you? I mean, it would kind of kill our relationship, and I really do love her."

"Why you big chicken. Don't you think she'd love to hear how hot you made me? How you made me come for you?"

I could feel myself pale at the thought. Although I was trembling inside, I tried to be as cool as I could be. My next step would be pathetic groveling at her feet, but maybe I could work something out with her that wouldn't totally terminate my life as I knew it.

"So. Is there anyway we could just kind of keep this quiet?"

She was moving around now getting dressed. I got up and started to gather up my scattered garments.

"Well, I guess if you want to be a spoil sport about it, I'll just have to wait to get something going with the two of you together."

"Joyce, that might not be the best idea. I mean, Kara's family is awfully straight-laced. I'm just not sure how Kara would feel about me cheating on her."

"Cheating? Who said anything about cheating. You and Kara enjoy sex. I enjoy sex. Everybody enjoys sex. Why shouldn't we do something so natural and that makes us feel good?

"It's not like I'm going to fall in love with you, Mike," she continued. "And I know you'd never leave Kara. So. Don't you feel better after a good fuck?"

By now I was fully dressed. How did I feel about that little romp in the sheets with Kara's roommate? Okay, that had been a major romp, but in a way Joyce was right. I loved Kara. Nothing had changed about that.

I let the subject drop, and went out to the living room to start on my homework. Somehow it was hard to concentrate. To many thoughts kept chasing themselves through my head. One thought in particular suddenly popped into my head and gave me a chill. What if Kara came home horny and wanted to play? I was always up and ready for action whenever she wanted attention, but tonight I might have trouble performing after my ball-draining performance with Joyce.

When Kara got home, she slammed the door, and I knew I was safe. She'd had another bad day. Once again she'd had an encounter with Dr. M. M. McMaster, her supervising piano instructor. Once again she informed us that "Miserable, Mother-fucking McMaster" (the student-supplied substitute for his initials) was making her life hell.

The girls got supper around. This was our usual pattern. I bought a lot of the groceries, and they did a lot of the work. Not that I couldn't use a can opener too. We all spent some time doing homework right after supper. While it might sound like we were being really diligent students, it was actually All In the Family night on TV, and none of us wanted to miss it.

As usual Kara draped herself across me on the couch in the darkened room, and we did a little petting. Especially during the commercials. At one point I'd run my hand across Kara's breast when I happened to look over a Joyce and saw her watching us. A vision of Joyce underneath me on the bed, all hot and sweaty on the bed like she had been that afternoon, flashed into my head. In the same vision, however, this time Kara leaned over us, her lovely breasts hanging down to give me a passionate kiss while I was inside her roommate. Joyce saw me watching her, and she winked at me as if she could read my mind.

That night, before I went back to my apartment, Kara and I cuddled in the bedroom. She was exhausted and not in the mood for sex. However, she loved the reassuring closeness of our being together. She'd gotten ready for bed, and I sat with her and played my guitar for a while. I just played some slow and quiet improvisations while she lay with her head on my thigh. She like to to this because it relaxed her and would help her get to sleep.

Before I left we spooned together on the bed for a while. I put my arms around her and comforted her. She said I made her feel so much better, and that made me feel so much worse for what I had done with Joyce just hours earlier. However, pressed against her backside, I could feel my cock raising its head in interest. Once again I thought about what Joyce had said about the three of us having sex. What kind of sex fiend was I turning into?

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