tagLesbian SexThe Roommate Ch. 02

The Roommate Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story about my girlfriend, Kara, and her roommate, Joyce. Back in the era of "Peace and Love" (actually, contrary to all the talk, at the time there was precious little of either), we were all in college. If you haven't read the first part, I'd suggest you go back and read it to understand the characters and the situation a little better.

Time-wise, this part actually occurred a little before the incident I related in Chapter 1. Only later did Kara tell me about this part of the story.


Joyce was a great roommate for my girlfriend Kara. They'd enjoyed each other's company as friends, but once they moved in together, they realized how many interests they shared and how their temperaments seemed to compliment one another. Kara had always been a little reserved. Not exactly shy, but she didn't make friends easily and was not one to take the lead in a conversation.

Joyce was just the opposite — outgoing and full of life. Anyone she didn't know was just a friend she hadn't met yet. While Kara was more interested in the domestic side of making their apartment more appealing to live in, Joyce saw it as her duty to make sure Kara had some fun. Of course with me in the picture, Joyce made sure I took Kara out at least once a week for a meal, or dancing, or a party. It was fine with me (although the budget was short and "out to eat" often meant a trip to the local burger palace), and Kara enjoyed going out as much as I did.

Kara lived in another state, but I was only a couple of hours drive away from my parents house. I was expected to go home for birthdays and other special family occasions. Most special occasions anyway. My sister's high school chorus's fall concert was not quite important enough to come home for since I had a test. Of course, I didn't tell my folks the test was to see if I could screw Kara's brains out every day that weekend.

Kara had gone home with me twice already, and my parents thought she was terrific. However, as a music major, she had a killer practice schedule, and I knew it wasn't fair of me to expect her to drag along on every trip I made home.

In January, shortly after we'd gotten back for the new term, I went home for my cousin's wedding. He was the same age I was, and we'd spent a good part of our early years growing up together — this was a family event that I actually wanted to attend. I packed up after my last class of the day and was ready to go when Kara got home from class. She wasn't coming home with me on this trip, and I wanted to say goodbye before I left.

I had a ride home with Josh, my apartment mate. We'd grown up together and been best friends pretty much forever. He was taller than me and better looking. At least the girls seemed to think so. He always had a plenty of dates. In fact he'd even gone out with Joyce a couple of times lately.

Once Josh and I were ready, we swung by Kara's apartment so I could say goodbye. I knocked on the door, and Joyce answered.

"Hi, Mike. Hey, where's that good looking roommate of yours? Did you leave him in the car? Come on, tell him to come in and say hello."

I waved to Josh, and we both entered the apartment. Joyce jumped up into a hug with Josh and locked her legs around him. He was unprepared, and they almost tumbled to the rug. Joyce was laughing as they disengaged. She tugged him towards the kitchen. "Come on. You've got to try one of the brownies I made."

When they were out of sight, I collected Kara in a warm embrace. The weather was supposed to be cold but not snowy, and I told her I'd be back Sunday afternoon. She snuggled close for a kiss and made a point of telling me how horny she would be for me by that time as she rubbed my cock through my pants.

"Whoo, hoo! Looks like she means business, Mike. You'd better be ready," Joyce called from across the living room. She gave Josh a deep kiss then turned back to me. "Now you guys get out of here. The sooner you get back, Mike, the sooner Kara will be able to take care of you."

I was startled because I hadn't realized she was even in the room let alone listening to us. I thought she and Josh were still in the kitchen. Kara blushed a little bit but gave me another warm, wet kiss before I left. Josh thanked Joyce again for the warm, napkin-wrapped brownie he had clutched in his hand.

After we left, Joyce decided Kara needed a little cheering up. "So, girlfriend, what are you planning for the weekend now that your man is out of the way?"

Kara smiled. That was Joyce's usual refrain when I was gone for the weekend, and she gave her usual answer, "I'm planning to get all the things done I don't seem to do when Mike's around. That Chopin etude I'm supposed to perform for the jury in two weeks needs mucho work."

"Yeah, yeah. But what about tonight? I'm dateless and in the mood for a pizza and wine party. How about you?"

"Sure. That would be fun. Maybe there's another crummy movie on TV. Although I don't know how you could top Attack of the Flying Saucers."

Joyce laughed. "Hey, now. It really wasn't so bad after the second bottle of wine kicked in. Course, I don't really remember the way it ended."

"Probably because you were sound asleep on the couch."

"Was not. I may have had my eyes closed for awhile, but I watched all the parts where they blew up those cheesy models. The Eiffel Tower looked like it was made of toothpicks."

"Well, you may have watched the destruction of planet Earth, but I couldn't follow the dialog over your snoring."

"Huh!" Joyce snorted. "Well just for that, I'll let you make the pizza while I go get some wine."

Later, the pizza was gone and they'd found nothing of interest on TV. The apartment was warm, and for comfort they'd both put on long t-shirts they both used for pajamas. As they finished the wine, they talked. Joyce once again brought up how horny she'd been lately. "This really sucks, not getting any."

"What about Josh?"

She grinned. "He's next on the list provided I don't get a better offer. He looks like someone who could keep me happy for a while."

"I'm surprised you haven't let him into your bed yet."

"You mean 'why haven't I fucked him yet?'"

Kara blushed a little. "Yeah. He's available, and he obviously finds you attractive."

"Strategy, my dear. You got to get them hot and panting for it before you let them in on the main event. Anticipation." Joyce sang a few bars of the song, and Kara grinned.

"So, in the meantime," Joyce continued, "I just tell myself 'you are not horny,' and it's all better."

"Maybe you should concentrate more on your studies."

"Right, but studying makes me horny. I might not be able to give Josh the build up he needs."

"Joyce, life makes you horny."

She grinned and tossed a couch cushion at Kara. "Well, at least you've got someone who screws your brains out regularly. Sometimes I just can't bear it listening to you two get it on in the bedroom."

"Well, you're not supposed to listen."

"Like I could avoid it. Mike is usually pretty quiet — just grunts and groans. You, however, like to sing your song."

Kara's face got hot with embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to get that way, it's just . . ." Her voice trailed off in a kind of dreamy reverie as she thought about what it felt like when she was riding Mike's hard cock.

Joyce smiled and moved over beside her on the couch. "Hey, it's okay. I'm not complaining. It's sort of like having my own private sex show. Maybe you guys should perform professionally."

Kara dissolved into giggles. "Now I know you are joking. Who would pay money to see me naked?"

"Plenty of people, doll. You are gorgeous — long tall Sally without her red dress on."

"Oh, don't. My tits are already starting to droop. Who wants to see that."

Joyce frowned in exasperation. "Here. Stand up and take off your shirt. Let's see those tits."

Somewhat self consciously, Kara stood and pulled her shirt off. She struck a pose, and Joyce applauded. She said, "See, I'm already starting to sag."

Joyce stood up and walked around the girl looking at her from all angles. "Hmm. Maybe it's because you spend too many hours hunched over the piano. Let's pull those shoulders back a little. Come on. Stand up straight."

Kara straightened, but then stretched her arms back and sighed. "My muscles get so tight from all that practice. McMaster never lets up."

Joyce put her hands on Kara's shoulders and kneaded the muscles. "How about you let a dancer show you how to get the knots out? Come on. You lay down, and I'll see if I can't loosen you up some."

Kara giggled. "With all the wine I've had, I'm already pretty loose. I wish Mike were here."

"Nope. If he was here, you'd never get a massage — at least for your shoulders. He's a guy. Thirty seconds of targeted muscle relief, and then he'd dive for your boobs. Within two minutes you'd both be doing the horizontal hula."

"Now, come on." Joyce led the girl into the bedroom dimly lit with their nightlight. Joyce shrugged out of her shirt too and grabbed a bottle of lotion from the dresser. Taking a dirty sheet out of the laundry, she flipped it over the covers on the bed. "Here. Lay down, and let me work on you."

Kara gratefully plopped down on the bed and grabbed a pillow for her head. "All right, do me." Then she giggled at what she'd just said.

"You think I wouldn't? You are quite the dish. God, I'd love to watch you and Mike get it on some time."

Kara giggled again, but the thought of having someone watching while Mike was inside her made her pussy give an involuntary twitch. "Mike would freak out."

"Ha! He's male, isn't he? I'll bet you six ways to Sunday he'd fall all over himself to have an audience. All I'd have to do is tell him how hot it would make me to see him fuck you. It's not like I'd have to write up something formal."

By now Kara was enjoying the feeling as Joyce's slick hands rubbed over her back. The oil had some kind of fruity odor that smelled really good. With the wine and Joyce's suggestion, she was starting to drift off into a really great fantasy about her and Mike fucking in front of an audience. She let her end of the conversation lag and just responded with quiet little "Mmms" of encouragement. She imagined it was Mike's hands working on her back while Joyce watched them. Almost involuntarily her hips squeezed together giving her intimate areas a pulse of stimulation.

Joyce worked her way down Kara's back kneading and rubbing. She concentrated on the soft tissues on either side of her spine and worked her way downwards. She stopped more more oil, then came back to Kara's shoulders stretching them up and back. Once Kara had settled back into position, Joyce started working her way back down the center of her back.

By the time Joyce got to her buttocks, the feel of her slippery hands had made Kara more than a little aroused. When Joyce trailed her fingers down the cleft between her cheeks, Kara was torn with a feeling of wanting her to stop before she found how wet she had gotten and the hope that she would continue down between her legs and give her aching sex some relief.

But it was not to be. Joyce continued on down to the backs of her thighs and on to her calves. Kara was surprised how frustrated she felt. She wasn't the kind of girl who liked other girls Kara wished Mike was here right now. She wouldn't let anything stop her from having him fuck her right there in front of Joyce. She smiled a little at the imagined look of surprise on his face as she dragged him to the bed and pulled his clothes off.

At first she'd been a little embarrassed at Joyce's suggestion of watching them have sex, but as Joyce's hands worked her back muscles, the fantasy grew stronger and more detailed in her mind. She visualized herself with Mike poised above her ready to thrust inside her from behind. All the while Joyce watched from beside the bed. Sometimes Joyce had her clothes on in these visions, but as the massage progressed, more often she visualized Joyce standing there in the nude watching them. Joyce wouldn't be able to resist their hot, sexual display. She would have to reach between her own legs to touch herself. Then Kara could see Joyce's hand reach out to touch Mike's rear as he flexed into her . . .

Joyce gave Kara a nudge on her butt. "Turn over. Time to do the other side."

Kara startled out of the fantasy. She was groggy from the mix of wine and the massage, but over it all floated a luminous sense of arousal. She obeyed silently and lay there, eyes closed, in anticipation.

Joyce started at her shoulders again working those muscles and on down her arms. The rubbing touch of Joyce's hands was the only thing that mattered. When Kara thought she couldn't stand it any longer, Joyce finally slid her oily hands across her breasts. Her nipples were like little marbles, and the jolt of pure pleasure made her gasp.

"Nice, huh?" Joyce asked.

Kara could only moan has the other girl's hands slid off the sides of her soft, pillowy breasts leaving the tips in urgent need of more stimulation. "God, you're killing me here." There was no doubt in her mind now. Somewhere in the last minutes they'd crossed the line. She was now thoroughly aroused.

"Oh, yeah. We'd have Mike licking your pussy in a minute, wouldn't we?

Dreamily Kara replied. "He's never done that to me. Not yet, anyway."

"No. You're kidding. All you do is fuck?"

Kara smiled. "Well, no. Sometimes I suck him."

Joyce had worked her way down across Kara's stomach. Kara's hips bucked up of their own accord as the other girl's hands slid past on either side of her aching pussy. She'd expected to feel a surge of sensation, from Kara's fingers.

"What's that buzzing noise I hear sometimes?"

In her excitement Kara missed the question and had to replay it in her sex-befuddled brain. "What? Oh. That." Blood surged to her face and knew she was blushing deeply. As Joyce's hands went to work on her thighs, she tried to relax and reorder her thoughts. "That's Mike's massager."


"Yeah, one of those vibrator things? I got it at Sears for Mike last Christmas when he was having trouble with backaches."

"Does he still have backaches?"

"Well, sometimes," Kara said with a lazy smile. "Actually, he figured out another use for it pretty soon after I gave it to him."

"Another use?" Joyce encouraged.

"Oh, yes." Now she was feeling daring. "He uses it on my pussy," she confessed and giggled at what she had said.

"Your pussy? How does it feel?"

"Oh, my god. You have no idea. I fell in love all over again that first night," she giggled again.

Now Joyce's eyes had a far-away, dreamy look. "Show me," she said.

"What?" She looked up, startled.

Joyce gave her a lazy smile. "Show me."

Right now?"

"Oh, yes. I'm in the mood for it, that's for sure. Rubbing you all over really made me feel good. Use it on me like Mike uses it on you. Make my 'front' ache go away."

Kara was uncertain for a moment, but a feeling of daring danced along with the her arousal. The massager was under her bed, and in a moment, she had retrieved it. It was turquoise blue and looked like a small hand mixer with a handle like a hammer. Instead of mixing blades, it had a round, hemispheric knob of plastic sticking out at the bottom.

"Oh. So how does it work?" Joyce asked.

Kara smiled and reached over Joyce to plug it into the wall outlet. She couldn't help but make contact with the other girl and reveled in the warm smoothness of Joyce's skin against the hard nubs of her nipples.

Once the massager was plugged in, she sat back and flicked on a small black switch. The machine made a quiet buzzing noise. Both girls sat there for a moment staring at the object in Kara's hand.

"That's it?" Joyce asked.

"Just wait," Kara smiled and touched the knob to the other girl's shoulder. She let it drift gently over the muscles on the right side of Joyce's neck then lifted it off and put it on the right side.

"Mmmm. I can see why that would make Mike's back feel great."
 Kara reached over and gave the other girl's shoulder a nudge. "Lay back, and I'll show you what it's really good for."

Joyce slipped back on the bed and scrunched a pillow behind her head. Kara waited until she had settled in place then reached over and touched the end of the humming massager to Joyce's pubic mound and moved it gently through the light brown curls.

"Oh my God. That is so amazing." Joyce's voice was quietly distant as the vibrations permeated her pelvic area. Her legs parted slightly, and Kara moved the massager down towards the join of her legs. Kara knew Joyce wanted to feel the vibrations more directly, but she deliberately slid the machine off to one side traveling down the inside of the other girl's thigh. Two could play at this teasing game.

Joyce made small moans of pleasure as Kara buzzed the machine all around the area, never going near the other girl's clitoris. Joyce's legs were now splayed out wantonly displaying her sex now flushed a deep red. Kara had never looked at another girl before, but in the dim light of the room she could see Joyce's arousal in the way moisture glistened on the lips that had opened like the petals of a flower.

"Oh, god. Oh, god. Just DO it!" Joyce shrieked. "Come on and make me come."

Kara finally took mercy on the girl and pressed the tip of the massager against her clitoris letting her feel the full force of the vibration. Joyce gave one tense "UH!" of pleasure, then her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream of joy. Kara could see the waves of muscle contraction in Joyce's body as pulse after pulse of orgasmic bliss surged through her body.

Joyce finally collapsed back to the bed and lay panting for a moment. "That was one of the most incredible things I've ever felt, Kara. Thank you, thank you for that . . ." and her eyes bugged out as Kara moved the massager's tip back up to her sensitive clit once more. "Oh, no. Don't. I can't. I can't stand it. Oh, shit! I'm coming again." Her voice cracked and she uttered unintelligible little cries as another powerful orgasm swept through her body.

Kara let the other girl catch her breath for a moment this time while she trailed the massager up and down Joyce's legs. She used it for a time on the soles of Joyce's feet eliciting both sighs of satisfaction as it relaxed her muscles and giggles as it tickled her skin.

She brought the tool back up to Joyce's pelvic area again and used it on the sides of her hips.

"Oh, my god that is a wonderful thing." She wiped her hand across the beads of sweat on her forehead. "Why don't you lay back a minute?"

"I'm not sure you are done yet." She smiled at Joyce as she moved the massager back to the girl's pubic mound.

"No, no. I can't. I just . . ." Joyce's voice trailed off as the vibrating tip of the massager spread apart the folds of skin and came closer to the sensitive nub of tissue. "Oh. Oh. Just right there. No, don't go back." She was twisting and turning almost uncontrollably. "You wicked thing, just make me come! Make me come . . . " the words trailed off into an unintelligible shriek of satisfaction as the girl jackknifed upwards.

Joyce was panting with exhaustion, but before flopped back on the bed again, she grabbed for the massager. "Give me that thing, you sadistic witch." Her hand found the plastic handle and wrestled it out of Kara's grasp.

She clicked off the switch and laid back on the bed trying to catch her breath. She looked up at Kara with hooded eyes. "That was amazing." She stretched her arm back and let the massager dangle on the cord down to the floor. She reached up her other hand and tugged at Kara's arm. "Now you lay back for a bit. I think it's time for you to relax and enjoy the party."

Kara slid around gratefully on the bed and lay back. She could hardly believe how much tormenting the other girl through a series of orgasms had aroused her. Her own pussy was about to explode with tension. Maybe she could tease Mike like this some day then fuck him stupid.

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