The Roommates


Meeting Julie

The bar was hoppin', literally packed wall to wall. And there was plenty of eye candy. The band was tight and they were hammering out the dance tunes one right after the other, keeping the dance floor busy. Kevin loved nights like this. It didn't happen all the time, but when everyone was having a good time, and the band was connecting with the crowd, it just couldn't be beat.

He was the bass player in a very popular four-piece classic rock cover band. They were in high demand and could play as much as they wanted. Ted, one of the guitar players, taught guitar lessons during the day, and as far as he was concerned, he would play every night. Kevin was retired, so he was never the problem when it came to booking events. But Mark, the drummer and Steve, the other guitar player, had 'regular' daytime jobs, and had to work occasional weekends, so they didn't play as much Kevin would have liked. Not that he needed the money; he was financially secure. He got a rush from playing, and it was the best way to meet women.

He scanned the crowd, looking for groups of girls without any attached males. He always had to work a little harder than Ted did. There is some truth to the cliché that the bass player never gets chicks. Steve and Mark were both married, but seemed to always have women flirting with them, much to their wives' disapproval. At first he had wondered why the wives even came along. It was a terrible date. There would be the ride to the venue and the then back home, but other than breaks and a little bit of time before the show started, the wives were on their own. But he learned quickly that they came to make sure nothing happened to their hubbies. Not that he thought they would cheat, but one's conscience has a louder voice when the wife is right there watching.

On the other hand, Ted seemed to go home with a different girl every night. Every so often he'd have a girlfriend that would show up with him, but he was a bit of an ass in the way he treated his women, so the relationships didn't last long.

Tonight there was a good selection. He had scanned the club and chatted with a few of the groups during the first break. But during the second set, his eye caught a tall brunette who was sitting near the back. When he looked again, she was gone, but he spotted her on the dance floor. He followed her as she danced. Not a "10" but definitely attractive. He continue to watch her, hoping she would look at the band. A few moments later she looked at the stage, and their eyes met. She turned away, but he kept on watching. She looked back, their eyes met, and he smiled at her. She smiled back, then again turned away. After about a minute, she looked back, and he was able to wave at her between notes. She smiled and waved back. The song ended and she disappeared into the crowd.

Kevin found himself fixated on her. She had black hair, and dark skin. She wasn't "model" skinny, but she wasn't fat either. In his opinion, just about perfect. It wasn't hard to notice her breasts. She had on a low cut shirt that drew attention to her cleavage. On the other hand, she wasn't huge. She had long legs and a nice round butt. But what had caught is eye was her beautiful face, and her fantastic smile.

The band played a few more songs then it was time for another break. He looked around to see her, but no luck. He made a dash to the bathroom, then headed outside to relax. In between sets the club played loud dance music. The songs where all the gals got on the dance floor and danced the same exact step together. Not his style at all. And it was always loud. To give his ears a break, and take in some fresh air, Kevin stepped out, and leaned against his truck. He watched quietly as people came and went, occasional saying "hello" when he was noticed, and made the usual inquiries as to how they liked the band and if they were having a good time. He looked at his phone, and knew he had only a couple of minutes before he had to go back in.

He was just about to step towards the door to head back in when when he heard her.

"I'm Julie."

He turned and she extended her hand. "Hey, hello. Kevin." He grasped her hand and gave it a soft squeeze. He looked into her face. "I thought you left" he said as he let go of her hand.

"No, just had to go to the girl's room. When I came out, I looked but didn't see you. Ted said you were probably out here."

'Great' he thought, 'Ted's already talked to her. I hope he can keep his distance.' He caught himself staring at her face. She was quite attractive. She glanced to the door, and he remembered he was just about to go back in. "Julie, it was nice to meet you. I've got to head back inside. We're probably getting to ready to start back up. You going back in?" he asked, hoping she was.

"Absolutely. You guys are rocking the place."

She turned with him and they walked side by side back to the door. He opened it for her, and in the light could tell she was very beautiful. "Talk to you later?" he asked. She smiled and nodded.

He was fixated on her throughout the next set. He watched her when she danced. Towards the end, she even danced in front of the stage with a few other girls, watching him as she did. He happened to catch envious glances from Ted and Steve. She was the hottest girl that had paid any attention to their bass player since forever. When they finished the set, he looked around for her, but, again, she was no where to be seen. As usual, he retreated to the refuge of the parking lot. He stepped out the door and there she was, looking at him and leaning back against his truck.

"Hi Julie. It's good to see you again." He stepped in close to her.

"Yea, I figured it out this time" she grinned. "You sounded great in there.'

"The band, or me?" he asked.

"The band... and you" she said. He wasn't sure if she was being nice or if she actually knew when a bass player was doing a good job. Most people hadn't a clue. "You've been in the pocket all night long."

He smiled to himself. This girl knew a thing or two about bass playing and music. "Thanks. That's nice of you to say. Most people have no idea. You were burning up the dance floor. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you."

She smiled and reached forward, and playfully slapped his arm, but left her hand resting there. "Can't help but move when you guys are grooving the way you are."

"Are you here by yourself tonight?" he asked, hoping that she was. He already felt a strong attraction to her. Not so much because she was a knock out, but she seemed very friendly.

"All by myself. My roommate and I usually go out together, but she felt a little tired tonight, so it's just me."

'That's encouraging - no wing man, no fifth wheel' he thought. "I'm glad you came out." He moved his arm forward and touched her on her other arm.

"I'm glad too. I've never seen you guys before and I'm having a blast. Everyone one else looks to be having a good time as well. When do you guys play next?"

He leaned it bit closer. "Next Saturday night" He mentioned the venue that was in the next town over. "Think you'll make it? Maybe your roommate will feel like going too."

"I've been there once before. It's nice."

He noticed that she didn't commit to going. "Julie?" He paused, stared into her eyes, and decided to make a move. He leaned into her face and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. Not too long, and closed-mouth. Just enough to let her know he was attracted to her and to indicate he was looking for more.

Surprisingly she pulled back. Not right away, but before he finished. She looked a little surprised, but then smiled. "Kevin" she started.

"I'm sorry if that was too forward. I feel attracted to you. Even though we haven't talked much, I feel the beginning of a connection with you." He hoped he hadn't moved to quickly. He watched her face as she thought about what she was going to say. She moved her arm up to his shoulder, and lightly rubbed it with her fingers.

"I liked it, Kevin" she began. "Things are complicated with me. I like you, but I feel like I have to go slow this time around." She finished by giving him a very innocent kiss on the cheek.

"OK" He didn't know what else to say. Until she pulled away, he thought that he could really get to know her, that he could spend real time with her. Just then the side door opened, and he heard Ted holler "Time!"

"I've got to go back in; we're starting our last set. Are you going to stick around till later?" He hoped she would. He wanted to talk with her some more.

"I will"

"Great!" He smiled then started back in. He turned back to see if she was following him, but she remained by the truck. "You coming in?" he asked, standing at the door.

"In a few minutes. I will talk to you before I leave."

He turned and went back inside. The last set was it's usual energetic roller coaster ride, but Kevin's thoughts were on Julie. He did see her every so often, but she wasn't out on the dance floor as much, and the eye contact was limited. When they shut down, he proceeded to pack his gear up and load out, then helped tear down the PA and haul everything to the band trailer. The band settled with the owner and everyone got their pay. The wives were itching to go, and even Ted was ready to leave. Kevin said goodbye to everyone, and then turned to find Julie.

She was sitting in the back of the bar, and watched as he walked over to the table. He sat down and said "That was fun, but I'm exhausted. Thanks for staying late."

She didn't say anything. "Julie, I'd like to see you again. I know you said things are complicated, but I hope that doesn't mean that you and I can't get to know each other better." He paused to determine if there were any clues to her reaction, but could see none. "Can I take you out to dinner sometime this week?" He waited for her to answer.

Julie took her time. It was clear to him that she was honestly struggling with the decision, but gave her the time and space she needed. "Wednesday night OK?" she finally asked.

Kevin grinned. "Absolutely! Should I pick you up or..."

"I'll meet you some place" she interrupted.

He knew she was playing it safe. They agreed on a place and time. He stood up and she followed. To his surprise, she gave him another kiss on the cheek, said "See you Wednesday" and walked to the door. He watched her until she was gone. Then did one last check of the stage to be sure the band didn't leave anything, and drove home.

The Date

He couldn't wait for Wednesday evening. He played different scenarios over in his head, guessing at what issues Julie might be struggling with. Was she still involved with someone, or was she going through a break up? He hoped it was nothing serious.

Finally the evening came. He got cleaned up, and drove to the restaurant, getting there a few minutes early. She was already there, sitting at a booth. He smiled and gestured to the hostess, indicating he was meeting someone already seated. "Hello Julie, good to see you" he said as he sat down across from her.

"Hi Kevin"

She seemed to be in good spirits. After some small talk, the waitress came for their order. When the waitress left, the table was quiet for a minute or too. Julie looked down into her iced tea, stirring the ice with her straw. To him, she looked about ready to tell her story, so he waited until she started.

She looked up at him, and began. "Kevin, I want to first say that I'm glad we met. I like you - you seem nice. But there are things about me that I'm not ready to tell you. And I want to be upfront with you. I know that when you start dating or having a relationship, you have to be honest with each other. If we're going to get to know each other better, and that's what I would like, I'm going to have to ask that you let me deal with my personal issues alone. If I feel the time is right, I may let you know about them. How does that sound?"

It was clear that she had rehearsed the entire speech. He wanted to quickly say it was just fine, but decided to take his time. After taking a drink of his beer, he said "Julie, I like you too. I'm more than willing to give you the time and space you say you need. If things progress, and we become closer, which I think I would like, that would be great, but if not, then I think would like to still be your friend. You can tell me anything when you're ready, or you don't have to say anything at all." He took another drink, and let what he said soak in. She smiled, and then reached over to hold his hand.

"Thank you Kevin" she said a she gave hand a gentle squeeze.

They spent the rest of the dinner talking about him. Where he grew up, what he did for a living, how long he'd been playing with the band. He mentioned that he was 55, and had been married before, but his wife had died about ten years earlier. Every time he asked about her, she tactfully changed the topic back to him. He was able to find out that she was 33 years old. Julie confirmed that she and her roommate where planning to come see them play on Saturday. She asked the relationship status of the other band members, he guessed for her roommate's benefit. He told her about the two married guys, and that Ted was single, but didn't see anyone he cared for dating him. He hoped that she got the message.

After they turned down dessert and paid the check, they got up and walked towards the door. She grabbed him softly by the arm, pulling him around to face her. "Kevin, um, my roommate dropped me off. Do you think you could give me a ride home?"

"Sure" and he led her to his truck. He opened the passenger door for her and help her up into the cab. He had heavy duty four-wheel drive pickup, and getting in can be a challenge to some. When he got in, Julie had already scooted over to the middle. That was why he loved bench seats. After he got in and buckled up, she scooted further up against him. He put his arm around her. When he turned to get directions, she was right there, and pressed her lips against his. He returned the kiss. She looked at him, then kissed him again, this time opening her lips and pushing her tongue gently against him. He opened his mouth and let her explore. 'Ooh, she is a good kisser' he thought to himself, 'I could get used to this.'

She directed him to her apartment. It was in a good part of town and they had a reputation of being on the high end. Fairly new. When he got to the security gate, she gave him a number to punch in. The gate opened, and she directed him to where her apartment was. When he parked, they kissed some more, and he began to caress her arms, then shoulders, then lower back.

"Would you like to come up for a beer?" she asked as she collected herself.

"Sure, that sounds good" he said as she scooted back over to the passenger door. He unbuckled, and they both got out. He noticed that they were in front of a two story building, but he could only see doors on the ground level. He guessed that these were more like town homes than the usual apartment. "Do you rent or buy?" He asked on the way to the door she pointed to.

"My roommate and I bought it together." she said.

"That's nice" but he thought how odd it would be that two women would buy a townhouse together. Two sisters, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, but he had never heard of two single women buying a house together. But maybe it was a new trend. They stopped at the door, and he kissed her. She unlocked the door and said "Come on in."

The door opened into a large living area. It was very nicely furnished. He could see a kitchen towards the back, and a generous dining area. "Sit down and make yourself comfortable" she said. "I'll get you that beer."

He sat down on the couch and continued to look around. Nice artwork on the walls, the usual woman's magazines on the table. He notice pictures of her alone, and there were pictures of another woman as well. 'Must be the roommate' he thought, 'she's nice looking too.'

"Here you go" she said as she handed him a beer. He thought how cool it was that a girl actually had cold beer in her refrigerator. He took a sip. "Would you excuse me? The iced tea is calling" and she turned down a hallway out of sight. He resumed his visual inspection. Plants, none of them dying. There was a television mounted on a wall, but no stereo that he could tell. It looked like any woman's apartment he had ever seen. Then it clicked - no pictures of any guys. Was she a lesbian? Is that what the hang up was? Was she involved with her roommate, but was starting to think about 'switching sides' or just experimenting with a heterosexual relationship? He could definitely handle that. No problem.

He saw her walk back into the kitchen, heard her pop a cork, and she came back over to the couch with glass of wine. His eyes were immediately drawn her breasts. While she had been in the back, he guessed in the bathroom, she had completely undone her blouse. While her tits where not out in the open, he could see down the middle of her chest all the way down to her belly button. She had a good amount of cleavage, promising nicely shaped and sized breasts to either side.

"You like those?" she asked. He looked back up at her and she had an evil grin on her face.

"What's not to like? That's quite a view" he said. He felt frozen, not sure of how to proceed. Had it been any other woman, he would have been all over her, but Julie had said she wanted to go slow, that she needed time to think about things. This was not going slow though, not in anyone's book.

She pulled the front of her blouse to each side, fully exposing her breasts. It was almost as though she wanted to hear what he thought of them. They were magnificent. A light chocolate brown, each topped off with an erect nipple sitting on dark brown rings of skin. He always had trouble estimating breast size. They all looked big to him. But these were perfect. They didn't droop, and the nipples pointed straight forward. They had a nice round shape.

She leaned forward, letting them drop to his face. "Only a nickel to touch, a dime to kiss" she whispered in his ear."

He needed no further encouragement. Obviously, she was ready to let things get much more personal and intimate. He reached up, taking a breast in each hand, and gently caressed them, following the contours from her chest to the nipples. He brushed each nipple gently, and could hear her breath quicken. He leaned his head forward, momentarily troubled at the decision of which nipple to taste first. After realizing it didn't matter, he went to his left, and took her nipple in between his lips. He moved his lips back and forth over the nipple, applying slight suction. After letting go, he twirled his tongue around it, then began on the other side.

Julie was softly moaning. She whispered "that feels great. Keep going."

That was advice he didn't need. He continued with his hands, lips and tongue. By now he had a raging hard on. He still couldn't figure the rapid change of events. But what the hell. He moved his hands around to her back, and let them fall to her ass. He started with caressing her butt cheeks, but soon had moved to massaging them. How soft yet firm they were. He started to move his hands around to the front, and she gasped.

Julie quickly stood up, moving her breasts out of the range of his lips. His hands no longer held her. He looked up at her, and could sense the conflicted emotions she was going through. She calmed herself, then looked at him. Kevin had an undeniable expression of disappointment. Then she noticed the bulge in his pants. She gave a nervous smile, then after a moment, reached down and grabbed his hand.

"Come with me."

She pulled him up and forward, leading him to the stairs. She led him up the stairs and turned right into a bedroom. It was obviously a woman's décor. She sat on the bed and pulled him to stand in front of her. She intently raised his shirt up and over his head, tossed it to the side, and leaned forward. She kissed and sucked each nipple, going back and forth. Then she sat back, looked up at him, and smiled.

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