tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Rose Diaries Ch. 08

The Rose Diaries Ch. 08


Disclaimer and Notes: The Rose Diaries is an incredibly dark story focusing on forced (heavy emphasis on "forced") feminization of a completely non-compliant individual. There are elements of non-consent, violence, and dark subject matters. In addition, this story depicts dysphoria, dissociation, and general depression.

I hope you do enjoy this chapter if you decide to continue reading. If you do enjoy this chapter, please leave a comment/feedback and let me know!

Also, I'm sorry that I got this up so much later than scheduled. I was extremely sick and in the hospital for a bit. And so, couldn't edit this story or upload it till now.

Thank you.


The night drew long as the five of them bickered, taunted, and laughed together. At one point, Peter had gotten to a duel with Lavender with only one life remaining between the two. Lily was on his side grabbing on to his shoulder and shouting his name with such fervor and volume he thought the windows would shatter. The reigning home champion, Lavender, had her own cheerleader squad who's overlapping voices yelled both strategies and insults at him. He landed a perfect hit sending Lavender and her team's hopes and dreams flying off the stage. He and Lily cheered loudly tossing the controller away and embracing. She planted a kiss on his forehead as she yelled his name. He blushed as she held his hand sky high as the others joined in laughing.

He couldn't help but enjoy himself.

They played board games which Lily dominated with sheer cunning and wit. They played rhythm games which Blossom slaughtered with her perfectly in sync movements like a river stream. They even sung karaoke loudly and proudly to which he was surprised to find that Jasmine had the voice of angel or a demon depending on the song.

It felt like home. For the first time, it felt like this was his home.

He rode the high of their partying until early morning before all five of them fell asleep on Lavender's massive bed. He rode the high through a night of deep dreamless slumber. When he awoke he was ready for the day but to his and the rest of the girls Miss K. and R. never showed up.

He watched the sun rise, reach its peak, and then begin to set once more. They waited in silence. Waiting for anyone to come bursting through the doors. They ate frozen breakfast, lunches, and dinners that Lavender heated up behind a hidden microwave/fridge/freezer. But even eating delicious junk food did not satisfy their nerves.

Eventually, Miss K. and R. appeared just before the last of the sunset had vanished over the horizon.

"Hiya!" Miss R. smiled at the five of them. "We'll be taking Dolly now." She had a gleaming look in her eyes that he knew far too well. Something horrible was about to happen.

"Miss R.?" Lavender spoke up. "Where's Miss T.?"

"Or Miss P." Blossom chimed in with a gulp. "We've been in here all day."

"Oh, have you?" Miss R. gave a small laugh at that. "Maybe they forgot." Miss K. elbowed Miss R. lightly as she shook her head with a sigh.

"Girls, why question another day off? No one forgot about you. We have a very busy day tomorrow. All of us. But I won't ruin the surprise just yet." She focused on Peter as he paced towards her in trepidation.

"No need to fear us, Doll. I just want to get you washed up. Come on." He nodded as he followed them out. They led him down another hallway into an elevator. He tapped his fingers on his legs as they began to descend.

"How was your evening, Dolly?" Miss R. smiled as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

"Yes, tell us. How was Lavender's?"

"It was good!" His words were far more cheerful than he wanted to give them. The two of them exchanged a glance of pride for his actions.

"We know. We saw." Miss K. stated matter-of-factly.

"You did?"

"We did. You think we were going to miss it? You looked like you had a lot of fun with your older sisters. You want to go back?"

"Yeah! I'd love it."

"See, now you'll have to work for it. I have no doubts that you can do it though. Perhaps you'll overthrow Lavender one day from her top spot." She laughed.

"I don't think I will." He shook his head. "How was your party?"

Miss R.'s hand shot out as she grabbed his ear giving it a sharp jerk and twist. He bent over and his eyes watered.

"None of your business." She growled. Miss K. burst into loud mocking laughter as the elevator came to a halt.

"I got Roxanne drunk! Oh my god, Doll, you wouldn't believe the things Roxy was able to do sauced. It was incredible." She laughed. Miss K. spoke to him like an old friend gossiping about another.

"Shut up!" Miss R. stomped her foot as her cheeks turned red.

"Ahh she's embarrassed!" Miss K. laughed as he cracked a smile with her when Miss R finally released him to pout.

"She's standing on the couch belting Hotel California with Penelope who's careening back and forth, face flush, with a bottle of rosè in hand and they both tumble off the couch. Isabelle's on her third slice of cake, Candice is too busy taking photos to save the moment, and Vivian and Marcela are aggressively making out against the bookshelf." The doors opened revealing what looked to be a lavish waiting room. There were fourteen different keys hanging on hooks for fourteen different rooms and a large room that was dark and blocked off with red velvet rope. To their right was a large hallway leading into the unknown where they both directed him without any hesitation.

"I'll kill Doll if you finish this story." Miss R. pouted.

"So, Roxanne and Penelope are somewhere behind the couch as I'm laughing with Francine about this whole chaotic mess and just very quietly over the music, the laughter, and the conversations you hear a very pained..." Miss K. cleared her throat as Roxanne nearly sprinted down the corridor.

"Mirrors on the ceiling. The pink champagne on ice. And she said, 'we are all prisoners here, of our own device.'" She sang to him before returning to laughing until her face turned red.

"She didn't even stop! Doll, she didn't even stop singing face down on the carpet after falling drunkenly off her couch. It was amazing. The others really seemed to like that side of her."

"Sounds like Miss R. can't handle her drink." He spoke up praying it was just out of earshot from the distant Miss R.

"No, she cannot." She nodded. "So, we're heading off to the baths down here. It's very nice and cozy. Also, I'd like to have sex with you tonight." She said bluntly not bothering to even look at him.

He paused but continued to move. He let her question hang in the air.

"Would you like me to repeat it? I'd like to have sex with you, Doll."

"Wow." Was all he managed to spit out. He had waited years for a woman of Miss K.'s caliber to say those words to him. He fantasized about it since he was a kid. Yet, he never imagined it would be like this. Gone of all pretense or confusion. That woman just straight up asked him.

"I can go a third time if you need it. It's not a command though I don't like repeating myself."

"So, this isn't a fun soak in a tub?" He joked. She gave a quiet laugh as the air began to get hotter and hotter. He wondered how the two of them could stand it in their black suits.

"It can be." She winked. He shook his head.

"I didn't-"

"I know exactly what you meant." Eventually, the came to a large spiral staircase that descended downwards towards a large open room. There were several illuminated pools that wafted steam high that made the air smell sweet like flowers. There were cordoned off "rooms" with glass walls bare except for cushioned lounge chairs. The largest of the pools had a several chairs nearby and next to it was a large cushioned bench with belts and buckles attached. He spotted Miss R. by one chair struggling with taking off her clothes with a grimace.

"Can't wait to get naked, Roxanne?" Miss K. grinned at her friend.

"I will toss you into that bath Kit-Kat." She growled as she fumbled with the middle button on her jacket.

"Yeah, yeah. See, Doll's lucky. She has lingerie on, so she can get undressed easily. We have entire suits." She spoke as they both made it to the floor. She kept her hand on his shoulder as she directed him over to the chairs. Nearby was some sort of cushioned bench with chains and buckles attached.

Miss K. was far quicker at stripping off her clothes than Miss R. was. While Miss R. was undoing her shirt, Miss K. was already in her underwear. She wore a black lacy bra with matching panties that reminded him of his own. As she stripped away one article of clothing, she would neatly fold it to place delicately on the chair. He could feel his arousal beginning to grow as he stared at her nude form. She had a stunning body with curves in all the right places. She carried herself with pride as she sauntered over to him to give him a kiss on the forehead. In the soft lights of the baths, she was radiant as moonlight.

"I'm going to go get fetch towels." He barely heard her voice as he watched her breasts bounce with each step. He longed for them instantly bringing about feelings of long lost love. He wanted to taste them, to feel their silky touch, and feel Miss K.'s true warmth.

He felt immediately better noticing she lacked the endowment from their last nude encounter.

Miss R. stomped her foot and scoffed as nearly tore off her bra and pants before throwing them into the ever-growing pile behind her. She struggled with right shoe until she kicked it off without a care and sent it soaring to join their sibling somewhere in the mess she had just created.

Miss R. was shorter than he remembered. At least, shorter than Miss K. for certain. Whereas Miss K. had a sultry sexy figure. Miss R. had an athletic toned one that reminded him of how much stronger they both were than him. She was gorgeous, but her beauty played second fiddle to Miss K.'s in his mind. Though Miss K. was completely hairless, Miss R., on the other hand had a patch of hair shaved in the shape of a heart on her bikini line.

She noticed his gaze and scowled immediately crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently.

"You say one word wrong and I'll break you over my goddamn knee. Now go ahead and strip. I bet my clit is bigger than your dick right now." He nodded at as he shied away from her rage ignoring her easy attempt to bait him into some sort of humiliation. He began to strip his own clothes away copying both elements of Miss K.'s tidiness and Miss K.'s carefree attitude. His pile could barely be called that, but he kicked away the high heels as soon as he had a chance.

"I can't compliment you, Miss R.?" Peter asked sitting down next to his clothes.

"Oh, you can. But you strike me as a kind of girl who would use that opportunity to gladly make fun of me." She ran her hands through her hair and flicked it over her shoulder before approaching the baths.

"I wouldn't dare." He lied. He could easily handle Miss K. who treated him with dignity now, but Miss R. was hard to talk to. She constantly forced him to lie to her face about the most meaningless of things. He hated her, but he needed to say that he loved her. He wanted to hurt her, but he needed to say that he cared for her.

"Okay." She scoffed dipping her toes into the warm water with a content sigh. He sat next down to her following in her example. He moaned as his feet entered the water as what felt like days of wearing those torturous high heels started to fade away. Peter glanced at Miss R.'s nude form now appreciating it for what it was. An excuse to see her at her most vulnerable. To remind him that such a monster...

He balked as he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks.

Miss R.'s back was covered in scars and on her shoulders, she had two words tattooed in flowery script: "Failure" and "Worthless".

"Miss R.?" His voice was shaken and quiet. She shot him a look of confusion then slowly it morphed into pure disdain. She scowled and narrowed her eyes at him

"No!" She shouted. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" She pushed off the edge landing with a splash in the water before vanishing beneath the warm waters. Her sudden outburst made his stomach do flips as he instinctively shied away from her rage and found himself back near his own clothes.

He anxiously awaited Miss K.'s return but found himself unable to look away for even a second from the water where Miss R. remained. His heart beat faster and faster as he tapped his foot anxiously against the tile.

"I wasn't going to say anything bad. I promise." He called to her. She emerged gasping as she pushed her hair from her eyes.

"SHUT UP!" She roared again. Her rage rebounded off every wall and floor as it assaulted his own ears. "You are a doll. You are my toy. I-I don't care about what you think of me. I don't want your sympathy. AND I DON'T WANT ANYONE'S PITY!" She slapped the water as she screamed at him. He stopped tapping his foot.

"Come on now. Can't I leave you two alone for a few minutes without one of you screaming bloody murder?" Miss K. sighed as she came back with objects of her search tucked neatly under her arm. She shook her head in disappointment as she laid them down near her clothes. He watched her fish in the pile before she pulled out a small black device and his eyes widened.

"NO! NO!" He screamed raising his arms to block his face. He knew that device from so many times before. It was the remote to his collar. He squeezed his eyes shut until he heard a soft click from behind and the collar released its grip around his neck.

"Honestly, you two. Doll, your collar may be waterproof, but you won't need it. Go ahead and place it down with the rest of your stuff. Oh, and lose the wig. That's definitely not made for bathing."

He shakily raised his hands to his neck before slipping the collar off easily. He turned it over in his hands in disbelief as he tossed it without any trouble into his own pile along with the damned wig. Even in the hot air of the baths, he felt like a great weight had been lifted and a rush of cool air flowed over him. He sighed contently as he finally ran his fingers through his own hair.

"Come on." She smiled as she extended her hand to him.

"Can't I enjoy this moment a big longer?" He sighed.

"Come on." She repeated not budging an inch. He took her hand lightly as she guided him into the water with her. She held on to him as the bath water licked every inch of his body with their burning tongues and sighed deeply as old aching pains begun to fade.

"Isn't this nice?" She cooed quietly pulling him close.

"Miss K., I have a lot of questions." Peter simply said.

"Oh? What's on your mind?"

"Every girl I've spoken to is scared of Miss P. But she just seems so nice. Is there a reason?"

"Oh many. But fear is quite good here. It keeps unruly girls in line and the obedient girls safe. There's no reason for it. It just simply is."

"I see." He muttered with a heavy sigh. Miss R. popped her head up from under the water next to them.

"Welcome Roxanne." Miss K. smiled.

"Whatever." Miss R. leaned against the wall with a heavy sigh. She was still clearly agitated from before. But Peter couldn't help but wonder if she was just always a bit pissed off. He'd never motioned to try to understand her. She just seemed so angry, so scared, so spiteful of his every action. Even before he picked up the knife. Perhaps, it had something to do with those scars?

"Roxanne." She laughed quietly as she gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Stop moping. You were looking forward to this all day."

"Yeah, I know Kit-Kat. I just feel her gaze and it honestly makes my skin crawl." Miss R. scratched her arm anxiously.

"Doll's? Doll didn't mean any offense. Did you Doll?" He shook his head.

"No. I just wanted to give Miss R. a compliment." He answered quietly.

"See! I'd love to hear that compliment because I got plenty of my own." She slowly stretched until had an arm around her friend. With a gentle pull, Miss R.'s head was leaning against Miss K.'s comfortable. He saw her stroke her shoulder and kiss her once more on the top of her head.

"Let's hear it then." Miss R. slowly closed her eyes and gave a deep content sigh.

"You have an incredible body, Miss R. You look like an amazon warrior."

"Neeerd." She jeered. He couldn't help but laugh with Miss K. at that. "Thanks, Doll. It takes a lot of stamina and strength to do what I do. I don't like looking in mirrors, so I guess I forget how I look sometimes." She leaned forward to flex her muscles and pose at the two of them. He laughed again but couldn't help but feel terrified. Miss R. looked like she could literally pick him up and toss him across the bath. She wasn't overly muscular but even in the best-case scenario there was no way he could run or fight her.

Miss K. pushed her away as she placed her hand on his chest while she leaned forward into him. She gave planted a small kiss on his forehead before leaning into him and nibbling gently on his ear. He couldn't tell if the heat of the baths or her breath were getting to him, but he whimpered and shuddered at her touch.

"Feels nice?" She breathed quietly into him. He nodded as he felt his body grow flush with embarrassment as he spotted Miss R.'s eyes watching their moment together. She ran her hands down his back and grabbed hold of his exposed bottom suddenly sending jolts of unresolved pain and pleasure mingling up his spine to his brain. He gasped and squeezed his eyes shut hearing only their soft laughter from nearby.

"What a cute little gasp." Miss K. teased continuing to slowly grope him.

"Don't you think that's enough foreplay?" He heard Miss R. call out as what must have been her hands slowly explored his submerged form. He could feel himself growing hard from one of their touch and he gasped once more as a finger slipped between his cheeks and prodded his vulnerable hole.

"There's never enough foreplay." Miss K. laughed.

"May I touch you?" He felt his urge grow along with his sex.

"Oh? In what way, Doll?"

"Can I touch you too? Like you're touching me?" His voice was barely audible. He had no idea how he ended up in this scenario. Naked with two 10/10 women grinding, caressing, and kissing him. He couldn't focus on the negatives or the fact that he knew they wanted to make love in a way that didn't sit right wit him. He just began to slowly lose himself to his baser desire.

"Sure." Her acceptance registered quicker than he could react. In his stunned state, he felt Miss K. grab his hand and then he felt the soft silky touch of her breast. He opened his eyes immediately confirming what his senses had lain before him. The two women were equally on top of him. Both flush with desire as they stared at his naked form. He squeezed Miss K.'s breast in one hand as her skin melded with his touch.

He tried to mimic the actor this time. Slowly squeezing tightly and watching her face for any reaction.

"Oh!" She gasped. Her sultry voice made his blood bun hot for her. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip in response. "Yes. That's it." He felt her growing hard from his methods. Her once soft nipple prodding his palm. Miss R. reached out to Miss K. to cradle her head as the two of them exchanged soft tender kisses with each other as he continued to pleasure her. She convulsed his hands as he saw her eyelids flutter and she gripped his shoulder tightly as she paused. He stopped and watched in confusion. Had he hurt her?

"Enough!" She cried after a moment pushing them both away. She was shuddering, and her arms wobbled as she rose from the baths to sit on the edge. "E-Enough." She repeated casting her gaze down and away.

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