tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Rose Diaries Ch. 09

The Rose Diaries Ch. 09


Disclaimer and Notes: The Rose Diaries is an incredibly dark story focusing on forced (heavy emphasis on "forced") feminization of a completely non-compliant individual. There are elements of non-consent, violence, and dark subject matters. In addition, this story depicts dysphoria, dissociation, and general depression.

I hope you do enjoy this chapter if you decide to continue reading. If you do enjoy this chapter, please leave a comment/feedback and let me know!


Thank you.


Peter struggled to find happiness in being left alone on the salon floor. As much as he wanted peace, he had found that it was always a harbinger for something far worse. He sat staring off into space as he waited for her return. It wasn't until he spotted Zoey's charming visage appear in the reflection in front of him that he knew she wouldn't. She hummed a bright cheery tune as she quickly did away with the straps on the chair. Before he could protest, or rather, before he could even say a word she took hold of his right arm and led him away.

"Miss I.?" He craned his head to find her. Her office door wasn't even closed. She was just there. Head down on the desk in pure despair. She didn't answer. He knew that she couldn't. There was no reason to talk to Zoey. All the answers he could have wanted were from a person who seemed to have lost her golden tongue.

He followed her back into the belly of the beast. Back into the brightly lit basement where had been earlier today. On his second descent he found that it had changed. There were strangers in the large room which was now illuminated fully by a glorious crystal chandelier. The room was a large auditorium which was surrounded by the same murals of the naked feminine young boy from around the home. This time he was being taken by the hands by what appeared to be older and more muscular gods. The strangers were humming in peaceful conversation while his newly made brothers buzzed about laughing and pouring champagne.

It was a party of some kind. A party with a small amount of only male guests. They were only in a small area of the room while Miss A. stood on a raised stage with red velvet curtains behind her quietly shuffling through flash cards in her hands. Zoey was quick to lead him up to her. She was dressed in an immaculate tight black dress that hugged her frame. It was adorned with black diamonds that glittered in the bright light. On her head sat a crown of golden jeweled flowers.

"Bah." She folded the index cards under her arm. Her eyes lit up as she caught him in her sight. "Doll, what a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Our guests have yet to arrive, but our VIPs are here in full force. Do make a great first impression, won't you? I want all of their eyes on you. Tonight, is your night after all." Miss A.'s syrupy-sweet voice made his skin crawl. He tried to avoid her gaze but found himself nearly shaking in his heels at her presence. Something was wrong. He could feel it.

"Doll!" He heard Miss K. cry as he turned to face her. Her normal attire had been replaced by a stunning black tailored suit that similarly sparkled in the light. She was wearing heavy amounts of sultry makeup and carried in her hands a riding crop. Peter cocked an eyebrow at the accessory. At her side, as always, was Miss R. who was dressed identically down to the same shade of plum lipstick.

"Miss K.!" He responded as she briskly walked up to snatch him away from Zoey. The strangers paid their reunion no mind. Simply content to continue their own conversations.

"Perfect." Miss A. smiled. "Katelynn, Roxanne, it is so good to see you both." Miss K. nodded with a bright white smile.

"It is. Strange to believe we arrived here so quickly." She laughed.

"So quickly and so efficiently. Doll is full of surprises. I had my bets against you three being able to pull it off, but you did!" Miss K. and A. smiled warmly and laughed. He watched both of their eyes sparkle while Miss R. sighed in relief. She was so tightly wound in front of Miss A. that she was almost hiding behind Miss K. standing completely still and erect. She cast her gaze towards him with a mixture of fear and joy.

"I told you I would." Miss K. grinned. "You should have never doubted me."

"I'm sorry!" Miss A. laughed shaking her head. "You are absolutely right. Never bet against Katelynn Machart."

"Katelynn Machart-Stone." Miss K. was quick to correct her. Was that really her full name? Peter's eyes widened as an odd truth revealed itself to him.

"You're sisters?" His mouth was nearly agape. It caused the both of them to laugh harder at his comment. His cheeks burned crimson as Miss A.'s eyes narrowed.

"Speaking out of turn." The joy vanished from her voice. "How very unfortunate. Don't speak for the rest of the time you are standing there." She commanded coldly. He couldn't help but nod.

"Yes Doll. Amanda's family adopted me as their daughter after a personal tragedy." Miss K. smiled as she gave him a small pat on the head careful not to mess up even single lock of his faux hair.

"You care for her now?" Miss A. gave a quick glance over to him before settling on Miss K. He didn't like how annoyed her tone was.

"I do."

"Seems odd to make friends with you would-be assassin." Miss K. shrugged.

"I'm not concerned. I know Doll much better now. She needed a shoulder rather than a fist."

"That's unlike you, dear sister. Would you mind taking Doll and following me?"

"Of course!" Miss K. beamed gripping Peter as he felt his blood run cold. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand as he silently agreed to her request. Every fiber of his being was screaming at him. It was the same message. The same word that coursed from his brain to his feet.


He had to counter the thoughts as they came. He had no chance to do anything but what they wanted. Everything was completely stacked against him. For a lack of better of term: the House had won. He shuffled his thoughts in his mind ready for another chance. There was no turning back from this moment forward.

He was all in. If he ever wanted to see the bustling streets of Glendale again, if he ever wanted to see the blue carpeted floors of Sparky's again, if he ever wanted to wear sneakers again...

`He had made his choice. Even with the bad hand fate had dealt him over the past couple of days he could still win. Was it desperation or determination that drove him to walk forward past the red curtains? Or had it always been hope that his newly found-

What awaited him was nothing short of nightmarish. The other remaining girls were dressed in skimpy clothes that could barely be called attire consisting of shreds of fabric. Their feet clad in impossibly high heeled shoes were shackled to the floor, their bodies were arched bending over a rigid steel pole, and their wrists shackled and anchored to a wall. He couldn't see their faces, but he could see Miss P. who in waved to them excitedly kicking her feet off of the top of their prison like a schoolgirl in a tree.

"Visitors so soon?" Miss P. grinned as she repositioned to be lying on her side.

"Good evening, Penny." Miss A. called back. "Enjoying your perch?"

"Always. It's fun to be so high up. Reminds me of my," She clamped her hands on her mouth before falling back with a laugh. "Oops!" She yelled in delight.

"How wide is that?" Peter found himself speaking. Miss A. gave a quick glance and then in a flash of motion, he was on the ground, Miss K. pinning his arms behind his back and burying his head into the hard wood. His head swam with pain and confusion. He struggled against her grip until finally remaining still on the floor.

"Penny toss me a gag. Roxanne cuff her." He was jerked back upright as Miss R. cuffed his wrists behind his back. Before he could protest, he felt the familiar invasion of a gag being forced deep into his mouth.

"Silence, you miserable whore." Miss A. growled. "I tried so hard to accept you. I tried so hard to believe that you could behave. But you are just a horrible disappointment. You will make me every penny back." With a soft, delicate touch she raised his chin, staring deeply into his eyes.

"You are nothing, Peter Baker. You will fade into obscurity before long. A father who you never reconciled with, a brother who you betrayed, and three friends who will remember you over drinks until they too drift apart. So, let's all give one final cheer to the conclusion of Peter Baker!" She yelled to the room. He could see Miss K.'s concern spread across her face.

"To Peter Baker!" She shouted.

"To Peter Baker." The room droned in response. Miss A. laughed wildly as she spun quickly in place. Peter tried to keep from shaking, crying, or vomiting into the gag.

"But Doll? I believe you have a bright future. You will be loved, sought after, and you will be the object of desire for many. You are going to be perfect." Peter's head grew hot, his vision blurred, as he heard his heartbeat in his ears and as he watched Miss A. strut away with Zoey at her heels, he could swear he saw stars. She stopped suddenly and turned back around with a smug grin.

It seemed that her victory over him was not yet complete. Nausea began to envelop him like the embrace of an old friend. He struggled against the urge to scream into his gag as she took delicate step after delicate step back over to them.

"Sorry! It must have slipped my mind. Katelynn, I have decided that Doll will stay here with us until our clientele tire of her. She shows promise and I'd like you to continue to drag out that potential from her at all costs." He heard Miss K. gasp in surprise.

"That's wonderful!" She nearly shouted from behind him. Her voice was completely full of pure elation at the news. "How absolutely fantastic! I'm glad that this isn't our final night with her. Rest assured I will keep a watchful eye over Doll as she continues to grow."

"I believe you." Miss A.'s eyes met his with the too familiar glittering of hatred forming. "Roxanne, the House has recognized your progress and growth in taking care of this truly awful girl. You will be rewarded in the coming weeks. Well done."

"T-Thank you Amanda." Miss R. stuttered as he felt her take a step back in surprise.

"Of course. I need the two of you to hang back for just a moment. There's something we must discuss in private. Zoey will take Doll for now." He felt their hands release him as Zoey snatched him up in a flash and turned him around. He looked into the warm gaze of Miss K. and the annoyed proud glance that Miss R. was giving him. Miss K. leaned down and gave him a soft gentle kiss on the top of his head.

"Be good." She smiled.

"Or I'll beat you up." Miss R. grinned. Her threat was empty, but he knew she was too proud to even say how she felt about him. He was too scared to tell the two of them how he truly felt.

He was ushered out by Zoey's firm hands to the other side of the curtains. The strangers continued their odd gathering off to the corner of the auditorium where the four flitted about like bees serving, dancing, and laughing. They descended the steps of the stage before she released him from both his gag and his binds.

"You're going to behave now right?" Zoey whispered into his ear.

"Yeah." Peter nodded. "I'll be good."

"Ok." Peter sighed in relief as she let him stretch and rub the feeling back into his wrists. Zoey was not much of a conversationalist. She was also hard to understand. No, actually, she was incredibly simple to understand. She was Miss A.'s bitch. A thought that made him smile. Though, he had little time to celebrate as she pushed him onward. By the warm light of the chandelier, the soft melody of Jasmine's voice, and the odd warmth of the room it was hard to feel anything less than comfortable. He clicked his tongue as they entered the lively corner. The men largely ignored them too content to watch Jasmine sing a love song and twirl about. He could see Lily in the arms of an elderly man, she wore a strapless silver dress as he planted tender kisses on her neck. She caught his gaze with a look of disappointment and fear and he couldn't help but reciprocate. Zoey had vanished from his side without a word leaving him all alone to embrace this new environment. He had been with Mr. Brown before but all he wanted to do was talk. The idea of doing anything more was enough to make his legs weak and him to tremble.

He focused on Lavender, who paraded around in a little blue dress that clung to her form. He watched her dance and charm every man who laid her eyes upon her. She caressed their chests, gazed at them with a sultry smolder that made his breath grow short, and laugh at every odd joke.

He focused on Jasmine who wore a sheer purple gown who clung to the arm of a tall man who whispered words that caused her to blush and gaze away. Her coy gestures making her the admiration of other men who nearly drooled at the chance to have her on their arm. Her voice clear as crystal as she offered words of love and songs of lust.

He focused on Blossom, who's bright pink ballerina ensemble was almost screaming with color compared to the others. She wielded her sexuality like a sharped blade that pierced the beating heart of all the other men who could not pry their eyes off of her as she moved about the group using her movements to entice them to draw closer.

But it was Lily who drew his gaze. She looked absolutely out of place next to the three of them. She clutched her arms tight to her side and never caught the gaze of any man who looked at her. They were intent to open her up, but she remained glued to her spot. But it was perhaps that shyness that drew them to her like moths to a flame. Content to ignore the bruises on barely concealed by her spaghetti strap dress.

His focus was broken by the large imposing man who sauntered up to him holding a flute of champagne. He towered over him with both presence and actual form. His blue eyes glittered with passion as he eyed him up and down. He was clearly the youngest of all the men here. His hair still a bright blonde with no signs of fading, a face of smooth skin, and a chiseled body which the black suit and tie he wore could not hide.

"Well hello there beautiful." He smiled as he took his hand gently. "Now where have they've been hiding you?" Peter blushed immensely at his flattery and turned to look away from him.

"Now, now gorgeous." The man spoke taking his chin between his thumb and index finger and turning his head back to face him. "Why look anywhere else but right here?"

He struggled to force words out. He was absolutely paralyzed with fear. His cheeks burned even redder as he fidgeted in his grasp.

"I-I-I," Peter stuttered but the man just as quickly raised his finger to his lips.

"Well aren't you a shy little thing. I'm Mr. Pink." Mr. Pink smiled as he bent down to plant a gentle kiss on his Peter's hand. He pulled him in close. "You have a name, sweetheart?"

"Doll." Peter forced out. "They call me Doll."

"It suits you." His eyes twinkled. "A beautiful tender creature such as you should be admired."

"Could you please leave?" He whispered suddenly. "Please." Mr. Pink laughed at the request he had struggled to say. His head swam with so many emotions that it was exhausting. Between the gross feeling climbing in his core, fear swimming in his head, and anger at how this man caused him to quiver in his metaphorical boots.

"I'm not taking another step away from such a goddess like yourself." He cooed.

"I'm not a girl." Peter whispered causing the man to laugh.

"You're right and I'm sorry. You're all woman."

"Stop." His eyes darted to the stage nearby and the empty hall. His feet shuffled taking a step towards his freedom and escape from this awful man.

"Sweetheart, you know I won't." Mr. Pink's grip on his hand grew tight as he tried to walk away. He pulled Peter back with a flourish and flashed a brilliant white smile. "Whoa there. We're not done dancing just yet."

"Mr. Pink." Peter protested as he squirmed in his grip. With his free hand, he ran his fingers down the lace and frill of the white corset that was bound to his form causing Peter to blush and shudder at the touch. He made his way down to the small of his back and delicately found his way under the short skirt and to his most vulnerable area.

"Mmm," Mr. Pink voiced his affection to what his efforts had found. "Plump and juicy. What a perfect addition you're hiding away." Peter yelped as he felt him take a handful and begin to squeeze.

"Stop!" He hissed beating on the man's chest with his free hand. Mr. Pink paid it no mind as he continued to explore every inch of his bottom. Peter panted as he felt his face grow hot and flush at the rough hands that caressed him. He squeezed his eyes shut and balled his hands into a fist full of his suit. He could hear Mr. Pink chuckle at his pitiful display.

"Well don't let me have all the fun." He added, and Peter felt his hand being guided downwards until his manicured fingers found what he had feared.

"I call him 'the destroyer'. He's a full ten inches of pleasure." He opened his eyes and tried once more to escape the grasp of his tormentor.

"No need to be shy!" Mr. Pink laughed. "Go and say hello. He's dying to meet you." Peter quaked once more before looking up with near tearful eyes.

"Please. Let me go."

"Baby, you're wearing on my patience. That's not happening. But this is. So, either you make like a good girl and greet him, or I'll make you." He winced as Mr. Pink twisted his wrist. He fell to his knees and gulped as he shakily reached out to stroke the slowly growing bulge in Mr. Pink's pants. It was thick. So, fucking thick. Peter couldn't help but think he was holding on to a tree branch. Or a really docile snake. Was this a joke? His mouth dried up at the thought of the things that Mr. Pink wanted to do to him. It was bigger than his fucking wrist!

Mr. Pink groaned at his touch before raising him back up to his feet. Peter offered a silent prayer for anyone to save him. He caught Lily's gaze once more and felt a similar sort of sorrow as she shook her head no. No one could help him.

"Oh, you'll do baby girl. You'll do." He laughed. Peter hated his smooth yet deep voice. Like dark chocolate.

"Mr. Pink!" An angry voice cut through his thoughts and brought him from the depths of despair to the skies of elation. Miss K. was marching up to the two of them with a scowl on her face. She raised her riding crop before jabbing it into his face.

"Evening, Miss Katelynn."

"Save it." She snarled. "What part of no sexual acts without prior payment do you not understand?"

"Well I was just getting acquainted with this lovely girl. Seemed only right to let her see what's in store for later. Besides, no harm done. Just a little teasing is all."

"Save it." Her voice no less agitated after hearing that excuse. "Now release her and walk away. If you want her then you'll pay for her. Just like everyone else." He felt Mr. Pink's grip release as he pried his hand away from him and took a few steps backwards.

"As you wish. I'll simply take another snack from the buffet for now. But I'll be back for my main course later."

"As you wish." She spat back. He bowed towards him and then with another flash of his devilish smile he returned back to the crowd behind him.

"Are you ok?" Miss K. whispered embracing him tightly.

"No." Peter lips quivered. "No."

"Want to go for a walk?" She kissed the top of his head. He looked up at her through teary eyes.

He never agreed to anything so fast in his entire life.

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