tagErotic HorrorThe Rose Garden Ch. 02

The Rose Garden Ch. 02


I am Quayd Ryan...I have been searching for years from my soul mate; having lost her once I was not going to do it again. I lurk in the shadows of the rose garden of a castle in which I use to live. Who would have thought that she would find me; Hala Tramayne her name in this life. My soul mate came back as a writer and moved into our home from one of her other lives. Whether or not she likes it I am not going to lose her again, I have made that promise to myself, and I do not break my promises to anyone. I have not made her mine yet and I am ashamed of the way I was controlling her on our first meeting. However, it is too late to be the gentle man I know I can be; she would take one look at me and know that it was not a dream at all and that I am some kind of monster.

Moreover, there is no way for me to make her understand...not me, not my life, or that we are meant to be together. I only took a taste of her last night; to insure I will be able to find her if by accident I scare her away from here.

The moon is full again...The nights air cool and the dead roses as dead as always they are. I look up to her bedroom window...Hala is there I know even if I cannot see her. She is brushing out her shoulder length auburn hair; getting ready for bed. She caresses the love mark I left upon her neck...wondering what will become of her. I smile as I read her thoughts; her naughty little thoughts. Still thinking I must be coming from her imagination, and hoping to meet me again. This all pleases me very much, almost as much as I plan to please her.

Her light just went out, and she is crawling into her bed. Her bed that has known our passion for centuries past. She has left her window open tonight, and open invitation for me. And I do intend on obliging...

I pick up a single dead rose and make my way to her window…floating up as if I had wings and could fly. I silently make my way in and to her bed. Looking down admiring her innocent beauty; making it hard to believe she write erotic stories for a living. I carefully pull back the covers and crawl into bed beside her sleeping body. As if she knows, I am there she rolls over and curls up next to me. I carefully slip my arm under her head. Gently leaning down and kissing her full lips. I feel her body tremble as she opens her green eyes to look into mine.

She makes no attempt to get away…I can see the longing in her eyes. The eyes to her soul; telling me she needs me, wants me, has been waiting only for me. More gentle with her this time… I set up and slip off her nightgown. Showing me her elegant body. Smiling when I see her blush. She leans up and unbuttons my shirt, pushing it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the bed. Her eyes grow wide with excitement, as she looks me over. She reaches out and touches me as if to make sure I am real. I smile at her tenderly, and slowly begin to undo my pants, standing and letting them fall, revealing my rigid man hood. Her face full of wonder as I slid back into bed with her. Our skin touching. Hala ran her hand across my chest; the heat from her live body was scorching. I had to have her this minute, before I went mad.

I rolled onto my side to face her, gently caressed her check and brought her lips to mine. My tongue gliding passed her sweet lips, exploring her mouth as she explored mine. Feeling her heartbeat against my lifeless chest. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, letting her feel my hardened cock press against her. I can hear her breathing increases. She wanted me as much as I needed her. I carefully rolled us over. Lying atop of her kissing her neck, licking the love mark I put on her, making my way down her body. Flicking my tongue on her tender clit, teasing her until she is pulling at my hair; pulling me back up to her lips. I kiss her as I gently slid into her yearning pussy. Taking her as mine forever. We moved in a smooth rhythm… The more I fucked her, the more the wild side in her came out…

“Fuck me harder!” She screamed in pleasure. When she said this, I stopped and pulled out.

“On your hands and knees.” I commanded. She did as I said, and I went back in, pulling back on her hips, going in deep. She screamed out again. She liked pleasurable pain. I slapped her ass and she moaned, so I did it harder and harder. After her ass was turning red, I reached up and grabbed her hair. Pulling back. “You like that?” I asked

“Ooh yes…” She moaned. Then I leaned forward and pulled her up on just her knees. And with a handful of hair, I pulled her neck back, and bit in. I felt her life flowing over my tongue. She was beginning to panic, so I spoke to her with my mind. “It’s alright my love; I would never hurt you… I am just making you mine, like you should be, like you should have been years ago.”

Hala’s body went limp in my arms… I laid her back in her bed and pulled the covers over her damp body. Then I placed the dead rose on the pillow beside her. Then I left as silently as I came, knowing she would awake to find the rose and still wonder who I am.

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