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The Rough Master


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Story is written in first person, Mark and I meet = agreeing to wrestle for domination. I get tricked, and beaten several times until I submit naturally.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Why must I have a romantic excitement toward submissive behavior when it relates to sexual talk from a guy? In this case, it got me trained to obey in the short time that my new internet friend visited me. We set up a grand meeting where we could be alone and away from our respective families. Mark liked it rough – sex that is – and his chatting turned me on. He had been with two other men before – but he wanted to "break me in" as his new "boy". He assured me that I would take such a thrill to his rough treatment that I would beg for more. I was uncertain – and thus asked for a few ways to protect myself from the uncertainty of being bound and helpless to another man.

When Mark arrived at the private house, I shook his hand and felt his strong grip as it nearly crushed my bones. Mark was 6' 5" 230 pounds and had a gleam in his eye as he enjoyed checking out my body. "Ohhh, those pecks sure look nice on you boy!" he cheerfully exclaimed. Mark had a thing for nice chests, and claimed that mine was just perfect. At 6'3" 200 pounds, I was smaller than him but big enough for him not to totally dwarf me. Only in my presence 5 minutes and already he was mouthing off – making me feel a bit insecure about my body and his eventual domination over me. "Such a pretty mouth – gonna have to fill it up with my cock!" He teased more.

When I had finished the tour of the house, Mark said he wanted to get to know me better and to relax and talk for a few minutes before we eventually got around to wrestling. I had already told him that I thought it would be more interesting to wrestle – where the winner would force the loser to obey. Mark had described a scene where he chloroformed an unwilling male – and then subjected him to countless humiliation until he willingly submits. I was leery of him pulling out a bottle and spilling it onto a rag – and forcing it over my mouth until I was out cold. What I didn't expect was that he offered me some brownies that his wife had made. Unbeknown to me, these were already laced with a drug that would incapacitate me in less than 15 minutes. He said that his wife made them – supposedly for the guys which he was with playing golf. This was the lie that he told her – to keep her from knowing the real truth – that he was secretly meeting a guy to turn him into his own cocksucking pet.

I ate one of the laced brownies – and we chatted while he waited patiently for the drugs to do their work. As we prepared to wrestle I stripped down to my underwear and t-shirt, and Mark did likewise. His upper body was bigger and stronger than mine – but I thought as long as I had speed on my side I could stay in the match for a long time and maybe wear him down. We started grappling and he got me in a bear hug and just kept on squeezing me, while my arms were pinned against my sides. I was becoming weak and groggy – I thought it was because of his grip – not realizing it was the doped desert. Pretty soon I felt faint – and blacked out.

When I slowly came to – I struggled to move my arm – it wouldn't budge. I wanted to wipe some liquid from my face but my hand couldn't reach it. I looked over my left shoulder and realized that my wrist was bound to the bed frame. My other wrist was bound to the other side. "What the Fuck?" I stammered out loud.

"Aahh you are awake. Now I can begin playing with your body so that you can enjoy it." Mark replied from the other end of the bedroom. I lifted my head and tried to look over my bound body to see him approach me.

"What happened? How did you tie me up? What is the stuff on my face?" I asked Mark as he sauntered over to my side.

"We wrestled – just like you wanted – a sleeper hold put you out. I tied you up so you can begin your servitude to me – and I came on your face while you were out cold – I was just so damned turned on." Mark snickered.

"You what? You shot a load of cum on me?" I complained as I tested the bonds holding my hands tight over my head.

"That's right man – or should I call you BOY now. You are my boy. You nursed on my cock – sucked it like a pacifier while you were out. I stuffed my cock into your mouth and you sucked on it. Your little boy cock – it's not so little – It got hard and I will have a good time keeping you on the edge for hours." Then scooping up some of the left over glob of spunk – he offered his coated fingers for me to clean. "Go on – boy – suck my fingers clean of my seed."

I gritted my teeth and refused to open my mouth for him. He wasn't going to win this easy. But my bound body was absolutely no match for this enormous man. Reaching down to my balls – Mark grabbed them and slowly closed his fist until my balls were trapped in his massive paw. As I yelped in pain he stuffed his two fingers into my mouth and threatened "Lick them real good BOY – and keep your teeth off them – or I may have to crush these tiny balls you have." Then while I was sucking his fingers clean – I listened to him explain his appreciation for my bound body. "Boy – you thought all along that it was the size of your prick that made you inferior to other men. It's not. Your prick is just fine. It's the size of your balls boy. You've got tiny balls – not the size of walnuts like I have." He cupped his ball sack and showed me his full size nuts.

Mark then left the room and came back with a leather sports bag – and removed some items. First he showed me a rubber ring – that he called a cock ring. "This will keep your dick from shooting off – until I allow it." He worked the ring over my flesh – and even though I felt helpless to stop him – my dick loved the new attention it was receiving. It throbbed and pulsated for his amusement. Then he showed me a funny contraption with a suction cup on the end and a small hose leading to a handheld unit. "This is my wife's breast pump." Mark enlightened me "I'll use it to draw your nipples out from hiding. You told me on the internet that your nipples do not stick out when you get cold or excited. Let's see what this thing can do for that problem." Mark put the suction cup against my left nipple and turned the pump on. In seconds, my breast was sucked into the cup and in a short time – he got what he wanted – my exposed nipple for him to capture and torture.

Mark attached a small clip to my extended nipple so that it could not retract again. It stung and throbbed at the same time. Then he went to work on the other breast – coaxing it out as well. The clip went over that one too. A tiny chain connected them both – and Mark delighted in pulling on it from time to time. He kneaded my chest muscles and savored the power he had over my bound and helpless body. My cock – jutted up away from my body as he toyed with all different sections of my helpless body. He would flick his finger at the bound tits and amused himself as I sucked in my breath from every movement. "We're going to wrestle again sometime soon when I let you go – so I think I should massage your arms so that you are more pliable when I string you up again." He rolled my bicep like he was kneading some bread dough. For a few moments it felt good. But then I realized that the more he rubbed them – the more aching they got. Little did I realize that he was softening me up and working my muscles so that my arms would feel useless for hours. For at least twenty minutes Mark worked over my biceps alternating between gripping them and punching them until they were like rubber.

Then he went back to work on my nipples – which when he re-arranged the clips - I howled in pain as the blood flowed back into the numb tips and he put those clips back on them again. Mark taunted me by saying how my dick was still hard – and that even though I feel some pain – I must LOVE what he is doing to me. I couldn't argue – I could feel the pressure in my cock – and knew that the damn thing was standing tall.

"Ready for some pleasure boy?" Mark asked while gripping his crotch.

My eyes were drawn to a thick cock dangling down an inch or two past his hefty balls. My mouth popped open – and my tongue licked my parched lips. I didn't realize that I had done that – but Mark pointed it out right away as a sign that I was ready to give my first blow job. (Me sucking him while I was out – did not count) He had to climb up on the bed – and straddle my chest so that his cock could be close to my chin. Mark slipped his dick under the chain that was connected to both of my nipples and pulled back on his shaft – so that it tugged on those sensitive nipples in the process. "I am going to enjoy working your body over – bringing your dick – so close to orgasm, and then denying it. While all along – you will bring my cock off in your throat over and over." His weight pressed me deeper into the bed – and he inched his way closer to my waiting lips. He pushed the tip of his thick but flaccid cock against my lips – and I just barely opened my mouth. As he forced his way into me – my teeth raked along the top and bottom of his shaft causing him some discomfort. Mark took his dick out – and swatted me across my lips and cheek with it "Bad Boy! I need to teach you not to use your teeth!" I wanted to be tamed – and this was sure one way to do it. Being swatted across my face with a huge prick – made me feel so inadequate for my own testosterone infected libido.

As I turned my head to keep from seeing his huge prick spanking my face, I noticed my watch. "Hey – we agreed that the first time being bound would only last one hour. We wrestled over 3 hours ago. Unbind me at once!"

Mark climbed off my prone body and stood next to the bed. "I will set you free when I am sure that you will suck a cock just right." then he turned and left the room. I struggled to free myself from the cuffs that bound my wrists – but I just couldn't get to the end of the Velcro to release me. I noticed that my arms seemed limp from his constant massage and manipulation.

When Mark came back he had a plate with several hot dogs and some of his wife's brownies. Mark came to my side and told me "Now BOY – we are going to practice your cock sucking technique. I want you to suck – SUCK on the hot dog – and I better not see any teeth marks on it when I draw it out." Then he pushed the hot dog into my mouth. Instinctively I opened up and let him fuck my face. He ridiculed me and instructed me as he plunged the hot dog into my mouth. "Suck it boy – take it deeper – lick it all up!" In and out I was made to suck on the hot dog. It was one of those all beef ball park type franks and it filled my mouth when he jammed it deep into my throat. "Swallow – don't just gag on it boy!"

When Mark removed the hot dog – I whined that I have been tied up much longer than the hour, and I am hungry and need to pee.

Mark agreed to let me EAT the hot dog – and fed me another like I was a little child – as he dangled the meat over my face and made me beg for it. Of course, I humored him and pretended to beg for my food. "Please Master – please feed your tied and helpless boy."

"Tell you what boy – when I release you and allow you to use the bathroom, I want you to crawl – that's right CRAWL on your belly across this floor to the chair over there where I will be waiting. And when you get to my feet – I want you to look up to me – and call me your MASTER – and BEG – that right BEG to suck on my thick cock." Mark explained what he wanted from me.

"But I thought we would wrestle again. If I win – I get to tie you up." I explained from our previous emails and chats online prior to meeting.

"Listen to me boy – you need to learn that I control your muscles. I manipulate your skin, and your mouth. I inspire your cock to rise and these little boy balls to fill with sperm and your mind – I will own that too." Mark confidently explained his position as he saw it.

"You are bigger than me – in every way. That much is true. But I am faster – and I think I can stand a good chance to ..." I got cut off.

"Listen here boy – I want you to know who your Master is. Here and now – that is ME. If you choose to wrestle with me again – I will spank your ass when I subdue you." Then he gave me one of the brownies to eat. "Of course, if you choose to crawl on your belly and beg to lick my thick man prick – I can be a most merciful Master. Feeding you treats – and letting you suck on my prick. We both know you want to!" Mark snickered as he continued to feed me the brownie. "Now I am going to release you – but the cuffs stay on your wrists, and the cock ring stays my little boy cock you have here" grabbing my prick with his huge paws and reminding me how hard I am. "When I decide to set you completely free is when you know that even without bonds – you belong to me."

When I was set free, I stretched my arms and legs – did my business in the bathroom even though my cock was nearly rock-hard. Trying to pee with a hard-on is very difficult. Now I was faced with a choice: crawl on my belly and surrender to a bigger, stronger, man – who would delight in reducing me to an obedient little boy – fit for only one thing – becoming a man's cock sucking bitch. Or I could wrestle with him again – a fair match with a good chance showing him I am not ready to just surrender yet.

I decided to walk back into the room – not crawl on my belly. As I got closer to Mark – he laughed and joked "You would rather get a spanking from me I see!"

I circled him and he watched my every move. I wanted to be quick and rush him but as I was circling him I started to feel a bit faint. I recall groggily asking him just what wrestling move he made last time – because I only remember him squeezing me tight.

Overconfidently Mark said "I just wrapped my arms around your body – and hugged real tight. Think you are man enough to do it back to me? Go ahead – I won't even try to stop you – at first. I will leave my arms at my sides – you can wrap me in a bear hug – and try to put me out."

I did just what he allowed me to do – wrap my arms around his body and try to press them so tight that he would pass out. He was amused and just laughed as I tried to press against him. "What's the matter – not strong enough to pressure me? That's right – you are just a boy – you are weak – but your dick is hard."

He was right – I tried to press my arms against him – and found that he had massaged them to where it hurt to make a muscle. I was hugging him, and my cock didn't care. It was still in the cock ring and it was hard. While he was laughing at my inability – I tried even harder to squeeze him. But I was ineffective. I was getting fuzzy and weak. I felt myself slip to my knees as I was still wrapping my arms around his body, but instead of having them around his chest and arms – I found myself hugging his legs and butt as I laid my head against his crotch.

From deep within my brain – I recall him saying in a demeaning way "Now you are where you belong – on your knees with your face at my dick!" I turned my head and took a look at the huge dick dangling in front of my eyes. "You're not much of a strong man – are you – You're pathetic. Well, you wanted to wrestle – and now you're on your knees staring up at my manhood – lets make sure you understand when I say to come crawling on your belly – I mean it." Mark reached behind me and efficiently wrenched my arms behind my back and locked the cuffs together. I struggled a little – but was so weak and tired that I could not have put up very much fight. As I was close to passing out – I remember the burning from my ass. Mark was spanking me. His big palms were smacking my naked ass over and over.

When I finally came to – I was bent over – my arms still cuffed at the wrists, and yet a chain was holding them from the ceiling of the garage. The way I was bent over – I could not look up any higher than his waist as he came and stood directly in front of me. "You're awake again! Time to resume that spanking. Oh, and I have the perfect paddle for you're tight white ass." Mark showed me the ping pong paddle from the table that was next to me in the garage. Over and over I felt that paddle whacking my tender butt cheeks, until I was on the verge of tears. "I warned you – if you didn't come to me as my new slave should – I would spank you and take that manly pride away for good. I want to make sure that you know your true role."

"I got it" – I whined in between swats to my naked ass.

"You are not man enough to wrestle with me – you keep passing out!" Mark taunted. He gripped a chunk of my ass and said "This ass belongs to me now!" Then Mark walked in front of me – and I could only see his legs and feet – but when he commanded me to look up to him – I got a good look at his package. His thick cock lumbered toward his left leg, sticking out a little from those robust balls. "Are you going to be my good boy?" I heard him ask.

My butt was still sore when I answered "Yes Sir!"

"What do you think a boy should do – to show a man that he is inferior to him?" Mark simulated my submissive behavior.

I tried my best to look up to him – but I only got an eyeful of his magnificent cock. I felt like kissing it finally. As I started to lean forward to engulf his cock – he reached under where I was bent over – and grabbed a fist full of my chest. "OOhh, I love that chest boy!" Then pushing his hips closer to my face he announced "Show me what an inferior boy does to please a Master!"

I kissed the tip of his cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked at the shaft and then sucked a little of the head into my mouth.

"YES – that's it BOY – you want my cock – you want to lick it – you want to suck it --- Do it boy!" Mark ordered his new slave.

I sucked on his cock till it got hard and pressed against the roof of my mouth. I licked his shaft – while he rocked back and forth on his heels – pushing his tool into and out of my open whole. After a few minutes of fucking my face, Mark asked if I now felt like a boy?

He patted the back of my head – and I took my mouth off of his hard cock to answer. "I feel like a boy I guess. I never did this when I was a boy."

"Hmmm, no wonder you don't think of yourself as a boy – you still look too much like a man. But I am going to change that right now." Mark threatened.

"Hey, we promised that we wouldn't do anything to one another that was permanent." I pleaded.

"What does a man have that a boy doesn't yet?" Mark asked.

"A full sized cock?" I guessed.

"Well, that is true – you have a smaller cock than me – and we already established that its' your balls which must make you inferior to me. But the answer I am looking for is HAIR. Boy's don't have hair all over their body – do they?" Mark said as he walked out of the garage.

When he returned – he had an extension cord and my electric shaver. When he plugged the shaver and cord into the wall he began to shave away the small amount of hair on my back – followed by the back of my legs and my ass. Next he swatted my ass for 10 more minutes until I was in tears again – just to be sure I did not try anything he didn't approve of when he set me free so that he could then bind my hands together in front of me – and then over my head. From that position – I found myself dangling from my wrists with my entire body open for him to sheer. Mark enjoyed watching my face while he used the clippers on my legs, followed by my crotch. I yelped several times when the cutters touched my sensitive flesh. Noticing this – he was at least kind enough to realize that when the cutter blade was at my ball sack – the blade would catch on my skin. So he used a scissors there. But when he got to the soft hair on my chest I was crying and begging him to leave it.

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