tagGroup SexThe Round Robin - Round 01

The Round Robin - Round 01


In our friend group, it's always my wife Katie that takes the lead in planning events. We used to wonder why we didn't get invited anywhere only to realize no one else was doing anything, certainly not doing the work it takes to organize and host events and parties. The moment Katie sends out a text message with a suggestion or plan, her phone lights up with eager RSVPs. It's plainly obvious everyone is desperate for something, hell anything, to do.

We dubbed it "adult's night out" and sometimes would have as many as seven couples show up, usually just for dinner and drinks at a restaurant. It was fun having the big gathering but it came with a price. The table was so long sometimes you got trapped sitting next to the least interesting people for the whole night and feeling left out of the laughter and good conversation going on out of earshot.

It was too many people so we changed strategy and sent invitations to the most fun couples first before moving down the list. Ultimately two couples became our favorites and we'd stop there. We could talk to everyone, easily hear all conversations which were more lively and provocative too.

If we made a reality show with this group, the opening credits would freeze-frame on each individual with their moniker:

Katie: The Tease (A flirty hot milf surely in the spank banks of the other husbands.)

Me: The Rascal (Easygoing host, people pleaser and always a bit of a rule breaker and instigator.)

Ted: Christian Grey's Stand-In (A total "Perv", mentioned that he had a fully equipped dungeon in his house which wasn't true, but believable. Tall, successful, divorced, with an unshakable natural confidence.)

Annie: The Exhibitionist (Ted's three-year girlfriend that he's patiently corrupting. Turned her on to sex clubs where she discovered she's not interested in playing around with others but loves putting on a show.)

Ken: No Filter (A font of unvarnished truth, whatever he's thinking, you're going to hear it. Most are repulsed and find it obnoxious. I find it refreshing in the age of facades, though sometimes a bit much to digest.)

Robin: Quiet and Sexy (A pretty woman way out of Ken's league, has empathy from everyone, as he's fun for an evening, but to live with? Jeez!)


With this many perverts at the table, dinner conversation always veers into risqué territory sooner rather than later with talk about Magic Wands, sex toys, who likes being tied up, hooker shoes, sex clubs in Paris, plus competitive retellings of crazy sexcapades, etc. If any of the other couples were here this conversation would be coded and not nearly as lively.

"I have a new scene that I've been getting off on lately," Ken throws out.

"What is it?" I ask skipping the conversational foreplay.

After hanging out with Ken for a while you know to expect the unexpected. He's walked up to me at a party with the first words from his mouth, "I think about your wife all the time. I'd love to eat her pussy," catching me so off guard, I'm rendered speechless. How do you respond to that?

"We're at a dinner party at my house and when we're done you guys take Robin somewhere and do whatever you want with her, to a hotel or something. I have no idea where you are or what you're doing. I cum just thinking about her being fucked." He explains.

"What happens to everyone else?"

"They go home. Then the next dinner is at your house, and we take your wife...or girlfriend, sorry..." apologizing to Ted.

"It's a Round Robin," I interject, laughing at my own joke.

I scan the table observing the mental calculus assessing who'd be game for this idea. It's obviously a mixed bag, with a little upside and a little downside to every permutation.

I'd be curious to fuck Robin. For most of the time I've known her, I'd never had any interest or even thought about Robin sexually until I worked with her on a video project as a cameraman and director. I had to shoot a few scenes with her and choke out some mild acting which didn't come naturally. It took an inordinately long time to get the few scenes done and I found myself becoming extremely attracted to her through the lens, noticing her exotic beauty for the first time. I became mesmerized by her milky white skin contrasting with the jet black pageboy she had dyed for the role.

Knowing Ken would easily trade her for my wife which he so adored, I fantasized if could I make this happen, but never acted. I kept Robin on my list as a private crush.

There's a lingering mystery about her Ken once confessed, "Robin doesn't fuck me, but she gives amazing blow jobs anytime I want."

He also revealed that he let her have an affair with a guy down the street and she readily fucked the neighbor. I find it strange and curious to know what's up with that.

I'd also fuck Annie. It might be a little weird, I don't feel like she's necessarily attracted to me, but she's got a hot body and nice fake tits, compliments of Ted. No doubt she'd be adventurous in the sack if she's holding his interest this long.

Katie could probably care less if I fucked either, I know she's not threatened by them.

"I'd do it." Katie chimes in.

"Really? That didn't take much convincing," I add.

"Yeah, why not? Sounds fun." She says.

All of the guys are now perked up and at full attention. The waiter interrupts the flow to take our drink order, but I can sense the eagerness to ditch the waiter and get back to Ken's masturbation topic. It's plainly obvious that four of six of us are titillated by the idea. Robin is hard to read because she just rolls her eyes at most of Ken's comments out of habit and we know Annie isn't into swapping, just performing.

Ted and Annie escorted us to our first sex club experience recently with the pre-frame, "I'm not inviting you to sleep with your wife, we're going as friends, and we don't fuck friends." In spite of that comment, and my wife's denials that he's not her type, I can tell both of them are always Rubik's cubing ways to find common ground and energize what I suspect is a strong but latent attraction between them.

She'd be tolerating Ken at best, he's balding and not particularly attractive but there's no doubt he'd put a yeoman's effort into pleasuring her. She could always close her eyes, more likely would be blindfolded anyway if Ted was involved.

"What about your kids?", Ted asks, "aren't they going to want to know where mama's going?"

"Good point," Annie laughs, "Mom's being hauled off by strangers while Daddy jerks off."

"Y'all can take him and I'll stay home." Robin offers sarcastically.

The conversation and laughter are forcibly curbed once again as the waiter approaches with drinks to take our dinner order. We're no doubt a challenging table forcing the poor guy to keep wrestling for our attention. We place our orders and once again jump back into the thread.

"What if we rented a cool place on Airbnb instead?" I suggest.

"Okay, now that sounds more fun" Robin chimes in.

"A slumber party!" Ted adds.

"I'd like a pool," says Annie, coming around a bit.

The conversation rolled on to other topics with an occasional reference back to the slumber party but my mind was running in the background thinking, "I'm going to do this."


Several weeks later Katie texted our favorites to see if they'd be willing turn the rental house idea into reality and make it a weekend getaway. I'd been obsessed shopping for houses ever since and had found a super cool place in New Orleans tailored specifically for a large open-minded group. Property number 7821044 stayed open on my computer screen for weeks as I imagined the possibilities. At 4500 square feet and six bedrooms, it was way bigger than we needed and I was tempted to suggest we invite more couples, but thought the best chance of an orgy breaking out would be with the usual suspects.

The kicker was a third-floor play space with some sort of small built-in jail cell, a leather sex swing hanging from the exposed rafters, and a mega-bed with perfectly tilted wall hung mirrors so you wouldn't miss any action. It also had a cool pool and patio area to entice Annie to say yes, complete with hot tub, waterfall, and an outdoor bar. I sent Katie a few screenshots to forward and help seal the deal.

It took a little longer than usual to negotiate open dates, but the flurry of back and forth messages confirmed interest by all parties. Once calendars were synchronized and availability of "A Hedonistic Palace" was confirmed, I booked it. I knew it would be hard to get any work done for the next three weeks being this obsessed and filled with anticipation.

I put an inordinate amount of time into what toys and gear to bring and Katie spent the same shopping for sexy outfits and shoes. As the weekend got closer we both were surprised at how giddy we were. After all, we aren't swingers, our one experience at the sex club didn't involve any other people, just watching a little then fucking each other before going home on the earlyish side.


We finally arrived at the three-story mansion near the historic French Quarter and met the gracious owner promptly at the 4:00 pm check-in time. He showed us around and the house was even more spectacular than the photos. He referred to the main living room as "The Parlor" which had a small stage with two throne-like chairs on either side of a short metal cage.

"Oh my God, this place is wild", Katie said with a hint of glee.

"The other's are going to freak out when they see all of this kinky shit!" I added before even seeing upstairs.

As the tour continued to the second floor I dropped my bag to claim the opulent Master Suite filled with antiques and draped in thick purple from the curtains to the purple crushed velvet sofa. The adjoining master bath was huge with a claw foot tub and large walk-in shower. This house was made for group sex! We busted out laughing at first sight of "The Playspace" on the third floor. Not that there was anything funny about it, it was just impossible to hold back the thought of what the rest of the gang would think.

Simply walking into this house started to make me wonder about my own judgment and ability to control myself. A sense of uninhibitedness was already beginning to capture my spirit if for no other reason than not wanting to waste this place.

Ken and Robin pulled up as we thanked and said goodbye to the owner. We walked out to give them hugs, excited as kids to escort them in and show off the place. I find it amusing how adults can still get so tickled by cool hotel rooms or vacation homes. It must be connected to a childhood fantasy of having a house to yourself with no parents around.

Everyone's eagerness was telltale by the unusual promptness as Ted and Annie pulled up before we could even get inside.

We unloaded our luggage and hauled in the groceries, supplies, and plenty of wine and liquor. We pow-wowed in The Parlor, joked about the cage, and decided no one really felt like cooking.

"It's Friday night in New Orleans, there're so many great places to eat, let's just go out!", Ted suggested.

Everyone was in easy agreement, so we headed off to our bedrooms to get dressed for the evening. The guys reappeared first of course so we started making cocktails and cutting up with each other. A half hour later the girls started appearing one at a time.

Robin was the first down in a super tight fitting short white strapless dress and black sandal high heels.

"Wow, you look amazing!" Ken says.

"That may be the nicest thing you've said to me in months." She responds.

"Awe don't say that,"

"It's true." She affirms.

"You do look fantastic," I concur with more enthusiasm that if my wife was in the room.

I get that comment out just in time as Katie descends the stairs in a retro-looking dark red long sleeve dress with a little white collar and cuffed black platform heels. She looks super hot with her long bare legs, like a magazine model from a 1960's layout.

"I can't wait to reach under there and see what kind of panties you're wearing", Ken says right in front of his wife.

Katie instantly flips up the front of the short dress to reveal a quick peek of her burgundy colored boyshorts.

"Nice," he says with appreciation.

Annie comes down last to complete the trio in a black sheer halter style mini dress with classic black patent pumps.

"Wow, y'all look great together. Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate." I comment.

The group looks ready for a night out clubbing. We pick a place for dinner and realize we'll need two Uber's to fit the whole group.

"Might as well start picking our partners," Katie provokes, "c'mon I'll take Ted and Ken and you can have the girls."

Just the mere suggestion is already creating some sexual tension of possibility. We stream out of the house and wave down our cars as they arrive. We head to a classic New Orleans Creole Italian Restaurant, Vincent's, on St. Charles Avenue. The dining room is small and busy, but its dark ambiance is cozy and adds a hint of decadence to the evening. We order a couple bottles of wine and toast the weekend ahead. It's a true unhurried dining experience with multiple courses, more wine, and fine Italian desserts. Everyone seems to be feeling good and having a great time.

"What are we doing after this?" Ken asks.

"Let's play spin the bottle," Katie immediately suggests.

"Are you going to start making out right here in the restaurant?" Ted asks.

"No, whoever wins decides what we do next," Katie explains.

"So it's more like 'truth or dare'," Annie says.

"It's Simon Says" Katie answers.

There's mostly a sense of curiosity at this point, no obvious dissenters.

"Let's clear a spot," Katie directs and grabs a wine bottle to pour the remainder into empty glasses.

She attempts to give it a spin but without enough room, it rolls into the plates and glassware.

"Whoa, whoa, let's make more room" I caution.

Everyone moves to clear a bit more space and she gives it another try. It doesn't even make it once around and is actually pointing at Ted as we reach out to stop it from crashing again.

"Okay, that's close enough. If y'all hadn't stuck out your hand it would have certainly stopped on me," Katie claims.

"Simon Says Robin should go first," Katie adds.

"Where?" Ted asks.

"Back to the house...with you and Paul."

The group eyeballs each other as we digest the suggestion/dare.

"Annie and I will take off Ken while y'all make his dreams come true."

"Robin, what do you think?" I ask.

She tilts her head and slightly shrugs without answering directly and looks over at her husband Ken.

"Hey, I'm cool with it," He says.

"Annie?" I ask making sure everyone is actually onboard.

"He's a big boy" she says shrugging a bit, not wanting to be the party pooper.

"Alright then," As I pull out my phone to order an Uber, admittedly with a little trepidation.

"What are y'all going to do?" I ask Katie.

"We can go to Frenchman Street," she turns to the other two to suggest.

Frenchman St. is lined with music venues, clubs, and restaurants. It's where the locals go to avoid the seediness of Bourbon St.

We say our goodbyes as we split the group again, this time for real. I caution Katie to be careful and text me where they are for safety. She's capable of course, but there's a part of me that feels irresponsible letting them go without the protection of the whole group.

"We'll be fine, practically around the corner," She reassures me.

We part ways at the curb in front of the restaurant, wave goodbye into uncharted waters, and hop into our Uber.

"Hey, want a shot?" Ted asks holding up an eyedropper.

I wouldn't have a clue what it was except for our night to the sex club; a shot of liquid Levitra under the tongue as a nice insurance policy against any performance issues or worry.

"Sure." I lift up my tongue and open wide to let him squirt it in.

"It's the difference between wood and steel," he laughs.

Robin is quietly and amicably going along with everything as we banter and reach over her.

We get back to the empty house and turn on some lights. Robin goes to the bathroom while Ted and I head to our rooms to grab our doctor's bag of toys. We've all had enough to drink and meet on the second floor to escort Robin into an unoccupied bedroom, leaving the lights off and letting the light from the windows and hallway set the mood.

Might as well jump in to avoid the awkwardness so I step in front of Robin and start making out with her. Ted comes closer and runs his hand down her back, caressing her ass. I pull off and gently turn her toward Ted so he can kiss her while I manwich behind tracing and feeling her body with both hands. Ted cups both of his hands on her tits over her dress.

She's going with the flow and letting us guide the action. I slip my hands up under the bottom sides of her stretchy dress and pull her ass against me while Ted is going to town in front heating things up. I unbutton my jeans and step out of them and re-engage nestling my hard-on firmly into the crack of her ass for a preview of the dick heading her way. Ted tugs the top of the dress down and her braless boobs flop right out. He bends down to caress and suck them. I come around the side with both hands to grab the unoccupied pale perky tit and give her some double sucking action.

"You want to sit down?" I whisper.

She complies as Ted steps toward her, steps out of his pants and pulls the rim of his boxer briefs under his balls and offers his cock. I hate to be petty, but I'm happy to see he's roughly comparable to my length and have him beat on head size and girth.

She leans down, grabs his shaft and eagerly sucks his dick. I'm curious to see what one of her famous blow jobs is all about while I wonder how to interject myself into the picture. Ted reads my mind, pulls out to kneel on the bed and guides her to lay all the way back on a pillow before reinserting himself. This grants access for me to kneel on the floor between her legs. I push up the bottom of her dress to reveal a silky white thong and light brown auburn crotch. I pull and hold the panties to the side and dive in to explore her crevice with my tongue. She's parting her legs to accommodate me as much as this position allows.

Ted is gently holding her head sideways on the pillow and pumping away at her compliant mouth while manhandling and massaging her tits with his other hand.

"Slide her up more," asking for Ted's help.

He pauses to reach under her arms and drag her farther up the mattress. I lift her legs one at a time, bending her knees and planting her sexy heels flat on the mattress, spreading her legs wider for better access. I take off my shirt, lie down on my belly, and use her thighs to pull myself forward and bury my face into her hot wet pussy. She's curling her pelvis to meet me while Ted works her upper half.

I can feel her heels digging into my sides slightly as she spreads her legs as far as they can go with knees bent. The scratching of the heels turns me on and I vigorously respond by sucking her clit and plunging two fingers deep into her hole, pushing in and pressing up hard on her vaginal ceiling as I drag them back out.

My wood has definitely become steel. She's not a woman of many words, but her moans are saying everything that needs to be said. I pull away from eating her pussy and start finger fucking her hard alternating the rhythm of Ted's plunges. The juices are flowing and the channel between my fingers is webbed with a milky ooze which I'm extracting with each pump.

Ted pauses and steps off of the bed. I pull my fingers out to smell and taste as he grabs her legs and drags her ass to the edge of the bed in the original position. I instinctively climb onto the bed and approach the fresh side of her face with my rock hard dick for my turn at her mouth.

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