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The Rub

bySplit Liquor©

The splitLiquor Massage

I like to start very slowly, starting with the neck, I massage down and to the shoulders, then the face, all around the eyes, forehead, even ears and scalp.

From there I start over with toes then feet, slowly up the calves, then up to the lower back, working even more slowly, making soft circles with both hands up the back, all the way back to the shoulders.

Next, I work my way back to the calves, then very slowly up, most of the way up each thigh.

By then, it's difficult to continue without loosening clothes.

Once loosened, the massage has to start all over.

By the time I'm back to the thighs, it's time to start removing clothes, shirt first. Massage the back…unsnap the bra. Massage the back more, lower back up to the shoulders, running a finger from the neck down to the crack of the ass, so lightly, it's almost a tickle, just once or twice.

Roll over, slowly massage from the neck outward to the shoulders, back inward and down, circling the breasts, not massaging them yet.

Now, it's time to massage from the fingertips slowly up the arms, one at a time, with an occasional nipple lick, maybe just a little suck.

Soon, the nipples are nice and erect and the arms are completely limp from pleasure. Next, a firm but soft breast massage, circling slowly up the erect nipples.

Skip back to the thighs, removing pants. Robustly massage each thigh, stopping JUST short of the crotch, with a slight tickle of the crotch following each massage stroke. Panties off. Making the slightest touch with the fingertip to the clitoris, like a feather. Slow, slower, just enough to cause some movement towards the finger.

Quick, but soft, finger push inside, just enough to check the wetness.

Back to the breasts for the tongue massage, circling ever so slowly toward the belly button, hands massaging under the butt.

Moving the hands up to the breasts, and the tongue lower and lower, soon the tongue is circling around and into the belly button, hands now massaging the attentive breasts.

Tonguing continues all around the golden triangle, sometimes just a quick lick up the split. Slowly opening the labia with the tip of the tongue and a quick thrust inside.

Back to the toes and working my way up each leg again, all the way up, with a quick finger thrust into the wet waiting pussy. Time for a generous pussy massage with a hot, thrusting tongue, keeping it up until an orgasm has grasped you all over. Once the orgasm has been kept going as long as possible, it's time to rollover and start up the legs again, slowly spreading them, making that wet, throbbing pussy ready for more.

By now, my pants are off and my stiffie is sneaking up to that hot wet area. Kneeling, I grasp under and below your stomach, pulling you up, doggy-style until my hot meat roll is teasing your wet pussy mercilessly. Teasing until another orgasm is so, so close.

Thrust, deep and hard all the way in. Out, all the way out. Another teasing, another deep thrust. There'll be another orgasm soon. Roll over again, woman on top, legs together, providing the action, totally wet and slick. Perhaps another orgasm, perhaps waiting until the next roll over, me on top, your legs tight together, me still thrusting in and out, slowly, fully keeping it up until that last loud scream.

Now, THAT's a massage and that's my story.

And, I'm stickin' to it cause I'm sticky right now.

Wanna do it again?

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