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The Runaway



Short Synopsis

Larry and his swinger wife pickup an 18 year old runaway girl for purely humanitarian reasons but little do they realize their sympathy for a lost girl just before Christmas will turn into a torrid fuck session between the three of them and a new addition to their household.


The Runaway

My name is Larry and I own a consulting company that supports a number of large businesses and hotels in Las Vegas. I'm in my early forties, tall, with dark hair and complexion. My wife, Roxy, is also very tall about 6 feet and a knockout with killer legs and nice jugs. She is extremely erotic and when she walks into a room I see all the guys and most of the girl's spring to attention. She never wears a bra and generally is in a very short skirt. I love to show her off and get a big thrill out of everybody hitting on her.

A while back, our friends started calling her Foxy Roxy and after awhile, the nickname Foxy stuck. Now most everyone calls her Foxy, which she really is.

Roxy and I have always been hyper sexual and love having sex all the time. After we had been married for a few years, we opened our marriage and became involved in alternate lifestyles or swinging as it is commonly known. Partying is typically the accepted term we use rather than swinging or wife swapping as straight people call it.

One Friday night, about a week before Christmas, we were driving home from a party. Both of us were relaxed and feeling mellow in that afterglow of fabulous sex. We had met a new couple to the partying scene and after a little stimulating conversation had spent a couple of hours with them in the sack, fucking our brains out. But that is a story for another time, stay tuned boys and girls!

We pulled up to a traffic light near a shopping center and both of us noticed a young girl, around 18 and casually dressed in a sweater and jeans, with a cardboard sign that said "Please Help. Stranded".

Roxy said to me, "Do you think she's on the level? She doesn't look like a con artist but you never know."

Being the glass half empty kind of guy, I replied, "Probably some kind of scam, looking for a horny guy."

Roxy, looking back over her shoulder said, "I not so sure, she doesn't even have shoes on and those clothes are certainly not keeping her warm. Turn around and let's check this out."

"Okay," I said as I wheeled my Suburban around. "Let me just make a quick loop around where she is to see if there is a boyfriend mugger in the bushes."

"Fuck Larry, just do what I say and pull up next to her! After all you've got your carry weapon don't you?" Roxy angrily said, as she is a no bullshit type of person.

Properly put in my place, I pulled up to the curb and Roxy rolled down her window. We could see that she looked scared to death and was shaking from the chilly Las Vegas winter night air.

Roxy said, "Sweetie, come over here and talk to me." The girl walked over and cautiously approached our car.

"Are you all alone and where are your shoes?" Roxy asked.

"Yes," the girl replied, "I was hitchhiking with this guy and he told me that I would have to sleep with him to keep going. When I refused he dumped me out of the car and took off with all my things."

"Hop into the back seat and warm up, while we talk," Roxy told her.

Turning to me Roxy said, "Unlock the car and turn the rear heater on full."

I reached up and cranked the rear heater all the way up and put the fan on high. Then I jacked the front heater up to help. In Sin City it not only gets hot but pretty chilly also. The Suburban's dual heating/air conditioning system will cook marshmallows in the winter and make ice during the summer.

After hesitating for a few seconds, the girl got into the rear seat. She wrapped her arms around herself shaking, obviously very cold and scared.

Roxy said to her, "I'm going to have my husband, Larry, pull ahead and park under that street light in the shopping center parking lot. We are right beside the traffic lane and I don't feel safe here. Is that okay with you?"

"Also, I'm going to tell Larry to lock the doors but don't be afraid as you have a door lock button on your door. After Larry locks the doors, you can use your button to be sure that you can unlock the door yourself. That way you don't have to worry about being trapped in the car."

"Alright Larry, pull into the parking lot and park under that light. Be sure and lock the doors as I don't feel comfortable being out here this late at light."

Being the dutiful husband, I eased into the parking lot and parked under a big parking lot flood light. After hitting the door lock button, I put the car in park but left the engine running to keep the car hot.

We both twisted around in the seats so we could look at this girl. She didn't look hard and her clothes were not cheap or ratty. There was an honest air about her, obviously not a hooker or scam artist. She was dirty and her hair looked like it had not been washed in days. As I looked at her, it suddenly struck me that she looked eerily similar to my wife and they could be sisters, maybe twin sisters.

I had been drinking coffee and Roxy picked the cup out of the console and said, "Would you like a little hot coffee? My husband has been drinking it but he doesn't have cooties or anything."

To that remark, the girl giggled and said, "Yes, thank you, I'm freezing!" She gladly took the coffee and sipped it. She sat there for a minute and then suddenly burst into tears with heart wrenching sobs.

Roxy said, "Hit the door lock, I'm going to jump into the back seat with Little Orphan Annie." With that she got into the back seat and held the girl while she cried. Roxy held the girl to her and she naturally laid her head on Roxy's jugs.

Looking at the girl snuggling up to Roxy and I knew that she must be getting a good feel of Roxy's tits. Her outfit was pretty skimpy as we had just come from a house party and her clothes were designed to show off her rack; not protect them from the cold or orphan little girls.

Roxy's top was basically a vest with the sides just covering her nipples and open all the way to her waist. She was wearing her favorite gold nipple rings with a woven gold chain between each nipple ring under the vest. The vest was only held together with a couple of string ties.

The leather, cowboy style, vest did little to hide her perfect tits. Foxy had medium sized tits, probably about a C cup or maybe small D, but perfectly shaped. She had a slight ski slope top to her tits with a rounded bottom and almost no sag at all.

A couple we ran with, the husband is a plastic surgeon and specialized in boob jobs. Every time we ran into them, he spent half the night playing with her tits. He had girls coming into his Oklahoma clinic for boobs from all over the country and was highly regarded in his field. I knew my wife had beautiful jugs but when an expert in the field of tits can't keep his hands off them, I knew they were nice.

When the girl snuggled up to Roxy, she put her arm around her waist and squeezed her. I don't think the girl realized it but as she slid her hand inside Roxy's vest, her right nipple slipped out.

I'm watching as this little girl laid her head on Roxy's tit and when she opened her eyes, Roxy's right nipple was right in front of her face. Her eyes grew wide as she focused on Roxy's beautiful pierced nipple, almost in her mouth. I don't know if it was on purpose but as they held each other, the girl slid her head until the breath from her mouth was blowing on Roxy's nipple as she gasped from crying.

I watched as Roxy's nipple instantly scrunched up and got hard right in front of the girls eyes. She continued to look at the nipple and I saw her subconsciously lick her lips. Roxy ran her fingers through the girls hair and pulled her close to her chest.

I watched as the girl continued to snuggle up to Roxy, while she held her tightly. I saw her inch a little closer to the erect nipple in front of her until she could probably lick it if she tried. Probably just a reaction from feeling safe, but my little buddy, who makes most of my decisions for me, sprang to attention immediately.

I told myself, "Larry don't be an asshole, we are trying to help this girl, not fuck her!"

Roxy was stroking the girl's hair and helping her to calm down. In a minute, she stopped crying and accepted a tissue from me. "Thank you," she said. I found it interesting that she never moved her cheek off of Roxy's breast and started idly playing with one of the string ties that held her vest together. I knew if she pulled the bow tie, the game would get a lot more interesting.

Roxy asked her, "Do you have anywhere to go that we could take you? You will either freeze to death or possibly be accosted by one of the jerks around here. What's your name, child?"

"Beth," she answered. "No I don't have anyplace to go and was hoping to go to California and make a new start."

Roxy asked her, "How old are you and do you have parents or family somewhere?"

Beth said, "I'm 18 years old and no I don't have any family. My parents were killed a few weeks ago in a traffic accident."

Roxy looked at me and said, "I don't think Larry will mind but would you like to come home with us and get cleaned up? I have clothes that should fit you and then we will get you some food. Unlike the guy you were riding with, there are no strings attached."

Beth said, "I don't have any money but would love to go home with you. I can clean and cook so I'll try to pay you back. I don't want to be a bother."

"Don't worry about paying us back, Larry makes decent money so that's not an issue. It's a week before Christmas and no one should be alone during the Holiday Season," Roxy told her.

Beth told her, "I can't believe how sexy your outfit is and how hot you look. Do you often wear dresses like that out in public?"

Foxy replied, "Yes Larry likes me to look sexy and encourages me to dress like this. Plus I'm a show off and it turns me on to look sexy. Do you think my outfit is too much?"

Beth quickly answered, "No, No, I love it and wish I had clothes like that. My parents would never let me wear short skirts or an open top like that. I'd love to try on that outfit and see how I look in it. I love your pierced nipples? That looks so erotic."

Foxy looked down and I guess for the first time realized that her nipple was showing. She started to rearrange the vest but stopped and asked Beth, "I can cover up if you want me to?"

Beth quickly responded, "If it's okay with you, please leave it alone. I've never seen another girl's bare boob before and it turns me on. Do you think I might be a lesbian or something?"

Foxy laughed and said, "No it's common for other girls to like girls so don't think anything about it. We are very open and if you have any questions like that, feel free to ask me. It is a turn on for me also that you like looking at me."

Foxy pulled Beth's head back to her boob and said, "Go ahead and pull the strings. I know you are dying to."

With that Beth pulled all three string ties and the vest opened up almost to her nipples. Beth just stared and didn't say a word except for a slight blush that spread across her face.

Foxy then said, "Lean up a second and let me slip the vest off and you will be a lot more comfortable." Beth then helped Foxy pull the vest off and she threw it in the front seat. Beth just stared at Foxy's tits with lust in her eyes.

Beth asked, "Would it be okay to touch them?"

"Feel free to play with them all you want," Foxy answered.

Beth laid her cheek back on Foxy's boob and used her hand to trace around her nipple. As she played with it, Foxy closed her eyes and I could see a climax run through her body. Foxy could climax at the drop of a hat and I could tell that Beth was turning her on.

Beth then leaned over and gave her nipple a light kiss and took her tongue to lick it for a second. She looked up a Foxy who had her eyes closed and then went back to her nipple and sucked it. At first she sucked softly but after a minute, started working it harder.

I heard Foxy moan and she started wrapping her fingers in Beth's hair as Beth continued to suck on her tit. Then Foxy told her, bite my nipple, not real hard and finish me off. Beth smiled as she started working on Foxy's nipple in earnest. I could see her lightly chewing on her nipple and flicking the very tip with her tongue.

I could see Foxy tense up and I knew that she was ready to come. Foxy was now holding Beth's head in both hands as Beth was trying to suck her entire nipple into her mouth. Foxy was starting to jerk and she managed to get "Bite Harder!" out of her mouth. When Beth bit down on her nipple, Foxy spasmed as I watched her eyes roll back in her head. Foxy let out a series of gasps as she had a hard climax and her jerking slowly eased up as she came back to earth.

Foxy sort of melted into the car seat and laid her head on the back of the seat with her eyes closed. Beth softly kissed her on the lips and lay her head down on Foxy's nipple. After a minute or so her breathing became more normal. Finally she told Beth, "That was unbelievable for a beginner. Let's go home and get you cleaned up. I'm sure you'll feel better after a bath. And I may need to take a nap."

We drove home and I parked in our circular driveway rather than mess with the garage. Foxy just hopped out of the car topless and held Beth's hand as we went in the front door.

I could see that the girl was impressed with our house. It was custom built and designed for entertaining with a lot of open spaces. I had even had a conversation pit designed around the fireplace similar to our first house when we got married.

"Your house is beautiful," she said.

Roxy said, "My name is Roxy but most people call me Foxy and this is my husband, Larry."

"Foxy,", she answered quietly. "Thank you so much for taking me in. I didn't know what I was going to do."

"Beth, let's get you cleaned up and into some fresh clothes," Roxy told her.

Roxy took the lead and we walked up our spiral staircase into the master bedroom suite upstairs.

"I love your furniture and the design of the room," Beth said.

"When we first got married, we bought a house that we always loved. And a lot of the design is based upon our first home. If you notice the one wall is only waist high and looks down into the living and family rooms," Foxy told her.

"I've never seen a chrome four poster bed before. That is really modern looking," Beth told us.

"We love modern furniture and so most of everything we have is modern," Roxy replied.

As Beth walked around the bedroom looking at everything, she noticed a number of large nudes of Roxy on the wall. I had taken the pictures and put up my favorites. One is a shot of Roxy from the waist up and I back lit Roxy so that there is a halo around her hair. Roxy has naturally curly hair and with her fabulous tits she is super sexy. Roxy is probably about a C cup but since she hasn't worn a bra in years; is probably not sure herself.

"Oh, wow!" Beth exclaimed, "That's you, isn't it, Roxy. You look like a movie star and I can't believe how beautiful and sexy you look."

I told her, "I hope that doesn't offend you but I'm an avid photographer and when I'm married to my best model, I just can't help but take pictures of her."

"No, I love it!" Beth said, "Are you a model?

"I used to model before we were married and now I just model for Larry," Roxy replied. "Before we start talking about photography because you will never get Larry to shut up, let's get you cleaned up."

We walked into the large master bathroom and Roxy told me, "Grab a bath towel for Beth and one for her hair, along with a washcloth. I'll go ahead and start the water."

Beside the Jacuzzi bath tub is a large shower section without any walls. That section of the bathroom is completely waterproof and is one large shower with multiple shower heads. Roxy turned on the water and taking the towels from me hung them on the rack.

Beth said, "I can't believe how big your bathroom is and you even have a bidet!"

Roxy replied, "We built this to have everything we liked in a house. Larry has done well in business and we are enjoying life. Now get in there and get cleaned up. Then we will see what you would like to wear."

Roxy and I left Beth alone and went back to the bedroom.

Roxy said, "She seems like she is on the up and up don't you think?"

"Yes," I replied, "If we can get a little information out of her, I'll call Jack, our head of security, and have him make a few discrete inquiries so we can find out what the real story is."

After about 20 minutes, Beth came out of the bath with a bath towel wrapped around her and her hair up in a smaller towel.

Foxy said, "Beth, I knew you were good looking but boy you sure clean up well! Isn't she a keeper Larry?"

Foxy then turned to me and said, "Larry you are starting to drool, close your mouth."

I stammered, "Wait, everyone has the wrong idea. I am just amazed at how much you two look alike." Beth was standing there with that towel just barely covering her tits and the bottom was just covering her butt. God, she was gorgeous!

Beth took the towel off her hair and started to brush her hair vigorously with the towel. Then she said, "My hair is naturally curly like Foxy's and I usually straighten it but seeing how hot your wife is, I decided to try it. You don't mind do you Foxy?"

"No girl, I don't mind at all, in fact it is a turn on that you would like to look like me. I appreciate the compliment. Hopefully Larry's heart, and other things, can take it as there will be three of us now!"

"What do you mean three of us?" Beth asked.

"Well we like to go to a strip club on couple's nights and one of the dancer's looks a lot like me. Larry likes to think of us as bookends and I swear that he is in love when he sees her dancing around half naked!" Foxy replied.

"You don't mind Larry looking at other naked women?" Beth asked.

Foxy said laughingly, "I like Larry being happy and he loves having girls make over him. He's sort of like a dog chasing a car. If he caught it, he probably wouldn't know what to do with it."

I said, "Wait a minute; I think you're giving Beth the wrong impression of me. I'm not that big of a horn dog, am I? I'm not completely controlled by my little buddy!"

Beth laughed and said, "I think you two are a great couple and it is really nice to see people who are not jealous of each other. Maybe some day I could go to the club and meet our twin sister? But I'm only eighteen, would that be alright?"

Foxy said, "Don't tell anyone but we own the club and we would love to bring you. You would be alright with the girls being naked. On Saturday night they have male dancers for us girls, while Larry gets lap dances from my other sister?"

Beth said, "That sounds like fun and maybe she could teach me how to give Larry a lap dance that is if you don't mind Foxy?"

Foxy giggled and said, "Well, there is only one problem with that. I get first dibs and you can give Larry a lap dance after I get mine. Does that work for you?"

Beth closed her eyes for a second and I saw a shiver run through her body. "Right now I'd love to give both of you all the lap dances you want. I don't know how but I'm a fast learner. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me."

Foxy said, "Before you get Larry all hot and bothered, let's pick out some clothes for you. Pitch that towel into the bathroom and let's walk into the closet."

I got a quick flash of Beth's cute little butt and what looked like very nice tits as she pulled the towel off while giving me a wink. Then she wigged her little butt into the closet with Roxy.

"Your closet is bigger than my old bedroom!" Beth exclaimed. "I can't believe you have this many outfits and shoes to match."

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