The Runner


My headboard is made of horizontal bars about three inches apart. I cuff each of his wrists to a different one. I plan to make him turn over soon and don't want to undo the cuffs. This way they can just slide along the bars.

I climb up onto my bed and straddle his thighs. "I told you I wanted to be in control. I want to do what I want and you said you were ok with that. And what I want now is to do what I've thought about for four days, ever since I watched you run past me on the trail."

"Yes, mistress," he says, making me smile.

"That's much better," I tell him. I lean forward and touch his shoulders very lightly with just the tips of my fingers. If he likes it, fine, but this encounter is about me and what I want to do. I trail my fingers across the breadth of his freckled shoulders and down his back, just dipping them inside the waist of his jeans. I flatten my palms and stroke them upward, back to his shoulders, and start to give him an impromptu massage. I've always liked doing this, lightly kneading my palms and fingers into the muscles of a man's back while I straddle his ass or thighs. I love the feel of a man underneath me, between my legs.

"I'm not usually one for violence," I tell him. "The pain I mentioned in my emails I intended to inflict with light scratches and maybe bites. Not many men like that so I had to ask to see if you would. But when you tried to take over I had to stop you. We'd agreed that I would be in control so I just made sure I was going to be. I must admit that I was very surprised that you stayed hard after I kneed you. I've had to do that for defense once and the guy wilted quickly. I'm glad you didn't. I want you to be hard for me. I want you to stay hard for me for a while. But now I want you to turn over."

He complies, turning onto his back as I help slide the cuffs around. I'm straddling his jeans covered cock now. My skirt fell to the floor when Jason pushed his hand into the waistband. I'm not wearing panties so I rub my pussy over the bulge in the front of his jeans. I can feel my juices seeping out of me and dampening the soft denim. I lean down for a kiss, an easy one this time. Pulling my lips free from his, I scrape his bottom one between my teeth as I move my mouth down his neck and chest. I flick my tongue over a nipple, taking it between my teeth for a light bite when it hardens.

I only play with his nipples briefly. I trail my open mouth down his belly, running my palms down his sides at the same time. I pause at the waistband of his jeans, rolling my eyes up to look at him. From the way he's watching me, I can tell he's having to fight to not cum. I slide my hands from his sides to his jeans button, my thumbs just underneath the denim. I'm moving slowly, drawing out the anticipation. I pop the button with my fingers, use my tongue to raise the little tab on the zipper, take it in my teeth, and very slowly draw it down. I keep my green eyes on his blue ones the whole time.

He's fighting so hard not to cum, he can't watch what I'm doing anymore. He closes his eyes and leans his head back as I reach inside his jeans and gently free him. I have to keep my right hand under it to raise it to my lips. Jason's cock has a very pronounced upward curve. Because of it, I won't be able to take as much into my mouth from this position. I'm in no hurry. I don't often like to suck cock but this time I want to. I slide my lips from the root to the tip, hearing him draw in a hissing breath and the rattle of the cuffs. I watch what I'm doing now, trailing the tip of my tongue down the path my lips went up. I slide my tongue back up, using it's entire width to lick as much of the underside of his cock as possible. I flick the tip on the underside of the head, right where the helmet meets the shaft. I feel a dribble of precum leak out and trickle down the front.

I take my mouth off his cock for a second, using the precum that's still leaking out as lubricant for my hand to stroke him a few times. I look at him again. He still has his eyes closed and an intense look of concentration on his face. He's grabbed the bars of the headboard that the cuffs are attached to. It's obvious he's fighting not to cum. I smile a little wickedly and bend down to suck as much of his cock as I can into the heat of my mouth. I hear him make a whimpering noise as his entire body stiffens. I can tell he's very close to cumming so I raise up, taking my mouth and hands off his cock. I brace a hand on each of his thighs as he opens his eyes to look at me, almost in desperation.

"I told you I'd be in control," I tell him, trying to restrain a giggle. "I might have let you cum this time but after what you tried to do... You need to be punished, and your punishment is to not be allowed to cum until I'm done playing with you."


"No 'buts'. I'm going to do what I want, something you agreed to. No more talking. This is not the time for talk."

"Yes, mistress."

I smile and take hold of his jeans. I pull them off with a little help from him. When they slide off his feet, I place my hands on his ankles and run my hands up his legs. I feel the muscles that running has put there. I slide my hands all the way up his body, fingers spread wide, but I only allow my thumbs the briefest brush with the hairless skin of his balls. I like that he was considerate enough to shave them. I don't like hair in my food.

I move my body up to be straddling his cock. I raise up on my knees and make sure he's watching as I take the bottom hem of my top and slowly draw it up and over my head. He gets an almost pained look on his face. I smile at that; I know he's fighting again not to cum. I feel him raise his hips underneath me. His cock is searching for the entrance to my pussy. I lower myself slightly, not allowing him to penetrate me. I rub my pussy's wetness up and down the length of him for several minutes, rubbing my pierced clit on him and enjoying the feel of his body underneath mine.

Gradually, I allow his cock to slip inside me as my pussy reaches the tip and I start to slide back down. I'll let just the head slip inside then raise back up to slide my pussy back down the length. The next stroke, he'll try to raise his hips to slide more of his cock into me. I'll let him get about halfway in for a second then raise back up and off him. He's looking at me almost desperately. I know he needs to cum. I've been teasing him so much that my pussy is almost dripping, making it easier for him to slide into me. The curve of his cock is almost working against him. He has to raise his more to try to get the tip inside me.

I've been teasing him like this for a while when I suddenly sink down all the way onto his cock. I watch as his jaw drops and his eyes almost roll back into his head. The muscles bulge in his arms as he grabs the bars of my headboard in a death grip. He thrusts his hips and I meet them a few times but when his breath starts to catch and his thrusts start to speed, he tells me he's about to cum. I don't want that so the next time he thrusts his hips upward I raise mine, lifting my pussy completely off his cock.

He gives me that desperate 'O my god, why did you do that!' look again as he draws his legs up, almost as if he's in pain. I did warn him there might be some of that. This, however, is probably not the type he was thinking about.

I'm enjoying myself though, so I keep teasing him. I always raise up off him at the last second. I lost track of time (a few minutes? a few hours?) ago so I have no idea how long I tease him. I just know I'm enjoying myself immensely. I finally get so worked up myself that I have to cum. I raise up off his cock one last time and reach up to uncuff him.

He grabs my hips in both hands and rolls me over, entering me in one quick thrust. I wrap my legs around his as he keeps up an almost frantic pace. I wrap my arms around him, digging my nails into his back and ass. I'm so close. Just a few more thrusts. He leans down for a kiss, rough this time. I can't keep my lips on his very long. I feel the tension building in my pussy. I'm sure I'm making some kind of noise but I've lost control of my body so I have no idea how loud I am. My mouth has found his shoulder and as my orgasm crashes into me, I bite. I think the feel of my pussy walls contracting around his cock is what sends Jason over the edge. His groans are as loud as I was as he shoves himself into me one last time and closes his eyes to shudder with the force of his own orgasm. He collapses on top of me and rolls off to lay by my left side.

"Wow," he says after several minutes have passes with both of us just lying there staring at the ceiling and recovering. "I think that's the most intense orgasm I've ever had."

"I've never tied a man up before," I tell him. "The cuffs are left from the times I've been restrained." I raise up on my left elbow as he turns his head to look at me. "I wanted to be in control this time cause I never have. I liked it." I glance over at the alarm clock sitting on my dresser across the room. O my god, it's almost one in the morning. "I liked it for almost six hours. Wow."

"I should go before things get awkward."

"I'd like to invite you to stay but you're right, things might be awkward later."

He sits up on the edge of the bed and I scoot around him to pick up the towel I'd left in the floor for clean-up. I clean the leftovers from my pussy with one end of the towel then use the other end to gently clean them off his cock. He leans in to give me a kiss. It's another easy one with minimal tongue. I pull away and stand to take the towel to the hamper as he gathers up his clothes and puts them back on. I sit on the edge of my bed and watch him finish dressing. He glances around my room, checking to see if he's left anything, and sees the notepad and pen I keep on my bedside table with my phone charger. He walks over and writes something, tearing off the page and handing it to me.

"This is my number. Call if you would like to see me again. If not... I will always remember a wonderful night with a lovely lady."

I take the paper, looking at him instead of it, and stand to wrap my arms around his shoulders and draw him down for a parting kiss. This one is different from the others. Not rough but not exploring either. This is the kiss of two people who have become familiar with each other and each knows what the other likes.

He pulls away first turning to open my bedroom door. I follow him through my house. He's left his shoes beside the door to the garage. He slides them on without untying the laces and opens the door. With one final, swift kiss, he turns away and walks out to his car. I reach up to press the button beside the door that opens the garage door. He starts the little Mazda and backs it down my driveway, turning left to drive down the street. I press the garage door button again, close the inside door, walk back to my bedroom, and only then look at what he's written. Just his name and number but I think to myself, as I turn off my bedside lamp and climb into bed: 'I think he'll be someone worth knowing better.'

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