tagChain StoriesThe Russian Enterprise Ch. 02

The Russian Enterprise Ch. 02



A chain story in short chapters

by co-authors AsylumSeeker, SxRx and WhiteWave48


Ch. 02 - The Mob Connection

Anthony 'Tony' aka 'The Closer' Matassini was a man of his time, but with a solid respect for the past. He might wear a new style now and then, but only if it had a classic look anyway and his tailor found it 'good, good'. If he got the frown, and a 'tsk, tsk', he knew it wasn't going to fly.

Today, he felt splendid in his newer wool blend suit that Thomas had done for him for the coming summer season. Lightweight and cool, it fit him well. His hefty 185 lb. on his 5'11" frame was mostly muscle, and his form showed favorably beneath the suit as he glanced in the full length mirror. His bedroom was in the upper front of his modest Bayshore Drive home with a window that looked out upon the front lawns and out to Tampa Bay.

Like his father before him, the successful don knew that flaunting his achievements only brought two things and both of them bad - jealous would-be rivals and ambitious district attorneys - so his house was set far enough back from the famous shore line to be easily missed among the finely trimmed oaks and shrubs. The decorative landscaping helped hide the solid wall that surrounded the prime residential land. The electronic gate was solar powered, but quite effective in operation and security; special ordered from a small company out of Tallahassee.

Also, like his father before him, Tony knew the secret to success was giving people what they craved and desired most. He had long ago learned that it was human nature to always want something for nothing. Gambling, prostitution, drugs - even his new 'bride' business - were all attempts by men to gain what they had not earned; to get the big money without having to work for it, get high without any cares and get a beautiful woman without having to win her heart.

He also knew there was a price for everything in the end, and that was where Tony was the master. Seeing every deal was 'closed', all dues paid, every promise kept. His grandfather had always told him, 'Greed, envy and lust' were the mainstays of their family business.

Tony finished dressing and left the bedroom, crossing the large alcove and whipping down the back stairs to the kitchen where his wife Lorraine was helping put the finishing touches on his breakfast - soft scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes and her special sauce, fresh cut sausage and bacon, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh mango and kiwi slices, and real coffee.

The coffee beans came from an importer who was in the 'family', and were always picked to perfection. Carefully stored in the freezer and fresh ground each morning, they were brewed in an expensive machine that Tony had special ordered from Rome.

He gave Lorraine a smile and embraced her. They kissed passionately and he kneaded her ass cheeks discreetly. She giggled into the kiss which was his purpose to begin with. A laughing kiss was sensually satisfying.

At the table were his two nephews 'Tank' and 'Chipper'. Tank was just that and well, Chipper was clearly a chip off the old block - his father and Tony's older brother, Leo. Both half rose in deference to him and greeted him respectfully as 'Uncle Tony'.

Seated at the front were his youngest daughters, Connie and Bonnie, identical twins. They both rose, as if in planned unison, grinning at the father they adored and each taking a cheek to kiss and a shoulder to embrace.

"Morning Daddy," they chimed together.

"Good morning girls," he replied, and kissed each with an embrace that may have lingered longer than needed for someone who merely paid attention.

Fussing over everything was his mother, Sophia, whose beauty was timeless. She was full figured, nearly statuesque and had aged well, thanks to her Sicilian genes.

"Sit, sit, Anthony," she insisted.

He perched on the end of the table to lean across and peck her on the forehead, and she accepted his supplication as though it were from the pope. She gazed at her beloved son and smiled.

"Tony," was all she said, her eyes aglow, as he sat at the prominent head of the table.

Everyone had waited for him before touching their food.

"Eat! Eat!" Chimed Mrs. Matassini.

Everyone tucked into another repast at the Matassini home.


As his nephews cleared the way to the attached garage, they nodded at one of the two outside security men who were dressed as blue collar workers. This indicated an all clear and Tank cranked the car, a completely restored, vintage 1966 Mercedes Benz 550 SL limousine. The windows were bullet resistant; the doors reinforced with thin steel sheets to further resist bullet fire. The hood had two locks hidden as adornments to keep out unwanted hands, and underneath the car were plates of non-magnetic materials that resisted the secret securing of any tracking device or bomb.

As Tank and Chipper sat up front, Tony pushed the button of the privacy screen. Soon his twin daughters appeared beside him, each at a rear door, and slid in next to 'Daddy'. Giggling, they both sidled close to their father, this ritual something they all looked forward to with eager anticipation.

Through the intercom, Tony directed his nephews to head towards the girls' private Catholic School where they were soon to be graduating 18 year old seniors. As they eased out of the garage, the powerful door locks clicked on and the Mercedes began to glide down the drive.

"It's my turn," said Bonnie pleadingly as she caressed her father's thigh.

Connie soon began to protest and so Tony simply interceded.

"Girls, girls! Why don't you both join in together today?"

At this, they both smiled and soon they were parting their thighs and easing down and off with their panties. Connie and Bonnie were adopted, which seemed to allow Tony to fend off any worries of guilt he might have about their sex play.

"Ah, today its yellow I see," said Tony to the twins who had both worn yellow panties.

As he said this he took each of his hands and stroked the near thigh of each daughter. He gradually eased his caressing hands upward. Bonnie on the right and Connie on the left each spread their legs wider and scooted forward, hiking up their catholic uniform skirts, eager to begin.

Their legs were long, tanned and smooth from a fresh shave last night - another ritual that included helping each other with long baths and shaving each other's pussy. Tony groaned as he felt the firm, smooth thighs of each twin, wondering how long he could keep up dividing his attention so. He thought of his own participation in their nightly baths from time to time as opportunity allowed.

Usually, each day on the way to school, one would take the lead while the other enhanced the pleasures of the morning. Today, he was faced with the delightful dilemma of handling both at once. He moved each hand in ever-widening, small circles with the palms of his large handsome hands, inching ever slowly towards those pussies that he knew were wet by now.

The twins began to writhe beneath his attentions; hotter than match heads, so he turned the stereo up more to drown out what he knew would be a chorus in stereo of vocal orgasms. He wouldn't want to excite or upset Tank and cause an accident. He smiled at this thought and dove into the matter at hand with gusto.

Bonnie, ever horny, pressed her hand to his and urged him closer to her nubile pussy. Just thinking of the deliciousness of twin mounds increased the swelling of his cock. Soon his suit pants were tented with the upward surging of his turgid member. He turned to Bonnie who instantly kissed him with abandon. Without hesitation, they began French kissing, passionately.

Soon, Tony felt Connie's greedy hands on his groin. She teased him by rubbing his cock from the outside as she thrilled at feeling the outline of his shape and then let out a little moan when she found his head. This was more than fine by him. She was quite talented really; they both were. With a firm, steady effort she unzipped his pants, reached inside and freed his cock that was clearly ready for action.

"Oh, look Bonnie, it's already hard and there's that dewy pre-cum oozing."

Greedily, Connie dipped her tongue to the tip and lapped away at the liquid.

"Mmmm," she moaned at the taste of this warm appetizer.

Bonnie soon broke from kissing and did the same. Tony was blessed as the twins licked and sucked at the tip of his cock, licking him clean each time pre-cum oozed forward.

They giggled at each other and both began to stroke and lick his cock in choreography of silent pleasuring only twins could do so well. While Connie licked and sucked on the head of his cock, Bonnie sucked on his large balls. In private, the girls tried to decide which they liked best, sucking on his cock or his balls, but they could never come to a clear decision.

Now, they switched places and continued their supplications with earnest attentions. As they did so, Tony took first his forefinger, then two fingers and began easing them into their swollen, wet pussies. He felt each part of them as he passed it: first the mons, then the labia wings that were swollen with lust, and on to the hooded clit and finally the tight pussy itself.

With further ministrations, he felt the hood sheath of each began to retract and reveal their clits. He diddled them with his fingertips, and then rubbed back along the clit shaft more firmly, finally taking each clit between his thumb and finger and making a twirling motion. It took all his concentration to do both pussies at once as well as keep his mind on the delicious meal the twins were making of his manly parts.

"Ohhhh, Daddy. It feels so good... Don't ever stop," gasped the twins in stereo then returned to sucking, licking and stroking his cock and balls.

Once he was fully hard and erect, Bonnie carefully laid Tony's cock against his belly and squatted upon the shaft. Now she slid along the length of his long cock, pressing her pussy and clit against it. Soon, her movements were quickened and she began to moan.

Before long, she began a shuddering orgasm that inspired Connie humping Tony's fingers alone to experience the same almost vicariously, and sure enough a chorus of stereo shrieks declared a cum in unison. Still holding his cock, they collapsed on their Daddy, gasping out the final spasms of their climax.

The two sat up again with dazed eyes. As they switched places, Connie worked and pressed her pussy harder on Tony's hard, thick shaft, while Bonnie used her mouth and hands on his balls. She also took time to lick and finger her sister's pussy which thrilled them all. Tony was nearly faint as he watched the twins from hooded eyes, his breathing shallow, and his heartbeat racing.

"Your turn Daddy!" they cried.

And soon it was. As Tony began to come, Connie greedily slipped his huge cock into her mouth and caught his gism as it spurted powerfully. Tony grabbed her by the breasts and the girls squealed in delight as his legs stiffened out, his toes curled and he came with a series of deep grunts.

"Girls, you outdid yourselves this time," Tony declared with a huge grin, which Bonnie and Connie returned in kind.

They sighed and began the final part of the ritual of cleaning up; soon finished as they each took part with wipes and tissues. Pulling up their panties, they lovingly placed Tony's cock and balls back in his pants and zipped him up.

"All done," they said.

Both were now putting finishing touches on their makeup from cosmetic bags inside their matching purses. Tony grabbed them each with an arm and brought them close for hugging and kissing. Bonnie and Connie were as content as purring kittens.


Tony took the call from his contact on his cell phone after the girls were dropped off. It was a 'throw away' cell phone of high quality he used for such occasions.

"Got another one for you, Mr. Tony" said his contact.

"Good, very good Boris," replied Tony as he leaned back and set his mind to working out all the logistics of closing this deal successfully, profitably, and safely.

$150,000 was not the end of it. He had to take from the top his costs of bribing the U.S. and Russian immigration officials, the kick back to Boris, the expense of bringing the Russian girl to America, the cost of the work visas. While this dropped his profit considerably, he would always find ways to increase his revenue.

Extortion was always such a nice, easy touch, he thought. Let them enjoy their beautiful bride, then demand another $25,000 to start. He would milk each of these deals as he had learned from his father before him. All business must be based on many key principles, but the most important was fear. Yes, it was nice when people loved him, well and good when they respected him, but best if they feared him.

Of course, the best part of all was getting to sample the wares firsthand - always a hard-earned treat he looked forward to.

As the limousine slowed to park at the Columbia Restaurant where Tony spent much of his time dealing with the many dramas of his family and business, he got out of the car as his nephews escorted him. Accidentally on purpose he dropped his phone on the pavement and made certain to step on it hard.

"What a shame, boys. Take care of it would you?" he remarked, as even now Tank reached for the phone and slung it into the sewer orifice in the gutter.

* * * * *

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