tagChain StoriesThe Russian Enterprise Ch. 08

The Russian Enterprise Ch. 08


Mob family don, Tony Matassini who resides in Tampa, Florida and has a black market Russian 'Mail Order' Bride business, collaborates with a Russian national, Boris, in providing a service to wealthy American men who want the privilege of accessing young, beautiful and capable Russian women without the hassle associated with the dating scene. His life begins to change when he becomes attracted to his latest Russian find - Katya, the woman he lined up for Carson.

This chapter is part of a chain story written with AsylumSeeker and WhiteWave48. It involves international intrigue, incest, twins, lesbian play, masturbation and a blow job.

Kingston Bound


Tony sat in his den studying the computer screen on his Sony laptop. He had enhanced the picture to 200% and with his expensive software and high pixel count there was barely a dip in the picture quality of the beautiful face that looked out at him once more.

"Katya," he whispered to himself.

She had an exotic appeal, even in the sound of her name, so Russian, so Slavic. The picture was even more extraordinary and appealing. The face was strong, yet feminine; something about her tugged at him. Each time he saw her, her beauty was so exquisite he felt a twinge of pain as a grunt released in his throat.

It was just a picture of a desperate woman, and yet... her mention of looking for 'her knight' captured a piece of him somehow. He smiled at her directness and how her English came across with such brutal honesty, yet lovable as well. He was looking forward to sampling her charms - and more than once, he thought, a wolfish grin forming on his Roman features.

Instinctively, he found himself jealously obsessed with the thought that Boris might find a way to sample the wares first for himself. His Sicilian blood began to boil. Well, no matter, he would take care of whatever might be.

Earlier, while surfing the 'Russian Beauties' site, he found another intriguing beauty whose name was Lena. She was a brunette but had the same family name as the other young woman, and this set him wondering. Were the two related in any way? It was strange they appeared online so close together. Lena's pictures were more provocative than Katya's and she seemed a bit younger. On her page, she seemed to be seeking a sponsor for her education, not so much a husband. This could be lucrative he thought.

He could bring her over as a 'student' all expenses paid, with the understanding that she would be the sponsor's paramour. The sponsor would pay dearly for this privilege. Lena seemed adventuresome and daring. This was an angle to the bride business that surely needed to be more fully explored.

Still, it was Katya's picture that captivated him with her Slavic-Nordic look of high cheekbones, blonde hair and smoky grey eyes that called to him in such an exotic and erotic way.

He sat in his opened robe of rich, black satin, aware of his cock beginning to swell as it got that meaty, turgid feel. His thoughts refocused and collected around Katya's face peering at him and he read the bio again, briefly. He found his hand reaching for his cock. It was fast getting harder, and he stroked himself along the silky steel of his shaft.

He opened other computer folders containing visual porn and messages from some of his real conquests that he kept alive in person and on the net, a practice he'd kept up for years ever since his wife, Lorraine had lost interest in anything sexier than a kiss and a hug. In fact, she had not been his confidante, lover or friend in some time. Yes, Tony was a new world guy, he thought to himself as he continued to fondle his manly phallus and tug on his balls.

There was a soft rap on the den door, followed immediately by 'Daddy', whispered in stereo.

"Daddy, what are you doing in there?" they taunted in unison.

The door opened and quickly closed behind the twins who were scantily clad in matching teddies. Hurriedly they locked the door behind them.

They padded quietly over to Tony as the lush carpet hushed any sound of their approach. There was no need to hide really, but for some reason Tony closed his robe.

Yet, Tony was still highly aroused and couldn't help but continue to stroke his rock hard cock under his robe as he looked at the computer screen, a sexy smile forming on his face. The twins licked their lips and sauntered towards him as one closed the screen of his laptop.

"We're all the laptop and porn you'll need for tonight," said Connie in a throaty whisper coated with a promise of ecstasy.

"Everyone is asleep," said Bonnie, in an 'all clear' code they had developed since they began this kind of play a few months back.

Tony released himself into the moment and felt a rush of lust sweep through him and quicken his very being. It was as if he were on fire with passion alone. How long he would let this tantalizing taboo continue was uncertain. The girls were quite provocative and not the least bit modest, parading around almost nude as budding young women. Perhaps this had to do with being twins, Tony had wondered lately.

The thought of Katya floated in his mind and wouldn't be turned out even now as the twins began sinking to their knees on each side of him, seated as he was, with his naked cock exposed in all its glory once again as his robes parted accidentally.

"Oooh," said one of the twins at the marvelous display.

Both the twins scooted close enough to Tony to reach out and begin fondling his cock and balls. Tony couldn't resist much at this point, as lust drove him to accept their caresses.

"Girls, this is a great surprise. What did you have in mind?" asked Tony as he reached over and reopened the laptop and gazed at the picture of Katya.

Meanwhile both twins had returned to their ministrations, unaware of Tony's intense interest in the image on the screen, even as he tried to ease away from their reach.

"We thought it was time we tucked you into bed," one of the twins said, releasing his balls from her sucking action to speak. She returned with her mouth and tongue in frenzied adulation of his balls.

The other twin was reluctant to release his handsome cock, and so, simply looked up at Tony and nodded her agreement, then went back to bobbing up and down with her mouth, lips and tongue in a whirl as she greedily consumed his manhood.

Tony could only lean back and moan for the moment as passionate lust filled his senses.

"Yes, you need your relief, Daddy. You work too hard. All work and no play makes Daddy shoot someone." They laughed. Tony tried to harden his look at such insensitivity, but he could not.


"Wait, just this once, I have a naughty idea," said Tony his eyes widening as both twins stopped, one with his cock in her mouth and the other with his balls, "I was about to pleasure myself and while I would love to have you continue with your wonderful plans, perhaps just this once, you two could just watch while I jack myself off.

You can feel free to do as you please with each other and yourselves. Now, how does that sound?" Tony smiled as he as he took his cock back in his own hands and began to stroke it.

"Hey, give it back!" cried the twins at the loss of Tony's cock to play with.

At first the twins seemed disappointed. Then, they both began to realize that this could be a new twist in their lusty games with Tony. They both sat transfixed as he continued his stroking.

"God, his cock is hot isn't Connie," said Bonnie as she stared at his dick.

"It is sis!" exclaimed Connie with an imploring glimpse at Tony.

"Can't we suck you just a little bit?" they begged.

"No, not tonight," was all he could get out as his attentions focused on the computer screen, his fantasies with Katya and the urgency of his body.

The twins began to saunter around his executive chair and strip teased for him as they went. They could play games too! Connie was first as she paraded around holding her breasts in each hand and coming in so close that Tony caught a whiff of that breast odor he loved. Just as he was tempted to reach out, Connie daringly backed off. Immediately, Bonnie appeared at his other side, similarly parading and clutching her lovely breasts as her sister had done. Once again she backed away just as Tony was tempted to reach for her.

Then they came at him in sync with each other and shook their upper bodies so that their nubile breast flesh jiggled as they bent at the waist and licked their lips at him. Soon, Connie began slowly untying Bonnie's silky lavender top. It was trimmed with a creamy lace and had criss-cross diamonds of patterned ribbons down the front. As Bonnie's breasts were unveiled, Connie caressed them with a tender passion. Finally, the last strand of ribbon on the teddy was undone and Bonnie's breasts were released.

Connie began to give her sister's breasts an incredible massage, both hands grabbing the whole breast and gently kneading them. Bonnie cried out in passion as she began to feel weak in the knees. Next, Connie flicked each nipple so that they stood at attention, erect but supple.

Both girls were blest with breasts similar in beauty, filling a good C cup and flaunting areolas the size of half dollars. Their breasts were supple yet firm, and blue veins could be seen underneath their porcelain flesh. Their nipples were a rich, dark brown. It was a sight he couldn't resist.

"They're ready for you Daddy," Connie whispered in a husky voice, licking her lips and showing her sister's breast for his approval. Tony was undone. As Bonnie leaned in close to his mouth, Connie guided first one, then the other breast for Tony to lick and suck.

Next, it was Connie's turn as she danced and wiggled while her twin Bonnie began to undo her turquoise colored teddy top with long legs trimmed in lace that undulated as she moved. Both twins gazed at Tony with lascivious and provocative looks on their faces. Connie's top was less intricate in design and was so was much easier to undo.

Soon Connie's breasts were bare naked and Bonnie lost little time in teasing them with her mouth and tongue as she kept her hands behind her back.

"Look no hands!" teased Bonnie laughingly. Bonnie sucked on her sister's areolas with passion, and then flicked her tongue around and around the areolas and base of the nipples.

Finally, she flicked the nipples with first her thumb and then her middle finger with a rhythmic up and down stroke that produced a perfect imitation of Bonnie's picture-perfect nipples that stood out as long as thimbles.

"They're ready," Bonnie whispered, this time in a familiar husky voice, licking her matching lips and showing her sister's breast, indistinguishable from her own, for his approval. Tony was undone by this matching pair. As Bonnie leaned in close to his mouth, Connie guided first one, then the other breast for Tony to lick and suck. As Yogi Berra said, it was déjà vu all over again for Tony!

Tony had been stroking himself all this time; savoring and prolonging his coming. He soon felt the familiar rhythms as his body prepared to release a major load of gism. His legs straightened out and his toes curled as he soon readied to spurt cum. The twins had quickly closed the gap between Tony and themselves and held up their naked bodies as the semen splattered evenly across their nubile bodies.

Each squealed as Bonnie caught strands across her left breast and Connie across her right. They both rubbed the semen into their erect nipples, groaning as they did so. They licked the other's coated nipples, further arousing each other as their rosebud nipples hardened even more and rose to attention.

Then they finished by getting in a close embrace and rubbing and dragging their nipples against each other. Both seemed to shudder in unison at the sensation of their perfect nipples creating friction together.

There was a mad dash of hands and fingers caressing ass, fingering themselves and each others' pussy. Soon, the twins were locked in an embrace and lost in their own world of lusty pleasures. As Tony watched with his hand still lightly stroking his somewhat hardened dick, they continued the entire nipple rubbing and by now were each plunging two fingers inside their pussies with a frenzy of lust.

They were both so primed from the evening's activities, that just by starting to French kiss, as they rubbed nipples and plunged their fingers deeply into their pussies; they both began to come in stereo with loud declarations of all sorts of things naughty and wondrous.

"Girls, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought I just died and went to heaven! You two are angels but with such naughty, naughty ways. Your halos are a bit tarnished and your wings a little bedraggled from all this sex!" Tony said laughingly.

The twins just started smiling, then giggling as if they were drunk, rolling around in a loose embrace. Tony was undone and came over to join them in a bit of fun play of tickling, caressing, cuddling and kissing that ended their evening together with a flourish of delight.


A little later, Tony sauntered down the hallway to the bedroom he rarely shared with his wife. He had his own bedroom next to the den. Lorraine was already fast asleep as he lay down beside her in their California King sized bed. Poor Lorraine, he thought to himself.

She was not just asleep, but passed out in her clothes from her cocktail of pain pills, muscle relaxants and cognac. It seemed that she was forever caught up in an endless cycle of pain, addiction and rehabilitation. Tony could see that she was in for another round of doctors.

She was older than Tony by a few years and seemed to be struggling with her own mortality. Their sex life had slowed dramatically as the years went by and she seemed almost relieved. The doctors said this was a normal part of menopause.

Yet, with the ever increasing demands of Tony's libido, it left them in a state of conflict much of the time. It was then that he had turned to the twins. He struggled with what he knew must be wrong, but as the song said, how could something so wrong feel so right?

He refocused on Lorraine and decided to save her the embarrassment of having anyone else undress her and ready her for bed. Tony did so with a bit of a struggle as she had put on some weight these last years.

Finally he had her in just her panties and he admired her large breasts with those nice aureolas that had driven him crazy for so many years, but not so much anymore. He couldn't believe his eyes, but she had actually drooled on the pillow case. This was not good, Tony thought to himself.

He grabbed one of her nightgowns and pulled it over her by rolling her from side to side. After he'd made her comfortable, he started to go to his own bedroom just across the hall where he'd slept apart now for years, but then his thoughts turned to Katya and the problem of what to do with his wife. He stayed there for a good while, lost in his thoughts.

He looked up as his mother waltzed in; as always her timing was impeccable. She was frowning at Lorraine and then the frown became a mix of pity and sorrow for her son. She was still beautiful at her age, even wearing a bit of a frown. She had wished such happiness for him and all had seemed set for a splendid life.

Lorraine came from a good Sicilian family and should have provided Tony with years of happiness and laughing children. Instead, she had been barren. Oh, how they had tried every Fertility OB/GYN, not only in the Tampa Bay area, but all over the South. Sadly, Lorraine was unable to bear children. It was as simple as that.

Years into their marriage they eventually adopted the twins who were very distant relations. They were not infants even, but young toddlers at the time. Even more sadly, Lorraine had eschewed sex completely as if it were her enemy, and had instead turned to drugs and alcohol.

Mrs. Matassini leaned over and gave her son a warm kiss on the mouth as was the custom in Europe. She frowned once again and whispered to him, her mouth close to his ear.

"You must do something, darling. She has become a pariah on all of us. Time is running out for you to bear us a Matassini son with our Sicilian blood running through his hearty veins."

"Mama, it is too late. I am too old..."

"Nah, such talk - I will not hear it! You are still a fairly young man. You are virile and strong. I see how the ladies are drawn to you. It is your destiny to father children. I will live to see you bear me a grandson!" She smiled at Tony, realizing how pretentious she must sound.

Tony smiled back. "I know Mama, I know."

His mother reached over and stroked his cheek, sighing deeply as she looked back at Lorraine.

"Do the right thing to preserve the Matassini bloodline before it's too late."

Tony had never considered that possibility before, but now his mother mentioned it, he was consumed by the idea. That night he thought it through at great length, so it was late before he fell asleep in his own bedroom.


The next day found Tony and his crew at the Columbia Club. He pushed the thoughts of Lorraine and his mother's plea from his mind as best he could. Tony was on yet another throw-away cell phone with Boris, his laptop at the ready if needed.

"So, what have you found out for me about this lovely creature Katya?" he began.

"Well, she seems to be OK, Mr. Tony. Everything's... just fine," said Boris more haltingly than he'd planned.

"There's more. Tell me," Tony commanded easily.

"Oh, it's really, really nothing to speak of Mr. Tony. It's all AOK," Boris replied nervously, trying to regain his composure and avoid revealing all he knew.

"Really," countered Tony. "Let us hope that I know everything I need to know now, Boris and not later. If problems crop up, it will not be good for you."

"OK, OK, boss, I try not to worry you at first. But, I know this man Carson. He spent his money and he wants an angel or a saint or something," Boris confided. "Katya, well she has mentioned something about - how you say 'trousaw'."

"Trousseau," said Tony.

"Oh, right... I send it over probably later after she returns from Russia back here and, not so much a problem. What is problem is where did such a poor young woman get so many pretty things? I think maybe they were gifts. Who would give her such gifts - maybe thousands of dollars, you see?"

"Are you saying she was a whore?" Tony replied with an emotion that surprised him.

"No, not really, my people tell me she worked for a man who, tried to buy her affection and well, with that ...trousseau, Mr. Carson he will wonder. So..."

"I see what you mean Boris, but this should have been fleshed out long before we presented her to our buyer. This is not good, not good at all."

"Yes, but she also wants to bring her sister Lena later. I was wondering..."

"That might not be a bad idea. I... What did you call her?" he asked suddenly.

"Who... what?"

"Katya's sister. Come on, her name man!"

"Oh, Lena. Her name is Lena."

"Well, well Boris. I think I know this Lena. Yes, and you must know her as well."

"I do? Yes, Katya talked about her..."

"Perhaps, yet I think there is more. I think maybe you have met her as you do all prospective Russian Beauties as we agreed. I think also there is more you have to tell me."

"Oh, well perhaps when we can speak, um, as you say, together."

"Yes, in person. We will have a serious talk about it," supplied Tony, "A serious talk and then something else as well."

"Yes, that's it. Forgive me my English boss," replied Boris, sweating now and pulling on his scarf as he imagined Tony and the kind of serious talk he promised.

"Well then, we shall speak, in person, Boris, about matters that are quite serious and I do hope you have sufficient answers for me. Do you?"

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