tagChain StoriesThe Russian Enterprise Ch. 11

The Russian Enterprise Ch. 11


Mob family don, Tony Matassini who resides in Tampa, Florida and has a black market Russian 'Mail Order' Bride business, collaborates with a Russian national, Boris, in providing a service to wealthy American men who want the privilege of accessing young, beautiful and capable Russian women without the hassle associated with the dating scene. His life begins to change when he becomes attracted to his latest Russian find - Katya, the woman he lined up for Carson, then finds her sister Lena just as compelling.

This chapter is part is a chain story written with AsylumSeeker and WhiteWave48. It involves erotic couplings, a dangerous hurricane, decadent feasting, romance, sexual liaisons, seductions, shower play, sisterly rivalry and more.


The Lion Is Back


Tony and Lena remained naked and spent, still connected by their sex for a while. Tony's tumescence receded some as he relaxed into a recumbent state.

"What is that sound?" Katya cried, disturbing the postcoital serenity of the moment as she sauntered back into the room. It was then she noted the blissful scene of her sister lying beneath Tony, naked and linked in the aftermath of a glorious coupling she'd overheard as she dried herself after her shower.

Without thinking Lena reached and found a piece of the sheet and flung it across their nakedness. It quickly settled across Tony's back, and she groaned a little sigh of pleasure as the movement caused Tony's cock to rock inside her pussy.

"Oops, I am sorry if I disturb you two," laughed Katya with a mischievous grin. "I must say it pleases me that things are going well for you, Goloubka," she said, using her pet name for her little sister.

Her 'little dove' had indeed spread her wings; there was no doubt about it.

"You too as well, Tony," she added, smiling to herself as she padded to the far edge of the king-size bed and sat down gingerly, attempting a modicum of decorum despite her interest in the situation.

"It's the first band of the hurricane blowing," Tony croaked, lifting his face from where it was buried in Lena's hair. He noticed Lena's mouth and kissed her passionately, the touch of her lips bringing his cock to life inside her. Lena groaned once again and he broke the kiss.

"Not to worry my darlings, we're safe here," he said, knowing they needed to relocate to the centre of the main building where a large protected haven had been crafted within the resort. He was confident they still had hours left to do so safely, and he wasn't about to spoil their togetherness a minute too soon.

"Mmm," groaned Lena in reply. Sister, hurricane, or come what may, she was relishing this glorious moment of having Tony on top of her, both of them lying beneath the thinnest of sheets. She opened her eyes and admired the powerful hump she knew to be the finest ass she'd had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

"Thank you big sister," Lena crooned. "Who knows what tomorrow shall bring for me and my lion man Tony."

At this Tony gave a growl and surged into her with a body thrust to imply his own prediction for the immediate future, and Lena broke out in the sexiest of laughs.

"Down boy," declared Lena laughingly, as she clutched his firm ass in both hands.

Tony couldn't help but laugh with her. What Slavic delicacy! He was learning that Lena had such a raunchy sense of humor. His body couldn't help but agree, and he could feel his cock growing inside her as his blood surged again and again, building his hardness once more and filling her anew. He began to move his hips.

Lena was entranced as she felt his cock swell until it was hard and hot within her. As her sister watched, she found she was unable to resist his insistent thrusts, and even began to urge him on with the pressure of her hands on his ass. Then suddenly she realized what was happening.

"We must stop this now Tony. My sister is here for God's sake!" Lena cried, coming to her senses a little bit late.

But Tony had been quite aware of Katya's presence all along, and he savored the thought of her close by once more, having tasted her delights so briefly, seemingly in a dream. He loved the feeling of his cock going hard inside her sister with Katya nearby.

Near them, Katya joined in the laughter and then eased herself back onto the mattress until her head met the softest of feather pillows. She sighed and wondered if this was all a dream - how wonderful it was that she and her sister were here together, so close to America. All these events must be in her imagination, she thought, since nothing had ever happened in her reality but struggle and settling for things too lousy to think of now.

"It is all right, Lena," she reassured her sister. "I, of all people, should understand how hard it is to let your man go," murmured Katya as she vividly recalled her own special moments with Carson.

She started as she felt a hand reaching for her and then saw it was Lena's. They locked eyes as she reached back and squeezed her sister's hand with such affection that she felt moist tears of love and joy. She could see Lena's face, and watched as a teardrop slid down her high cheekbone and into the hollow of her cheek, finally disappearing onto the sheet.

Tony was compelled to watch this small drama unfold so close to him, and he felt a love grow for these sisters - a love unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

Both sisters now gazed at Tony with a different, but similar look of love, and a feeling of total trust in him to keep to his word where Katya was concerned. He nodded knowingly, realizing the die was cast. Katya was indeed off limits, but he could still love her in his own way.

Reluctantly, Tony and Lena eased off their resurgent sexual urges. It was time to focus on getting to safety, but there was still time for a shower. Tony pulled out of her and sat back on the bed. He felt his heavy penis hit his thigh with a most satisfying little 'thwack'. Lena looked down at it and laughed.

"Such a man!" she said. "Don't go away now! You must keep him for me till next time." Here, she leaned over and gave his cock a playful kiss.

Katya slipped off the bed so she could return to her own room to let Tony and Lena shower and dress at their leisure. As she paused at the door to leave, Tony told her laughingly that she was to fill sand bags in case of flooding. It took a moment for Katya to see the joke.

As soon as Katya left, it was on again with Tony and Lena as they moved into the generous shower stall of Tony's huge room in this magnificent resort. Under the steady flow of water, they couldn't keep their hands off each other, nor stop kissing.

Lena found Tony's tongue play totally invigorating, and they soon matched each other, taking turns, each plunging into the other with playful tongues. Tony nipped at her lips with his teeth and kissed her lips separately, first the top then the bottom lips.

"You are king of the jungle my lion man," Lena crowed as she relished the conquest of this most dangerous, sexy man, halting their kissing briefly. She could feel his erection against her tummy.

"Ah, then you must be my queen," Tony replied as he grabbed her ass and pressed his hardness against her. He leaned down and nuzzled her neck.

Once again he was losing focus on his purpose in the resort that day. Captivated by Lena's feminine fragrance and the sight of her large breasts, he kissed his way down over her curves, taking in her jutting nipples on the way until he was on his knees at her feet, his tongue buried in her pussy and teasing her clit. The water splashed over the two of them. Quickly he parted her labia with both hands and sucked on her sweet nub, drawing its tiny hardness into his mouth, pressing his lips into her satin-soft slit.

Lena began to moan.

Suddenly realizing, he broke the suction and looked up at her.

"Sweet as this is, my queen," he noted with regret, "We have no more time. I'm afraid Hurricane Dean now seals our fate and holds our destiny in his hands."

Lena gazed down at him with adoration and nodded. There would be other times like this, she was sure. She pulled Tony to his feet and they pressed their wet bodies close once more.

As Tony felt her warm breasts crush against his firm chest, he knew that the heat of their embrace promised so much more for the future. Sadly, he reached for the soap.

"Next time I use soap, I promise you it will take at least an hour," Tony murmured in her ear. "But now we must hurry."

They quickly finished their shower, dried off and began the process of putting on their clothes.

Tony was dressed first and came out to the little ante room where Katya was waiting and ready. She looked up and smiled at him, but she was also looking a little anxious.

"You are still my friend Tony? Forgive my naughtiness earlier, but I wanted to make sure that nothing has changed in our deal that I am for Carson."

As she said this Tony nodded his agreement, took her right hand and gave it a light kiss.

"Yes, I am your friend and confidante. Our time together this morning was something timeless and rare, for which I am indebted to both of you... two... sisters. I know what we had can never be recreated, but you must accept that you will forever have a place in my heart."

Once again he gave his little European bow that Katya found at once endearing. She stood up and gave him a deep hug, pulling him close to her and kissing him on both cheeks - her own European reply to his bow.

Just as Katya placed the second kiss, Lena entered the little room.

"What is this - you two embracing behind my back?" she cried out in mock horror but with a grin on her face.

As Katya turned to her with a smile, Lena was moved to join them, and all three engaged in what was known in America as a 'group hug'. To these three it was something far more.

Lena kissed her sister full on the mouth, something a bit surprising to Tony, considering the fantastic moment in time they'd shared. Then Lena kissed Tony as he brought Katya's face to theirs and encouraged them all to have a three-way kiss.

"Must it always be a threesome with us, Tony Matassini?" Lena teased as the kiss broke and they shared smiles all around.

Tony nodded at Lena, then at Katya.

Katya leaned back and took in the handsome, commanding presence of this man before her. Clearly she was still worried.

"Now we are in your hands, Tony, to keep us safe from any harm." She also knew there was a basic plan for her to get to America and marry Carson, but the details were still to be worked out.

"It's a job I take on with the utmost care. Let's prepare to go to the shelter area of the compound. Lena, you'll need to take all the personal items you may need over the next 24-48 hours. Then we'll stop by Katya's suite so she may do the same before we head to the main area. Any questions?"

"Well, all is still set for me and Lena to get to America, no? I too am worried about this storm, but we must not lose focus on what is important." Katya asked.

"Let us get through this hurricane and I promise that all will be well in your hopes and dreams for you and Carson. As for Lena, I think I can find a sponsor for her stay in America. A man among men I might add; a man without peer..."

"Yes, we 'get picture', OK my lion?" Lena purred at Tony, coyly playing with him. Tony smiled and nodded.

Then he picked up the room phone and spoke for several minutes, issuing commands and obtaining information. Soon they would have to make their way to the shelter.


About twenty people were now gathered in the shelter centered in the main building, a separate structure apart from the tower. Some were milling around, others huddled in small groups.

Tony and his entourage had gathered in the central part of the shelter which was a small but designed with a very comfortable, cozy lobby. He gave them a tour of the clever structure that took in the little kitchen and a dining area which could be seen separated from the main room by waist-high walls topped by Plexiglas with colorful etched artwork done in a Caribbean theme.

Off the main room were dozens of luxurious rooms, with several of decent size. Most of the others were very small but well appointed; much like a luxury hotel in New York or London. All had their own bathrooms. It seemed Tony had thought of everything when he'd worked with the architects on this project.

Then he took them to the common area bathrooms located in the back part of the lobby off a corridor that led to the maintenance area and beyond that a thick, steel double door that was sealed to keep out the storm. The three huge generators were located inside the maintenance room, placed up on raised concrete platforms.

Wanting to show off, Tony explained all the details to them all as they returned to the lobby.

"This building itself is part of the administrative headquarters, and was a construction marvel that made headlines in several local papers and industry magazines - oh, back in 1999, I think. They lauded the manner in which the building had been sited, secured and built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

"Actually, where we are standing is more than 100 feet above sea level, so any tidal surge would have little negative effect on our safety. Some of you may have noticed how we located the resort on a knoll."

Tony was warming to his audience.

"Imagine that the tower and all occupants have been evacuated and the tower closed down. For that matter, even the tower windows have all been fitted with high impact shatter proof glass, so even that building is safe. You may be surprised that all of our vehicles are securely parked in the underground parking garage secured with thick, industrial-sized garage doors.

"The rest of the resort and all ground floor buildings have also been closed down, locked up and secured. The Hotel Grand is tightly secured against the coming Hurricane Dean. I guarantee it!" He finished with a flourish and looked pleased that some of his listeners applauded.

Once again, he gave that little European bow that was now a little habit of his.

Lena pressed closely against him, holding his arm at the elbow, proud to have him wear her like a Rolex watch. She glowed with a sensual thrumming from deep inside, and she gave a little shudder that gave Tony pause when he finished his little speech. He could actually feel sensuality flowing through her and was amazed at the sensation, not to mention the pressure of her lush breast against him!

For the first time in many a year, Tony sensed a growing feeling of empowerment - a heady combination of satisfaction as he set the well-oiled wheels of his headquarters in motion, and surging love for the strong, sensual young woman on his arm. He knew he was good - he felt good - but he also looked good too. Tony was playing the part to perfection. He was the real deal in every way.

Most of those inside the shelter were unaware that the two massive fellows milling near the main entrance were guarding the entrance that had double barriers locked from the inside. They were armed, both with holstered handguns and shotguns held to their sides and covered cleverly by long coats. Outside, potential looters would be faced with bare metal and nothing to pry or hook onto. Pity the poor fools that were able to gain entrance, or anyone foolish enough to try to leave!

Tony looked around the group. He was looking rather smug with Lena on his arm, knowing that there was one other section he was not prepared to show his guests. It was a technological marvel of which he was justly proud.

This one final feature was the Emergency Communications Room filled with small monitors connected to high speed internet, and one was even connected to underground cables that connected with Miami so that they had a land line at all times. Various radios, receivers and high tech equipment filled the room. Tony had no intention of sharing this with anyone beyond the inner circle.

He finally finished the tour and speech with an inimitable flourish, Tony had Tank and Chipper show all the other guests and family to their rooms, while he personally escorted Katya to her room and then took Lena to the room they would share.

As Tony opened the door, Lena scooted in, excited to see what the new room was like. Much to her surprise, it was rather large and luxurious, considering its purpose. There was a moment of quiet between them as she gazed about, but Tony felt compelled to explain things further.

"I've had to sleep here twice, and my brother several times. Leo is a fanatic about this place. For him it must be just right," Tony announced with a laugh.

Taking a risk, Lena asked, "Who did you sleep with here, Tony - your wife?"

Tony seemed uncomfortable with her question. He paused to gather himself then spoke.

"No, my wife isn't a big fan of travel or the beach, I'm sad to say, and her health has been very bad for years. Let's just put it this way; I stayed here without her the two times I was here. My brother - well he's a bit of a player, and who can say who his bed fellows were," Tony explained.

"I see," Lena said carefully, clearly not seeing at all. So he was married...

"It's... complicated, let's not talk about this now."

"I disagree..."

"Not now!" Tony declared, suddenly growing short with her. "I have things I must tend to right now Lena; important matters of safety and security. Excuse me - make yourself at home." He turned on his heel and was gone.


As he walked into the lobby, he was displeased with the little display he'd been forced to make with Lena. How could he explain to her that Lorraine was lost to him years ago and now lay in a coma? He wanted no pity pussy that was for sure. Well, perhaps that wasn't exactly true, as he thought further with a wicked smile. Tony was irrepressible. There was no way anyone could keep his mood down for long.

Tony was busy seeing that everything was battened down and everyone was comfortable. He checked in with his director of security, as well as the hotel manager.

"I expect all is well, despite the situation," Tony said to the two men now huddled in the Communications Room as he eyed the monitors with the various imaging satellite reports of the impending storm.

"Yes, I have fully studied all the predictions and data, and am fully confident we will be fine," The security director said as he stood and rose up on the balls of his feet.

"We have everything we need and more; failsafe systems, more than enough power, plenty of supplies for more than a week," replied the hotel manager as he attempted a look of confidence from where he sat.

"Good, good," replied Tony. "Should this not be true... then..." Tony made a slashing movement across his throat as he eyed one man, then the other. It never hurt to give a little motivation. The two men turned back to the monitors.

He remembered Don Vincent when he was growing up - his responses as Tony was complaining that he never seemed to get respect from his older brother Leo:

"Ah! That will come Tony, be patient. But Tony?"


"To be respected, that is good. But to be feared, that is even better," Don Vincent had said with a knowing nod.

With business settled for the moment, Tony took a deep breath and returned to Lena in their room, uncertain exactly what to expect from this woman so unpredictable and bold. He knew he'd left her too suddenly.

"Tony, I am so sorry for being so stupid," Lena said immediately as she frowned with concern at her earlier curiosity.

Tony remained silent and gazed at her, waiting. Half of him was relieved to find her there, but the other half wanted to see her squirm.

"You... will forgive me for prying, no?" she said with a look of sincerity.

Tony had been expecting something else from her, perhaps a coy smile, more unpleasantness.

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