tagErotic HorrorThe Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 01

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 01


Chapter One: First Contact

Incredibly intrigued by the prospect of what possibly lay ahead over the next few days Gemma waited patiently for her contact to make themselves known to her. Drawing a deep breath to steady her nerves she had to admit to feeling more than a little apprehensive, she was taking a chance this was the first time she had dared to do anything remotely risky. To meet a complete stranger on the strength of an advert placed in an obscure magazine was on the face of it insanity, but how else would like-minded individuals meet otherwise. Though thoroughly intrigued by the idea, her common sense still told her to flee while she could. Even so she waited exactly as the now damp letter that was gripped tightly in her slightly trembling hand had instructed her to do.

Little did she know the contact she was expecting was observing her carefully from the relative security the darkness of the car park gave them. Fascinated as Gemma was she felt increasingly uncomfortable and anxious by the wait, she began to pace back and forth nervously in the service area's brightly lit foyer. Perhaps they were watching or even testing her, whatever if her contact was much later she would be gone. Her anxiety was clear, she looked odd, already the cafeteria manager had eyed her suspiciously once or twice as her passed her.

Reaching a decision about the girl's suitability the unseen party finally left the security of their vehicle; trying to seem casual the individual cautiously approached the foyer doors ever watchful for any sign of danger or entrapment. At first she paused momentarily just outside the brightly lit area keenly assessing her surroundings for any threat she may face. Reaching out with all her senses he felt no alarm and saw no hint of danger so proceeded, even so constantly scanning her surroundings as she entered the foyer. The anxious girl was at the far end of the foyer now and was turning towards her as she moved through the automatic door; even at this distance she sensed her turmoil of mixed emotions.

Insane as it seemed to her at that moment a few weeks ago Gemma had answered an obscure personal advert placed in an underground Gothic magazine she had picked up at a concert. The ad had requested for individuals that may be interested in "Participating in intriguing Occult role-playing games" to contact a given Post Office box number, the advert had caught her eye. More than a little interested in the occult horror and the supernatural in general already she had smiled to herself as she remembered the last farcical amateur attempt at role-playing she had been daft enough to take a part in.

After a little thought at first Gemma dismissed the idea, initially she laid the magazine aside but over the next few days she had kept returning to look at the ad and each time the thought of replying to it grew more tempting. Finally Gemma succumbed to the increasingly insistent urge she felt to apply, what did she have to worry about, after all she could assess the reply she got. When the reply came if things seemed at all odd or too weird she wouldn't respond again she decided. Laughing to herself Gemma scrawled a quick note; she popped it into an envelope and mailed it. Whatever she thought when she received the reply she would act upon, it could be a real laugh, after all the chances of it being serious were small.

Within seven days she had found a thick well secured envelope waiting for her one evening when she returned from work, checking for a postmark Gemma realised it had been hand delivered. She took it up to her bedroom and left it on the chair, she felt very nervous about opening it. Her mother made an attempt to enquire about her strange mail at dinner and Gemma answered her honestly saying she hadn't opened it yet; then added that it was probably junk mail anyway. Pouring another glass of wine after dinner Gemma offered to clear the table and wash the dishes. Her parents left her to it and when she had finished the chores she went up to her room taking the half full bottle of wine with her. She stared at the letter laid on the chair where she first left it, several times she picked it up examined it and put it down again. Finally after a few glasses of wine had fortified her resolve she decided to open it.

Gemma had to resort to slicing the envelope open so well had it been sealed; she reached in and nervously drew out the contents. Her hand contained a covering letter, of heavy high quality paper it was precisely folded around another slightly smaller envelope secured with a very impressive wax seal. Most surprisingly to Gemma the letter was a competently handwritten offer in response to her enquiry. The letter went on to inform her that the enclosed envelope contained a confidential questionnaire and that she should only proceed if she was seriously interested in the offer otherwise she should return or destroy the envelope and its contents. The instructions were adamant that she should fill out the forms truthfully and fully to enable them to select a scenario that would suit her, failure to adhere to the request could produce an unsatisfactory result.

Perhaps because the contents of the now empty wine bottle had fortified her bravado but almost certainly not Gemma broke the inner envelope's seal. After all she had more than a passing knowledge and interest in anything to do with the occult and similar dark areas of interest. What the letter appeared to offer her intrigued Gemma and she felt compelled to reply to it. Without pausing to examine the possible ramifications of her hasty actions she filled out the forms giving the unknown party the most intimate personal details. Gemma answered all the questions ticking her preferences and dislikes and not wanting to seem boring she tended to mark the sheet towards the kinkier side. Several photographs had been requested; she had raided her holiday snaps, selecting three she daringly included a topless one her ex-boyfriend had taken of her. She mailed it early the next day and for almost a week waited for the response quite impatiently.

As if by fate when the following letter arrived Gemma had been stood right by the letterbox, hand delivered again. Quickly as she could she unlocked and flung open the door and leapt outside, her eyes saw no one or nothing out of the ordinary. Returning indoors slightly disappointed she still clutched the letter, her heart lurched as she examined it. In haste she excitedly retired to her room and tore it open immediately gleefully digesting the instructions within. Subsequently this secret meeting had been arranged all she had to do to accept was mail off her consent, which she did by return post that day on her way to work. So here she was alone at the rendezvous, her initial feverous excitement was beginning to wane as time passed being slowly replaced by disappointment as her contact became later and later.

As soon as Gemma saw the incredibly beautiful redheaded woman gliding towards her from the foyer doors her heart lifted, she knew immediately that this must be her long awaited contact. Dressed head to toe in the softest black leather the woman's pale angelic face was surrounded by masses of bouncing fiery red curly hair that danced behind her as she swept through the scattered motorists towards Gemma. They went for a drink in the cafe during which the woman introduced herself as Katrina and quickly gained Gemma's confidence as she dominated the dialogue. Entranced by the vision Gemma stared astonished at the redhead as they talked.

The conversation consisted of carefully steered small talk until Katrina was happy that Gemma was genuine and posed no threat to them. Despite some of the answers Gemma had supplied in the questionnaire the young girl's manner exuded a sensual innocence and Katrina wondered just how truthful the girl had been. To give the girl the chance to back out she took time and explained the way their selection process had come to choose her scenario based on her answers and asked the girl if all was in order. Gemma had nodded back at her staring mesmerised at her causing turmoil to rise in her. Calming her lusts, Katrina made a show of seemingly patiently explaining that it was not too late to amend the answers and have her scenario changed if she so wished. Gemma said all was true and they could proceed though Katrina knew the girl was lying quite considerably, in fact the girl may well be a virgin. She constantly had to hold her own desire firmly in check as they talked. Finally deciding the time was right she began to relay the outline of the scenario to Gemma who stared wide-eyed at her in astonishment.

Gemma's mouth dried up as she listened enthralled while Katrina began to reveal the actual details of their proposal in her soft, friendly, almost musical Irish accent. The sheer beauty of her voice helped sweep away or overwhelm any misgivings or fears Gemma was feeling. Quite shocked to find just how carnal the proposition offered to her was exactly Gemma listened intently. Thoroughly engrossed but puzzled she listened to Katrina carefully explain to her the format of the proposal; it was to be a forced ritual initiation with Gemma playing the submissive initiate, other novices would fill other roles and one other would play the deity, Katrina herself would take part as the high priestess and run the scenario. Katrina must of seen the alarm growing in her expressive blue eyes, smiling so disarmingly she reassured Gemma that there would be no weapons used and absolutely no men involved. However there would definitely be some form of ritual bondage, domination and a lot of sex though. There was a break in conversation while everything sank in. It sounded too incredulous to be true, alarmed and intrigued by the possibilities Gemma admitted to herself at least the idea that Katrina put to her really did interest her immensely. To her own amazement Gemma realised the concept of an all female occult sex game really did both intrigue and arouse her intensely.

Her sexual inexperience and interest in the occult were her undoing as Katrina expertly manipulated her into agreeing to accept the offer. Throwing caution to the wind Gemma found herself happily agreeing to meet her contact here at Heston services on Friday evening at Eight o'clock prompt. Although having only met the woman twenty-five minutes earlier Gemma felt a disturbing sadness well up within when Katrina announced that she must go. When she left the girl Katrina instinctively knew the pretty blonde girl would be waiting here eager and excited on Friday night just as she had instructed. She smiled to herself, the girl was very alluring and she felt tempted to return for a brief taster of the delights her mistress would take pleasure in drawing from the blonde beauty.

"Raven would thoroughly enjoy taking this one for sure, any leftovers would be hers!" she mused to herself laughing softly as she melted into the darkness of the car park.

Dead on Eight o'clock the nondescript Transit type van magically seemed to appear from the fittingly gloomy mist that had descended since she arrived at the service area. She swallowed hard forcing back the tendrils of fear and doubt that squirmed in her belly as the van stopped in front of the well-lit doors of the service area. Katrina popped her head out of the nearside window and called Gemma to get in the back. Two other girls were already sitting in the back of the van as she climbed inside slamming the door behind her. To her amazement Gemma realised quickly they were twins, identical down to the long straight blonde hair that framed their pretty faces, they even smiled as one at her warmly in welcome whilst she settled herself in the opposite corner.

Before long all four of them were chatting openly as Katrina drove the van drove along, only first names were exchanged as this was one of the required criteria. The twins were called Abigail and Angelique; Gemma tried but couldn't distinguish one girl from the other. After some time the conversation dried up and it wasn't much longer before the rocking motion and monotonous drone of the van engine caused Gemma to nod off. She awoke stiff and felt quite cold, she stirred stretching groggily and saw the twins were cuddled up together for warmth. Some time later the swaying van finally stopped and through the rear windows the sky appeared to be lightening.

Apologising for the van and its lack of heating Katrina leapt from the vehicle and opened the back doors. As she alighted stiffly Gemma was impressed by her surroundings, before her in the gloomy not quite dawn light stood an imposing mansion, her numb feet crunched into the deep gravel of the drive as she tried to her restore her circulation. Katrina showed the three sleepy girls into the impressive manor house and Gemma gazed in awe at its splendour. She was the first of the three to be shown up to her room by a pretty but reticently quiet maid who even carried her small weekend case for her. Gemma's room turned out to be really quite a sumptuous affair and a tray of carefully prepared hot food sat on a table near the huge bed. A letter was propped upon the tray and Gemma read it while eating the delicious broth and wholemeal bread. It told her that the day was hers to do as she wished but that she must be rested and ready to attend the ceremony at eleven o'clock on Saturday night exactly. Once she had eaten Gemma slept till mid-day then explored the grounds for a while. The autumn sun was quite warm and she sat then laid down and relaxed on the well-kept lawn.

Before long she was dozing and not long after was truly fast asleep, she slept all afternoon. It was near dark when the chill evening air finally woke her and she raised herself painfully from the dewy grass feeling very cold, stiff and damp. Gemma eased her chilled body into life and headed towards the house. In the kitchen the cook sat her by the fire and took time to prepare her a late meal saying she would need warming up and nourishing in preparation for tonight's rigours. After eating Gemma was alarmed to see it was already a little past nine o-clock and thanking the cook she excused herself and ran to her room. Someone had been and tidied her room while she was out and prepared everything for her.

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