tagFetishThe Saga Continues Ch. 05

The Saga Continues Ch. 05


This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 23 - L.A. Confidential

(Author's note: This is another of those 'bridge' stories, interlude-type stories that give information and set the table with groundwork, as well as a case to solve. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the sex and the rest of the story.)

The plane came over the mountains and landed at LAX. Cindy and Callie disembarked and walked down the concourse towards Baggage Claim. It was 2:00pm, Pacific Time, Monday, November 13th.

"We going to get a taxi, or Uber?" asked Cindy.

"Neither one." said Callie. "Annemarie is coming to pick us up." Callie made her way down the sidewalk, and soon spotted the big van with Callie's film company logo on it...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Culver City, California, "Heart of Screenland". It looked like any office building, with bands of glass alternating with what looked like granite. Callie led the way inside, followed by Cindy, and the beautiful Annemarie brought up the rear. Annemarie had enthusiastically greeted Cindy, and seemed to be over the ordeal she'd suffered at Point Hollow and nearby places. (Author's note: 'Point Hollow'.)

"Let me give you the quick tour." said Callie. "The offices are here to the right. Behind them is the warehouse area, where we ship toys, some books and magazines, some CDs. With the internet, the toys are really the only thing we ship a good bit of."

"Then to the left here are the studios." said Callie. "We often rent one of the houses in the wealthy areas of the metro LA area, but we have a nice looking bedroom set, a more dorm-room looking bedroom set, a kitchen set, and a main room. We do cook in the kitchen and feed everybody when we're shooting. Annemarie, why aren't we shooting?"

"Off day today." said Annemarie. "We're going to do the tranny shoot tomorrow."

"Oh yeah, that'll be great!" said Callie. "Cindy, Annemarie went into the niche of 'chicks with dicks', and we've got this hot guy... well, girl... well, both. Asian, long, long hair, got a nice boob job, looks like a woman in every way, gets hit on by guys... then he takes off his clothes and this seven inch cock springs out. Our girls are fighting for scenes with him."

"Sounds interesting." said Cindy, not all that interested. "What other films are you making?"

"Romantic, loving films." said Annemarie. "Couple having in-the-morning sex, coming home from work and can't wait to get to bed sex, sex after a hot date. Women friendly films. They sell pretty well."

"And you know this guy." Callie said as a tall lanky man came up. It was Darren Stevens, who'd been set up by Kendra Luskin and testified against her in the Peter Dwayne Gordon trial. (Author's note: 'Falsely Accused', Ch. 05.) He and Cindy shook hands and exchanged greetings.

"This guy is great behind the camera." Annemarie said. "I've been told we're probably going to win the cinematography award for Adult Films this year, and it's because of Darren."

"And I'm grateful to have had this chance." said Darren. "How's your Commander doing, by the way?"

"He's good." said Cindy. "By the way, Callie, how are people around here going to take it that I'm a cop?"

Callie said "It's kind of an open secret, but we're not advertising it, either. You're out of jurisdiction, so it shouldn't matter, and I'm telling everyone that you're my live-in girlfriend and assistant for non-filming matters."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Yeah, I never sold this condo, even after I moved to your Town." Callie said as she led Cindy into the apartment. "And since you won't let me pay you a dime to stay in your condo, I can pay for this." The windows let in good light, and it felt cheerful, like it's owner. It wasn't huge, but it felt spacious, as it was an open floor plan to the kitchen behind.

"It's a nice place." Cindy said. There were shops on the ground floor, then condo apartments for the next six floors. "Earthquake proof?"

"As good as it can get." said Callie. "But it's like a nuclear bomb... when the big one hits, all bets are off. So, what do you think of L.A.?"

"Culver City is not as bad as I'd heard it was." said Cindy. "Those 'COPS' shows always seemed to be filming in Culver City, and all the porn studios are there."

"No, it's not that bad at all." said Callie. "Of course, the first thing I heard about your Town was that it was very small and very boring, and the University was the only thing of interest there. And then we go there to shoot dorm room porn movies, and end up in a murder case and the Iron Crowbar and his lovely Green Crowbar in our faces."

Cindy laughed. "I'm glad you did come to visit." she said, walking up to Callie and sliding her arms around the beautiful blonde's waist. "And I'm glad you came back." Their kiss turned hot and lusty, and soon Cindy was getting a tour of the bedroom...

Part 24 - California Creamin'

Tuesday, November 14th. Callie and Cindy came into the office at 8:00am or so. They were the first ones to arrive. Cindy made coffee in the big coffeepot in the breakroom, then she and Callie warmed up some pastries for breakfast.

"Not only is California time behind yours," Callie said, "people won't start coming in until 9:00 at least. But we usually go until 6:00, 7:00 at night, maybe even later if we're doing well on a shoot."

They went to the office, where Cindy was watching the local news while Callie looked over the books. Then Callie had Cindy come over and look at the books.

"Everything seems to be in order." Cindy said. "You think someone is siphoning off some funds from you?"

"Not really." said Callie. "I just wanted you to look at them before I submit them for an audit, in case I decide to sell the company."

"Oh, you're considering----" Cindy started, but stopped when they heard the front door open. A slender girl with big breasts and streaks of metallic red in her hair came in. She reminded Cindy of Goth Girl Mary Mahoney.

"This is Celia, our bookkeeper and manager." said Callie. "Celia, this is my friend Cindy." Celia came up and gave Cindy a hug.

"So you're the one that Callie never stops talking about." said Celia, her purplish-lipsticked lips forming a happy smile. "I'm so glad you finally came to California with her."

"Are you one of Callie's actresses?" Cindy asked.

"When I came to California," said Celia, "I did a couple of those 'tryout' films, and really did get tried out behind the scenes. It was okay, but I'm not as hot as Callie and her contract stars."

"Aw, you were great." replied Callie, who turned to Cindy and sad "Celia mentioned she had an accounting degree, so I asked if she wanted to do some work behind a desk instead of on her back, and it's been great." They talked about the business side of the business for a few minutes, then others started trickling in.

"You remember Bobby 'The Stallion' Steed from the case in your County." said Callie. "Bobby, do you recognize Cindy?" Bobby was already buzzed.

"She was wearing the cop uniform last time, wasn't she?" Bobby said. "She looked hot. Put it back on and let's do a scene, baby." Celia laughed, and Callie had something of a smirk on her face.

"She's not on your team, Stallion." Callie said. "And she's on my private team, if you get my drift."

"Oh. Girlfriend." said Steed. "Figures."

"And this is the other Bobby, Bobby Breeze." said Callie as young man with a pear shaped body (i.e. getting overweight) and light brown skin came in. "Bobby is the set manager, helps out in the warehouse, stuff like that. He'll tell you he just hangs out, but we miss him when he's not here."

Bobby was a friendly soul and greeted Cindy enthusiastically. "You're definitely not one of Callie's girls, and your perception is more than being a cop." he said.

"Speaking of the girls," said Callie, "here they come now." Three hot young women in tank-top blouses, hot shorts, and high heel sandals came in. Callie lined them up for introductions.

"You know Brooke Monarch, a.k.a. 'Cassandra', from the case in your Town." said Callie, referring to the beautiful raven-black haired woman, whose eyes bore into Cindy's with both lust and curiosity. "And this is our newest star, June Amethyst." June was a gorgeous brown-haired woman, about 24 years old, big not-natural breasts, shapely legs. She was tall for a porn star, about 5'6" without heels.

"June is married to one of our financial backers." Callie went on. "He loves watching her perform on set. And this is Felicia Foxworthy." Felicia was Hispanic, and had a beautiful face. On camera she looked taller and bigger, but her toned, fit body was slender, and even in her heels was barely Cindy's barefoot height.

Some minutes later, as everyone was chatting over coffee and pastries, two more porn stars came in. Callie noticed that Cindy was studying them especially carefully. One was a very attractive Asian woman, with high-riding but artificial breasts, long hair, very slanted eyes (to be politically incorrect about it), and slender, shapely legs. It took close observation for Cindy to see the Adam's Apple and the shaping of the knees that gave away the fact that this woman was born a man.

"This is Chris, our hot new star." said Callie, her eyes twinkling a bit. She'd observed that Cindy was very much liking what she saw in Chris, and the attraction was mutual. Fortunately, Callie was not the jealous type.

The other porn star was definitely a man. Tall, slender, extremely fit and toned, with a solid, hard ass. His hair was raven black, but it was his eyes and his jawline that had Cindy's attention... he looked familiar, as if related to someone she knew...

"This is Benny Black." said Callie. "And just wait until you see him fuck..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Okay, Bobby," said Annemarie, "what's our first scene?"

"June, is your husband coming by today?" asked Bobby Breeze.

"No, he's closing on some rental houses." said June Amethyst.

"Okay, then," suggested Bobby Breeze, "why don't we have you and Benny Black do the morning wake-up scene." Everyone agreed, and they moved to the bedroom set, which had a window to the outside that was letting in light.

Cindy watched in fascination as June and Benny acted as if they were just waking up. They began kissing, which turned into deeper, tongue-twining kisses. As Benny disrobed June, her magnificent body came into full view, the cameras catching the angles. It was an intense, mesmerizing scene---"

"Cut!" yelled Annemarie. "Great job, guys. Let's get some still photos now." Darren moved in with an expensive camera and began taking shots, first of the couple kissing, posing and still with their lips meeting. Then June sat on the end of the bed. Benny slid his thick, nine inch cock halfway into June's mouth, her full lips stretched around the shaft, and they kept very still as photos were taken.

"June loves having her husband here to watch." whispered Callie to Cindy as they watched from well behind the others. "And her husband really gets off watching her. He'll sit there and masturbate while one of the guys is fucking her, and that just gets her into it. Since he's not here, it probably won't be as hot."

"Looked pretty damn hot starting off." said Cindy. "How many porn stars are married?"

"You might be surprised to learn that most of the bigger named stars are married." replied Callie. "Asa Akira, for example. Happily wedded wife."

"Wow." said Cindy. "I guess Don and Laura aren't that unusual, after all." Callie laughed.

"Honey," Callie said, "Laura is as much a hubby-watcher as Don is a wife-watcher, if not more. Laura told me she and Don had a threesome with Paulina Patterson for his birthday, and that she really got off watching Don fucking the hell out of Paulina... and they're not doing it for the camera, you know."

The scene had started back, and June and Benny had provided each other oral sex. Now the handsome young stud was mounting the brunette beauty, and Cindy again felt the intensity and the heat of their mating, as if it were more than just performing for the camera.

June groaned as Benny mounted her and sank his long, thick cock deep into June. He began stroking it in and out of her, building up a rhythm----"

"Cut!" yelled Annemarie. "Okay, get the still penetration shots. And then we'll sit back and let them fuck their brains out. You're obviously hot for each other, aren't you?"

"Oh yeah." said June. As the still shots were taken, Benny bent down and kissed June's sexy mouth, and they soon were sharing tongue-twining, open-mouth French kisses. This wasn't really part of the script; these two well-matched lovers were sharing their hot desires for each other.

After some time, June and Benny had fucked in several positions, and now were nearing the end of the scene. Benny was going to fuck June missionary-style until he came inside her for the creampie shot. This was called 'fuck to pop'. As Cindy watched, her pussy already wet, she began to realize something as she watched Benny's languid motions, the smooth, even undulations of his hips and ass... and she realized she'd seen that fucking motion before... by a relatively young man as he'd fucked Cindy's best friend, neither of them realizing Cindy had watched them...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another feature of business operations was that everyone was drinking. Not heavily (except for Bobby Steed), but mixed drinks and wine were available in the breakroom. Even Cindy had mixed some vodka with a delicious lemon-lime mixer, and was getting a bit of a buzz.

"Okay, what's next?" asked Annemarie, having loaded up (the cameras, that is) for the next scene.

Bobby Breeze said "We've got the Stallion and Felicia doing an office scene. Then Chris and Cassandra doing the fetish scene."

"Let's do Bobby and Felicia first." said Callie. She rarely interjected herself, so everyone was a bit surprised, but they went with it. They moved to the office set room to set up. Well, almost everyone. Callie had made observations, and had alerted someone to something...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hello." said the Asian coming into the door of the breakroom, her voice low but feminine-sounding. Cindy had just made herself another drink. "So you're Cindy. Callie's a lucky woman. You're a very beautiful woman." Cindy noticed that Chris had closed the door, and she was glad.

"Mmmm, thank you." said Cindy. "You're pretty hot yourself."

"You know what I've got under this dress, don't you?" said Chris, coming up close to Cindy. Cindy looked down to see something tenting the skirt of Chris's dress.

"And nice tits to go with it." Cindy said as her hands went to them. Chris slid 'her' hands around Cindy's waist, and pressed 'her' mouth to Cindy's. The ruggedly pretty blonde returned the kiss, their tongues twining.

Cindy's green dress and Chris's red-patterned dress fell to the floor in two heaps as they kissed hungrily. Cindy was sucking Chris's tits and Chris nuzzled her neck and felt up her lower back and firm, hardbody ass.

"I remember seeing you in those competitions." Chris whispered. "God, you were so fucking hot, and you still are. I've dreamed of fucking you..."

"Now's your chance." Cindy whispered as they kissed some more. Chris guided Cindy down onto the sofa, Cindy wearing only her high-heel sandals with leather straps and wooden soles. Chris was totally naked, and as he lay on top of Cindy, kissing her and sucking her tits, she was playing with his throbbing cock, which was at its full seven-inch length.

Cindy spread her legs obscenely, one leg resting on the top of the sofa, the other on the floor. Chris had worked 'her' way down to Cindy's wet snatch, and was now licking Cindy's slit with gusto.

"Unnnh!" Cindy groaned as the first paroxysm of pleasure blasted through her loins, her first orgasm of the day. She pushed Chris's face into her pussy and ground her labes against Chris's high cheekbones, letting the pleasure wash through her.

"Are you ready?" asked Chris after a couple more minutes.

"Yes." Cindy gasped. "Do me."

Chris eased up and mounted Cindy, hoping he wouldn't lose control and climax just as he was fulfilling his fantasy of fucking this Miss Physical America beauty. Cindy reached down and guided Chris's cock into her slit and Chris pushed 'her' slender ass forward, driving his prick into Cindy until their pelvises met.

"Oh God!" Cindy gasped. It felt great. She began sucking Chris's breasts, playing with 'her' hard nipples as she lay on that sofa and took Chris's relentless, driving thrusts up into her womanhood.

They fucked for long minutes, Chris kissing Cindy's mouth then nuzzling her neck as he thrust hard into her again and again, slowly withdrawing only to drive hard and deep back into Cindy. For her part, Cindy was coming around Chris's cock every few minutes, her pussy clamping hard on it as Cindy admired Chris's beautiful Asian face, having the best of both worlds in her own mind.

"Unh, I can't hold back." said Chris.

"Don't pull out." said Cindy. "Come inside me." Cindy was on the pill, but that would not have mattered. She wanted to feel Chris release inside her. She pulled her legs up and wrapped them tightly around the Asian wo-man's slender back. It only took a few strokes before Chris was firing his load into Cindy. It was a fairly weak, watery load, but enough to coat Cindy's insides with male essence for the first time in years.

As they lay together in post-coital bliss, Chris nuzzling Cindy's neck again, Cindy opened her eyes to see Callie standing over them.

"God! that was beautiful to watch." Callie said, her blue eyes sparking as radiantly as her smile. "Get off her, Chris. I want to eat your cum out of my girl's snatch."

Chris got off and Callie dove between Cindy's legs and began licking Cindy's pussy. Chris put his cock into Cindy's mouth, and Cindy dutifully cleaned it off, licking Chris's relatively small balls, as well. Then Chris sat down and watched Callie eat Cindy's pussy. Cindy came hard in Callie's mouth, twice, before Callie was satisfied.

"Oh God, now I've got to get laid." said Callie, absolutely loving it that Cindy had fucked Chris's cock. "How was that, girl?"

"It was good." Cindy said, sounding as relaxed as she felt. "It was fun..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Well, not to be a Debbie Downer," said Bobby Breeze, teasing Cindy a bit as he said "but Chris is now useless for the day after you drained her balls." Everyone laughed.

"No, we can still do a lot of stuff with Chris." said Annemarie. "We need some warmup work (oral sex), and some softcore scenes with Cassandra."

"Hey," said Bobby Steed, "can I get a scene with Cindy? That would break the Internet." Bobby was getting more and more intoxicated, having drunk way too much.

"You better worry about getting it up for your own scene." said Callie, her voice very stern. "Okay, let's get lunch..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Callie and Cindy cuddled in bed that night, Callie said "I can't stand it, I've got to talk about it with you... what was your first cock in years like?"

Cindy chuckled, mostly at Callie's insatiable curiosity. "It was... not bad. If Chris were a woman, she'd be one beautiful Asian. As it was, I was just turned on by Chris's looks, and letting 'her' fuck me just felt right. And Chris knows what he's doing with that cock; it was a great fuck."

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