tagIncest/TabooThe Saga of A Family

The Saga of A Family



He was dressed in a gray suit. His red striped tie was undone. The sleeves of his coat were rolled back, and he held a pen over a large book. He pushed back his black leather chair and waited.

The girl was dressed in tight jeans and a loose T-shirt. She was about nineteen, tall and well built. The jeans accentuated her long legs and her shapely buttocks. Her light brown hair was shoulder length and framed a perfectly oval face. Her eyes were large, limpid blues, the eyebrows highlighting them.

“Hello, professor,” she murmured, sashaying over to where he sat.

“Hi, Sonia,” he answered, lowering his hands to the zipper of his trousers, aware of his hard cock straining to be free of the trousers.

“Let me do that,” she breathed, tossing her large purse onto the desk and walking towards him.

“Be my guest.”

He propelled the chair around; it revolved quietly so that it was now facing away from his desk. He dropped the pen on the book, resting his elbows on the arms of the overstuffed chair.

She dropped to her knees. She was so tall; you could see the top of her head over the table even after she knelt.

He groaned when he felt one of her hand cupping him between his legs as she skillfully unzipped him. She did not bother removing his belt; instead, she merely reached inside his trousers and pushed her hand through the opening of his underwear.

She looked up at him, smiling dreamily, pulling out his erect cock.

“My God,” she whispered, holding his cock at the base with her fist. “You are so big!”

He laughed. “You always say that.”

“Because you always are so big,” she taunted, moving her fist up and down on his swollen shaft, reaching inside the underwear with her other hand to bring out his heavy testicles.

“With you around, I can’t help it, can I?”

She bent down, her silky hair blocking his view. He groaned again as he felt the tip of her tongue swiping from the base of his cock to the tip.

“Oh my God, Sonia. That feels so good,” he murmured. He reached down and thrust his hands inside her T-shirt from the top. She pulled her shoulders together to allow him complete access and moaned when she felt his large calloused palms grasping her huge mammary.

She took him in her mouth when he pinched her nipples. She began to bob her head up and down over his shaft. Continuing to suck on his shaft, she began to pull her T-shirt up over her shoulders.

She disengaged and he withdrew his hands from her tits, watching with glazed eyes as she whipped the T-shirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor beside her. She wore no bra; she never did whenever they planned to meet. To them, it was an obstruction. Neither did she really need a bra – her breasts, though extremely large, did not have any sag.

She bent down over him again, this time holding his cock in both her hands. He thrust his hips upward after her moth engulfed him again.

She was one of the best cocksuckers he had come across. Too, one of the youngest. So far. She did not merely suck him up in her mouth. She also used her tongue cleverly.

Now, as he thrust his hips back and forth, her tongue lashed the underside of his shaft. He was always amazed at the amount of saliva she produced. A minute later, and his cock was already wet.

He reached down to push her hair back over her head. He always liked to watch her suck his cock. She seldom closed her eyes when she sucked him. She would either be looking down to where his cock pushed in and backed out of her mouth; or, whenever she could, she would be looking up at him.

Tucking her silky hair around her ears, he took hold of her tits again, holding them in his palms as if weighing them.

She pulled his cock out, looked at him and said, “Talk, professor, talk to me…you know how it makes me so randy to hear you.”

He laughed harshly, mauling her tits, thrusting his hips faster after she took him back into her mouth.

“Oh yes, bitch, suck my dick, oh yes, like that, suck it harder, you slut, give me more tongue, oh yes, I like fucking your mouth, bitch, oh god, its so hot and wet, I feel like filling up my juice in your mouth right away. But I won’t, not now anyway…you are going to fuck my cock with those tits of yours, these tits, oh god, they are so big and soft and hot…yessss…like that, my bitch whore, take in your throat…”

“Ummmm…” she moaned, now beginning to move her head forward whenever he thrust in and backing away when he did.

“Your mouth is a cunt, slut, I love fucking you like that, oh god, yes, yes…slurp on that cock, baby, suck faster, get me wet, wetter now…”

She hummed her tune around his cock, which was sliding in and out of her mouth, his sac hitting her chin when he buried it deep in her throat.

“Now, slut, now, take it out and fuck it with your jugs,” he groaned.

She pulled back and still on her knees, raised herself. She was tall all right, and that brought her huge tits right in front of his glistening cock, wet with her saliva.

She maneuvered the upper part of her body, holding the side of her tits and leaned down again, trapping his erect dick within her cleavage. He groped for the drawer on his desk, pulled it out and brought out a tube.

She watched his cock nestled between her tits, as he squeezed the lotion out of the tube, liberally dousing her tit valley with the smooth stuff oozing out. He threw the tube back into the drawer and rubbed his cock into the jelly. She moved from side to side, allowing him to smear the jelly between her tits, using his cock like a paintbrush.

Satisfied, he held her shoulders and began to thrust up and down as she pushed her tits together.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good, fuck my tits, oh god, yes, fuck my tits, faster now, faster, you sonofabitch, harder, oh yes…”

The smacking of his hips against the underside of her tits and the wet sound that filled his office increased his excitement as he now began to really fuck her tits hard.

She bent down again, her whole body jerking up and down against his hips and lowered her head. Still holding her shoulders, he rose from his chair and stood hunched over her, without interrupting the rhythm.

“Hold my tits for me, Professor,” she whimpered, letting her hands go down over her body. He obliged by mashing her tits together around his cock, watching her as she fumbled with the buttons of her jeans.

She pushed down her jeans. He wasn’t surprised that she wore nothing under it. Panties, like bras, were mere impediments.

Her jeans resting on the floor around her knees, she pushed one finger into her pussy, rubbing her clit with the other hand.

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck my tits, fuck my tits, Ooohh…”

“I am going to splatter my milk on your tits, you little bitch. Oh yes, they feel so good around my cock, it feels so fucking good fucking your huge tits, oh god, yes, fuck your cunt with your fingers, whore! Shove another finger inside…”

She added a second finger inside her pussy, sliding them in and out to keep time with the rhythm of his cock spearing her tits.

She bent down again and lowered her head. He shivered as he felt her tongue licking the top of his cock every time that it came out from the top of her cleavage.

He thrust up and held his position to allow her to wrap her luscious lips around the shaft, then backed down again.

“Oh, yes, my bitch, my little, bitch, suck that cock as I fuck your tits,” he said, repeating his little series of thrusting up, holding the position for awhile, then backing down rapidly.

Her fingers were beginning to increase pace, going in and coming out faster than his cock was fucking her tits. She shoved her other hand down and attacked her clitoris with the fingers.

He hunched over her, watching her fingers fucking her cunt, rubbing her inflamed clit, and he pulled out of her tits. He twisted his hips from one side to the other, in effect, letting his cock rub all over the insides of her cleavage.

“Oh please!” she begged, “Don’t do that, please, fuck my tits with your cock, please don’t tease me any more.”

His harsh laughter seemed like he was gurgling, as he complied, putting his cock back between her tits and continuing his movements.

This time, he didn’t pause on the upstroke; he decided he had enough of her mouth for now. He wanted to splash out his boiling seed, relieve his cock of the intense heat that it had built up.

His hands went around her shoulders again and he began moving up and down, grunting with every stroke. Faster and faster till…

“Aggh…ugghhh…I think I’m going to cum now, you bitch…here it is, take it, you whore, take it now…”

She began to move her body up and down urgently as she realized he was going to come. Her fingers increased speed, fucking her pussy faster. She bent down and flicked out her tongue to lick at his glans every time his cock poked up from her tits.

Suddenly, he jammed his cock up her tits, clutching her shoulders. Hurriedly, she reached for her tits, squeezing them against his pulsating cock, her mouth wide open.

He let out a strangled cry as his semen gushed out. It flew into her waiting mouth, and then splashed her face, finally collecting in puddles between her tits. He pulled her closer, his hands digging into her back. She assisted him by pulling him by his taut buttocks.

They were gasping now, their heads thrown back in the throes of their climax. He flopped back into his chair, his legs wide apart, his cock still shuddering. She grabbed the arms of the chair and pushed herself closer between his legs, bending down to take the limp cock back into her mouth, running her lips over the wet shaft.

He watched her as she slurped on his flesh. Lovingly, he caressed the top of her head as she smacked her lips, drinking the leftovers of his spunk.

Later, he was back at his desk, his trousers zipped up, and pen in his hand. He watched her getting back into her jeans and T-shirt. She was looking at him, a sultry smile playing at the corner of her lips.

He glanced at his watch. “Ten thirty, young one.”

She gasped, grabbing her purse. She pecked his cheek before moving towards the door. “Gotta go, or I’ll be late for class.”

“See you in the afternoon, honey,” he called out.

At the door, she turned. “Yeah, sure. Afternoon,” she replied. And then, as she stepped out, she looked back and waved at him.

“Bye, Dad.”

* * * * * * * * * *

TODAY – The Woman

The woman leaned against the balcony, her arms lying alongside the metal railings. From where she was standing, the people and the vehicles ten floors below her, looked like tiny toys. She shivered when a sudden blast of cold air blew from the vast expanse of the forest in front of the building and around her and she pulled her housedress closer around her lithe body.

Next week, she would be turning thirty-nine. She looked like she was twenty-five and felt like she was eighteen. Unconsciously, she glanced down through the top of the housedress. It was a simple, white cotton number, barely reaching to her thighs and simply wrapped around her body with a matching white belt. She could see the top of her own breasts, so taut and firm, stark white in contrast to the bronzed skin above them. The swell of her breasts looked enticing enough and she was aware that even without the support of a bra (which however she was now wearing) they jutted out like a teenager’s.

She clasped her arms around her and drew back slightly to peer down at her legs. Not very long, but they were perfect. She grinned to herself when she remembered with what her husband compared her legs to.

“They look like a bark of a young banyan tree,” he would tell her.

She almost screamed when she felt two powerful arms go around her waist and wet lips at her neck.

“Hi there,” his voice was deep and husky.

“Oh god, Vinod,” her voice was unsteady. “You scared me.”

“Only scared, huh?” his voice was teasing.

She clasped his hands with hers and leaned to her side to allow him to nuzzle the hollow between her shoulder and neck. She squealed when he dragged his wet thick tongue across the expanse of her skin.

“Besides a lot of other things,” she replied, pushing her buttocks back to press against the front of his body.

He laughed, hunching down slightly and press himself into her body and she shuddered when she felt his hard crotch grind against her buttocks. His arms were so long that when he wrapped them around her waist, he could touch her right breast with his left hand and her left with his right hand. He did that now, squeezing her firm breasts over the housedress.

“Let’s get inside, honey,” she whispered dreamily as he began to fondle her breasts and undulate the front of his body against her back.

“What can be done inside can be done here as well,” he murmured, leaning toward her. She felt his hot breath against her cheek and turned to him. Her mouth opened as he kissed her lips.

She felt his tongue rubbing over her teeth, over her gums and then over the rooftop of inside of her mouth. He then licked her tongue, which she allowed to duel against her own, before, finally closing her mouth over it. She began to suck on his tongue now, and it felt to him like she was sucking his cock.

It was almost as if the nerve endings of his tongue were connected to his cock, because he felt his cock growing harder; which was amazing considering that he knew it was already at full mast.

Like him, she also smelt of fresh toothpaste and coffee. She had also apparently powdered her body because the smell of talc filled his nostrils. She moaned when she felt his palms spread over her breasts, still clad in the housedress and bra. He squeezed them, beginning to now move his tongue in and out of her warm mouth.

The wind howled around them, whipping her long black hair behind her and pushing his into her face. She let her hands drop down from his arms and pushed them between their bodies. He was wearing a pajama, which was held by an elastic band at his waist.

She thrust one hand inside the band and was delighted that he wore no underwear. When her fist closed over his throbbing shaft, he groaned into her mouth, drawing back slightly to allow her to hold him there.

She began to push his pajamas down over his hips and felt his hands rise above her breasts to slide her housedress off her shoulders. He unfastened the front opening bra expertly, and she shrugged her shoulders so that he could push down the bra to expose her tits.

She whimpered when he grasped her naked and swollen tits. He began to pinch her large stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She jerked her hand way down his hard cock, feeling the skin peel off the head. With one hand she lifted the hem of her housedress over her hips and thrust her now naked buttocks against his rampant cock.

She pulled her mouth away from his. “Oh god, Vinny, fuck me now!”

He let go of her breasts to bunch her dress up to her hips, looking down at her naked buttocks and her tiny fist grasping his huge cock. He watched her legs drift apart, and he slid one hand down her belly to push one finger in her soaking cunt.

“Ahh!” she screamed, pulling on his cock with renewed vigor. “Now, baby, now, fuck me! Put that long cock of yours inside me, please…”

He backed away one step from her, one hand still at her cunt, the other continuing to maul her breast. She thrust her buttocks back to him, bending down slightly from her waist. Her hands gripped the balcony railing; her head was thrown back, eyes closed.

He slid his hand from her cunt, across her waist and brought it between their bodies. Holding her by her breast, he grasped the base of his cock and guided it into her cunt from behind.

She moaned when the cock head entered her cunt. He paused for a while, bringing his hand up to capture her other breast, then, in one swift movement, he thrust all the way into her cunt.

She cried out, “Ooohh good god! You fill me up, baby, oh god, fuck me now, fuck me…”

He paused intentionally, partly to control himself, afraid that he would come all too soon, and partly to tease her.

“Please, Vinny, quit screwing around and push your cock inside me!”

He slid his hands down to hold her dainty waist by the sides, and then, slowly withdrew till only the tip of his cock remained embedded inside her. Then, just as suddenly, he thrust back again.

His movement shoved her against the balcony railing and she gripped it harder with her hands, afraid he might push her over it.

“C’mon, you stud, c’mon, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

“OK, ok, here goes, hold on now,” he said hoarsely, as he pulled back again and swiftly jammed back into her; loving the way she cried out and pushed her buttocks back to meet his savage thrust.

He looked down, his eyes widening as he saw his cock, wet with her juices, slamming in and out of her.

“Faster, faster,” she chanted. “Harder, harder. Rip my cunt, you big bastard, rip me apart, now, now, fuck, fuck…”

He slid his hand down around her waist, holding the small of her back, now, with both his hands and began to pull her up every time he shoved in; which was whenever she said, “Fuck,” and that was a lot of times.

“Take this. And this, and this, this, this…” he rasped out, slamming into her, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

“Give, oh yessss, give, give, give…” she replied, her voice a strange mixture between a banshee’s shriek and a widow’s wail.

He concentrated on holding himself back, wanting to keep his cock in a constant state of overdrive, and began to think about other disconnected and mundane things in life not at all associated with their delightful coupling. He thought of things like a lost cricket match, of stale pizza, warm coke and the dreadful questions he had tried to answer in his recent class tests.

She suddenly froze, her movements arrested and he thought she was going to come. He was surprised when she neatly jerked her hips forward so that his cock was disengaged from her cunt.

“Let me get on top of you,” she whimpered, spinning around and pushing his chest, pushing him back, back, until he was lying flat on the floor. The tiles felt dreadfully cold against his bare back, and he pushed his underwear completely off his legs.

She stood over him, her legs on either side of his prone body. She unfastened the belt and peeled away her housedress. She shrugged aside the bra, which was hanging on one shoulder and it joined the dress on the floor.

The two of them were now gloriously naked and each enjoyed feasting their eyes on one another’s bodies.

She was smallish in a sexy sort of way. She had narrow shoulders, a narrower waist, but gradually filling thighs and buttocks. Her long dark hair fell almost to her waist framing an almost perfect oval shaped face. Her almond shaped eyes had a hint of brown in them, set off by perfectly arced eyebrows upon them. Her nose was small, and slightly upturned and she had a full mouth. When she smiled, as she did now, she revealed perfect and symmetrical teeth, whiter than a marble. Her breasts were neither too large, nor too small. He knew she wore a 32 size, C-cup, and they were as firm as a teenager’s.

He was tall, almost six feet, with large square shoulders. He was a strong boy, a top athlete and a very good cricketer. His silky brown hair kept falling with an almost irritating regularity over his forehead. As far as looks went by, there wasn’t much to talk about; just an average good-looking guy. But it was his towering personality that drew more than two looks from envious friends and awe struck girls at the college. What was a standout feature, however, was the size of his cock. It was well over seven inches long, and as thick as her wrist. The glans below was equally impressive, as massive as a pair of hybrid eggs.

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