tagIncest/TabooThe Saga of A Family Ch. 06

The Saga of A Family Ch. 06


YESTERDAY – The Woman & The Children


His mom still had the towel wrapped around her, and seated on the edge of his bed the towel had risen above her knees, exposing her slim thighs. She was sitting, one knee over the other, and arms around her chest as if she wanted to hide the enticing view of the top of her tits poking out of the towel.

“What have we done?” her voice was soft and barely audible. The question was directed at Sonia who was seated beside her.

The girl smiled, casually putting one hand around her mother’s shoulder. The woman was startled at the gesture, almost as if she wasn’t expecting it. To him, Sonia’s gesture seemed to be highly erotic given the fact that she had just announced that she had watched them together ever since they had started in the shower cubicle.

“Come on Mom,” the girl said in a voice that was supposed to be soothing but which came out harshly.

He rose from the chair. Clad in his shorts, he walked over to the bed and lowered himself beside his mom.

“Mom, what I think we have done had to happen. I mean, it may not be exactly the thing commonly done in other families, but I look at it as pure sex. And what’s wrong with it?”

She suddenly seemed to come out of some trance and jumped up from the bed. She held the towel around her and lowered herself on the chair, which Vinny had been occupying, leaving the two on the bed.

“Honestly,” she began, looking at her children, “I don’t know. But some thing strikes to me as being wrong. I’m your mother and I can’t change that, can I? Sonia, you say that you waited outside the room and spied on us. That’s not fair.” She was blushing.

“Aw, come off it, Mom,” the girl replied. “That’s quid pro quo.”

She gasped, her eyes wide with shock. “What did you just say?”

Sonia had a smile playing on her lips. “We know you watched us.”

She felt dizzy and closed her eyes. Her lips quivered and she tightened her grip on the arms of the chair. She crossed her knees again.

“Mom,” Vinny said, “We somehow know you have been watching us. If you wanted to, I reckon you could have stopped us a long time ago. You didn’t. Mind telling us why?”

There was silence and she began to gently rock on the chair, her eyes still shut.

“What is it you liked to watch, Mom?” Sonia whispered from the bed.

She opened her eyes and watched her children. Then, shutting her eyes again, she raised her face to the ceiling.

“Mom?” Vinny insisted on a reply.

“Alright!” she hissed out through clenched teeth. “I watched you. I have been watching you. I never thought my kids would grow up so fast. At first, I was shocked, but later…” her voice trailed off.

“Later?” Sonia prompted.

Her eyes still shut tightly, she answered in a high-pitched voice, the words coming out so rapidly, that it surprised the two.

“God damn it! Ok, then, here’s the truth. The sight of the two of you playing around started to affect me. I’m human, for God’s sake!”

“Affect you how?” Sonia persisted.

“Just the sight of Vinny’s large c-c-cock, damn it, yes, cock thrusting between your tits, him straddling you,” she ignored the noise of the bedsprings, “you holding your tits together and his cock pumping in and out between them,” she did not, or, chose not to hear the noise of the bed, “his hands diddling your cunt, and then fucking, yes, fucking your mouth, oh god, oh god, that sight just drove me crazy…”

She heard the rhythmic squeak of the bedsprings and her eyes flew open. Her jaw dropped in astonishment when she saw…

Sonia was lying spread eagled on the bed, blouse and bra pushed up her tits and skirt bunched up at the waist. Vinny’s shorts were at his knees and his cock was nestled between his sister’s large tits. Even as she spoke, he was fucking that cleavage. The two of them were looking at her as they acted out what she was talking about.

She froze and without realizing it, her knees uncrossed and legs spread slightly open. Her eyes were riveted on them.

“Like this, Mom?” Sonia breathed heavily, now wriggling her lush body up and down the bed sheets, her hands gripping the side of her tits to crush them together.

She watched him slide a pillow under his sister’s head so that she could now flick out her tongue and lick his cock head every time it appeared from the top of her tits.

She continued to gaze at them. She was breathing heavily now, aware that her chest was heaving with the effort.

“I need some help here, Mom,” Sonia said plaintively.

She couldn’t move, she felt like she was rooted to the chair.

“Mom?” Vinny called out to her, rocking back and forth over his sister’s body. “Please Mom, I really liked the way you sucked me in the shower. Please?”

She never knew when she rose from the bed. Her hands lay limply by her side and they couldn’t tell whether she had realized that the towel had slipped off and she was naked.

She walked up to the bed, her eyes fixed at the sight of his cock moving within those monstrous tits. She fell to her knees when she reached them and continued to stare.

His hand reached out and she felt his palm on the back of her head. Slowly, he pulled her head towards Sonia’s tits.

She whimpered then, and growled. Her hands swiftly came up and she tore away Sonia’s hands from her tits. She watched his cock, not completely buried in the cleavage, but just sliding above and between her tits and then, with an animal-like cry, she buried her face between them. She followed her instincts now, first letting her tongue sweep up and down over the top of his cock and then, when he pulled out, taking the head into her mouth, sucking on it just as furiously as she had less than an hour ago in the shower cubicle.

The children watched; Sonia’s mouth was wide open in amazement; his eyes were glazed with lust. He had always been particularly fascinated by sex with multiple partners but he had never in his wildest dreams ever thought that he would be doing this with his sister and mother, the two ladies that he had so often dreamt of in his masturbatory fantasies. But even in those fantasies, he had never conjured these two as his imaginary partners: rather, he had, for some strange reason, always conjured images of his cousin sister and her mother.

“Oh god, mom, that feels so good, oh yes, suck my cock, ah yes, like that, mom, faster now, please, oh god,” he groaned, beginning to thrust his hips in counter movement of his mother’s head.

Sonia watched this for a while and then, tentatively, groped for her mother’s tits that were jiggling not more than a couple of feet away from her face.

She gave no indication that her daughter was now kneading her tits; she was concentrating on sucking on his throbbing prick, sweeping the flat of her tongue over the engorged shaft.

She glanced down in time to see her daughter reach out and take her hands. She let Sonia pull those hands and direct them to those huge tits.

“Make me happy too, mom,” Sonia whimpered in a small voice.

She drew back her head, letting his cock hit her forehead and looked at her daughter. In frenzy, she bent down and put her mouth on one of Sonia’s nipple, feeling her daughter forcing her hands to squeeze the young large tits.

“Oh God!” hissed Sonia when she felt her mother’s mouth sucking on her nipple. It was her first experience with another woman, if those innocent games she had played with her friends in her childhood were to be discounted. Her mother was all woman, experienced and mature. The very thought, and now the sight of her mother sucking on her breast made her cry out with pleasure and she felt her knees drift wide apart on their own volition.

He was going crazy with lust, rubbing the tip of his cock over Sonia’s tits, and then over his mother’s face. He had pushed one hand down and the other behind and felt the women squirming as he found their wet pussies. He found his mother’s clitoris first simply because it was so prominently swollen. He heard her moan as he began to rub it in circular movements.

With his other hand, he began to finger Sonia’s clit. His sister grabbed his erect prick in her hands, arching her tits towards her mother, lifting her hips to meet his finger. She started to jerk off his cock.

She switched her attention to Sonia’s other breast, beginning to nibble on the nipple and then swallowing as much of the flesh as she could.

“God, mom, that is so sexy, oh god, this is fantastic,” he groaned.

She looked up at him, her mouth coming off Sonia’s tit.

“Vinny, please, please, will you fuck me?”

This blew his mind. He had never fucked before and the thought that he would be losing his virginity to his mom was way beyond his fantasies.

“Oh, god, yes, I want to fuck you, mom, I want to put my dick in your sweet cunt, oh yes, mom…”

Sonia felt a shiver run up her body. Thus far, her brother and she had done pretty much everything, except to fuck.

Nimbly, she extracted herself from their bodies and slipped out of the bed. “Oh yes. I’d love to watch, yes, mom, I would like to watch you fuck with Vinny!”

She knelt there, her hands slowly moving up and down over his cock. He was still kneeling at the center of the bed, his hands fondling her tits and his eyes took in the sight of his excited sister standing naked beside the bed.

“Vinny, shall we fuck?” his mother asked, her voice gruff and quivering with lust. She could have stopped this if she wanted to and she knew it. But the build-up leading to what was happening at this moment had been gradual and intensely erotic. She had long ago realized that it would eventually boil down to this from the moment her husband had fucked her tits while they had watched through the one-way mirror at the sight of Vinny doing the same to his sister.

Now that her mind had broken all barriers, she was suddenly feeling reckless and wanton. She felt that she was a slut, a whore and a nympho; and the thought of asking her own son to fuck him no longer felt like a big deal. She was a woman, horny and hot for cock. He was a virile man, with a large and enthusiastic cock backed up by a very inventive mind, no longer that awkward and gangling youth of yesterday.

“I told you mom,” he replied hoarsely, his hands squeezing her tits. “I want to fuck you, oh yes, fuck you, I want to feel my cock sliding in and out of your cunt, oh my god, yes, please, please mom, come on now and fuck me! I have never had my cock in a cunt, mom, please.”

She suddenly felt as though she were the leader, not the other way around. The kids had more or less dictated terms up to now and she felt a wave of power surge through her loins.

“How do you want it, baby?” she cooed, rather sexily she thought, leaning forward and rubbing the side of his hot shaft against her cheek.

“How will you do it, mom?” he asked her, heart hammering like a trip hammer, eyes half-closed and glazed with lust.

“Well,” she was remarkably in control of the situation now. “Well, we could fuck in the missionary, you on top of me and my legs around you or I could bounce on your cock” She was relishing the words now, the very words she had admonished her husband by when he had used them.

“Or,” she continued, “I could make like a bitch and you could put your cock in my cunt from behind doggie style.”

“Let him lie down and you fuck him!” squealed Sonia, now rubbing her own pussy lips, her tits heaving.

In a flash and with surprising strength considering her slim body, she had wrestled him so that he was lying flat on his back on the bed. She climbed onto his shuddering body, her knees on either side of his legs.

“Bring your legs together, honey,” she directed, reaching down between them to grab his throbbing erection. She cupped his balls with one hand, positioning herself on top of him.

“Hold your cock with your hand now,” she commanded.

“Let me do it for you,” Sonia said, going down on her knees on the floor beside the bed so that her face was scant inches away from their groins.

She smiled as she watched her daughter taking hold of his prick. She reached down to open her own cunt lips.

“My god,” breathed Sonia, her eyes widening at the sight of her mother’s gash. She bent down and quickly swept her tongue over her mother’s cunt lips making the woman whimper.

“Now, baby, put that cock of his inside my cunt.”

With fingers that were shaking Sonia complied. She directed his cock to the nether lips till a quarter of it was inside. He began to thrust his hips forward, impatient now, wanting to feel the warmth of her cunt engulf him. The initial contact made him groan and grunt and he reached up to grasp his mother’s tits.

“Easy, boy, easy. Just relax and let mummy do it for you,” she said, wallowing in the role of the teacher.

She raised her body further and pushed back her hips, feeling his young cock inch into her hot cunt.

“Now!” she exclaimed, suddenly slamming her hips down.

“AARGHHH!!” his breath exploded form him as he felt his shaft sucked into her hot and wet cunt. Sonia hastily pulled her hands away when she felt her mother’s thighs reach down.

“UHHHHH!!!” she screamed when she felt the whole of his cock jam into her pussy. She felt it throbbing inside her and it was a whole new feeling for her. Her son’s virile and strong cock inside her own sucking pussy! By god, he filled her up! She worked the muscles of her cunt and heard him gasp as he felt her milking his cock.

She raised her hips ever so slowly; her palms flat on his chest, till again, the tip of his cock remained embedded inside her.

This time she lowered herself slowly, savoring every inch of his cock as it disappeared into her cunt. She bent her head down to look at the spot where his cock had impaled her. She shuddered and raised herself again, wanting to see his naked cock, and as soon as she saw it, wet and glistening with her juices, she sank back.

Sonia knelt by the bed gawking at the sight inches away from her. She was kneading one tit and rubbing her own clit with the other. Unable to look away, she pushed the breast she was kneading up towards her face so that she could lick it herself.

“Oh my god, it’s so beautiful,” she breathed.

She suddenly became aware of her daughter. She smiled even as she raised herself off her son’s body. “Come on, honey, sit on his face.”

Sonia wasted no time. She straddled his head, knees on either side and lowered her wet cunt on his mouth. She heard him grunt and she moaned when he opened his mouth and slid his tongue inside her.

“Fuck me, mom, fuck me now,” his voice was muffled, but the urgency in it was clear to her.

Leaning forward to kiss her daughter right on the mouth, she began to ride him, gradually increasing speed. Sonia thrust her tongue inside her mother’s mouth, closing her eyes when she felt the woman suck on it.

His hands left her tits and reached to grab his sister’s hips. He began to lift his hips to meet his mother’s pussy, at the same time, pulling Sonia down against his mouth.

“UHHHHH, oh god, ahh, I can’t hold, oh mom, oh god…”

She drew her head back from her daughter’s mouth. “Go on, Vinny, come now, boy, come, spurt that juice of yours, just let me know when”

His body twisted furiously and he was chanting, “Now, now, now, mom, oh shit, now, I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming…”

She pulled back allowing his cock to burst out of her cunt and in the same movement, slithered down over his body.

She took hold of his jerking cock and shoved it into her mouth.

Sonia bent down, realizing that he was going to come, continuing to grind her cunt against his face. Her lips kissed her mother’s cheeks and then urged her to release his cock from her mouth. He felt Sonia taking him in her mouth, and then it was his mother again.

Back and forth they traded his cock between them, sucking on the flesh desperately, each one trying to be the one to make him ejaculate.

It was when his mother was trying to stuff him into her mouth that he hollered one last time and let his juice erupt from his cock.

With heavy lidded eyes, he watched his juice burst out in long spurts, watched the two women trying to swallow whatever came their way. He shuddered and his body shivered uncontrollably as he emptied his lust, feeling tiny sparks run through his body.

Sonia was licking his shaft and his mom was licking his belly where a few drops of his semen had fallen. Together they lapped at him, till his juice was cleaned up and those areas now glistened with their mingled saliva.

He knew Sonia had come; he could tell it by the way she was grinding her pussy over his face. He glanced below and saw them kissing each other. Strangely, Mom had suddenly become the aggressor. She had cupped Sonia’s cheek and was forcing her daughter to open her mouth so that she could slide her tongue inside.

He watched their tongues duel against each other, occasionally entering the warmth of a mouth and then licking lips. His cock, temporarily satiated, had shrunk considerably when he had erupted; now, as he watched his mother and sister together, he began to feel the stirrings again and he thought it was remarkable.

He wanted to see them together, so he managed to extricate himself from between their heaving and twisting bodies and walked unsteadily to the chair. He sat down, his legs apart, hands stroking his wet and slimy cock as he watched the two of them.

His mother sat on the bed, cross-legged, in a classic yoga style and Sonia lay down on the bed, her head cradled in her mother’s lap.

“Time for your food, honey,” his mother cooed, bending down and offering her breasts to her daughter.

Sonia did not have to raise her head since her mother had bent down low. She merely opened her mouth and engulfed one tit, caressing the other. She moaned when she felt her mother’s hands drifting down her naked thighs before coming to a rest between the legs and on her wet cunt. Her legs drifted apart and she almost bit her mother’s nipple as the woman gently began to slide her finger up and down the slit.

“You have such beautiful tits, darling,” she said throatily, letting one hand come up to grasp one of her daughter’s heavy tit, pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

For an answer, Sonia’s legs lifted involuntarily as if she wanted her mother’s finger deep in her cunt. She inhaled the musky fragrance of her mother’s just-fucked cunt and couldn’t resist sliding one hand to push a finger in the hot opening.

“Ooohh,” sighed the woman, finding her daughter’s clit and beginning to rub it gently in circles; clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Sonia hummed around her mother’s tit, transferring her mouth to the other and rotating her hips against her mother’s fingers.

“I want to taste my sweet daughter’s pussy,” she said suddenly, pushing away Sonia so that she fell onto her back on the bed.

He watched from the chair as the woman turned, then straddled her daughter’s face, and leaning down to put hers against the cunt she had been rubbing and teasing all this time.

Sonia lifted her legs and wrapped them around her mother’s neck, opening her mouth to cover the woman’s pussy.

It felt incredible to him, watching the two women in his life, engrossed in the sixty-nine. Tits mashed against bellies, bodies humping and squirming, the two women moaned, groaned and made animal-like noises in their throats as they sucked and licked each other.

He could no longer control himself and didn’t want to waste his juice by merely masturbating himself. He rose and walked gingerly to the bed, stroking his cock with one hand.

His mother saw him approaching and smiled, before resuming her sucking activities. He joined Sonia and together the siblings began to suck and lick their mother’s pussy, making the woman scream and whimper with pleasure.

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