tagIncest/TabooThe Saga of A Family Pt. 2 Ch. 01

The Saga of A Family Pt. 2 Ch. 01


Note: The last chapter (Ch. 06) in the series The Saga of a Family was submitted in October 2003. It dealt with the initiation of incestuous sex between parents and their children. Even now, I keep receiving letters urging me to pick up on the story and “perhaps add a few more characters to spice it up a bit!” (I’ve also been receiving similar requests for the other story I did: Milky Maids All In A Row. For now, I’m still building up on it).

Based on the various suggestions from those who appreciated the story (I hasten to add that there were an equal number of critics who were outraged and rated the story as “PURIAL CRAP” whatever that means!) I have continued with the story. I would recommend new readers to go through the first six chapters, just to get a hang of the characters.

Dad had mentioned about his sister, Sanika, in one of the earlier chapters. Chet and Sony are her kids and are now married to Sonia and Vinod (Vinny) respectively.

Dad has made it big in the hospital where he had been working and is now the owner of a large pharmaceutical company. Incidentally, Dad and Mom are finally given names: Dad is Sushil and Mom, Sneha.

The following story actually begins with the end. (Sounds complicated?) Subsequent chapters describe how the marriage between the siblings came to be.

Read and have fun. And yes, you can bet I have indulged in my favorite fetish! How can I forget tit-fucking?!

Feedback is encouraged because that’s what made me write this sequel. Anonymous feedback is natural, but I’d appreciate criticism from some one to whom I could reply.


They were in the eye of the storm.

Outside the desolate cabin, the remains of the crashed jet kept shifting away from its site as the winds in excess of 50mph howled across the angry sea; the waves slamming repeatedly against the rocky-mountains sloping away from the tiny island. The dark skies looming above were heavy with clouds threatening to crash into the torrential rains that they had already experienced during their short stay.

Sushil stared gloomily at the scene from the small window, which they had nailed down with wooden slats. He knew that this was it: there was no escape now.

That they had lasted for so long was thanks due to the enormously stacked kitchen of the jet, the sweet water river that flowed from one side of the cabin and the cabin itself.

God knows who had built this cabin, he thought wistfully staring around the small cubicle of rooms where the others were cavorting.

There was still enough fuel in the diesel generator throbbing in the basement; he had made it a rule that it would be used only for lighting. Though he knew he was being too optimistic, he had advised the others that they would need lighting more than hot water till a rescue team would find them.

Too, there was plenty of gas for the heaters where they would cook the fish they caught when they got tired of the tinned stuff they had dragged out of the plane.

Sure there was plenty, thanks to that someone who had visited this tiny island off the Long man Point about a hundred miles from the eastern coast. He knew that there was not a chance that they would be rescued. No one would fly over this tiny piece of island; at least not in this weather.

The guys in the tower at the airport must have given up by now. It had been more than a week after they had crashed. Hell, if he were to be the controller, he would have never initiated a search party in this weather, leave alone ask the guys to give it a try. Sushil had ignored the pleading of the controller. Damn it, they needed a break. Especially after they had rediscovered themselves.

The guys in his company must be having a great time, he mused. With the boss away on a vacation to an area that remained a secret, who was to prevent them from unwinding?

And he was the mutt who had initiated this wild party.

“Guys, we are going on a holiday for a week,” he had announced after one really good session in the sprawling living room of his mansion.

If only he had kept his mouth shut and continued with the fun, he thought for the hundredth time.

“A penny for those thoughts, darling.”

He was startled when he swung around the tiny chair and looked at his wife smiling at him.

“Hey, Sneha,” he said with forced enthusiasm, reaching out and pulling her to him. “Having a good time?”

“And wondering what happened to you suddenly,” she replied, taking hold of his soft cock.

He palmed her large tits. “Just taking a break, honey,” he grinned, tweaking her erect nipples, noting that her tits were covered with dry and caked cum.

“Even when you do take a break, your cock is never like this,” she said, beginning to jerk his shaft up and down in her tiny fist.

He laughed, bending down to quickly lick her stiff nipple.

“That’s true,” he admitted, straightening again on the chair. “I guess it’s just one of those times.”

“Tired? Or worried?” she asked him.

He glanced over her shoulders at the children and looked back into her eyes.

“Both, I reckon.”

She peered through the window and he too looked out. Streaks of lightening flashed through the sky, accompanied by the loud sounds of thunder.

“Think we are going to get out of this?” she asked softly, turning around and lowering her still sleek body on his lap.

He put his arms around her and cupped her swollen tits even as she reached down between their bodies to resume fondling his cock, which was by now, under her administrations, slowly beginning to erect.

“Lets just say fifty-fifty at this point of time. We have enough food for survival, and hell, why don’t we just forget it and have a good time?”

She turned to look at him and smiled. “That’s what I thought. And that’s why I came over. Even if it looks bad, we are having fun, aren’t we? Just look at the kids.”

They looked at the kids; their kids and their spouses. Son Vinny, daughter Sonia, daughter in law Sony and son in law Chet.

Sonia was on her fours, facing a large chair, while Vinny, laughing delightedly, held onto her hips and thrust his cock in and out of her cunt from behind. Sprawled on the chair, his legs wide apart, Chet was watching her suck his cock to keep time with her brother’s thrusting movements.

Sony, her hair tied behind her in a pigtail, was lying on the floor, a pillow beneath her head, which allowed her to leisurely suck and lick her husband’s cock and her sister in law’s pussy as well.

The kids were pretty vocal, and Sushil knew that his wife and he were no better.

“Ah, this cunt never ceases to get loose!” Vinny sighed, his balls smacking loudly against his sister’s thighs.

“My wife’s talents go beyond that,” Chet supplemented, “If her cunt is tight, man, you know her fucking mouth! Go on, baby, give it some more tongue. Ahhhhh, yeah, suck that cock, baby, suck it!”

Sony had thrust one hand down between her stretched legs, sliding two fingers in and out of her wriggling cunt. She was making loud smacking noises as she licked and sucked: now, letting her tongue wash Vinny’s dangling balls, and when it slammed inside Sonia’s wet cunt, letting the tongue quickly lick up and down the gaping slit.

“I was watching the storm come in,” Sushil said to mum as she contrived to bend over and run her tongue over his cock. “So I figure I didn’t get to see what you were doing there before you joined me here.”

Sneha looked up at him, momentarily ceasing to lick his cock head and shuffling to let him knead her ample tits.

“I was standing on the arms of that chair and letting the boys eat me out. Where else do you think could I have accommodated myself?”

He gave a short laugh, pinching her hard nipples. “Baby, you can accommodate yourself anywhere and you know it! Why, you could have been kneeling over there on the floor and eating out our dear daughter in law! Poor girl, just look at her! She’s the only one who doesn’t have a cock in her hole.”

Sneha rose to stand in front of him and drew him to her tits, letting him suck on them alternately.

“Why don’t we set it right then?” she whispered.

Forget about the storm, thought Sushil, nodding his head and standing up. “I’ll fuck Sony and you do what you can wherever you can find accommodation,” he joked.

He walked over to the writhing foursome and knelt on the floor between Sony’s legs. He grabbed her knees and pulled them apart, shuffling closer, his cock by now erect and rampant thanks to Sneha’s mouth and tongue.

“Ooohh, Uncle!” Sony whimpered, pulling her head away and looking down with her heavy-lidded eyes.

“Spread and lift, baby,” Sushil told her. “Put those legs on my shoulders. Uncle is going to fuck your cunt with this cock!”

“Oh yes, please!” she cried out as Sushil grasped his cock, lined it up and slammed his hips forward, watching it impale the girl’s wet cunt. She had been fingering and fucking herself; so her cunt was already wide open. Yet, as Sushil felt it bottoming into her, he realized that she was very, very tight there.

Sneha knelt beside her daughter, managing to get her head close up to the girl’s.

“Fuck my mouth too, Chet! Its just as tight and you know it!” she cooed.

“Alright! One for you and one for the wife,” Chet laughed hoarsely, shifting his hips like a pendulum on the chair. His cock popped out of Sonia’s mouth and Sneha gobbled it into her own so quickly, he could never have guessed that there were two of them now sucking on him.

Sony gasped when she felt Sushil hammering into her. He was like that. No slow, long, luxurious thrusts to begin with, especially when his need was urgent, as it was now. His cock, already primed by Sneha, needed no time to get used to the rhythm he set almost immediately after it fucked into Sony’s cunt.

“Oh yes, uncle! Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, ahh, you brute, your cock is so thick, it fills up my cunt, ah yes, like that, quick and hard and deep! Fuck me!” she moaned, lifting her hips to meet his and pulling them back when he lifted his up.

“Take it, pretty bitch,” he muttered, thrusting wildly, holding her thrashing legs firmly to his shoulders. “My cock is thick, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, yes!” she answered.

“Hard and long?” he asked.

“Oh god, yes, uncle, it is so thick and hard and long! Fuck me with it, oh yessss…”

“Will somebody shut her up a while? I want to enjoy mum and Sonia sucking me off,” Chet said.

Vinny obliged, pulling out his cock from his sister’s pussy, much to her disappointment, and shuffling back to slam it down into Sony’s open mouth.

“Hmmmm…” his wife hummed as she began to suck his wet cock, glistening with Sonia’s juices, clutching her father in law’s cock with the muscles of her cunt as he drove rhythmically into her.

Quickly, Vinny pulled out and effortlessly plunged his cock back into his sister’s cunt. He began doing the continuous switch with ease: from cunt to mouth, back and forth, to and fro.

“Don’t lower your legs, baby,” Sushil grunted to Sony, letting his hands slide down her hips to grasp her large tits, kneading and fondling them.

It was a delightful coincidence that all the three women were endowed with quite generous tits. He and his son were obsessed with them. Chet did like tits, but his lust for them wasn’t as much pronounced as the father and son duo.

Pinching and tweaking his daughter in law’s engorged nipples to make her moan and arch her back up, he increased the tempo of his thrusts into her pussy. Sony blindly reached up to cradle her husband’s cock that was slamming furiously in and out of his sister’s pussy.

Sonia whimpered, “Oh god, Chet, I want your cock in my mouth when Vinny gives his to Sony to suck!”

Chet craned his neck to watch his cock wallow in Sneha’s mouth. He waited till Vinny drew out of Sonia’s cunt and transfer it into Sony’s puffed up mouth. Simultaneously, Chet thrust his cock into Sonia’s open mouth.

“Clever girl, my daughter,” observed Sneha. “She’s making sure she has a cock in her all the time.”

Sushil watched the proceedings as he pumped in and out of Sony’s cunt, his hands mauling her tits. His daughter on her fours, sucking Chet’s cock while her brother fucked her from behind; his sweet wife kneeling by their daughter, sucking on Chet’s cock and licking her daughter’s cheeks when she wasn’t sucking. On the floor and underneath his son, Sony got her face fucked by her brother in law and her pussy fucked by him, her father in law.

Christ! Are we sick? But, he admitted to himself, this was a foregone conclusion. This had to happen. It was only that he was finding today’s orgy to be more frenetic and fast-paced than before. Perhaps it was the unspoken fear that the impending storm had instilled into them, that there was this dramatic transformation from leisurely and casual fucking to hectic fucking: as though this was the last day.

Was it, really?

“Open your legs wider, mum. I want to fuck your cunt with my fingers,” Vinny said, sliding his hand down his sister’s back and around her tits till he found his mother’s pussy.

“Ah god, yes,” Sneha hissed, spreading her bent knees further apart as her son stuffed his middle finger into her moist and hot cunt.

With his other hand, Vinny reached down and grasped Sonia’s swinging tit, settling down to squeeze it. Chet saw him doing it and in turn, he put his hand out to grab his mother in law’s tits, squeezing them alternately, rolling the nipples between his fingers.

“I’m about to cum, Vinny,” Sonia cried out when Chet’s cock was in her mother’s mouth. “For god’s sake, stop letting Sony suck you and sock it to me!”

Sony was not at all disappointed; in fact, she pulled her head to one side, bucking and heaving as Sushil slammed in her, and pushed her husband’s buttocks up towards Sonia’s pussy.

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, Vinny, fuck, fuck harder, baby, aahhhh, ugghhh, that is it, deeper, faster, oh yeah, fuck, fuck, oh god…” she wailed, grinding and thrusting her back to him.

Aware that her daughter was focused on attaining her orgasm and that she wouldn’t be needing Chet’s cock, Sneha leaned forward and swallowed her son in law’s cock right down to the hilt. Chet groaned. No one, he thought, could give head the way his mother in law did. He felt his glans thrust past the tonsils and enter the constricted passage of her throat. And amazingly, her tongue just did not quit as it continued snaking up and down the throbbing shaft.

“Oh shit, yeah, aunt, yes, suck that dick, oh god, yes, yes, lick it like that, faster, faster, ooohh…” he chanted.

“I’M CUMMING, UGGHHH, YES, YES, YESSSS…” Sonia thrust her buttocks hard against her brother’s cock.

Vinny pulled out his finger from his mother’s pussy and grabbed Sonia by her tits, stroking his cock faster and faster into Sonia’s cunt. He could feel her body going rigid, her hands grasping his over her tits and then, she shuddered with a moan. He could also feel her hot juices surround his thrusting dick in the confines of her pussy, which clamped like a vice around his shaft.

Sonia rolled off, slipping down to the floor, her massive chest heaving with exertion, her juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs. Her eyes seemed to have rolled back in her head and she watched them through hooded slits, running her wet tongue over her lips as if to moisten them up.

With his sister now out of the way, Vinny swung around and concentrated on fucking his wife’s mouth.

“A one and a two and a three…” Sushil began to count, keeping time with their thrusts. Sony bucked and writhed under the dual assault of her father in law’s throbbing cock sawing in and out of her cunt and the swollen cock that belonged to her husband and now fucking her face mercilessly.

Chet hauled Sneha to her feet effortlessly; he was a big man and it was easy for him to push his mother in law to her knees between his outstretched legs.

“Suck on my pole, my dear aunt, yeah, suck my cock. I want to fuck your face, oh yes, god, yes, yes!”

Sneha carefully swung one leg around the almost semi-conscious Sonia’s face as she bobbed her head up and down Chet’s cock. Her daughter may have seemed to lose most of her consciousness in the aftermath of her explosive orgasm; but that didn’t prevent her from wrapping her hands around her mother’s buttocks and raising her head to clamp her lips on her cunt.

Chet glanced at his wife being double fucked on the floor. She was lying on the floor, legs up in the air and wide apart, heels digging in Sushil’s shoulders, raising and lowering her hips for her cunt to swallow and loosen its grip around his shaft. At the same time, Vinny, facing his father was moving up and down on his bent knees, poking his cock in and out of her mouth.

“A ten and a eleven and a twelve…” chanted Sushil.

Chet began to thrust his cock in and out of Sneha’s mouth in time with his father in law’s count. Unconsciously, Sneha too was grinding her cunt lips against Sonia’s face in the same rhythm.

“Oh fuck,” Vinny cried out, almost at the top of his lungs. “Oh fuck, Sony, oh fuck! Give me more tongue, you little tease, more tongue, aahhhh yes, like that! Feel my cock fucking your throat? Uh? Feel it? Want more? Huh? More, huh? Here, take this, and this, and this, oh my god, I want to cum!”

Sushil continued counting without his mind really in it. Of course he could feel the powerful waves of lust coursing through every nerve of his body as he pumped his cock faster and faster into the depths of Sony’s cunt.

He could also see the length and the width of his son’s cock dipping in and out of the girl’s mouth, making her puff her lips out and then pull her cheeks in. Just as the juices were running from her cunt on to her hips, he could also see Vinny’s cunt juice and saliva-slicked cock spitting the liquid back over her face.

He had to merely raise his eyes to watch his wife expertly and with a rising sense of urgency, bob up and down over Chet’s cock. Through the tunnel of his daughter’s tits, from below, he could watch Sonia lapping away at her mother’s cunt.

Sure as hell, Sushil realized, there was a storm coming up in the room. Very shortly, he knew that there would be the men’s semen flying around and smearing the women over their bodies.

But he was also aware of the rising sounds of nature’s fury as the storm outside the cabin kept closing in. He could almost see their jet being dragged away into the fiery sea, the waves steadily pounding the rocks increase their amplitude, the black clouds slowly beginning to crack up to turn into the torrential outburst of tropical rains.

“Oh my god, here I cum!” yelled Chet and Sneha hurriedly pulled her head away from him, grabbing his cock and pulling on it till he had to leave the chair on which he had been sitting. Sneha slipped down on the floor to lie beside her daughter.

“Give it to us, Chet!” she told him in a shrill voice. “Bathe us with your lovely hot spunk!” She masturbated his cock furiously as he hunched over the two women.

Sushil and Vinny swung around simultaneously to watch the scene unfold and almost as if on their own volition, began to increase the speed of their thrusts into Sony.


His juice erupted from the tip of his throbbing cock and Sneha directed the head as she wanted to. He threw back his head and howled; and then, looked down to watch his semen spurt into his wife’s mouth. Sonia was gulping it down eagerly. Then, Sneha was shifting his cock, still jerking on it and this time his cum landed on his mother in law’s upturned face.

One, two, three, four… He lost all count as his cock swelled and bucked and reared, spewing its contents over the women’s faces.

“I don’t know about you son, but I’m going to go in faster!” Sushil murmured.

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