tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Saint's Lustful Gaze

The Saint's Lustful Gaze


The night wind raised goose pimples on pale flesh as the tiny shape moved through the shadows. Her crimson eyes darted this way and that as she approached the bar with her slender arms wrapped around herself. The black turtleneck she'd been wearing was torn and her jeans were scuffed with dust from the small fight she'd been in. "I knew I should have worn my fucking usual clothes." She cursed, pulling her long black braid over a small shoulder. Footsteps startled her and she turned in a flash with her daggers out, pointed at the figure of someone she knew fairly well. "Max?"

A patron of the bloodlust she'd known for years, he had never been in her closest circle of friends, but she liked him well enough anyway. His brown eyes seemed almost to bare her to the soul and she shivered under their gaze. A lustful look in the eyes of the saint, a contradiction in itself, was directed at her.

"Maxmilian?" She asked again, using his full name this time. The saint smiled, almost a leer and she tilted her head confused. "Are you alright?" Her voice was soft and she stepped closer, approaching the tall man slowly.

His broad hand shot from nowhere, capturing her tiny wrist in a vice-like grip and her eyes widened to look once more into his. The brown orbs were this time filled with something other than lust, a need, a desire she herself had felt many times, and she found herself feeling the same deep in her groin. A small groan escaped him as she looked down, realizing her hand was on the waistband of his pants, thumb stroking over his bare navel while her fingers traveled lower. A bulge formed in the front of the jeans.

With a strength not supported by her size she pulled him down to the grass, pulling him atop her as her leg slid between his thighs and her body moved to grind against his. Broad hands moved down her shoulders and his mouth slid down her neck slowly as her shirt was slid from her body to land on the grass somewhere, soon joined by her bra. One of those hands slid down slowly and into her pants, beneath the black satin panties to the warmth of her shaven sex. Parting the lips with his thumb he slid his fingers inside, letting them wander over her clit, eliciting small moans from her. Passing over the moist slit he stroked slowly, teasing her until a rising wetness greeted each pass, and the heat was almost unbearable. Soon he realized if he thought he could continue teasing her, he was wrong.

Beneath the silken boxers he wore a hand was suddenly gripping his shaft tightly, the slender fingers wrapping around it as a thumb slid along the underside. A groan of pleasure meandered from his lips and he thrust against her hand as she moved it up and down slowly, then massaged him with a gentleness that surprised him giving her profession of killer for hire. The hand continued to work its magic as her nipple found its way into his mouth and his tongue rasped over it slowly, then faster. He felt the wetness increase, but it was the biggest surprise when he elicited a sharp gasp from her using his teeth to scrape over it, followed by another wave of moisture. Someone liked being nibbled on. Chuckling he teethed a bit more fiercely on her nipple before sucking lightly on it.

Her body shivered as suddenly one of his fingers slid into her, stroking her inner walls then teasing her g-spot. Moaning she moved against it, her body thrusting to meet the finger until another was added and he began in earnest to pleasure her with them, thrusting in and out faster and harder until a rush of fluid met his fingers, stickier than the rest, thicker. A grin split the saint's face as he realized he'd brought the tiny assassin into her first orgasm.

Now that she was nicely lubed for his pleasure he smiled again and removed his pants and boxers as she wriggled from hers, flushed in excitement. His rod stood ready for her and she bit her lower lip as he moved the head of it into position, sliding it barely into her. Trembling a small moan alerted him to her pleading eyes, and he knew she did not want to be teased any longer.

This knowledge empowered him and he used it, teasing her until she whimpered beneath him, almost panting in her need. Finally taking her seriously he took her, sliding the full length in gently, but deeply, filling her. Her moan was low and quiet as he began to thrust, steadily, not fast, or particularly hard, but deeply. Paying attention to her pleasures he moved, rotating his hips and arching to her each time as his mouth met hers in a slow, passion filled kiss. Reaching up to his every thrust she let her hips grind into his and kissed back earnestly as his hands slid over her breasts, toying the nipples between his fingers.

The feeling began at the base of his spine and he moaned to alert her, but hers was already upon her as she climaxed in a wave over him, arching to meet his body with her own. Inside of her he shot deeply, sucking on her lip as he did so and they moaned together as they lay in satisfaction on the cool grass.

Namea smiled up at Max with a raised eyebrow, for a saint he certainly was lustful.

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