tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sales Associate Ch. 01-02

The Sales Associate Ch. 01-02



"Dude, look at that!" said Austin to his high school buddies Josh and Zach. They looked at where Austin was pointing, toward a woman bending over to get something out of the trunk of her car, which was parked at the mall parking lot. She was bent over at the waist and her tiny pink skirt made no effort to cover her ass, which was tight, round and tan and covered – for lack of a better word – only by a barely there white thong which neatly split not only her ass cheeks, but also her pussy lips. They couldn't see her face or tits, but they could see a pair of long, slender, well-toned tan legs and a pair of white stiletto heels.

"Oh man!" said Josh. "Look at that ass!"

The woman was only about 20 feet away from them, so there was a good chance she could hear them. Who cared? They started walking toward her, all three sets of eyes fixed squarely on the soft pocket of flesh formed by her pussy lips. Thinking quickly, Zach whipped out his camera phone and took two pictures before the woman seemed to notice they were around and looked around at them.

She was gorgeous. Sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, red, pouty lips and a long, slender neck. She looked to be just a few years older than them – maybe a college girl, heck, maybe even one of the football cheerleaders. She was a high school boy's wet dream – a centerfold right before their very eyes.

"Hey guys," she called over her shoulder, slowly standing up and turning to face them. In so doing, she presented them with their first look at her magnificent tits. She was wearing a white tube top that showed off both her flat tummy – complete with navel ring – and her enormous cleavage. Two hard nipples poked out, their dark shapes clearly evident under the taut fabric, with no bra to hold them back. "Can you guys give me a hand?"

"Sure," Austin said quickly, his eyes roaming up and down her statuesque body. "What's the matter?"

"I'm flat," she said, throwing her bottom lip out in a fake pout and crossing her arms under her ample tits, squishing them together and pushing them even higher on her chest.

"No way," Josh said, starting at her tits. "There's nothing flat about you."

"Sure there is," she said, pretending to be oblivious to their stares as she pointed at one of her tires, which was indeed flat. "See. I need to change it, but I can't get the spare out of the back and I can't get the jack off. Can you guys help me get the ... jack ... off?" she said, pausing on the last two words, looking each of them in the eye, then glancing at their bulging crotches as she said them.

"Damn," Austin stammered.

"Yeah, we can help you," Zach was the first to break out of his trance. The boys all moved forward as she stepped back and let them look in her trunk. In minutes, they had the jack and spare out and were busy changing the tire.

It was a hot, sticky summer day. She had parked far from any of the mall entrances next to a cluster of trees and shrubs put there as if no one would notice that a once bountiful forest was now a parking lot. The trees and shrubs served to make them less noticeable and, since they were away from the entrance, few people were walking by. There were plenty of people around who could see them and could tell that there was a pretty woman with a flat tire being helped by three boys. To the casual observer walking in the parking lot, it looked completely normal.

To the boys, it looked far better than normal. They kept stealing glances at the woman as they worked, checking out her tits, ass, legs and the occasional glimpse of her pussy.

"It's hot out here," she said when they had finished. "Thank you boys so much. Can I get you something to drink? I have some cold water in a cooler in the car."

Without waiting for an answer, she opened the door and made another show of bending over at the waist as she reached down in the cooler. All three boys stood directly behind her, watching, jaws agape, camera phones in hand.

"Here you go," she said, smiling and handing them each a bottle of water. She took her own and sat down in the patch of grass in the sparse shade offered by the foliage. As she sat down, she pretended to stumble, spilling her water all over her chest. The thin tube top soaked up what it could and the rest ran down her flat stomach. Her nipples, stimulated by the cold water, got even harder and the drenched fabric became virtually transparent. "Oh shit," she said. She pretended to dab at her tube top with her hands as if brushing excess water away, but what she was really doing was pinching her nipples, making them as hard as she could.

"Now look what a mess!" she laughed, dropping her hands and exposing her wet t-shirt display. "I'm such a klutz!"

"Yeah," Austin laughed. "Look guys, it's like those wet t-shirt contests they show on the Girls Gone Wild commercials all the time."

"Commercials?" she scoffed. "You mean you guys have never seen a real wet t-shirt contest?" They all shook their heads no. "Well, if you want to see one now, I think it's the least I could do to thank you for all your help. Do you want me to put on a show for you?"

"Hell yes!" they said, practically in unison.

"OK," she laughed again. "Well, save your water. I'm going to need it." She opened the driver side door of the car and put a CD in. Moments later, the music was pumping and she was dancing, swinging her hips and rubbing her tits.

"Holy shit," Zach said. "This is awesome."

She squeezed her tits together and pulled on her nipples. With a wag of her finger, she motioned Zach to come forward with his bottle, then pointed at her tits. "Slow," she said. Zach started pouring the water in slow stream over her tits, letting it spill down her cleavage, under her skirt and down her legs. She let it run through her fingers as she continued to grope her own tits. Then, she took the bottle from Zach and put his right hand on her left tit. He needed no further instruction, as he grabbed her other breast as well and started squeezing and rubbing them in the same slow, firm way she had been doing.

"Get 'em, Zach!" Josh yelled. "Squeeze those titties!"

She smiled but motioned him to quiet down with a finger to her lips. In order for the show to continue, they needed to be left alone. Josh nodded understanding and she motioned for him to step forward. She turned around and bent over at the waist and shook her ass in front of him. He slowly poured the water over her firm ass cheeks, letting it run between them and over her pussy and down her legs as she bumped and grinded to the music. When the water was gone, she turned around and let him get a good feel of her tits as well.

Austin was already waiting, water bottle ready when Josh stepped away. She smiled and laid down on her back. With a quick glance to make sure no one was watching, she spread her legs as wide as she could and motioned toward her pussy. Austin poured away, mesmerized as she rubbed her pussy with one hand and tugged on her drenched thong with the other. She stopped when the water did and Austin took his turn with the tits.

"Hey," she smiled, looking up at all three boys. "Do you want me to help you get your ... jack ... off?"

"Hell yes!"

"Well, if two of you were to stand over there to block anyone's view, the third one could probably have a minute or two to ... you know ... on my tits if you wanted to."

The boys eagerly agreed and Austin, based on the fact that he had spotted her initially, won the right to go first while Josh and Zach stood side by side, blocking the view of anyone coming by. Austin whipped out his rigid cock and began stroking it vigorously as he straddled the beautiful, busty blonde. She lay on the ground, urging him on by playing with her tits, arching her back and licking her lips seductively.

"Come on," she cooed, "shoot it all over these big titties. Make them look like snow-capped mountains."

Austin grunted and began spewing his semen all over her tits, further drenching the tube top which now looked more like cheesecloth than actual clothing. "Thank you," she cooed again as he tucked his deflating cock back in his pants. Josh and Zach both took their turns, likewise emptying their impressive loads on her in rapid-fire succession.

When they were done, she stood up and examined her soaked, cum-stained tube top. More cum had slid down between her breasts and some of it was now sliding down her belly. The boys had never seen anything like this.

"What a mess, huh?" she laughed, smiling at them. "Say, I can't go in the mall looking like this. Would you guys mind going and buying me some clothes to change into?"

"Sure," Austin said. "But on one condition. We each get to take a picture with you dressed like you are right now."

"No way," she scoffed. "I look like a slut. Get me some new clothes and I'll let you each have a picture with me."

"All right," Austin agreed. She gave them a $100 bill and told them to get her a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some sandals. She told them the sizes and sent them on their way while she waited in the safety of her car.

About 45 minutes later, the boys were back, grinning from ear to ear. "We got your clothes, babe," Zach said.

"Thanks," she smiled, getting out of the car. Her tube top had dried some but her hard nipples still poked out obscenely. "I'll change and you guys can have your pictures."

They handed her the bags and snickered as she pulled out her new clothes. The guys had made their own decisions about how to spend her money and had purchased three different outfits (they had each selected their own favorite). One was a red sling bathing suit, another was a white lycra mini-dress and the third was a pleated mini-skirt, white bobbie socks and a white half sweater.

"What the hell is all this?" she asked, pretending to be mad and surprised when really she was neither.

"This is what you should be wearing," Austin said boldly. "T-shirt and shorts? Come on, you need to be showing that body off. We eached picked out an outfit for you so you could wear each one for our pictures."

"Yeah, and we bought a better camera, too," Zach said, holding up a new digital camera that the boys had obviously purchased with their own money, since the three outfits surely used up every bit of the $100 she had given them. Before she could protest, Zach was snapping pictures, using the zoom lens to get close-ups of her chest, focusing particularly on those pointy nipples.

"All right," she said. "I'll wear your clothes and give you your pictures. But then you need to go. I think that's more than enough re-payment for changing my tire."

"Fair enough, babe," Josh said. "Here, wear mine first." Josh's was the red sling bathing suit.

"OK," she said. "There's no where to change. I'm going to put the trunk lid up and stand behind the car. You each stand with your backs to me in a semicircle and block anyone's view, OK? And no pictures until I say so."

"Sure thing," Austin said. The three boys took their places around her behind the car and waited while she removed her wet, stained clothing, leaving on only her heels as she pulled on the red sling swimsuit. It was one of those with a thong running between her legs and between her ass cheeks, then looping over the shoulders and covering her nipples with two spaghetti-thin straps that dove from her shoulders to her pussy. It left approximately 98 percent of her body exposed, with little more than her clit and nipples covered. What a ridiculous excuse for a bathing suit, she thought.

"All right," she said, still checking to make sure that her nipples were at least covered. "How's this?"

The boys turned and stared in awe. "Awesome!" Josh said.

"Three poses each," she said. "What do you want?"

"On your hands and knees," Josh said, his eyes dancing wildly over her body. She knelt down as instructed and assumed the position, stretching the thin spaghetti strap tight so that it was suspended above her body, making contact only at the top of her ass, her shoulders, her nipples and her pussy. Josh plucked it like a guitar string.

"OK, I'm going to stand behind her," Josh said, handing Zach the camera, "and put my leg up like this." He know had one foot on her back, his arms raised in triumph as if he had just won a contest and claimed his prize. She smiled and Zach took the picture. He took another with her bent over at the waist and Josh staring at her ass and a third with her kissing Josh on the cheek.

The next costume change was Zach's, who had chosen the slutty schoolgirl outfit. She looked amazing in the mini-skirt, which was so short that it barely covered her ass – and she had no panties on, since they had neglected to buy her any. The white half sweater was too small for her massive breasts and her nipples were noticeable, dark buds poking through the soft fabric. Her long legs looked terrific in the heels and white bobbie socks.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Zach said. He gave her a cherry-flavored sucker and asked her to lick it while she looked at him. She got the idea and gave Zach her best "I'm going to suck you dry" look while she played with the sucker in her mouth. Austin took the picture. The next one was of her bent over, looking at the camera as she used her arms to squeeze her tits together, right in Zach's face. The last one, she turned to the side as Zach lifted her skirt up and raised his arm triumphantly for the camera. The lack of any panty line or thong was noticeable from the side view in the photo, but her ass and pussy were not exposed.

Finally, she put on the white lycra mini-dress for Austin – again with heels and no panties or bra. It was tiny – two sizes smaller than she should wear. If she pulled it up enough to cover her tits, it was so short that more than half of her ass was exposed. So, the first picture was simply of her holding her top up and bottom down while Austin laughed in the background. The next was of her bent over at the waist, grabbing her heels and Austin admiring the view (which was not presented to the camera) from behind. Finally, Austin lay on the ground and had her straddle him so that he was looking right up her dress. That was the last pose.

"All right, guys," she said. "Thanks for all your help. Don't put any of those pictures on the Web, all right?"

The boys started to explain exactly what they intended to do with the pictures when they heard someone coming and saw a man approaching.

"Thanks guys," the man said, nodding to them. He was dressed in a dark suit and looked very business-like. "You did great. I'll take it from here."

Stunned, the boys watched as the man, who obviously knew the woman despite appearing to be twice her age, took her arm and led her to her car. He opened the passenger door for her, then got in himself. She smiled at the boys, then the man and then the dropped out of their view. It was obvious she was performing oral sex. The boys scrambled to the window and looked in. Sure enough, his cock was out of his pants and the babe was sucking him. She saw them in the window and looked up, smiling at them as she sucked his cock.

The man rolled down his window and spoke to the boys. "Pretty great, isn't she fellas?" he said. "I really liked the outfits you got for her. Now, why don't guys run along and let Holly here finish her job."

The boys were speechless as they slowly walked away, occasionally glancing back to see what was going on. All they could see was the man smiling, his head back, relaxed as they presumed Holly serviced him. "Man, what a lucky dude," Austin said.


Yes, Holly was her name and sucking cock was her game. She licked and sucked the man's cock expertly, as she had done so many times before. And, as he had done so many times before, he put his hands on the back of her just before he climaxed, holding her in place while he filled her mouth with his thick seed, which she swallowed without a second thought.

She licked him dry, then licked her lips and sat up, smiling at him, happy to see the pleasure on his face. He started the car and off they went, on the road again. A few minutes later, Holly lay her head back and closed her eyes, thinking about how she had gotten to this point.

She was only 22, but Holly Reynolds had already seen it all and done most of it. For some reason -- a psychiatrist could surely tell her, but Holly really didn't care to know – she had always enjoyed teasing and pleasing men. She had been gifted with a remarkable body that seemed to fuel every man's fantasies and she had never been shy about showing it off, starting with her cheerleading days in high school.

After high school, she had worked as a stripper to pay her way through business school and had landed a few local modeling gigs on the side. With measurements of 36DD-22-34 and standing 5-9, 120 with long legs, she was too curvaceous and sexy for mainstream modeling, but often was requested as a hostess at events by local businesses. It was while working one of these events that she was approached by Paul Josky, owner of a local company that made sports and fitness equipment.

Mr. Josky had explained to her that they were getting ready to expand their products to include sports apparel and they had a sales position open. Even though she had no experience, she had just the qualities – he used this word while staring at her tits, she noticed – they were looking for. It paid $100,000 per year and included all-expense paid business trips 300 days out of the year. Was she interested? You bet!

Josky went on to explain that Holly was going to be assigned as an assistant to Martin Gresfield, their top sales guy.

"Martin has been a very hard-working, loyal contributor to this company for a long time," Josky said. "He's on the road almost year round. It can be very lonely, but he never complains. So, my associates and I decided that Martin needed a hand ... and a reward. I think you can fill both needs."

"What do you mean?" Holly asked, already expecting the answer and yet, not dreading it.

"I mean," Josky smiled, apparently not at all nervous about what he was about to say, "that you will be a tremendous asset to Mr. Gresfield as a sales associate. I have a feeling you can be very persuasive to someone who's not sure whether or not they want to do business with us. You know, modeling our swimwear, and so forth.

"And, you can keep Mr. Gresfield company. I think you'll find him to be very pleasant and I'm sure you'll want to show your appreciation for him sharing his expertise with you. If that should include frequent intimacy, I think the company policy on employee dating can be overlooked in this instance. By the way, the trips are all-expenses paid, but we only pay for one room and one bed. I think you understand."

"Oh, I understand completely sir," Holly had said at the time. "Would it be all right if I meet Mr. Gresfield before I give you my answer?"

"Of course," Josky smiled. "He's here today. He's in Room 472 in the hotel across the street. Go on over. I'll call and tell him you're on your way."

From the instant Holly met Martin, she knew she liked him. He was 48 years old, 6 feet, three inches tall with gray and black hair, a good build for his age and a warm smile. Yes, she liked him, but not in a romantic way. She couldn't imagine it ever being like that. But, he seemed nice, gentle and decent. Oh, he checked her out the instant he opened the door, but not then and not since had he ever really harmed her. He was generally respectful, though he certainly took advantage of her presence every chance he got. She knew he appreciated what she was doing to help him, and that made her usually willing – and sometimes happy – to please him.

She had accepted the job 20 minutes later. While Holly knelt before him, Martin called Josky to give him the news, explaining that Holly insisted on sucking his cock as a way of getting started. They had hit the ground running on day one and now, 6 months later, they were still getting along fine.

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