tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sales Associate Ch. 03-04

The Sales Associate Ch. 03-04



At the hotel, Martin was indeed very lucky. Moments after checking into their room, he declared that it was "time to celebrate" and had Holly on her back, plowing her pussy with his 7-inch cock. She had discarded her thong in the car and now was still wearing the mini skirt, lycra top and heels as Martin drove into her, pumping her velvety pussy with long, powerful thrusts that she found pleasing if not orgasm-inducing. She had her legs over his shoulders and he was surging deeply into her, fucking her like it was their first time.

She knew her show at the restaurant had really turned him on and, as was often the case, he found it hard to wait any longer. He fucked her hard for about 10 minutes, then shot a sticky load into her willing snatch. He pulled his cock out and, as he did after every orgasm, offered it to her to clean. At first, Holly had been reluctant to perform this duty, finding it a little demeaning. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy cocksucking, it was just the idea that she was required to do this menial task, rather than her offering. But every job had its undesirable tasks, right? It was hardly worth quitting or getting fired over, so, she did it every time, without a second thought, licking and sucking the jism and pussy juice from his shaft and balls with a practiced and skillful tongue.

Afterwards, they both took showers and reviewed their game plan for the next day as if it was business as usual. But when it came time for bed, Holly knew Martin would want a night cap.

She went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and came out wearing her heels and a black, silk nighty. She saw that Martin was waiting for her on the balcony. She knew what that meant. He wanted to show her off.

"So, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Martin said, gazing at her incredible body as she walked toward him.

"What?" she asked with false innocence. "Surely you don't mean out here?"

"I'm thinking you could bend over this railing and look down at the parking lot," Martin said. "We're on the 6th floor out of 10, so anyone below us should be able to see something."

"You mean like this?" Holly sending, bending over the railing, keeping her legs straight.

"Yep," Martin said. He reached for her top and pulled it down, exposing her breasts which now hung free and naked in the cool night air. He positioned himself behind her and pointed his cock at her pussy. "Now, don't be shy," he said, entering her with a firm but gentle thrust. He meant that she should feel free to yell and scream and do anything to draw attention to her.

"Oh my God!" she yelled. "Yes, fuck me! Pound me with that big cock!" A couple was walking through the parking lot and looked up, pointing at Holly, who bounced back and forth with Martin's thrusts, her tits bouncing and slapping against the side of the building.

"Let them know how good that cock feels, babe," Martin grunted. "Tell them you want it up your ass, too."

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Holly screamed again. "That's it. Put it in my ass! Yes! Fuck my ass!"

A small crowd had now gathered outside now, staring up at Holly and her unseen mate who was clearly doing a thorough reaming of her ass.

"Oh, don't stop!" Holly cried. "I'm going to cum! Yes, fuck my ass and make me cum!"

She squealed in delight as Martin's cock spurted several hot, sticky jolts of semen deep into her bowels. She went limp over the railing as he pulled out. Then, she lifted her head and smiled down as everyone clapped. She waved and turned around, dropping to her knees to clean him with her mouth once more.


Martin loved this part perhaps more than any other, for now he stepped forward so people could see his face, waving to the crowd below. He put one hand on the back of her head so, even if they couldn't see what she was doing, they could see his arm moving back and forth as she sucked him. It was shallow and vain, two things he didn't consider himself, but he loved the attention of having a trophy babe like Holly on his arm. He loved showing her off and making sure that everyone knew that, yes, she was indeed taking his cock every day.

The line Martin always struggled with was how much was too much. He did care about Holly, but he also enjoyed using her and showing her off. She wasn't a girlfriend or lover, she was a high-priced escort who had class, yes, but could be a slut with the best of them. Sometimes he liked the classy part and sometimes all he wanted was for her to be a cock whore. He knew he was lucky to find both qualities in one woman.

He appreciated that she was always ready to please and seemed to enjoy showing herself off almost as much as he did. It was hard to know when he went too far. Fortunately, they had established enough trust, he thought, that even if he did step over the bounds, she would know he meant no harm. And even if not, she was being paid more than enough to make up for any hurt feelings, at least that's the way he saw it. Regardless, he seldom went more than a few hours without fucking her and that he really believed he had the best job in the world.

He slept well that night and woke the next morning to the familiar touch of Holly's lips on his cock. This was how he woke up almost every morning. Sometimes, he let her go ahead and give him a blowjob and other mornings he let her ride him. Either way, it was the only way to start the day. This morning, he simply said, "Good morning" and put his hands on the back of her head, his signal that she should deep throat him. She knew that signal well and immediately engulfed his cock while she lightly stroked his balls with her finger tips. "If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up," Martin joked. He was totally relaxed, just laying back, letting Holly perform her magic.

Her tongue was amazing, snaking around his cock, massaging and teasing it from all sides and angles, stroking it with that warm, velvety smoothness that made him tingle. And throughout the tongue massage, she was sucking, sometimes gently, other times hard enough to coax his balls out through his pee-hole, but always sucking. That sucking never stopped, even as he started cumming in her mouth. She felt the bolts of jizz hitting the back of her throat and brought her tongue up for a taste, but she kept right on sucking, swallowing as she went, never releasing her vacuum-like seal on his cock. Finally, when every drop had made its way to her belly, she pulled back, looked at him, smiled, then licked up and down his shaft a few more times, just to make sure there were no leftovers.

Martin could honestly say that he had never had a bad day since Holly had started working for him, and that morning ritual was a big reason why. How could you be in bad mood after something like that?

As they did most mornings, they showered together, Martin always insisting on washing Holly's tits and ass for her. When they got out, Martin put on his suit and Holly put on another of their signature clothing line in preparation for their appointment at Torston's gym.

She would be demonstrating some of the equipment today and wanted to make sure the guys were paying attention. At Martin's direction, she put on a white body suit that looked fantastic against her dark skin. It was made of a soft, thin terry cloth and hugged her body perfectly. It was sleeveless and backless, simply tying around her neck, then covering her tits with two separate panels that didn't come together until just below her navel. There, the cloth dove sharply between her legs in a thin strip that would have easily revealed her pussy hair if she had any and which, for now, barely covered her pussy lips. Martin knew that once she got moving, that strip of fabric would disappear between those lips. The thong continued between her ass cheeks, connected to the front pussy panel only by a pair of spaghetti strings over each hip. She wore no bra, no panties and the thin material clearly outlined her dark, hard nipples and her delicious cameltoe.

Her hair was in a pony tail and she wore bright red, cock-sucking lipstick, a white choker and a pair of clear, stripper-style stilettos. While it looked like she was dressed for one thing only, she could actually move well in this outfit and Martin knew she would have no trouble demonstrating the equipment. This sale, he thought, was in the bag.

"You look amazing," he said as they drove through the morning rush hour traffic. "You could sell them an empty box and a bag of rocks in that outfit."

"Thanks," she said. "You look quite handsome yourself. Now, you won't be jealous if any of those guys goes to looking at my butt now will you?"

"Of course not," Martin said, playing along with her game. "So long as I know – and they know – that little butt belongs to me."

She laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

They arrived at the gym, a large, upscale facility that, from the look of the current clientele, seemed to attract young professionals and college students. Just the right environment, Martin thought. They had delivered four separate pieces of equipment to the gym and Torston's people had cleared out a corner of the gym for the demonstration. When they walked in, Torston greeted them at the door, looking Holly up and down while every head in the place turned to get a better look.

Holly's demeanor suggested she was wearing a conservative business suit. She was poised, professional and proceeded as if she didn't notice that guys had put down their weights and were now walking over to the demo area.

"This is one of our other workout outfits which we told you about last night," Martin began the presentation while Holly sat on the floor, stretching in preparation for the workout. She was contorting her body in amazing ways, showing off her flexibility and curves. "As you can see, it's light, form-fitting and very flexible, as is our entire line.

"Now, as we mentioned last night, our line combines performance with a certain sex appeal. Our fitness machines are designed to carry on that combination. After all, it's no good to wear a designer outfit if your workout doesn't allow you to show it off a little bit."

Holly, well-versed in this script, took her cue and proceeded toward their version of a treadmill. It looked like a standard treadmill in many ways, but functioned a bit differently. She started it on slow and began walking, smiling at the growing crowd of onlookers.

"As you can see," Martin said, the walking exercise is very similar to what we're all used to. But we've added a few modifications that don't detract from the health benefits in any way, but which certainly add to the aesthetics. Right now, Holly is walking in standard mode. However, if we just hit this 'Bounce' button, you'll begin to notice a difference."

The treadmill began a light bouncing up and down, an exaggerated tremor more than a literal bounce. But the result was a noticeable increase in the jiggle of Holly's breasts. She was still walking at the same pace, smiling, unfazed by the change. But everyone else sure noticed it. Those with a rear view were treated to a firm, jiggly ass that practically begged to be spanked.

"Another feature you might not have noticed is these tiny cameras on the rear and front of the machine," Martin said, pointing to three thimble-sized units. "These, as you can see, are strategically pointed at certain areas. Using your closed-circuit system, we can actually project these images onto any screen in the gym."

Martin demonstrated it by three quick clicks with a remote. One large screen was now filled with a rear view of Holly's tight ass and long legs. Another was simply a closeup of her face and tits and the third was a floor-angle, looking up at her pussy and tits.

"I'll be damned," Torston said.

"The great thing about this system is, each of our machines is equipped with this technology as well as with a built-in monitor," Martin continued. "So, let's say I get on this machine here to do some crunches." Martin sat on what appeared to be a standard work bench, but a second look revealed a monitor built into the seat near where his feet would be if he were laying down to do situps. "If I'm taking a break between reps, I can just sit here, turn on the monitor, select which camera I want to view and enjoy the show."

"Amazing." Torston nodded.

"I don't know if you're talking about Holly or the machine, but either way I agree," Martin laughed. "OK, well, now Holly's going to show us our unique back and arm machine."

Holly got off the treadmill, stepping over to the next machine and taking a seat on the narrow bench. As soon as she did, Martin flipped a switch on the side.

"This machine is sure to be a hit with all the women in your club," Martin said as Holly nodded her agreement. "That's because this switch just turned on the vibrating seat. If you'll look closely, you'll see that the seat is actually not smooth, but is covered in tiny rubber, gel-filled bumps much like you see on some sandals and insoles. When she straddles this vibrating bench, it's safe to say she finds it an enjoyable place to sit. And, if you look closely, I think you'll see why men will like it too."

One of the cameras was pointed directly at her crotch, a feature which by itself was outstanding. But what made it better was that, as the vibrations stimulated her pussy, Holly began to get noticeably wet.

"See what I mean," Martin smiled. "I think that's something we can all appreciate."

Holly began pulling down on the weights.

"Now, this machine does a great job of working the upper back and arms, much like many of your standard resistance machines. The unique part, however, is the motion required to work it. You have to reach back as far as you can with both hands" – Holly's tits were sticking out like two giant balloons on her chest – "then pull straight down, bringing your right hand down to your left hip and vice versa." This motion caused Holly's arms to squeeze her tits together.

"I think it's safe to say that this could become a spectator sport, don't you?" Martin smiled.

Holly got up, on cue, and moved to the next machine.

"This," Martin said, "is our leg and posture machine." Holly stood straight up, stretching her arms out to the sides and putting them through two openings at the ends of a padded bar that now rested across her shoulders. The bar was connected to a pully which was connected to a set of weights. The weights were pushing down on Holly, so she squatted down, keeping her back straight, balancing herself by opening her knees out to the sides. Then, she stood back up, lifting the weight with her legs until she stood up straight again.

"This is basically just a modification of the class deep-knee bend," Martin said. "The bar in the back forces her to maintain a good posture and the weight really works her legs." Holly squatted down again, the motion finally sinking her thong in between her pussy lips, which were now completely bared for all to see – as well as projected onto a large screen TV via the camera pointed at her crotch. "I think the aesthetic values are obvious," Martin added.

Finally, Holly took a seat on the bench. "This bench," Martin said, "has the monitor we saw before, the vibrating seat and cameras at both ends." One camera was focused on her pussy, the other on her ass. "There are also straps located at both ends, which can be used as handholds to help with crunches or other ab work."

"Looks like you'd use that for something else," someone shouted.

"Yeah, tie her down!" someone else laughed.

"We have heard stories about some alternative uses for this bench, but not which we can verify or demonstrate for you today," Martin said. "On the record, we prefer it be used for physical fitness."

"Well, I must say," Torston said, "this is all very impressive." He turned to his clients who had stuck around. "Guys, what do you think, should we add these to our gym?"

"Hell yes!" was the general response, just as Martin knew it would be.

"Let's go to my office and talk numbers," Torston said.

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