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The Sales Girl


I was in a clothing store, trying on lingerie. The sales girl, Karen, a petite brunette 20-something with an athletic build and round, full breasts, was helping me decide which items would look best on me. I slipped out of the dressing room wearing a black demi-cup bra and matching thong.

"That one's my favorite," she said seductively. "You should position the bra differently, though. It'll give you more cleavage."

"Could you show me?" I asked.

Karen moved closer. I could smell the scent of her shampoo coming off her long, thick hair. Her cool hands touched the skin on the sides of my breasts. A soft moan escaped from my lips causing Karen to smile, just a bit. As she adjusted the bra, her thumbs stroked the front of the material, stimulating my nipples. I felt my knees weaken at her touch.

Karen looked into my eyes and suggested we duck back into the dressing room. Once there, Karen closed the door and locked it. She settled me on the bench and positioned herself between my knees. She lowered my bra and began stroking my breasts with lazy fingers, circling my nipples only to pluck at them lightly, making them harden and tingle. Leaning forward, she took one nipple between her lips, sucking it gently, sliding her tongue across its raised edge.

My hands went up to cup her face as I drew her in for the first kiss. Her mouth was soft and sweet. Full lips played on mine, sucking and nipping. I wanted so badly to feel her breasts in my hands! I pulled off her shirt and undid her lace bra. Her breasts were beautiful; round and soft with small nipples hardened by our tongue wrestling. Her skin felt smooth in my hands as I kneaded those mounds of joy. I squeezed her tits together and sucked first on one then the other nipple, enjoying the response I was getting as I listened to her moans of pleasure.

She pulled away from me then.

"No. Let me show you my brand of customer service. This one's on me."

Karen spread my knees farther apart and moved the thong aside from my shaved pussy. Leaning down, she spread my pussy lips and began gently blowing on the wetness that had emerged from within. The sensation was incredible! It drove me mad. I buried my hands in her hair and tried to press her lips to my clit. She resisted my efforts and continued to blow lightly on my pussy. Moans escaped me as I anticipated the feel of her mouth on my most intimate of parts. Finally, her lips surrounded my clit. Her tongued beat a staccato dance across its hardness causing me to buck uncontrollably.

The next moment was very surprising. One hand moved down a bit and, instead of sliding a finger into my dripping wet cunt, I felt a finger tip touch my anus. Wow! I froze as I digested this new and delightful sensation. Carefully and with purpose, Karen probed and tickled that hole, all the while sucking and licking away at my clit. Her movements became more demanding and I could feel her finger begin to invade that place which I still considered virgin territory. I could feel my ass cheeks contract with resistance. She gentled the movements of her finger, swirling around my anus in time with the tongue that was

swirling around my clit.

My body relaxed as I began to intensely enjoy this new feeling. The juices from my pussy had flowed freely and now wettened my ass and Karen's finger enough that she could again press it into my anus slowly and surely. I gasped as her finger penetrated me. She moved her finger gently in then out, then repeated the process. I had never felt anything like this. I began to move my hips in time with the thrust of her hand. She sucked more intently on my clit and I could feel a warmth begin to spread outward from deep within my belly.

All my senses were focused on my clit and my ass. I was vaguely aware of Karen's fine tits brushing against the sides of my knees. The warmth inside quickly built to a fire, then an explosion as my orgasm shook through me. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rocked my body and Karen took full advantage as she sucked and nipped at my clit in time with my convulsions.

As I relaxed back onto my seat, Karen sat up and kissed me fully and deeply. I enjoyed tasting the sweet saltiness of my pussy juices on her lips. She drew back and adjusted my bra and thong.

"Well," she said, "were you interested in purchasing these items?"

I could only smile and nod with exhausted pleasure.

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