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The Sales Lady


1) Thanks to my proof reader.

2) This is loosely based on a true story, pretty much how I would have liked things to have gone.

3) This story is for 18 plus.

4) Don't read if you are not in to WS or pantie sniffingng.

This goes back to about 2000. I was working nights at the time. I would sometimes go to an adult shop near where I worked to buy porn. It was a nice, bright and welcoming little shop, with a back room where they had the porno mags and films. The rest if the place sold the sexy clothes, sex toys and other items along those lines. I am sure you know the kind of place.

That day one of the young ladies, who worked part time was there. Her name was Jo. She was a bit older then me, late 20s I think. Had long dark hair and eyes that sparkled a light blue. She was about 5' 6" with a sexy bum and was to say the least quite busty.

As I walked past the counter I said "Hi Jo?".

A nod came back as a reply, she was doing some sort of puzzle.

I went out to the back and had a look to see what they had. There was only one film that I really liked, "Desperate Women". It was about women who needed a pee break but could not find a public toilet.

I took the film back to the counter. Jo took one look at it and said "Boy you're kinky ain't you".

"If only you knew".

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well if I told you Jo, you would probably freak like most people including my ex" came my reply.

"Oh well now I have to know, I mean come on Kev I work in a sex shop, I promise I won't freak out."

"Tell you what I will give you my top three, how about that?"

"OK this should be good."

"OK well you know about one of them, WS, I enjoy seeing women peeing. The second one is close I am in to BS..."

"What is that?" Jo cut in.

"Let's just say I get off on that special time on the month."

""Oh, you're in to red wings?"

"Well kind of. I really like hearing about it as well."

"So what is the other one?" Jo asked.

"Er, panty sniffing."

"Really, how's that then?"

"Well I like to sniff women's worn panties"

"And how do you get them?"

"I buy them", came my reply.

"Really and how much do you pay for them?"

"I have seen them sold for about £10 in the back of porn mags."

"What would you say if I was willing to sell you mine?"

"I think I would have to say hell yes".

"They're not really sexy, just a pair of everyday comfy ones"

"Even better I said."

"Listen I need a pee, been bursting for a while now, would you like to watch"

"You're kidding!?" was the only think I could think to say. I mean I had seen this woman around but did not think she would be anything like this.

"Now come on, and hurry up before I pee myself."

Jo came from around the counter. I followed her to the back of the shop to where the porn was. There was a door at the back that she opened. We walked inside. She quickly walked off to the toilet and yanked down her shorts and knickers.

I watched as she sat down and started to pee. She must have had a full bladder, as it sounded like a waterfall. As Jo looked up at me she said "Would you mind wiping for me?"

"I course I would not mind". This whole thing was blowing my mind. I pulled off some toilet roll and reached between her legs and gave her pussy a nice slow wipe from back to front.

When I was done she looked up at me and said "You sure you still want these?"

I looked down and saw her knickers for the first time, I mean really took them in. They were light blue floral bikini briefs. I could tell that she had been turned on at least once that day.

Jo slipped her legs out of her shorts and panties. "I am sure you will give them a good home", she said as she handed them to me. I dug out my wallet and gave her the £10.

She looked down at my groin and said. "Looks like you enjoyed the show, maybe I should give you some alone time, huh?"

"Please" was all I could think to say.

When she was gone I undid my fly and let my cock spurt out. I brought her worn panties up to my nose and took in a lung full of Jo's heady scent. As I did I started to play with my self. I have to be honest, the mix of the show and the sweet aroma meant I could not last long.

I aimed for where Jo was just sitting and shot my load. I flushed and went back to the main shop area.

Jo smiled at me as I walked up to the counter and said "Had fun did ya?"

"Yes. Can I have a plastic bag please? Thanks for being so nice and understanding". She just smiled as she gave me the bag, and was still grinning as I left the shop.


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