The Salmon


When she broke the kiss she wiggled to get up. She stood and pulled me to my feet. Holding my hand she led me into her bedroom. She turned, stepped into my arms and gave me another kiss. After the kiss she pushed back a little and started slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

I stopped her hands. "Leah are you sure? You know I have to leave. I don't want to leave and hurt you."

She nodded and moved down to the next button. "I'm shur. I know you have to leave but I want to be as close to you as possible for as long as possible. I...I can't leave here. This is my home. I left once to live and work in Dublin and I can't live there. I want this very much I want as much time as possible to remember you by when you leave."

This set me back on my heels. She was obviously very passionate and she was very attached to this place and her friends. I sighed, "As you wish. I've never felt anything like this. You're right we should live the time we have to the fullest." I leaned forward to kiss her as I started unbuttoning her blouse.

She sighed and started working on my shirt buttons again.

It took me only two buttons to realize she wasn't wearing a bra. Two more and I slipped the blouse off her shoulders. It fell down to her bent elbows. I cupped her small breasts in my hands and reveled in their softness.

She moaned softly, "Oh God your hands feel good." As she slipped my shirt off my back and ran her hands around my torso.

I moaned, "You feel good in my hands." I leaned closer and kissed her. I tentatively probed with my tongue and, to my surprise, she opened her mouth and sucked my tongue inside.

She moved her hands down and started undoing my belt. That prompted me to finish unbuttoning her blouse.

We were both gasping when we finally broke the kiss. After a few breaths I kissed down her hairline until I got to her earlobe. I sucked it into my mouth and bit down lightly.

She sucked in a big breath and moaned, "Oh Sweet Jesus yes!"

Encouraged I gently took her hands and twisted them behind her back. I held them with one hand as I used the other to explore her naked torso. Her head flopped back and her mouth hung open. Her breathing turned to a series of short pants with a soft moan every now and then. As I slid my hand up her bare side I moved my kisses slowly and softly down her neck. When my hand got near her breast she twisted to move her breast under my hand and stretched her neck to keep contact with my mouth. I looked up and her eyes were half closed and sort of glassy. I switched hands and started kissing my way up the other side of her neck.

When I nibbled on her ear she gasped, "Please, oh please let me come. I need to come so bad."

I paused a minute and whispered, "Not yet beautiful not quite yet. I'll tell you when."

She panted, "I'll try Sir. I'll try my very best."

I moved my kisses down onto her chest working slowly toward her breasts. With my free hand I slid it behind her and found the clasp and zipper on her skirt. I undid both and let her skirt slip to the floor sliding my hand over her bare bottom. I caught just the edge of the thong she was wearing and tugged it gently up between the cheeks of her ass.

She moaned, "Oooh Please, Please Sir! I'm so close!"

I whispered, "No wait until I tell you." I slipped my fingers down the crack of her ass and between her legs. She spread her legs and pushed her ass back giving me better access to her pussy. I used it and slipped two fingers under her thong and into her pussy. It was wet and hot and very slick with her juices.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God yes. Please let me come. Please!" She pleaded with me.

I took great pleasure in driving her passion until she was incoherent then I released her. I shoved three fingers up her pussy and said, "Come for me now Leah." I sucked her tit into my mouth and she shattered like a dropped glass. She screamed. "AAAAAHHH WARRRRRRRRRR." and started shaking. I barely had the strength to hold her up when her legs gave out and she collapsed.

I pulled back the covers on the bed and lay her down then crawled in and cuddled beside her pulling the sheet and blankets over both of us. I enjoyed spooning with her for a minute or so. We went to sleep enjoying the warmth of the cuddle.

Waking she sighed and wiggled closer to me. She sighed, "Wow kind sir, that was fantastic."

I kissed her. "You're more than welcome. I've never experienced anything like that before. You were awesome."

Her hand stroked my face gently. "You've earned it. I've never felt so safe with anyone as I feel with you. You make me feel loved and cherished."

"You deserve to be cherished. It seems premature but I think I'm falling for you." I kissed her again and asked, "Leah, why do you keep calling me Sir?"

She blushed, "Rob made me call him 'Sir' but you're nothing like Rob. With Rob I did it to keep him from whipping me . I do it with you because I respect you. It just feels right to me."

I nodded and gave her a peck on the nose. "I need a shower."

She smiled, "Yes Sir! Right away Sir." She wiggled out of my arms and out of bed. As she walked away I got a good look at the bruises on her back. From just below her neck down to just above her knees she had bruises and what looked like whip marks, perhaps from a belt.

I followed her into the bathroom. "Leah, can you tell me where the bruises came from?"

I could see tears forming in her eyes when she turned to face me. "Rob Sir, Rob gave me the bruises. He'd get mad at me ... at anything and whip me. Usually with his belt but he also has a riding crop he uses on me."

I stepped forward and gently took her into my arms, whispering, "It's alright now Leah. It's alright now."

She sighed, "Aye tis for at least two weeks. That is if you'll stay."

I stroked her fine coppery hair and said, "Of course I'll stay if you'll let me."

She turned her head up and kissed me. She wiggled out of my arms and went into the bedroom. I heard her open a drawer and then close it again.

She returned and handed me a riding crop and looked at the floor. "Here is the crop he used on me. He has his belt, of course. It was his favorite to use on me."

I lifted her chin so I could see her eyes and ask. "What is this for Leah?"

She stared back at me. In a soft voice she said, "For you to punish me if you need to."

I took her hand and led her into the living room. I sat on the couch and pulled her into my lap. "Leah why would I want to punish you? What would give me the right to punish you?"

She pulled back slightly and looked at me before saying, "Och I can see you don't understand the way I was raised. The way I grew up tis the man who is in control. If I do something wrong or displease you I should be punished, corrected. All my life that has been done by a spanking or a whipping." She paused and looked deep into my eyes. "I guess what I'm sayin' is, until you leave I want you to be that man for me. I give you the right to punish me."

I must have looked as stunned as I felt. She cradled my face in her hands and gave me a soft kiss.

"Leah, I'm honored and floored. I'm not sure I understand but this may be the best week of my life. There is no doubt it will be the best week of my vacation. I thought this would be reserved for your husband."

"Aye it usually is but Rob and I weren't even engaged and he did it without my permission. This is entirely different. I'm asking you to take charge of me. I'm surrendering myself willingly to you." She paused for a second and her eyes went blank. She looked at me again and continued. "I...I don't know why I feel this way. Tis only been so short a time I've known you but I feel safe with you. I trust you." She nuzzled against my ear and whispered. "And God that orgasm. Ooooh that was so good."

I sucked gently on her ear, "Yeah that orgasm was a doozy. I'd be proud to be in charge of you. You know this is a bachelor's dream come true. To have a smart, beautiful, loving, responsive girl like you and have her willing to do whatever he wants."

"Och, how many times did you kiss the blarney stone? Tis lovely to hear but tis pure blather."

Trying to mimic her brogue I said, "Tis the pure and honest truth and nothing but the truth. I haven't gotten to Blarney castle yet. I got waylaid in a lovely little village by a lovelier colleen. Somehow I, think I'm not going to make it to Blarney. Enchanted and bewitched me she has."

She snuggled her head down on my shoulder and whispered, "I still think it's blarney but it makes a girl feel good, it does."

I held her for around ten minutes before whispering, "I think I was on my way to the shower."

She sighed, "Yes Sir. T'will be my pleasure." She pulled me to my feet and led me into her bathroom and started the shower before pulling me inside.

I stuttered, "Leah wh...what are you doing?"

"Why giving you a shower of course." She wasn't shy at all. She started by shampooing my hair. In doing so she pressed against me with her whole body and I couldn't help but rest my hands on her lovely hips as she massaged the shampoo into my scalp.

As my dick started getting hard and poking her, Leah smiled up at me. "Ooooh, you're going to make me a very happy woman with that." She spread her legs and wiggled until my cock was lodged between her legs.

I swatted her lightly on the tush and replied, "And you're going to make me a very relaxed man."

Still smiling she said, "Yes Sir I am. I'm going to do my very best to relax you."

We finished our shower. I tried to be very gentle on her back. She was aggressive in getting me clean. My cock has never been so tenderly but thoroughly cleaned. She even ran a finger up my ass as she cleaned it.

After finishing our shower and brushing teeth etc. Leah pulled me into her bedroom. She started to pull on a nightgown but I stopped her. "Leah it's a waste of time to put that on. I'm just going to peel you out of it as soon as we get under the covers."

She folded it putting it on her dresser and looked up at me with a big grin. "Aye Sir. Just as you say."

I got into bed but Leah hustled out the door. I mused to myself, "I wonder what that is all about?"

She returned in a couple of minutes with two glasses of water and a glass of Irish whiskey for me. She sat the drinks on the nightstand and slipped under the covers. She scooted over to me and waited.

I look into her eyes and softly stroked her hair before pulling her into a soft kiss. When I broke the kiss I said, "You are so beautiful. I feel like I've fallen into a dream and am being cared for by an angel."

"Oooch,"she said, "More blarney. I feel like a knight in shining armor rescued me from the evil lords and dragons. You're my hero and savior."

I smiled at her and answered, "Now who's spreading the blarney?" I took a sip of the whiskey and offered some to her.

She took a sip and said, "Thank you sir and it's no blarney. That's how I feel. You rescued me. You rescued me from Rob. An abusive asshole he is. I'll never submit to him again."

I put the glass back on the nightstand and rolled over into another kiss. She deepened the kiss and ran her soft little hand down my stomach. She gently started stroking my cock. I was hard long before she got near my cock. I thought I would explode when she wrapped her soft hand around it and started gently stroking me.

I moaned, "Oh God that feels good," and started to stroke her hair.

Suddenly she ducked under the covers and seconds later she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and licked. I involuntarily arched my back driving my cock further into her mouth. She pushed herself further down my cock and swallowed. I could feel her breath blowing on my balls. She had gone all the way down on me.

She slid back off my cock and heaved up to throw the covers to the foot of the bed. That done she swiveled around, crawling between my legs and sucked my cock all the way down her throat again. This time she reached out with her tongue and licked my balls. I damn near levitated off the bed at that. She continued sucking on my cock, slowly running up and down my cock. Suddenly, she shoved two fingers up my ass and started massaging my prostate. The feeling was indescribable and I kept getting hotter and hotter. She suddenly sucked my cock down her throat and swallowed repeatedly and I started to come.

I came and came and came, I couldn't ever remember coming so hard. I was sweating and dizzy when I finished. She slowly and gently slid her warm wet mouth up my wilting cock, coaxing the last of my cum from it.

She sat back and swallowed, licking her lips, "Yumm, you taste good. Like rich cream to a cat."

I sighed back at her, "Oh God it may kill me but I'll be happy to supply my kitty with cream."

She gave a big grin and slid up my body until her head rested under my chin. "Then I'll be a very happy kitty."

After resting a few minutes I rolled us over saying, "My turn to see how my kitty's pussy tastes."

Leah clamped her legs together and protested, "Och no Sir. I'm so dirty down there."

I said, "Leah you're as clean as you can be. I washed your pussy myself, if you remember. Now open your legs. I want to taste you."

"Och Sir, it's just not done."

I took both of her hands and held them above her head, rose up and looked into her eyes, "Leah, obey me. Open your legs wide now and keep them open."

She looked at me and said, "Yes Sir. Just as you say." I could feel her legs starting to part. She kept going until her thighs were at right angles to her body and her knees almost rested on the sheets.

I leaned down and kissed her, "Good girl." I moved to kissing her ear and started slowly working my way down her neck to her body. She reacted strongly to her ear being nibbled on. I was surprised that she left her hands together over her head. By the time I got down to her chest she was panting.

I started kissing between her breasts and she started to moan. "Please Sir. Please."

I gently brushed her nipple with one hand as I ask, "Please what Leah?"

She gasped, "Oh God. Please Sir, please more. Please make me come."

I kept brushing her nipple and said, "I will but you'll have to wait until I'm ready . Can you do that? You can't come until I give you permission."

"Oh God Sir, I'll try"

I whispered in her ear, "You'll do more than try. Remember, you gave me control."

She moaned as I started licking her other nipple. "Oh God Sir, I'll do my best."

With that I started kissing and caressing the undersides of her breasts and moving slowly South to her navel and beyond. Her pleadings became more and more incoherent as I started kissing the inside of her thighs and blowing on her clit. I was shocked at the first taste of her. It was wonderful! I'd gone down on a few other girls and found the flavor quite strong and a little off-putting. Leah on the other hand tasted wonderful slightly tangy and a little spicy.

While I was enjoying her taste Leah was going slightly crazy. She was moaning and occasionally 'Oh God' or 'Please' would come through her mumblings. I slipped two fingers inside her and started gently stroking her. She started trembling like she was freezing. I figured she was just about at the end of her rope so I said, "Leah come for me. Come now." I sucked on her clit and she exploded. Her hips heaved up off the bed and I thought for a second my fingers might break. I wrapped my other arm around her thigh and fastened my mouth back on her clit. I rode out her orgasm. When she finished I slowly crawled up beside her.

She rolled her head toward mine on the pillow opened those beautiful green eyes and still panting she said, "Oh God that was so wonderful. I was so afraid. I've never had that done to me before. It was incredible."

I sat up and look into her eyes. "You've never had a man eat your pussy before? I thought you were with Rob for years."

She smiled at me with tears in her eyes. "You and Rob must be from different planets. Rob has no compunctions about having me suck his cock, both before and after fucking me but he almost blew a gasket the one time I ask him to go down on me. He said it was awful and smelled and tasted skanky. Then he whipped me for asking."

"Well I think you smell and taste wonderful. I've gone down on a few girls and you are the one I've enjoyed doing that to most. I think you're wonderful. What I want to know is how you felt. What could I do to make you feel better?"

She stifled a snort and answered, "Oh God, if you did that any better you might kill me." She moved closer to me and almost whispered, "I don't know what you did but I don't think I've ever been that excited, ... or been able to hold off my orgasm that long. When it hit it was wonderful." She leaned in and kissed me again and laid her head on my shoulder.

We both must have dozed off. It was about half past six in the morning when I woke to find Leah snuggled up to me with her head on my shoulder and one arm wrapped around my waist, her hair lightly tickling my nose.

I must have moved because she quietly said, "Good morn to you Sean." without moving a muscle.

I replied, "Good morning to you lovely lass. How are you feeling this morning?"

She sighed and stretched a bit then gave me a kiss. "I feel wonderful. I slept so well and I'm so relaxed."

Her hand ran down my belly and she grasp my rapidly hardening cock. She sat up and asked, "May I please."

Not knowing exactly what she meant I said, "Sure now you go ahead."

She giggled, "Thank you kind sir." Sat up and threw her leg across me and had me balls deep in her pussy before I could even think. She sighed, "Och that's so good Sean. You're so good to me."

I softly moaned, "The pleasure is more than mutual sweet girl." as she began to slowly move on my cock. I could feel the muscles of her cunt massaging my dick. God was she good. I said, "Leah I don't want you to come until I do. Do you understand?"

She started moving faster and answered, "Yes Sir. I understand. I'll do my best for you." Her hands fluttered up to her breasts and she started tweaking her nipples and stretching them out and letting them go repeatedly.

I slid my hands up her legs and grasp her hips as they rocked with my cock buried deep inside her. It felt heavenly. She swiveled her hips slightly as she rocked and her cunt muscles were milking my cock continually. I moved my hands up to her breasts and pushed her back just a little to change the angle my cock was entering her pussy. I could tell when I got it right.

She moved her hands over mine covering her tits and she started panting. "Oh God. Oh sweet lord yes Sean. Oh yes!"

I started squeezing her nipples and pulling them out like she had. It seemed to heighten her excitement. I tried to pull her closer to me but she pulled back to where my dick was hitting that spot in her pussy so I sat up and sucked one of her tits into my mouth. I was quietly losing my mind as she shook and shimmied on my cock. I don't know if she was doing it consciously but her pussy muscles were milking my cock. It wasn't long before I was moaning and on the edge of coming. I pulled back from the tit I was sucking and said, "Come for me now Leah. Now!" I sucked in her other tit and bit down on it before sucking hard as I started pumping come into her.

Leah screamed, "OH GODS YES!" and started shaking like she was freezing.

I released her tit and slowly leaned back pulling her on top of me. We stayed that way recovering. I enjoyed stroking her hair and back. I think she enjoyed it too. She kissed my throat with little kisses and ran her hands through my hair.

After awhile she lifted her head and gave me a kiss on the mouth, rather inside my mouth. It was soft and sweet and warm. She sighed, "Sean that was so wonderful. I feel so loved and warm and relaxed. Gods you're so good."

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