tagGay MaleThe Sand & the Keyhole Ch. 02

The Sand & the Keyhole Ch. 02


"You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough."
- William Blake

Chapter II:

The thick underbrush covered my sweaty unclothed body from the watchful eye of the police pursuing me. I stumbled alone through the forest naked. Naked as I was born. Naked as everyone came into the world. Naked liked Adam and Eve. Naked like a caveman. Unlike my ancestors who probably walked through the forest naked every day, I had never been naked outdoors before today. I laughed at the fact that human's most natural act seemed deviant to me. As I stopped for moment to let my shoeless feet rest, I panted softly. I caught my breath believing I was safe.

I laughed again. Being naked, I felt like anyone else in the world. The feeling gave me a tinge of disgust in my stomach. If the police found, they wouldn't know I was lawyer. My gold watch sat unworn in my bag back on the nude beach. My fitted jeans were in a jumble on my abandoned towel, probably now covered in sand. I didn't even have my Michigan-Law t-shirt blazoned across my chest. The only story my pale skin told was that I rarely wandered the outdoors I was a foreigner here. My panicked eyes revealed the fear that I was touching the real world, painful and dirty. Here, I was nobody of any consequence. My feet were planted like any other tree in miles of Wisconsin forest.

My penis now hung flaccid. The rush of blood from fleeing through the bushes had softened my once rock-hard erection. One moment my mind was consumed by the lust I felt watching the two young college rednecks on the dunes behind the beach. They were consumed in their lust for each other. As I heard the police come, I ran. Now I was consumed by this forest with nothing by the bristled hair on my face and the strands of my pubic hair filled with sand. I noticed that as my dick contracted, a thin coating of pre-cum had leaked from its tip. I wiped it off with my hand and on to the nearest tree, trying to lessen the evidence of my perverse mind as the government pursued me.

Pine trees lined the sand on the river bank Judging from their massive height, I judged they sprouted centuries ago. As I crouched behind a smaller bristle-cone pine further up the ravine from the beach, I imagined the same tree stood there before Europeans had even reached this far inland. Now naked, I was no different than a native hunting for deer in a different time. Time flowed but sometimes not much changed. At the moment I could be anywhere in the past, present, or future, without any clothes to anchor me. I felt oddly detached from the sensation of time and space. My blood flowed with endorphins from the half-mile sprint to cover the pain from my heaving chest and my bloody feet. The rush of my internal drugs made prickles my pleasantly confused skin.

I could hear Murad's obnoxious giggle in my head. He loved to make me uncomfortable, and here and now, he succeeded. I sat down, naked and alone, on a mossy log. My throat choked as I constructed my improbable defense of how I ended up here. The police still pursued me. If they found me, I would face a record for indecent exposure and lewd conduct in a public area. I would win the case, as I always did. But if I spent a night in jail wearing public-issued clothing and saw my disheveled mug shot to a laughable police blotter, I wouldn't be able to show my face in a law office for years.

As I looked toward the ground at my feet, I saw they were torn up from running on jagged rocks and fallen tree branches. Pulling back from a brief moment of despair, I could feel a strong hand with long fingers clasp my heaving shoulders. It was done. They found me, I thought as I prepared in my head how I would plead with the policeman to let me go. I was then surprised to feel a gentle poke under my right shoulder blade. Did he have a gun? No. The sensation was softer and warmer, and it felt more natural than metal. Also it had a feeling of human skin with a strange moisture on it.

With a strange mixture of fear and acceptance, I turned my head slowly. My gaze met a wicked smile underneath a ginger beard. My eyes traced his body down from his mouth. The man was naked from the waist down. I could tell his chest was strong and chiseled underneath his tight t-shirt. His abdomen had clear muscles from what I could see beneath his single piece of clothing. His pubic hair was also ginger and unkempt. As my eyes continued downward I saw his long dick was still mostly hard and extended outward poking me on the back. It was still covered with a thin coating of lube. I instinctively pulled away despite being aroused by the strange encounter. "Are you here to arrest me?" the young man asked with a beautiful honesty showing in his deep blue eyes.

"No," I said looking back toward the ground. "I thought you were." I recognized him by the name Kasey, one of the young couple I had seen previously fucking behind the dunes.

"Are you some kind of pervert who gets off watching college boys do all the things you are too much of a chicken-shit to do yourself?"

"Kind of, yeah," I responded casually. "Aren't we all?" I looked down at my own gym-toned body. Despite years of training and diet, I still felt small beside his unrestrained attitude. "But it wasn't intentional."

I stood up and turned around to face the young, wild man in front of me. I had strength and experience fighting in my boxing class at the gym downtown. I could defend myself against this loose cannon. But he, like his young gay lover, were unpredictable, and I was far from my element. "I went to take a piss in the woods, and I saw you guys..." I looked at him in the eyes and taken back by their deep blue. His untamed eyes made him look like a feral animal, unafraid to show his disdain and fear and anger. His uneven smile and shaved head made him look like a local redneck here to bash the local lost naked city dweller. "When I heard the cops come I panicked and ran into the woods,"

While he had a noticeable tinge of fear over my admission of what I saw, his seeming justified anger and disregard for authority overpowered his expression. "Fucking pigs," he said and spit on to the ground by my feet. "Those faggots have nothing better to do than to get their rocks off chasing people who were just having fun."

"I agree with you," I said. "If you have any suggestions on how to get some clothes please let me know. You look like you are from around here."

"You certainly don't," he said with a forceful laugh. The adrenaline had started to wear off, and I unexpectedly forgot about my own nakedness. At the moment, I was too concerned with my own future to feel how much is raw sexuality excited every nerve on my skin.

"Look, I'm a lot shorter, your shirt may cover me. Maybe if I could borrow your shirt, I could take the path back to the beach and get our clothes back. I'm a lawyer and the cop didn't get a good look at me. I could grab some clothes and bring them back here," I said with a tinge of hope he would listen to reason.

"So you can run off with my last piece of clothing? No thanks, old man."

I was running out of ideas. "Where is your friend?" I said, looking around me.

"Which one?" Kasey with false innocence.

"Your tanned friend with crucifix tattoo," I said softly. "The one that you were fucking."

His youthful aggression softened, and his eye noticeably twitched. "Dude, I'm not gay, I was just having fun," he said with some concession.

I sighed. "I don't give a crap who you sleep with. I just wanted to get my clothes back and get out of here."

Kasey looked at the ground. His long dick was now limp and hung freely over the forest floor. It was long enough to sway slightly while he talked. Part of me wanted to reach out and touch it. I would be arrested for impropriety anyway; I might as well get some enjoyment before sitting in a police car, wrapped in a towel. "My friend. He needs some..." Kasey stuttered and looked back up me with his large baby blue eyes. "...help."

I could sense from the tone of his voice he was serious, but I had my own problem to deal with. "There isn't much I can do here," I said. "I'm even more naked than you."

"He needs a doctor," Kasey said. There was something in his voice that now sounded entirely foreign. It was hard to place, but beneath the tough exterior, there was a hint of... well... a feeling I hadn't experienced in many years. "When we were running, he hit his toe on a rock. I think it's smashed. He can't walk," his voice cracked from youth and confusion. "There's some blood... There's a lot of blood"

"I'm not a doctor," I said. "We have to go back and turn ourselves in. The police will be lenient with us, if we need to call an ambulance."

"NO!" he uttered instinctively. He realized how inappropriate it was to yell with the police presumably still in the area. I looked around and realized that if the police were anywhere in the woods, they would know where we were now. "No," he said firmly but softly. "We can't go to the police, and we can't call an ambulance."

Anger boiled in me at the college kids idiocy. Again I was wary of the police officer after Kasey's stupid outburst. After a quick sweep of the dense forest around me, there was no sign. I tried to reason with him. "Your friend is hurt," I said. "I don't want to do this any more than you, but we can't let him bleed out."

His eyes drooped filled with a slight wet tear reflecting a hidden vulnerability. "His parents. They can't know about what we did. If they heard from the police or the hospital what happened, he'd be out on the street. They are... not okay with... that."

My confused attraction at the young man in front of me was tainted with a feeling of empathy. It was an unusual feeling for me. "As I said, I'm not a doctor," I replied firmly.

I was ready to leave the redneck behind and try to find a way to get Murad's attention on the beach, but I couldn't see any conceivable way to get past the police. Even if Murad was awake by now, the police would notice a naked man returning from the woods. Even with the quickly reaction time, the two of us would not be able to get back to the distant parking lot without being found. I looked down again at his beautiful cock, and it focused my attention. The lawyer in me finally constructed a convincing path out of this situation.

"I have a friend on the beach," I explained. "He's a doctor. He can help your friend. Your secret will be safe with us." I looked at his vulnerable blue eyes. "I just need your shirt. I don't think the cops got a fresh look at me. If I came back with a shirt down the path, they probably wouldn't recognize me. We'll come back and pick you up at the stop sign just past the parking lot. You can come back to my place which is just up the hill by the campground." I lied through my teeth, and I was good at it. I would take his shirt and go back, and run away from this day as fast as I could.

Kasey hesitated for a split second and then removed his tight purple t-shirt from his body. His nipples stuck straight out from the well-defined pectoral muscles underneath. His abdomen formed a washboard. It looked as if he worked construction or on a farm or some other manual labor job. My eyes traced the lines of his body from his feet up to his head. His beauty converged at a large tattoo on his left pectoral muscle beneath his perfectly round shoulders. From years of growing up in civil society, I had gained the ability to keep my emotions in check and hidden. But my eyes flickered as I stared at his now totally naked god-like body in front of me. The dark black ink from the newly etched tattoo formed a perfect Swastika.

Unable to hide my reaction, I quickly pivoted on my foot to turn away from him. My eyes were large, and I didn't know what to do, but flee from the situation. "Thank you," I muttered. "Meet me by the parking lot in a half hour. See if you can get your friend there," I lied. At this point it was better to face the cops than take my chances out here with a wild skinhead hiding his own sexuality. Perhaps he was used to seeing reactions to his tattoo. No doubt he enjoyed being able to elicit fear in an uppity city lawyer. He had been smart enough to keep his shirt on for a reason, keeping it hidden from the strangers on the beach.

I wished to find the police. Sometimes wishes can come true in an instant, and we can regret ever making them. As I pulled his shirt over my head as I headed hurriedly back to the path, I felt a strong clothed arm grab my neck from behind a wide oak tree. The police found me.

"You are under arrest you pervert," I heard through a deep and soft voice. As I turned back around, Kasey had disappeared without a trace, as quick as a deer smelling the danger of a prowling wolf.

"Shit," I muttered and stopped. Trapped and naked, I stopped running. His one-arm hug was tight, and it soon became an effective chokehold. He pressed his uniform against my naked frame, and I felt powerless. I felt pleasantly powerless.

I instinctually placed my arms in the air even though I obviously had no clothing to conceal a weapon with. For years I had defended people against the cops and had always advised compliance. Even though I was innocent of any crime, I complied. It was in my best interest to comply. I would comply. "I'm not running," I said through labored breath. "You just scared me. I'm not going to resist."

He held my neck in a tight chokehold, and I struggled to breath. I became slightly dizzy from his grasp and the swarm of memories from everything that had transpired today. I could feel his coarse unkempt beard pressed against my scalp. He was several inches taller than me and slender. "I don't even have shoes," I said through a gasp. "I'm not going to run. I wouldn't get very far." He released his chokehold, and I immediately doubled over, with my hand on my chest. My breath returned slowly.

I slowly turned around and stared up at him. He had darker exotic skin and features that I couldn't quite place. He had a slight smile beneath facade of seriousness as he looked over my vulnerable and naked body. I didn't even know where to start my explanation, "I know this looks odd, but I can explain, Officer."

Not being able to withhold it, he let out a slight chuckle, before going back to his straight face. "The officers reported seeing you participating in lewd activity in a public park. You also ran from an officer."

"I was not intending to..." I stopped as I thought about what I had learned in law school. I considered the best defense in my head. All of this seemed somehow wrong, but I had never defended a case for indecency. "I..." My words were unusually soft and silent. As I looked down toward the ground, I was again aware of my vulnerability and my nakedness. It was if I was in a new skin, in a different person's life. The feeling was not altogether unpleasant. My breath was still shallow, and I had another wave of dizziness. This time it was from panic. My body thirsted for water on top of my sore and bruised feet. I only came to the beach this morning to make Murad happy, and now I was covered in bits of tree leaves, suntan lotion, and sweat.

His tone softened. "I don't want to bring you in," the officer said. I could tell he was trying to deepen his voice to sound more intimidating with limited effect. "I doubt you want to be arrested either. It would be a huge embarrassment I'm sure."

He was right. But his intonation was off. I looked up at his tall, thin frame. He stared back at me in the eyes. My eyes widened in response. And non-verbally, I understood.

"Maybe we can avoid it altogether," he said without a motion. His arms were firmly crossed as his penetrating stare told me all I needed to know. There was one way I was going to get out of this embarrassment.

I slowly placed my hands were behind my head and locked my fingers behind my tangled hair. Even slower, I took a step closer to him, and descended to my knees. I could feel the thick papery layer of leaves covering the soft, mossy soil underneath. I looked up at his tall frame as his brown eyes stared back at me. I reached my hand toward his belt. Skillfully, I undid the buckle, and proceeded to undo his top button and pulled the zipper wide apart. Surprisingly, he wasn't wearing underwear. I looked up again at his face and he gave me a single, assured, approving nod. I reached in his pants with the other hand and pulled out his dark uncut cock. Its soft curve hardened instantaneously as I leaned in to touch its tip to my mouth.

I was a loyal man. And now, I was true to a man I had never even dated. I was true to a man who didn't want to date. I was true to someone who had never slept with me and liked to toy with my emotions. And by true, I meant emotionally. I still loved the feeling of pleasing a man with his hard dick in my mouth. Every time I would touch a new cock, I always imagined it was Murad's. When I felt one inside my body, I would close my eyes and see him grinning down at my desirable body. It turned me on to imagine I was tasting his cum as my tongue pressed against the officer's salty foreskin.

I put my lips around its girth and pulled back the skin so that I could tease the tip with my tongue. I had never literally been a whore, but now, it seemed like the only rational thing to do. I would please the officer to get what I needed. As I slid the now-hardened shaft down my throat, rationality left me behind.

I enjoyed the feeling of a dick in my mouth. I enjoyed knowing I was giving someone pleasure and happiness. I liked the power it gave me, to know I could manipulate someone with my body. As I deep-throated him, I pressed my stubble hard against his public hair. I suppressed my gag reflex as I teased the length of the shaft by caressing my entire tongue beneath. He let out a soft moan, a mixture of involuntary enjoyment and suppressing the knowledge that he was enjoying the power-trip as I serviced his eager body.

I lacked experience with uncut cock. Still I enjoyed how much pleasure I felt, forced to be his slutty plaything. People had been complaining about cops overstepping their authority. I mostly tuned politics out. But here, I was ashamed to admit, how much I enjoyed that this cop had chosen to abuse his power with me. I let him abuse me.

I stroked the length of his cock with my hand. The skin was smooth and slick from my generous spit. I bent my head up and looked again at his now closed eyes. I tongued his hairy scrotum with a slow and forceful lick. He had an involuntary spasm followed by an involuntary utterance from his vocal chords. I wanted him to feel pure pleasure as he came in my mouth. I wanted to go back home and forget this had ever happened. I'm not sure which I wanted more, and it didn't matter.

I followed his body language to lick behind his balls and worked my tongue toward his asshole. He was facing me, so the furthest I could reach with my tongue was the sweaty region behind his testicles. His groans became louder and his spasms more frequent as I jacked him off with one hand while tonguing his sweaty taint.

My humiliation brought me a rush of pleasure. No longer did I have to be in control of the courtroom. I didn't have to pretend that I was the master of authority. Here, I was controlled, stripped of my clothing, and abused on the forest floor. I gave in willingly to be degraded. And I had an excuse. When you are forced to do something, you don't have to feel responsibility. In my head, I thanked the corrupt cop for letting me indulge in my fantasies without having to accept the responsibility it gave me. His sounds became stranger and louder. They bordered on the sounds of a scared fox or grunting buck, sending out a mating call. For a seemingly unnatural act, I felt as if I had returned to primal existence, giving into my reptilian brain. The sweltering evening humidity embraced me in an obliviousness to being separate from the Wisconsin forest. I sucked harder as I was aware he was getting closer to orgasm. I wanted to taste him, I wanted to feel him jerk while my lips locked around him. I wanted to steal every last drop of ejaculate into my body. I wanted his approval as he looked at me, to be filled with his cum as he released me from my abasing duty to please him.

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