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The Sarah Connor Chronicles


In front of an abandoned warehouse, somewhere on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a fire blazed in an old oil drum. Standing beside it, a large caliber weapon resting on her shoulder, a young woman barely a day over eighteen stood guard.

Sarah Connor looked away from the slender figure and back to her son. A wistful smile on her beautiful face, she tucked a blanket under his chin and brushed her lips across his, then she stood and quietly walked away. Her limbs were heavy, her head foggy. But she couldn't rest yet. More than sleep, she needed answers. And there was only one person who could provide them.

She called herself Cameron. Tall and slim, with a pretty face and baby doll eyes that played on Sarah's emotions, she looked about as threatening as a mouse. But she was a Terminator, a machined designed for death; reprogrammed and sent back in time to protect John from yet another future threat.

Sarah approached her quietly. She got within a few feet before the young woman turned and looked at her.

"Sarah Connor. Is something wrong?" She blinked, looking nothing more than a harmless teenager. "You should be asleep. Humans require sleep."

"I thought we might talk," Sarah said. She came to the woman's side and hugged herself tight. It was a chilly night, and her waitress uniform, especially the short skirt worn over cheap pantyhose, did nothing to keep it out. "Now that I've calmed down a little." She smiled. John was always on her to watch her temper.

Cameron said nothing. She turned back to watch the empty landscape. What she was waiting for Sarah couldn't figure out. They were in the middle of nowhere; even she, a mere human, would see anyone coming from miles off.

She waited quietly, watching Cameron. "So, John tells me you can eat. Is that true? I don't know how much you know about us, but the last machine we encountered was definitely not that good."

"I am more advanced," Cameron said. "Model TOK715."

Sarah frowned. "And that means what exactly?"

Cameron looked at her, eyelids fluttering. It reminded Sarah of the light on a computer's hard drive; almost as if the woman were searching through her CPU for an answer a simple human like Sarah could understand.

"I am more human," she said finally.

Sarah bobbed her head. It wasn't a very descriptive answer, but she got the point. "What else can you do? Can you sleep?"

Cameron hesitated. "Not as you would define it, but I can go into stand-by mode."

Sarah glanced back at John. "So if you can eat, then that means--" She laughed. What a silly conversation to be having with someone, even a machine. "That means you can, um, relieve yourself?" Cameron stared. "Piss, I mean. Can you piss?"

"I can. I can also--"

Sarah held up a hand before she could finish. She took a deep breath, her mind reeling. She had thought the last machines were advanced, but this one was so far beyond them that it was a little scary. "Jesus," she breathed.

She stepped closer to Cameron, not wanting John to hear this part in case he was pretending to be asleep again. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but are you...working down there?" Her eyes flicked down to Cameron's crotch. "Or is it just for show?"

"Fully functional," Cameron said. "If necessary I can engage in sexual intercourse, though any pleasure on my part will come from sensations stimulated by my CPU." She stared ahead, blinking once every few seconds.

Sarah laughed nervously. "Well, that's very interesting." She cleared her throat. "So would you actually--? I mean, do you just--? No, forget it. I don't want to know."

Sarah shook her head, trying to digest everything she'd just learned.

"So I guess they don't have vibrators where you come from," she said, trying to break the tension with a little humor. "You know, because they have Terminators that look like you--"

"Do you wish to have intercourse with me, Sarah Connor?"

"Wow." Sarah looked down at her shoes, then back up at Cameron. "Why--why would you even ask me something like that?"

Cameron raised her shoulders in what was obviously meant to be a shrug. "You are not sleeping. You are rambling. Your heart rate is increasing even as I speak." She paused, her eyes going to Sarah's legs, studying them in a most human manner. "You are aroused."

She moved closer to Sarah, until their bodies touched and their mouths were only a fraction away. "To answer your question: vibrators are still used, but only by those without access to machines."

Sarah's cheeks burned; her heart pounded; her panties dampened. Not since her stint in a mental institution had she touched another woman, and then only out of necessity. But this woman, this machine--she brought out feelings Sarah hadn't even known existed.

She swallowed down a nervous lump. "That's very interesting," she whispered.

Cameron closed her eyes and parted her lips. Sarah made a fist to still her trembling hand, then glanced back to see John slumbering peacefully.

Why not?

She leaned in and kissed Cameron's pouty lips. She held it, remaining locked with the younger woman until she understood to kiss back, then stepped away.

Cameron's face was a blank. She licked her lips and pushed Sarah against a rusted-out hulk that had once been an SUV. She crouched down and pressed her face into Sarah's crotch, kissing through the miniskirt while she ran her hands up and down long, sculpted legs.

Sarah moaned sharply. Her eyes went wide; she quickly slapped a hand over her mouth. She could only imagine what John would think if he saw this.

Cameron's hand disappeared up Sarah's skirt and quickly found her soaked pussy. She rubbed the swollen vulva for several seconds, juicing it like a piece of fruit, then moved away to take hold of Sarah's panties. She gave a sharp tug, and tore away everything underneath the skirt, leaving just a few shreds of pantyhose around Sarah's ankles.

Sarah lifted her skirt. Cameron buried her face into her crotch, lips pressed to her pussy, nose disappearing into thick dark curls. Her tongue flicked up and down over Sarah's labia, catching her clit every few licks. She dug her nails into Sarah's thighs and pulled her tighter against her young face. Sarah, her eyes watering, could only moan into her hand as she humped her hips over and over.

Cameron sucked on her pussy, flicking the labia with her tongue when she wasn't grazing the clit with her teeth. Sarah gasped and grunted, making strange inhuman noises. She rolled her pelvis, grinding roughly against Cameron's face, and moaned over and over.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh," she said in a muffled whisper. Her head swooned. She felt so incredibly hot.

Then it happened. She had an orgasm.

She gritted her teeth, smacked her thigh, and tried desperately not to scream and wake her son even as she unleashed a torrent of cream all over Cameron's lips and tongue. The woman didn't bat an eye. She lapped at Sarah's pussy without missing one drop of sweet sexual release.

A genuine-to-god grin spread across Sarah's face. She leaned back and relaxed. Her chest heaved, her toes curled, yet Cameron continued to lick her quivering sex. Remarkably, the woman seemed to be taking great pleasure in her task, murmuring and moaning as she cleaned Sarah's pussy. Had it not been for her great strength, Sarah would never have guessed she was anything more than a horny teenager.

Cameron stood and placed her hands on either side of Sarah's body. She leaned forward, close enough for Sarah to smell her distinctive scent on her breath, and smiled proudly.

Sarah pulled her into a tight clench and kissed her deeply, passionately cleaning Cameron's lips even as she marveled at her obvious skill. It was wrong, her good sense screamed at her, all wrong. She was a machine, an object. But Sarah's body, her pussy, her breasts, her fingers, her mouth, wanted the woman like it had wanted nothing before.

Cameron pulled away from her, a puzzled look on her pretty face. "Is something wrong?" she asked. "Did I not do it correctly?"

Sarah shrugged, thankful for the distraction from her inner turmoil. "Yeah, you did it right." She sighed theatrically. "But I expected better."

Cameron stood as still as a statue. She blinked, her lips slightly parted, her big brown eyes studying Sarah's face.

Then she moved so fast that Sarah could only gasp, wrapping an arm around her waist and effortlessly lifting her into the air.

She hauled Sarah over to a dirty work table and bent her over. Sarah tried to look back, but got just a glimpse of Cameron's determined face before she was shoved down, her cheek pressed into dust and grime.

Cameron lifted Sarah's skirt and gave her a hard slap on the ass. Sarah grunted, but held her tongue, though she could practically feel the handprint forming on her creamy cheeks. "You may bite down on this," Cameron said, presenting a hand. "Do not worry. You are not strong enough to injure me."

Sarah took the delicate hand between her teeth. Drops of sweat rolled down her back; her stomach churned. She was tough where it counted, but she'd never been one for rough sex.

Cameron slid two incredibly long fingers into Sarah's pussy, probing and stretching with incredible gentleness. She gave Sarah a moment to get used to the new feeling, then started fingering her, sliding her fingertips across the sensitive velvet walls. A few pumps into it she increased her speed.

Sarah bit down on the woman's hand and murmured softly, her pussy burning with pleasure. Cameron's fingers increased in tempo every few seconds, already faster than any human could move. Then, for no discernable reason, she crooked one.

Just like that, Sarah reached her second orgasm of the night.

Cameron increased her speed once again, adding a third finger without even giving Sarah time enough to consider what was happening to her. Sarah bucked, she grunted, she screamed into Cameron's hand. She gushed continuously, her girl-cum trickling down Cameron's pistoning arm.

The next orgasm hit her harder, quicker--after the second they usually did. This time Cameron laughed, at what Sarah didn't know. She slipped a fourth finger into her body, racking Sarah with yet another orgasm.

Sarah was in heaven, in hell. Sex was great, but like all things, too much of it--

Pleasure and cum poured out of her, so intensely it hurt. Her pussy had submitted long ago, the fight gone out of her body, but the girly Terminator was relentless, determined to pound her into submission. A message perhaps. Sarah gave the orders, but her body belonged to Cameron.

Another explosion of pleasure blasted away all rational thought. Sarah could do nothing but bite down and ride it out. Cameron was pistoning so fast that the strained mechanisms in her arm were audible even over Sarah's muffled screams and squishy pussy.

Tears of pain and pleasure streamed down Sarah's face. There was only so much her pussy could take, and Cameron's ruthless pumping had forced her past that limit long ago.

A small dull pinprick appeared somewhere in her vagina, even as another orgasm was forced out of her. It grew worse, slowly expanding into the size of a fist. Sarah screamed into the soft hand, louder and louder. John stirred; she could see him turn over. Oh, god.

The dull ache had grown as much as it was going to. It turned into a tear. Sarah's pussy began to give! She was about to be torn in two!

And just like that, Cameron stopped in mid-thrust. "I'm finished," she said, with the emotion of a potted plant. She withdrew her soaked fingers and gently pulled Sarah's skirt back down. "For now."

She pulled Sarah off the table and turned her around. "I scared you," she said, smiling proudly. Human emotions were apparently funny to Terminators. She brought her gooey fingers to her lips and licked away Sarah's cum.

Sarah shook her head. Her eyes burned with sweat, her lips were dry and chapped, her legs rubbery and weak. She didn't know what to do or say. "Thank you," she rasped, surprised to find she meant it. It had been a long time since she'd been so vigorously used.

Cameron's smile grew wider. She gave Sarah a peck on the cheek. "You're welcome," she chirped.

Sarah hobbled away, a hand pressed firmly against her ravaged sex, and eventually made it back to John. She bedded down beside him, remaining on top of her blanket so the cool night air might blow away the smell of sex before he woke up in the morning. The last thing he needed on his mind was a pretty teenage girl who existed only to serve him.

"Goodnight, baby." She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes. She was asleep in moments.

Cameron went back to her post with a smile. Her hair was mussed, her clothes reeked of Sarah Connor, yet she felt better than she had ever felt in her short lifetime. She had just carried out one of her prime directives. She looked forward to carrying it out again, and again, and again.

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