tagAnalThe Saturday Shop Girl Ch. 02

The Saturday Shop Girl Ch. 02


My wife Pam and I run a paper shop dealing mainly in cigarettes and magazines. Life was pretty ordinary until my wife employed a local college student to help out with our long Saturday shift. Helen was as fresh as a kitten with a figure men dream of. I certainly had a few dreams anyway. Helen and I had worked together really well until I'd had to deal with her for masturbating in the washroom over a stolen porn magazine the previous weekend.

Helen didn't mention what had happened on the previous shift all afternoon. Only she made more of an effort to find jobs requiring her to bend over or climb the ladders. On these occasions she'd also gone to the trouble of pulling her panties tight between her pussy lips leaving me in no doubt that she wanted me to desire every drop of juice in her.

At 4 o'clock she said she was going to freshen up but not to follow, she said that 'a girl has to prepare for every eventuality'. She was back shortly after still with that bag on her back. But since I'd caught her in the washroom she'd not bothered to put her bra back on. Her nipples had been erect ever since, making it difficult to move my eyes off her.

A little later when no one was around she took the bag off and pulled out the offending magazine, 'Hard Anal' again. Leafing through the pages she asked whether I'd done any of those things with my wife. The one she pointed to was the severe librarian with the gaping creamed anus. I said that we had gone through a phase of fucking my wife ass for a few months but that she (Pam my wife) had got bored of it and then never asked for it after that. Pam's anus wasn't half as tight as hers though. That was ages ago, before the kids were born.

'Did Pam cum when you fucked her ass Mr Welsh' Helen liked using the Mr thing. She knew that I didn't mind people calling me Peter but she liked the point of difference for some reason.

'Yes Helen she did cum, she liked it from behind on all fours, presenting me her ass in the air to be fucked. She could then reach underneath and rub her pussy till she orgasmed as well.'

Helen seemed satisfied that this was probably the truth as she guessed that that's what she may do too. She closed the book slipping it back into her bag and said that she definitely needed the rest room now and perhaps the shop door might need locking.

She went inside leaving the door open this time. She slipped her panties off and put them swinging on the door handle. When I look inside she was peering through the pages of the mag and sliding just a single finger down her slit spreading her juices as they started to flow.

After locking up I went back and stood in the doorway watching her. 'Why did you choose that mag Helen, what is it that gets you so horny when you read it?'

'I've always wanted to have my ass fucked Mr Welsh, once when I was at junior school I went round to my friends house to play. When I went round to the back door I noticed through the window, her mum being ass fucked over her settee by a big black bin man. They were in a backroom lounge and he had her over the arm of the chair gripping her hips and thrusting his stiffness into her pooh hole. She was pleading for him to go deeper, that he was a dirty bastard for fucking her arse.'

'It was all the things she wasn't like normally. She was always polite and posh. Not a thing out of place in the house. I never heard her say rude things. They didn't see me and I left when he'd cum and wiped his cock on her panties.'

'That why it excites me, if it did that for her, then it must be so much more exciting than normal sex.'

"Will you fuck my ass Mr Welsh?' Well what's a man to do!

I went over and knelt before her. She put a foot on the sink and the other over the towel rail opposite. With her legs spread she could display her perfect pussy parting her lips for me to inspect closely. Clear hot juice was already dribbling out and down across her anus. I placed my face between her thighs until my nose entered the source of her leakage. She was hot and ready. She gasped as I took that first inhalation of her pussy scent, then probed her lips with the tip of my tongue. She pushed forward trying to speed up my entry into her. As her hip raised to meet me I let my tongue slip out of her juice hole and follow the sweet trail to her anus. God she was tight. I had to force it open. Pushing hard to gain entry. Once open I could get my tongue in just about an inch. She writhed and squirmed loving me violating her more secret place. All the while rubbing her clitoris and reading her book. Her tight ass needed stretching more if I was ever going to get me cock into it. I started to work a finger in, she didn't object. Two fingers was harder but she moaned softly as I got them in, twisting as I pushed deeper past her sphincter.

'Fuck me please.' she requested. Her eyes were shut now as she concentrated on pumping her fingers up her soaking hole. She had placed a bottle of oil on the sink next to me which I spread over my cock. I held her leg and pressed my manhood up against her pink pulsing anus which she was offering me and pushed. Her eye opened as large as plates.

'OMG' she shouted. 'Don't stop. Oh fuck?'

I was in 3 inches and her anus gripped me tight but I was desperate to fuck her ass, so I thrust harder and got her full attention as I rocked in and out. Five inches now she was taking and by her expression she was loving it. Her fingers picked up the pace on her clit as she was getting so close. My seed couldn't wait either. Her ass was milking my cock so hard that it seemed to be demanding that I filled it with cum. I pulled out all the way just to see how she looked with her ass gapping for me. I plunged in for the last effort, going hard and fast she started to curse and thrash around..

'Yes now, fuck I'm cumming. Deeper.'

With that she froze, her sphincter throbbing on my cock. I held him in deep, my cream injected deep in her bowel. I left him there till she got the last drop. Slipping him out the jism ran into the pan before her gaping hole could regain its seal and stop the loss.

She stood up and sighed. My cock hung sad and spent.

'Umm thank you Mr Welsh, Just what I needed! I'm glad Mrs Welsh can spare your services.'

She turned round and bent over putting on her panties. I could see her anus glistening with my cum and knew I'd want it again very shortly. She smoothed down her clothes, put her oil and magazine into her bag, and skipped lightly off into the shop like nothing had happened, and that sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth.

5 o'clock was the end of her day and she was about to go when she invited me into the storeroom for a 'treat'.

'Mr Welsh I hope you will be feeling fit next weekend, and as you've been so good to me and pleasured my bottom I thought I'd give you a treat to think about till next time.'

With that she sat me on a chair next to an old table in there and straddled my lap. She lifted up the front of her top and placed my face between her firm huge breasts. I breathed the sweetness of her skin.

'I thought that you'd might like to suck them a little Mr Welsh.'

I reached round, slipping my hands under the legs of her panties and pulled her ass cheeks wide whilst searching for her asshole, at the same time I made the most by sucking her pert glorious nipples. I was in ecstasy. God for 18 this girl had some skills.

'Now that's enough Mr Welsh, hope you save enough for me next week.' she said as she rose and left me with my mouth still going like a goldfish out of water. With that she was gone. I knew this next week would drag on liked a month and each time I fucked Pam I'd have Helen's face, body and pussy in my mind.


The following week when I arrived at the shop Helen was already out on her lunch break and my Pam was busy serving customers. As expected the week had dragged on and on, and as it did my balls had ached more and more. I hadn't jacked off, or fucked, in 5 days with the thought that I'd rather save it all for depositing in Helen.

'Hi Pam, where's the help?'

'She's off with a new boyfriend for lunch. He picked her up 10 mins ago in his car said he'd got a picnic for her. Sounds romantic.'

I was a little crestfallen but tried my best to hide it. This could change things big time, not at all what I wanted. My wife was looking bright and sweet, I'd not noticed her like this for a long while as she gave me a quick kiss before leaving for home.

I served and I listened for Helen's return. We have a security camera system covering various parts of the property and I could see the rear yard occasionally on it as it cycled through the cameras. A large blue Ford pulled into the yard and the yard cam could pick out the lower halves of two people sitting in the front seats but not their faces. The cam was high up and was peering down through the front windscreen. It was Helen back early from her hour break. I fixed the camera cycle so that it stayed on the rear yard. They were chatting and didn't get out. After some minutes I could see him lean across and I guess they were kissing. His right hand slid up between her thighs and started mining for honey. She accommodated him by spreading her legs and pulling her panties to one side for him. He obviously took this as the starting gun and quickly moved across undoing his trousers and pulling them down over his ass. I watched as jealously raged through me as this young buck soiled me pink pristine pussy. His ass pounded her unmercifully for a matter of 30 seconds before he stopped, then slowly slunk back into the drivers seat.

I did have to wait long. There was some shoving by Helen then she jumped out of the car, slamming the door and ran into the building. I quickly reverted the cameras to random and pretended to be reading as she stormed in. Her eyes were wet and red.

'What's wrong Helen, what's the matter?'

'That stupid boyfriend Sam, he's rubbish!' she said bursting into tears.

'Now now Helen come into the storeroom and let's sort you out. You can't be this upset and work.'

In the back store I sat her on the old sofa and put an arm around her.

'What's the matter Helen?' She was wearing a short blue skirt that exposed her smooth pale thighs . Whilst I spoke I was searching the evidence of what I'd just witnessed. I detected the distinct scent of her juices blended with what must have been a huge cum dump. She had closed her thighs tight as she sat down but I had already noticed the trail of semen that had run down the inside of them. She had been in such a hurry that she had been unable to stop it coming out as she'd ran inside.

'That stupid Sam. He's such a bragger. He thinks he's so good. He just wanted me as a fuck and now he's had me he doesn't want to see me again.' 'Not that he's even a good fuck! 10 seconds and he's done.'

I kissed her forehead and patted her thighs. 'Now don't take on like that, I know how neat you are, he's just a fool.'

With that she turned and kissed me on the lips. She pressed her tongue into my mouth and through her arms round me. This was new, this was hot! Until now we'd actually never kissed, but for a good minute she probed and explored my mouth with all the urgency of a returning pirate.

'You're a much better fucker than him any day.' Helen informed me. 'Do you want to fuck me right now?

She threw herself back on the sofa and opened her legs. She held her arms out. Looking between legs I could see that her panties had a large dark wet patch in them. I pulled them down as she raised her ass and threw them to one side. Her pussy was red and well used. Her inner lips were purple and covered in his white mess. A mess, but a mess that got my cock so desperate to replace it. I slipped my pants down and saddled her. Her cunt was so welcoming, already being lubed with his cream, that my cock slid into her tight hole easily. I pulled her top over her head so that I could make hay with her firm young teats. We fucked hard, her mouth locked with mine as I fought back my urge to immediately cum in her pussy too. My balls were covered in him cum as they banged against her ass. She broke off and started talking in my ear.

'Fuck you're good Fill me, empty those big balls in me. Fuck my ass next. Fuck my little asshole!'

As she was getting closer she squealed and bucked. Reaching round to finger my ass. She pushed one in deep just as she was in her climax, it was too much. I let it go. My 5 days worth erupted up her pussy. It took a good 20 seconds of spurting before the last of it was sent to the top of her vagina. She waited pushing her finger in my ass until she felt the last quiver of my orgasm pump into her.

'Ummm yum' she said. 'You'll need him cleaning won't you?' With that she pushed me off her, my cock releasing the flood gates, and got hold of my wilted member covered in two men's loads and put him into her mouth. She ate him clean wrapping her tongue over my cock ridge making sure nothing was left. All the time I looked down and had a full view of her pussy and could my cream leaking out onto the sofa leaving the largest wet stain. Mental note to turn the cushions.

'Well you have cheered me up Mr Welsh' as she withdrew him from her lips and left him to hang.

'Thank you Helen. That was rather unexpected.'

'I haven't forgotten my promise Mr Welsh.'

'What's that Helen?'

'My ass later. I have been dreaming of you in it all week.'

'OMG Helen give me five before I go again my names not Sam!'

She giggled and went looking for her clothes. I watched her naked body as she dressed and was almost ready for her again. God she was beautiful and she was right, what an idiot her that Sam was to pass her off. To clarify, I

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