tagGay MaleThe School Ch. 02

The School Ch. 02


Zamuel couldn't wash away the bitter taste of Tulis' sperm no matter how much he washed his mouth with water and was set up to endure it for the ceremony when he went up a set of marble stairs as loud clacks of someone running in heels came from behind.

"Hey, wait!"

He stopped and turned to see a curvaceous femboy in stockings, red high heels, a loose rose-coloured shirt and a black thong run up to him. He had a plastic bottle with a purple liquid sloshing in it that Zam recognised as mouthwash. Just what he needed!

"Thanks for waiting!" Curvy said a bit breathlessly and shoved the bottle into Zam's hands. "Smoker cum is dreadful so I thought you needed it."

Zam stared at him sheepishly and then at the bottle. "Y-you saw what happened?" He asked, his blush returning.

"Mhm. Had to rub one out after that, haha." He said with not an ounce of shame for admitting he got horny from the public blowjob and jerking it.

Basic school taught some version of decency but once they're fourteen it's dropped completely from their curriculum. Many say that humanity has lost its way and turned to debauchery, which was true for the latter but now it was a way of life. Sex was everywhere, wherever one looked and morals on that front are naught but gone entirely. Even shy virgins like Zam got introduced to the fun by their own family. Farro, Zam's friend, lost his virginity to his mother when he was sixteen and now had a son that his parents were taking care of.

"Glad you liked it, hehe." Zam responded, his ears turning red as he poured a cap of mouthwash and got to washing away the horrible taste.

"I'm Xero, by the way." Curve said and extended his hand that Zam shook. Zam swirled and churned the minty and stinging mouthwash for a long minute and went over to the fountain just besides the entrance.

The front of the school had a grandiose entryway with multiple glass doors and a large construction of glass rising up diagonally above the chiseled marble stairs. He could see other boys sitting in there as a busty woman in a suit was getting ready to make a speech on an upraised platform.

"Zamuel," He responded and went in. He felt uncomfortable as his heels clacked on the smooth floor while he went to the last two empty seats. The woman, a tall dark blue asir, watched him along with a cadre of other people sitting just behind her. Xero sat next to him, obviously him and Zam being the last ones to arrive.

"Now that everyone is here," The alien began, her voice low lest it echo in this place. "I am the Headmistress and I welcome you to Rosellate Academy. I also thank you for respecting our need for discretion."

Unlike outside, now Zam could smell everyone's perfume. Rose, cinnamon and many other more extravagant scents colluded and mixed in his nose. It was unexpected to say the least as he had troubles breathing while the headmistress talked - Xero beside him smelled a lot bearable, just a hint of apple and sweat. Meanwhile his hair smelled of musky cock and sperm.

"You must've seen our other students just outside. Follow their example. Your uniforms will be given to you tomorrow and the dress code will be explained as well." 'Follow their example' was a loaded sentence, Zam thought and a shiver went up his spine as he revisited the lewdness. "As to your education, it will last for four years and it is going to be much harder than Basic. We expect you to give it your all and for precisely that purpose we're offering you lodgings here during your studying here."

This produced a low murmur amongst the boys but immediately went quiet when the asir continued.

"You will be also given your personal Academy tablets over which you will do your schoolwork, assignments and exams. They are gene-coded to you and only you. Don't lose them." Seven men arrived from a side room, hauling ten black slates each in their arms. Calling them just men was a misnomer as the only sign they were men were their tallness and how flat-chested they were. The effeminate men dressed in skimpy uniforms of their own went to the seven rows and handed each their tablet.

Zam caught a whiff of barely-disguised musk as one passed him by and saw the tip of his cock peek out just a bit from under the hem of his short skirt. Xero leaned in as he pressed his finger to the screen of the tablet to gene-lock it.

"I wonder if they have open job positions here because this looks amazing!" He whispered with a grin while Zam blushed and did the same with his own tablet.

"Your first classes begin tomorrow at ten AM. But, until then, we've prepared for you some festivities around the school so hang out and mingle. Ask any of our students, teachers or servants and they'll gladly help you. Without further ado, I once again welcome you to Rosellate Academy and those that wish to know more about the history of this school can come with me."

It was a strangely lackluster greeting, considering, and the chairs screeched as some of them got up to follow the asir headmistress further into the school. Zam was busy getting acquainted to the tablet as it greeted him. It said to take a selfie and like the femboy he is, he pouted and the tablet's screen flashed as it assigned that picture as his school profile.

Various other information was then presented to him like his blood type, weight, age and the like. Xero seemed intent in figuring out this thing as well but more to find the map where all the fun stuff is. "Hey, each year has their own common room thing. They're throwing down a welcoming party there."

Zam was never a party animal and more the kind to sit or stand somewhere and let the others to do the dancing, and fucking. But he was turning over a new leaf and maybe it's time he got into it. "Yeah? Think it's gonna beat Basic graduation party?"

"Didn't you see? They ain't even wearing panties. There's bound to be cock there." Xero said lustily and Zam spotted his thong bulge as he grew hard. He was as well, to be fair, and blushed again before getting up.

"Let's go."

Most of the students from the upper years were hanging out at the park in front of the school with a few going about. Turns out many if not everyone made use of the free rooms the school offered and recommended they take advantage of that as well. Xero was right when he said they aren't wearing panties as both femboys had seen many cocks peeking from under the short skirts.

The pulse of loud music could be felt through the walls as they reached the door to the first year common room. It was on the western end as each year had their own wing with classrooms and dormitory. Zam felt nervous, wondering what kind of party is going on in this place when a clique of femboys arrived to grab the door open and pile in.

It was dark in there when Zam followed with Xero in tow and he quickly realised it was a small rave lights, glowsticks and all. The thundering beats of electronic music pounded his ears and made his vision hazy as he tried to make sense what he was seeing.

The common room was a large affair where students could lounge, eat and study in peace with large glass windows that are currently covered by thick drapes to not let any light in. Large speakers were installed everywhere, pounding out beat after beat with no signs of stopping. Before Zam could see more, a topless femboy came into view, a glow collar around his neck, lips painted with glow-in-the-dark lipstick and bright glowing contacts.

Freckles dotted his flat and hairless chest and he had a basket in his hands that was full of glowsticks, collars glow lipstick and other assortments for a glow rave. "Heyo, freshmen! Welcome to your welcoming rave!"

The older boy had to shout for Xero and Zamuel to hear him. "Feel free to strip and fuck if that's what you're going for. No need for condoms, either!"

Zam blushed but nodded as Xero reached into the basket to grab a pink glow collar and even a glow cock ring, putting both on and starting to jump in place. "C'mon, Zam! Let's party!"

Zam was hesitant to say the least but Xero's insistence and the senior's offering forced him to take a blue collar and cockring that he sheepishly put on once he had taken off most of his clothes, leaving him in only stockings and cropped top. The senior assured him that his clothes will be taken good care of and to have fun.

Xero was already prancing around, dancing madly while swinging his hard cock with the ring around it, while Zam tried to follow him and looked around while semi-covering his privates. A lot of freshmen had come here and done the same as him, their cocks out and hard as they danced and weaved amongst each other. Stranger danced with stranger and that dancing soon devolved into lewd touching, grinding. Amongst them were the seniors from the other three years, doing the same.

The shy femboy could get front row seats to a show if he wanted to as some were bent over couches and tables while being pounded by a fellow freshman or maybe even a senior. Seniors could be recognised by the 'S' painted on their foreheads and painted balls. This rave has been well underway before the freshmen even arrived as he had to avoid tracks of old sperm where a cumshot flew off-target.

In his looking around, he lost sight of Xero, his only 'friend' in this. He had stopped beside a couple going at it while another senior fired off a load onto the freshman's face as he got pounded. He moved away only to accidentally bump into someone.

He slipped on cum and nearly fell onto his back if it weren't for the hands that caught his fall. The femboy had screwed his eyes shut in full expectation of hitting the floor hard, but then slowly opened them to see glowing eyes staring down at him and plump lips curled into a smile. Beautiful white teeth appeared as he began to speak.

"Watch your step. It can get slippery around here." He said. Zam noticed the 'S' on his forehead. A senior! He was gently pulled back up to stand, feeling a bit weak in the knees. "Liking the rave?"

It was a tough question. On one hand, Zam was on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and on the other he was slowly getting into the flow of things. This mix up left him incapable of answering and the senior laughed before taking his hand and guiding him to somewhere.

Zam followed numbly and stared at the boy's back, angel wings painted on them, as they went around the dance floor - where there was more grinding than dancing - and arrived at these tall and rather non-descript vending machines. He thought it was odd to see them with no advertisements plastered all over them with the screen only showing its current contents.

"What's your poison? Beer, whiskey, rum?" The senior asked as he stopped and faced him. He was entirely naked and barefoot (it was quite warm, musky and fragrant in here) with his chest having a big red heart drawn. Zam didn't fail to notice that he was somehow flaccid while his own was unbearably hard from all of this.

"Uhh..." Alcohol never really appealed to him but vodka with juice was bearable so he went with that. He looked at the screen and found a vodka mix with apple. But how did one get it if he had no money? Heat filled his cheeks as he realised that. "I don't have any money on me, hehe."

"You got some credit on your school account so just tap the drink you want and swipe your wrist across the scanner." The nude senior explained and demonstrated by tapping a glass of whiskey and ran his wrist across a small ball inset in the machine. A video of a glass being filled with whiskey started playing and once it ended he had a plastic cup full of whiskey.

The machine did beep and on the screen above the scanner blinked with 'Account Balance: 0'

"Go ahead." He said, sipping his drink.

A vending machine was no match for Zam and soon he had a tasty cocktail in his hands while the machine told him he has ninety-three of whatever balance left on his account. He did notice a hole just a bit under from where he pulled his drink out of. It was surrounded by padded cushions. "What's that for?"

"That's for those who spent all of their money like morons. Like me, for example. Your account balance stays the same from the end of the year to the next one. Depending on how much you put out, you can earn yourself a drink or two."

Zam wasn't certain what he meant and his face must've showed that, to which his companion smiled. "You'll figure it out when you're in the same situation. We all were in our first year."

One good thing about cocktails was that the taste of alcohol was minimal. It still burned but was much more bearable. Its heat settled in his throat and belly, relaxing him a bit and calming his nerves. It did little to soften his hardon, though. It's gonna take some time before he gets used to this kind of casual nudity amongst his peers. The fact they looked amazing with no clothes on wasn't making it easier.

When it comes to femboys, age was hard to gauge as everyone looked barely legal and Zam wondered in what year Heart was. "What year are you?"

"Third." He said and gently pushed Zam to the side as two walked up - senior and freshman - while holding hands. "Let's go sit somewhere."

They found a free two-seater that was opposite of another one where two seniors were being serviced by freshmen. Zam felt like he'd blow from all of this and quietly panted as he sat down next to his friend.

"Watch those two and get used to it. Second years fuck freshmen, third years fuck both and fourth years fuck everyone." Heart said, raising his cup to the two in question while Zam drank slowly. "You a virgin or something?"


"A virgin. You're acting like one." Heart pointed out as he set his cup down on the coffee table and turned to face him. His pink-glowing contacts made it impossible to read his eyes and it was so dark that Zam was unsure what kind of face he was making.

Fear struck him, a fat ball forming in his throat that prevented him to answer, instead staring back at him dumbly while hiding behind his own plastic cup. His silence only seemed to confirm Heart's suspicions. Zam thought he saw a smile flash across Heart's painted lips as he got onto his knees on the couch and approached him.

"So you are." Even from the intense beats of electronic music Zam could hear the hunger in his voice. Helpless under his gaze, the femboy was pushed onto his back, spilling his drink onto the floor but that was forgotten as suddenly those glowing lips started layering kisses all over his hard shaft, leaving glowing stains in their wake.

"W-what are you-" Zam began to speak when he was engulfed completely in a warm and hot mouth, his voice cutting out from the intense pleasure that hit him in the back of the head as Heart began to lewdly and expertly suck him off.

He watched his cock steadily gain a brighter and brighter glow as those plump lips scrape across his shaft, both confused and elated by this as he's sucked off by a total stranger. Something told him that they won't be strangers for long, though...

Being a virgin meant lacking in the lasting department and Heart wasn't giving him a chance to relax with his amazing tongue and lips. As expected, Zam cried out, his shout barely audible to the dancing throng as more and more students arrived to join the rave that is slowly devolving into an orgy.

Zam hadn't cum from Tulis' touches, in fact had his orgasm denied by the fourth year, so he had plenty of sperm to dump straight into Heart's mouth who simply hummed and suckled on his tip to draw it all out. The quivering femboy had a deathly grip on the armrest and pillow beside him as he did so, his toes curling from the pleasure of his first blowjob.

When he opened his eyes the lips were gone, his cock weakly pulsating, and saw Heart spit out his cum into an empty cup, brought it to his flaccid cock and filled it. He was unsure what to think about that, watching his gold pour into the cup. On a base level, he understood this was degradation; he saw it happen to Tulis' sperm as well. But his cock went back to almost painful hardness as he watched it happen.

Heart then set it aside, grabbed Zam by the hand and started to take him away to somewhere again. Zam moaned as his cock bobbed left and right, turned on beyond belief again and now they had to push through naked and half-naked bodies that were starting to sweat and so was he. Many hands caressed, touched and groped him but he couldn't see who it was as Heart continued to drag him away.

Suddenly the masses disappeared and only the crackling oranges of a burning fireplace came into view. There were two sofas facing it at an angle where on one two seniors were busily making out and stroking each other's throbbing cocks. Heart grabbed the one who had one angle wing painted on his back and pulled the boy out of the kiss.

"What do you think you're doing, little brother?" Heart asked, holding what Zam was assuming his little brother by his green-dyed hair,and the younger femboy hissed angrily while clutching his head. The other femboy quickly fled the scene and disappeared in the crowd of naked bodies.

"Ooow! Don't have to pull me like that!" He hissed out and Heart let him go before he pulled Zam and pushed him to sit on the sofa. Green had a set of painted pouty lips, the longest eyelashes Zam had ever seen and bright green eyes speckled with gold.

"That's punishment for not obeying me." Heart responded and sat on the coffee table in front of the sofa, his cock completely flaccid while his brother was fully erect in glorious nine inches. Zam, with a blush, noticed their balls were the same size, and they looked to be more than a handful. "Did you think my order stopped when the new year started?"

Green looked a bit ashamed and shrugged. "I dunno."

Zam felt awkward, sitting there with his hard cock slowly wilting as his faculties were coming back and the air of musk was somehow lighter despite the throng was a few meters away, while Heart seemed to chastise his brother for some wrong.

"We'll talk about this later. You're second year now, so it's time you got yourself a slut of your own." Heart said, glancing at Zam who simply blushed harder while Green started grinning as he looked Zam over.

Zam thought himself rather plain for a femboy. Slim with nice curves and a face that most don't recognise as male. Some but not all femboys have small swells of breasts, depending on the parent's extent of modification and Zamuel had inherited a small set of proportional swells on his chest from his father. He also hand a small landing strip just above his cock. Compared to Green and Heart, he was small in the equipment department.

Green turned to face him fully, his cock pulsating and pointing straight at him. "Oooh, I do like this one. He's even got small tits."

"And even better, he's a virgin." Heart's glowing eyes looked duller in the firelight, flashing whenever the light ebbed, and Zam again gulped as he was essentially being handed over to someone like livestock. "Don't worry, he'll take good care of you. Every one of you freshmen will be taken under the wing of a student the year over. Them's the rules."

Green smiled and took his hand to leave a glowing kiss on it. "I'm Rezero, and I'm going to be your master during your time here."

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