tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe School Ch. 06

The School Ch. 06


Zam had never been in a dorm before but seen them plenty on TV, these long hallways with individual rooms, a small communal kitchen for each respective floor, common room and study areas.

This wasn't it, though. The building was tall and fairly open with glass panes covering the outsides between tall and graceful-looking pillars of polished steel. It only had to house a hundred and forty people at a time so a lot of space was used for spacious rooms and what Rezero called 'study' rooms.

The entrance had a small area where shoes were left and so Zamuel followed Rezero barefoot up a flight of stairs with a large glass window going from bottom to ceiling showing out into a beautiful garden in the back. It was empty with benches littered everywhere.

Other femboys were slowly coming in through the door as they reached the landing.

"There's no dress code in the dorms. Generally we go around naked for as long as we can as washing clothes costs more than showering." He said and stopped in front of the desk waiting right there with a rather bored-looking and mature woman. She was nude outside the pasties on her nipples and a blinking collar around her neck. Three glowed green and one red.

"This is the dorm mother. Every dorm has one." Rezero explained and the raven-haired woman stood up, her heavy breasts swaying from the movement and a soft smile on her face.

"I am Kayla oh one, pleased to meet you, Zamuel." She said, her right blue eye flickering for a bit.

Zamuel smiled back. "Pleased to meet you, too, Kayla."

"She's an android that keeps the dorm clean and tends to our health when the nurse isn't needed." Rezero added and continued further down the right-hand hall. "She's for fucking, too. But she doesn't pay up so your semen is better dumped elsewhere."


A quick flick of Rezero's wrist and the door to their room sighed open. It was a lavishly furnished two-room flat that had a scent of cinnamon and musk permeating it. Lingerie and other clothes were all in one pile on the couch and the whole room was dark from the shutters.

"Make yourself at home. Tablet goes there." The boy said, pointing to the wall next to him where two tablet interface slots were. "You're registered but the device has to be interfaced to complete the assignment."

"Nifty." Zam commented and did just that, sliding the device into the rectangular slot and started to strip. Once the bar reached one hundred percent, he was fully nude and Rezero had turned on a dim light with him fully stripped as well.

"Now, here's how it's going to be." Rezero started, pulling Zam into the couch, the older boy placing himself over the younger one.

Zamuel couldn't help but slowly get hard at the situation, his instinct flaring up, and looked up at his master.

"You're mine to do as I wish. You're my fuckmeat and until I graduate, I own every piece of you. Is that understood?"

A shiver went through Zam's body and into his half-hard cock, now fully erect and throbbing. He nodded slowly with shaky breaths.

"I'm not my brother, though. I don't give a damn who you fuck or are fucked by. All I care about is that you're here every single night, on my cock when told and giving me cum." The boy finished, pulling back and spotting his raging hardon.

"Since you're so eager, let's get you started on your milking regiment."

"M-Milking regiment...?" Zam stammered, blinking confusedly and was a tad worried. "Like cum milking?"

"Oh, one more thing. For every load you waste in someone, you will need one load inside you. Even cum from your asshole is worth roses so I expect you to fill up whatever bottle or glass you can and bring it here." His master added before heading into his room.

Zamuel sat there, aroused beyond belief and confused as he tried to come to terms with what was going on. He could never imagine a lifestyle such as this! So much crazy stuff has happened in just one day and right now he felt like his brain would burn up!

In some weird and lewd way he was relieved to see Rezero bring a small contraption from his room. It had a large glass canister attached to it and looked like a small pump with a hose connected to it. At the tip of the hose was a rubber sheath with obvious moving parts. A shiver once more hit him and watched quietly as Rezero set it down and got on his knees. The Rosellate Academy emblem was clear on the canister.

"For the first few days, I want a minimum of three loads a day. Big loads." He said firmly, his grip on Zam's cock even firmer. "I expect one in my coffee every morning."

"Ngh...yes master..." Zam moaned out and watched his master slide his cock into the tube. It went all the way to the base and with a click suction made the hose stick. A few adjustments and it was snug around his whole length.

"You gotta have suction keeping the milker firmly attached and these two buttons adjust for size. It has to be snug or tighter to work properly." He then turned on his commlink. "I can see whether or not it's in use and know how much you dumped at all times. Don't try and change the pace of the milking."

Zam again nodded and felt daunted by the task at hand. He was no cum factory but his master's demands inspired him to improve. He's gonna try and have dad bring more of those virility patches. If Rezero wanted a high-yield cum-cow, he sure as hell will try!

A tap on the display and the machine stirred to life. Immediately, before Zamuel could reconcile with the odd and submissive thought he just had, the pressure built up around his cock and blood rushed and was suddenly stuck inside it as the machine clamped hard around his base.

A confused and pleasured little moan escaped Zamuel without wanting to and squirmed from how bloated his cock was and tight the sucker around him became as a result. The snug rubber began to jerk him off in tandem with the rhythmic suctions while Rezero watched him quiver.

The tanned boy smirked and went back to his commlink to pull up another window. Zamuel looked at what he was doing while the machine was relentlessly pushing him towards orgasm and saw Rezero had opened his profile and watched the boy transfer all of his Roses onto his own account.

"M-Master...don't I need those...a-ah..." He asked, now panting and holding a pillow close to his chest from the mechanical and amorous assault of the milker.

"You earn your allowance with how much you cum. More cum, more roses. So I suggest you get used to the milker and start loving it." He explained with a wink and kissed him firmly on the lips. Zamuel was far too stunned to even think of resisting and instead was putty in his master's hands and melting from the kiss.

The air was filled with the slurping sounds of the milker siphoning its first of many of Zamuel's loads, splattering lewdly in the glass canister, and Zamuel was left dizzy and drunk with pleasure when Rezero pulled away.

"Now be a good girl and give me two more. Once that is done, we can go shower." He said in an oddly loving way, stroking Zam's face with light touches, his gold-speckled eyes glittering in the dim light of the room before getting onto the couch and laying both of them down with the older boy behind Zam.

Rezero's sweat and musk were joined by his own, mixing a heady cocktail in Zamuel's nose, and he quivered from it all. The intimate closeness of their slim and beautiful bodies pressed together, his big cock hard and throbbing in the crack of his plump ass but not sliding home and the machine that worked hard to drain his balls of every drop of semen he had to give.

It was an odd kind of paradise, something he was still unsure how to feel about or understand.

He didn't realise he blacked out until he was woken up by Rezero shaking him awake.

"Let's go shower, fuckmeat. My brother expects us to at least not stink like animals for our date."

With a sore cock and sleepy head, Zamuel followed his master into the shower. To prepare for a date with Samuel.


Zamuel couldn't believe he was this uncomfortable being dressed in public. Lucky that the uniforms were made precisely to be light and breathable with the gentle breeze of the conditioned air from the academy grounds flowing between his legs and jostling his ponytail.

They were to meet with Samuel, the third year was quite insistent on getting to know the new fuckmeat better past having his cock sucked.

The young femboy was a tad daunted of seeing Samuel again in a more formal environment, having seen how controlling he can be, but Rezero seemed calm and had his arm wrapped around his waist as they walked, his gait relaxed and flowing.

The sky was rosy with the gently setting sun and Zamuel was glad the academy kept itself well-preserved from the biting cold of autumn that was starting to set in. Other students were out and about on the academy grounds, having taken the scenic route to the large Activities Building that replaced the first year dorms. Gossip and illicit activities were rife in the brushes and bench circles that surrounded the path going around the academy complex.

Masters offering their fuckmeat to the senior years to garner favour while other first years were already spending their roses on overpriced virility drugs. The latter kept Zamuel staring a lot longer and Rezero chuckled.

"Those things are worth thirty roses a pop. Not worth it if you want to be a proper cum-cow for me, fuckmeat." He said, making Zamuel blush. They both had inspected his yield after the milking and there was much to be desired. True, he'd unloaded down Xero's gullet today but his production was still way too far from the mark.

"I-I can be a cum-cow in different ways, right?" He asked a bit hopefully. Until he gets those virility drugs, he'll be coming up short a load and a half each day and even that he feared he won't be able to keep up the pace day after day.

His master nodded. "The only ones who can really spare cum to waste are the fourth years. They are pretty much set one way or the other."

He pointed to the several second-years pimping out their fuckmeat like before. "Prime sperm, zero effort. And even third years are gene-modded to produce a lot of quality semen."

"Oh..." Zamuel said, blushing again. "W-Why aren't you pimping me out, too?"

"Not feeling like it." Rezero said simply with a shrug and Zamuel glanced at one of his fellow first-years as a boy three years his senior slammed to the hilt and let his enhanced balls drain straight into his guts. A blush swept over Zam and looked away.

Rezero's attitude had Zamuel thinking all the way to the AB. The building had a young and upbeat decor of bright colours, graffiti and amateur painting on the walls and floor. A place where the young could truly let loose and get those creative juices flowing. For a moment Zamuel was stunned as he realised they were all here for more than just incessant fucking.

Various signs had been made in classic punky fashion with flair added pertaining to the thing it leads to. A cursive and posh writing on a clean white board leading to the local cafe which was in stark contrast with the spiky and aggressive-looking block of fat letters for the heavy metal music band.

Zamuel swore he could hear the thundering beats of drums and ear-shattering riffs of an electric guitar when he looked at the sign.

His attention was taken by a smiling and busty girl in Rosellate uniform but her skirt didn't hide the presence of a thick cock at all from view as she approached on long and supple legs towards him. Her hair was tied in a tight bun and a pair of thin-framed glasses were perched on her button nose.

"Welcome to the AB, fuckmeat." She said in a happy voice, the insulting title rolling off her tongue like it's nothing and Zamuel blushed furiously. "I'm the main orderly here. 'Big Bitch' and 'Wrangler' also works."

Zamuel was stumped for a bit, not responding, before recovering and smiling back and waving. "I'm Zamuel, nice to meet you!"

She smiled and waved back. "Rules are simple. Don't make a fuss and follow the activity rules. Each room is different and I don't want you starting any catfights. I punish by fines, not 'punishments' so keep that in mind."

Zamuel nodded.

"Good! As to the activities, some require an application so come here if you need an application form. That's pretty much it so have fun."

Rezero and Zamuel waved her away as she returned to her desk where a femboy was on-duty with her, and the two went for the cafe which was on the top floor.

The entrances to the rooms had their own flair and decor, on and around the door as if the aspects they covered were spreading outwards. The top floor seemed dedicated to the finer and classier activities such as the cafe, classical music/art and literature.

Zamuel was intrigued by all of the activities on offer as Rezero presented them and was still swept off his feet when Rezero led him into the cafe room. It wasn't a room as much as an actual balcony with an overarching roof covering only the bar and the closest tables while the rest was seemingly exposed to the elements.

There were no doubt fields put in place to keep the priceless furniture and its respective users bone dry during the stormy days but his focus was then taken by the staff!

The femboys that are part of the cafe had replaced their academy uniforms with smart blouses and black aprons with their slim and toned legs sheathed in see-through stockings that reached their mid thighs. Their curvy behinds were exposed fully except for a thong nestled between them. Atop their bob cuts sat those lazy barista hats to complete the look.

Their bare feet made sure their approach was as quiet as possible as the patrons drink their coffee, carrying freshly-brewed coffee atop silver platters the old-fashioned way.

Samuel sat at the table right on the edge of the balcony, the view looking over the academy and had a an amazing and breezy view of the city at large. He looked quite focused as he studied on his tablet, coffee steaming and waiting on the table in front of him.

Two femboys were tending to the bar, the only current staff at the moment, and they both smiled at Zamuel and Rezero.

Samuel didn't look up from his tablet until the two boys arrived to sit in the other two chairs. The boy had his long hair tied into a strict bun not unlike 'Big Bitch' at the ground floor and his tanned skin looked positively bronze in the reddening rays of the setting sun. Zamuel wished he didn't look as stern when he looked at him, a wholly different person than from the rave they first met at.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, Rezero." Samuel's tone of voice was dreadfully formal and cold, even towards his own brother. Zamuel got the impression of ice and fire between them. And he prefered fire, if he had to choose.

Rezero slouched a bit and Samuel looked he was about to scold him for it when one of the cafe members padded over quietly.

"Can I take your order?"

"Straight black coffee, please." Rezero shot immediately and the boy nodded before looking to Zamuel who quickly grabbed the menu and looked at what was on offer, hoping there was a coffee full of cream and sugar. He didn't fail to notice that his desired treat was a whopping five roses.

Rezero nodded to Zamuel's look and he ordered. Zamuel stared for a moment at the sashaying and exposed behind when Samuel spoke up again.

"So, is he a good match for you?"

Rezero shrugged. "Seems like it, yeah. You caught him so I'm trusting your judgement."

A dark eyebrow twitched and coffee was sipped. "Very well. Me choosing him is not end all, be all."

"I know, Sam. He'll be trained well, I promise." Rezero tried to placate lazily. "Tanyal hasn't been visiting you any, huh? Still dumping loads in any worthless bitch but you?"

And he went and started to poke the beehive. Zamuel watched Samuel with trepidation and muscles ready to leap out and away from the ensuing meltdown

"I did train you to speak your mind. I suppose that is my own fault. And yes, the harlot has been fucking everybody except me." Samuel said with an annoyed sigh and Rezero put a hand on his on the table.

"She's a dick anyways. Just relax for once and have fun. My metalheads are throwing down a freshman bash tonight." His younger brother said and Zamuel stopped a coo when Samuel finally stopped looking like a stiff rod.

The date went much better than expected. Zamuel's own stiffness abated as Rezero somehow got them both to loosen up and get to know each other better. Samuel's smiling face was a treat despite everything with Zamuel refusing to admit his heart did skip a beat when it flashed. He knew the two had a master-slave relationship as well but it never got into his head until Samuel suddenly spoke up.

"My coffee was three roses. I expect you got enough?"

Rezero nodded and when the waiter arrived, he swiped his wrist without a second thought over the offered machine to pay the whole bill.

"Thank you for your patronage!" Chirped the waiter and bounced away back to the bar.

"So some of these clubs earn roses that way?" Zamuel asked, intrigued. Samuel and Rezero nodded.

"It's a pyramid structure. The underlings earn the roses, flow it up to their masters which then goes even further up until fourth years trickle it down as needed. That's why they can fuck around and waste prime sperm however they want." Samuel said a tad grumpily.

"It works, though. First years work hard, learn a lot of skills and the further up they go, the easier it is with their own slaves." Rezero added. "There are many things a femboy can offer to his future owner. The more educated, the better."

As lewd and unfair it sounded, it did make sense. "Can I choose which club I can work in?"

"I'd like for you to take a week and check out the clubs that may suit your tastes. I suggest you pick the metalheads cause I'm in it so we're not losing roses to some bitch we don't know, though."

"Good point."

"Speaking of metalheads, we should get going. I just gotta do a bit of prep and we can dance the night away, master." Rezero said with a sultry voice to his brother. "Forget about that Tariel slut."

Zamuel's cock jumped, watching Samuel return the fire with a hungry look. "Let's go."

The bash was slated to happen at the stage behind the AB and Zamuel stared at the flier they found at the entrance of a nude femboy painted in red and black from head to toe and microphone in hand. Nudity was paramount and Big Bitch herself was naked in all her glory except a band around her arm as she chatted up a first year next to the stage.

The senior year warmachine of draining the freshmen of their roses was a sight to behold as there were even femboys offering hard liquor to the gathering lot for the savage bash to come, all costing three or more roses of course.

Zamuel wished he wasn't surprised to see Xero being an eager patron while Era and Tesana watched. The femboy couldn't deny that they were stunning when out of uniform. Xero with his curvy lower body, Era looking toned and Tesana's dusky and flawless skin.

"Zam, whatever my brother asks of you, do it. He is my master thus your master by extension." Rezero said before heading over to the back of the stage, passing by Big Bitch who bagged her prey and had him suck her off right then and there.

Zamuel looked away with a blush and saw Samuel was hard as a rock beside him. Long and beautiful, it throbbed and needed tending to. The boy bit his lip and hesitated for a long moment.

"I'm yours to use, master." He whispered but Samuel didn't hear him.

"Let's find a spot before it gets too crowded. There near the wall seems good." The other boy said and the two went up the stone steps that rose against one of the smooth walls that curved outwards out of the AB . Indeed, it gave a nice view of everything while avoiding the inevitable throng. Zamuel spotted his girlfriends sticking close to the front of the stage and watching Big Bitch stuff her large cock down the eager freshman's gullet. Xero's hungry look was unmistakable.

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