tagFetishThe School Gynecologist

The School Gynecologist


Emily turned off the ignition to her car, her hand shaking as she did so. She nervously stepped out of the vehicle and turned around, staring at the large, white building now in front of her. The building could not be that big, could it? She was so nervous.

She was 18 and going off to university for further education. She had received a letter from the university only weeks prior to this moment, informing her that she needed to send in her medical records in order to be allowed to live in the dorms – to make sure that she was healthy and would not be a threat to the rest of the students living in her building. She had gone through that appointment a week prior. Unfortunately, while getting up to date on vaccinations and making sure she was in perfect health, her family doctor had informed her she would need to see the gynecologist. The big 'G' word as far as Emily was concerned.

Emily had protested in the doctor's office when they told her this and refused to make an appointment for a later date, figuring that when she went home and told her mother the horrible thing they had wanted her to go through that her mother would agree. Unfortunately, for Emily, this was far from the case. After going home and protesting to her mother, her mother agreed that it was a great idea and that she should definitely go to the gynecologist before she started up with school – after all, she needed to make sure that she was a hundred percent healthy. Her mother had picked up the phone immediately, and scheduled an appointment for a week later for her young daughter.

Emily had been furious at the time, now she was just nervous. She was shaking all over, her heart was pounding inside of her chest, she did not want to take one more step towards the building but she had to.

Emily opened the door to the large, white building. A rush of new carpet smell assaulted her nasal passages. Emily coughed quietly and looked at the sign on the wall she was standing next to. It had a long list of names and corresponding floors, but the only one that really stuck out was "Dr. Jane Thomas OB/GYN" located on the third floor, which was evidently also "Floor Pink".

Emily walked to the closest elevator and pressed the "up" button, her finger lingering on the red light for a few seconds. So nervous...

The receptionist behind her glass window handed Emily a clipboard with three sheets of paper on them and gave Emily a reassuring smile. Emily did not return the smile. Emily walked over to a chair away from everyone else and began filling out each sheet, her handwriting much more messy than usual with her shaking hand.

She quickly finished the paperwork, returned them to the front and sat back down in her isolated seat. Her knees bounced up and down at a rapid speed. As Emily looked around the waiting room, she wondered why no one else looked as nervous as she did. "They must have already been through this before" she thought.

Emily placed her two forefingers on her wrist, her pulse was racing a mile a minute. She hoped that they did not take her pulse or blood pressure because it was certainly going to be skyrocketing. She was normally such a calm person.

No one had ever looked at her "down there" before. She had had one serious boyfriend a year ago, but she had never let him go any further down her body than her navel and she had every intention of her relationships staying that way for a good year or two before she ever let a guy touch her.

She barely even touched herself down there. She had masturbated a couple of times in the dark solitude of her bedroom after watching a hot movie with her friends, but it was never a regular occurrence and she really preferred it that way.

She sat bitterly, cursing her mother under her breath.

"Why should I be here when I know there's nothing wrong? Why bother when I haven't even had sex?" She grumbled angrily.

"Emily Roberts?" a nurse called as she poked her head around the locked door that led back to where all of the examination rooms were. Emily looked up like a deer in the headlights. She slowly stood, amazed that she was able to stand under her own power at this point.

Slowly, she walked to where the nurse was standing and followed her back to a large, open area with a couple of scales, some basic medical equipment, several bookcases with lots of manila file folders and a couple of desks.

"Step up onto the scale over there under the number three," the nurse said, a smile on her face. Emily trudged over to the scale, stepped on it without taking her shoes off. The nurse nodded as she scribbled down "143" next to pounds and "5'7"" next to height.

"Alright, now go and sit down next to that table over there," the nurse said, pointing to a table with an open notebook, a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer.

Emily sat down and instinctively held her arm out on the table. The nurse threw the earpieces of the stethoscope in her ear and threw the sphygmomanometer around Emily's upper arm.

"Nervous?" the nurse asked, still smiling. Emily just swallowed hard and nodded.

"Don't worry, Dr. Kinston is great," the nurse replied.

"What?" Emily asked.

"Dr. Kinston is great, dear," the nurse replied pulling the stethoscope away from Emily and tearing the sphygmomanometer away from her arm. "Come with me."

"Wait..." Emily continued, her mind reeling. Dr. Kinston was not the same doctor that she had scheduled to see – was she? The nurse walked briskly down the hall, leaving Emily trying to keep up from behind. The two of them passed by closed door after closed door. As they passed by Room 7, Emily heard a menacing cry from behind the door. It shook her to the very core.

"Um, nurse?" Emily asked nervously, still following the woman.

"In here," she said, pointing into Room 13. Emily stopped short of the door and peered around the edge. "Go ahead."

Emily trudged into the room, looking at her surroundings. It was surprisingly large. In the middle of the room there was an examination table that looked no different than the one that Emily had been sitting on a week earlier. Next to the table was a large metal tray with several metal tools on it, some towels and a couple of plastic items. On the other side of the table was a lamp with a few twists in it – it looked easily maneuverable. In front of the table was a rolling stool and behind that stool was a long set of cabinets with a counter and sink below with even more medical instruments.

"So...all you need to do is undress from top to bottom," the nurse said, "completely. Throw on that gown sitting on the table there, there's a small blanket if you'd like to cover your lap and Dr. Kinston will be in here as soon as he can."

"Wait! He?" Emily asked, eyes wide, mouth wide open.

"Yes, Dr. Kinston is a he," the nurse replied.

"No no no no no," Emily said, "I'm supposed to be seeing the female doctor." The nurse looked at the paperwork in her arms.

"No...you are here to see Dr. Kinston. Dr. Thomas is on vacation for the month," the nurse said.

"Well, is there a female doctor I can see?" Emily asked in a panic.

"No, Dr. Kinston is the only available right now," the nurse replied. "I'm sorry."

"Well...there's no one?!?" Emily asked loudly. The nurse shook her head.

"Sorry hun," she replied. "Don't worry about it though, Dr. Kinston is great!" Emily grumbled some more. "Oh, though I guess I should explain to you what he's going to do since he doesn't explain much...sit down."

Emily sat down on top of the gown she was supposed to put down and looked at the tray of menacing metal instruments.

"Thermometer," the nurse said with a smile as she held up a long glass thermometer. Emily nodded with a slight eye roll.

"Dilator, spreader and speculum," the nurse said holding up two, rather menacing looking metal instruments. Emily nodded, swallowing a lump in her throat. "The dilator will be used first, then the spreader, then the speculum..." Emily scratched her arm.

"While the speculum is in use, the doctor will take this little brush here," the nurse held up a small brush, "and swab your cervix then put it in this little cup." The nurse held up a cup with Emily's name on it.

"He might do a STD test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea..." the nurse said.

"I've never been sexually active though," Emily said.

"He might do it anyway," the nurse said shortly.

"Oh..." Emily said quietly.

"Finally, he'll end with a couple of manual exams and if he thinks there's anything else that needs to be done, he'll do it," the nurse said. "But don't worry, you'll be fine."

Emily sighed as the nurse pat Emily on the knee and left the room.

Emily stood up and held up the gown waiting for her on the examination table. It was short, a bit short for her own comfort. Emily reluctantly peeled the shirt off of her torso, plucked off her bra with her left hand and threw the two items of clothing on a nearby chair. She pulled the "gown" around her shoulders, the opening in the front – it barely reached her midriff. Her navel was fully exposed to the air and if she did not tie the ribbons in the front of the garment, her breasts would be fully exposed as well.

Reluctantly, Emily peeled off her jeans and underwear, leaving her white tube socks on her feet so she did not feel completely naked. She hopped up onto the paper-covered table and covered her lab with the tiny piece of cloth that was left to cover up her pubic area. Her heart was racing; she could feel beads of sweat falling down the back of her neck. She kept looking at the tools on the table next to her. She had no idea how the speculum was going to fit inside of her having never been fingered by someone – or herself.

As she was caught in mid-thought, there was a knock on the door and Dr. Kinston walked into the room. He was not young, he was probably in his late forties or early fifties, short, gray-brown hair, a mustache and slight sign of beard stubble, half-moon reading-liked glasses, tall and very large hands.

"Hello Emily, I am Dr. Kinston," he said in a loud, powerful voice.

"Hi," Emily said meekly. Dr. Kinston looked down at the records in his hands.

"So...is this your first visit here?" he asked.

"Here, everywhere else," Emily replied.

"Oh? First timer," he said with a slight smile. "What brings you here, then?"

"Going to college, under force," Emily said, a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Well, let's go over some of your medical history," Dr. Kinston said. "How many sexual partners have you had?"

"None," Emily replied.

"No sexual history at all?" he asked.

"Nope," Emily replied.

"Virgin..." he muttered to himself as he wrote it down on her papers. "Any menstrual problems? Pain in your abdomen? Infections or possible infections?"

"Not that I know of..." Emily said quietly.

"Well, let's take a look then!" Dr. Kinston exclaimed happily. He stood in front of Emily and forced himself between her naked legs. He grabbed the ribbon on the top that was covering her breasts and untied it, immediately opening the skimpy gown.

"Raise your arms over your head," Dr. Kinston said, Emily was hesitant. "I need to give you a breast examination, Emily."

"Oh," she said quietly, slowly raising her arms over her head, her breasts falling to the front of her chest, two round globes of perfection sitting for Dr. Kinston to examine.

He slowly palpitated his way around both of her breasts, her nipples becoming harder and harder with each touch and each swoop of cold air against her naked torso.

"Lie back," he said, pushing her shoulders back, commanding her to lie down. Emily did not fight, but she was not happy to submit either. Once she was on her back, Dr. Kinston walked around to the side of the table and began to palpitate her breasts again. He worked his way around both of her C-cup breasts and then squeezed each of her nipples gently. Emily squeaked as he did this and the doctor smiled slightly.

"Your breasts are great, Emily," he said, "you may tie up your top now." Emily's hands rushed for the strings of her gown and quickly tied them back together.

"Now, Emily," he said, "I need you to scootch to the very end of this table here. I need your rear hanging off of the table, okay?" Emily nodded and started to work her bottom to the end of the table as she felt clanging and vibration coming from beneath her back.

When she looked to the front of the table, two large footholds were at the end of the table, lifted about a foot off of the level that she was laying at.

"Lift your left leg for me," the doctor said. Emily did so, lifting it very slightly. Dr. Kinston took her leg in both of his hands and lifted it up onto the left stirrup. Immediately, Emily's body followed the path that her leg had just taken in an attempt to keep her legs together and keep her most private area hidden from his man's view – as futile as she knew that was. He smiled and laughed slightly.

"I need your right leg now," he said gently. Emily whimpered and slowly started to lift her right leg, still keeping her body shifted towards the right side of the table. Dr. Kinston grabbed her right leg and placed it in the right stirrup. Emily quickly pulled her knees together, she did not want this man seeing her intimate places.

"Emily, would you feel better with a nurse in the room with us?" Dr. Kinston asked.

"Probably not, no, it's okay," she replied.

"Okay," he said with a smile. "I need you to spread your legs for me now." Emily shook her head 'no'. "Please, I need you to spread your knees apart. This will be a lot easier for you and me if you do it." Emily began to spread her legs, but as she spread her knees apart, her hands immediately dove to cover her genitalia.

"Emily," he said, looking down at her with a stern glare. Emily reluctantly pulled her hands away from her crotch and allowed him to look down at her. Dr. Kinston sat down on the rolling stool and pulled himself close to Emily's genitalia.

"All right," he said picking up the dilator and covering it in a bit of lube. "Let's see..." He started to gently push at some of Emily's vaginal folds, Emily tensed up immediately.

"Try and relax, Emily," he said gently. He positioned the dilator at Emily's vagina and pushed it inside with little effort. "Well, that's a good sign."

He pulled the dilator out and picked up the spreader. He covered the spreader in lubrication and spread apart Emily's vaginal walls once more. Again, she tensed up tightly.

"Emily, please. Just relax," he said. "Take a deep breath."

Emily took a deep breath and Dr. Kinston started to slowly push the spreader inside of Emily's vagina. Emily gasped and squirmed slightly as the doctor pulled down, slightly opening her up.

"Well, your hymen is no longer intact, so that makes things a bit easier, but you're still pretty tight up here. Don't worry though, you'll be fine. You're doing great," he said. He inspected her entire pubic region, looking for any immediate abnormalities then withdrew the spreader from inside of her.

"Okay, now here's the tough part, Emily," he said as he picked up the speculum and covered that in lubricant. He pushed at her vagina a little bit and then positioned the two wings of the speculum at her opening and started to push it in. Emily writhed and whimpered in pain.

"Just breathe, deep breaths," he said quietly. "You're doing fine." He positioned the speculum all the way inside of her and started to open the wings.

"Ow, ow!" she exclaimed.

"You're fine, don't worry..." he said in a soothing voice. He secured the speculum in it's open position and turned around to grab the necessary tools for the pap smear.

"Can you take it out now?" Emily asked, taking deep, panicky breaths.

"Not quite yet," he replied. He reached up to the bright lamp sitting at the end of the table and grabbed it, yanking it down to Emily's crotch and turning it on, shining it inside of her.

"Okay..." he took the brush and started to swirl it around inside of Emily. Emily cringed as the pain from the speculum and the plastic brush swabbing at her insides ran through her entire body.

"Okay..." he said throwing the brush into the plastic cup with Emily's name on it then picking up a couple of cotton swabs. "Just a couple more seconds..." He poked at her and Emily nearly jumped.

"Ow!" she exclaimed.

"One more..." he did it again and Emily swore loudly.

"Great," he said as he set the cotton swabs on the metal table on two different plastic slides. He slowly began to withdraw the speculum from her vagina and Emily gave a sigh of relief.

"You've done a great job so far, I'm going to do the manual exam now," he said. Emily nodded. Dr. Kinston lubed up his gloved fingers and started to inspect Emily's outer genitalia once again. Emily lay back, her entire body pulsing, curious about what he was going to do next.

Without warning, two of his enormous, gloved fingers forced their way inside of Emily's vagina. Emily moaned and squirmed in her stirrups. Dr. Kinston forced his way to the end of Emily's vagina, opening her up even more so than the speculum had. Emily moaned again as the doctor moved his fingers around, palpitating her from the inside.

Emily whimpered as Dr. Kinston withdrew his hand, and she relaxed on the table, thinking the examination was over.

"Okay...I'm going to lift you up a little bit more here," he said, cranking the stirrups upward, raising Emily's bottom off of the examination table. He sat in his stool again and lubed up the thermometer sitting on the table.

Dr. Kinston took a bit of lubrication and pushed it against Emily's asshole. Without any warning, he pushed the lubed thermometer inside of her. Emily squealed and jumped slightly. The doctor left her like this as he went over to the counter, peeled off his gloves and started to wash his hands as her temperature registered.

When he returned, he threw on another pair of latex gloves and rolled his fingers around in more lubrication. He withdrew the thermometer, and Emily relaxed once again. Before she had a chance to tense up any further, Dr. Kinston thrust his middle finger inside of Emily's asshole. Immediately, as he passed the sphincter, she tightened up around his finger and he thrust another finger back inside her vagina.

"AGH!" Emily cried out in pain and surprise. The doctor palpitated the walls of her ass and vagina, checking for abnormalities and then withdrew both fingers as quickly and unexpectedly as they had entered.

"Okay Emily," he said, "everything looks great. You can get dressed now. Have a great time at college." Dr. Kinston snapped off his gloves, lowered the stirrups and left the room as quickly as he had invaded Emily's body.

Emily sat up, her abdomen hurt and she felt completely violated. She slowly stood up, a spot of blood from the pap smear trickled from her vagina and fell onto the white paper on the table.

She slowly pulled on her clothing, slipped on her shoes and quietly left the office. As she left, she vowed never to return to Dr. Kinston again – next time, she'd go to a woman.

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